How To Make a Tarot, Altar or Oracle Card Divination Cloth Mat for Spiritual Readings

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Today, I’m bringing you a beautiful, easy tutorial for how to make your own altar, Tarot, Oracle Card and divination cloth mats for your spiritual readings and rituals.

As many of you know, I am totally besotted with Oracle cards, and they are one of the richest sources of seeking everyday whimsy for me.

These gorgeous Oracle, Tarot and Altar cloths would make the most exquisite gift for your loved ones this Christmas, and of course for yourself!

What is a Divination Cloth?

Firstly, what is a divination cloth and how can they be used alongside Oracle and Tarot card readings?

A divination cloth is truly whatever feels most sacred to you. You can use it to display sacred items in your home, on your altar, for your card readings, or even as a wall hanging. 

They are truly gorgeous to help you give readings of love for yourself and for others, and overall just enhance this sacred moment you are taking for your reading.

Ultimately, for me, taking time for a daily Oracle reading is an important ritual in my day, so to have a dedicated cloth to perform your reading on makes it even more special.

How To Make a Tarot, Altar or Oracle Card Cloth Mat Tutorial for Spiritual Readings

How to Make an Altar, Tarot and Oracle Card Cloth for Spiritual Readings

Let’s get started with how to make your very own divination cloth that you can customise for your exact needs.

If you’re looking for some inspiration before you start, typically divination cloths are made from luxurious materials such as velvet, satins and silks.

In my tutorial, I have used a gorgeous enchanted fairytale fabric and matched it with a silky baby pink. To finish, I’ve added a glittery ribbon.

What colours or patterns resonate for you? You can think about what fabric feels particularly gorgeous for you.

Another beautiful touch is to research the spiritual significance of certain colours. All of this will truly add that extra magical dimension to your sacred piece.

For more inspiration, you can see what other fabrics I have used below. What stands out for you?

How To Use an Altar, Tarot or Oracle Card Cloth

Hopefully you now have your finished divination cloth and you’re ready to use it! If not, enjoy finding inspiration for when your cloth is ready to be used.

And now it is made, or nearly finished, how do you use a divination cloth?

Well, there are many ways to do so as explained above. From your altar, to a wall hanging, to so much more.

In terms of readings, using Tarot or Oracle decks, this can be a perfect use for your divination cloth, that’s beautiful to utilise for yourself and for others.

However whatever the aim, you can be sure that you will find and illuminate clarity and wisdom directly related to yourself/recipient’s unique energy and personal circumstances from using this handmade cloth.

For a reading, you can take advantage of the space of a divination cloth by creating grids for even 7 cards or more. Alternatively, you can stick to the typical 3 card spread reading normally broken into the past, present and future.

I also adore to use crystals and other spiritual items on my cloth such as essential oils and my pendulum. What feels good, and needed, for you to add to your ritual?

In case you’re wondering what cards I am using, this is the gorgeous Oracle Cards Inspirational Wisdom From The Angels And Fairies deck I will be reviewing very soon!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this divination cloth that is perfect for altar, Tarot, oracle cards and so much more!

In combination with my Oracle Card deck of choice, this truly lifts and illuminates my spiritual readings in particular. I hope it can do the same for you!

How many of you use and love divination cloths, tarot and oracle decks? If so, what deck is your favourite? I’d love for you to share your favourites in the comment below!

As for my favourite decks, you can find some of the Oracle Cards that I have reviewed to date in the link below.

Click here for my Favourite Oracle Card Decks



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