How To Empower Yourself Through Surrender and Find The Goddess Within with Darleen from Growing To Be Me

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This year, I’ve still been leaning very much into the word ‘surrender’.

As I uncover the deepest meaning of this word, I have found myself on a process of learning to allow and trust things to be there as I walk through the depths of the uncertainty that surrounds it all.

And if there was ever a year to lean into surrender it’s 2020! For me, this has been a year that has truly taught me how to have surrender for the unknown. And ultimately, how healing it is to bathe in the present moment.

However, it’s important to note that surrender isn’t “giving up and collapsing in the fear…” Not at all. Surrender isn’t a passive thing but actually very active in the present moment and mind that is also anchored into the body and soul.

Today I have invited goddess Darleen from ‘Growing To Be Me’ who is the founder of the ‘Fierce Surrender Membership’ who knows all about the power of surrendering.

This sacred container is described by Darleen as being a place “where you make the incredible decision to empower yourself through surrender.” Moreover, “you will learn to trust the universe, you will feel more held than ever before.”

So how do you surrender? Especially in these times of deep uncertainty?

In this beautiful conversation, Darleen shares her journey toward surrendering and how it can open your heart to infinite possibilities.

We also dig into the sisterhood wound, the power of womxn’s circles and ultimately how we can be held by surrending our anxieties to divinity so we can meet the goddess within us all.

Hi Darleen! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

Hi Georgie! My name is Darleen, I was born in Germany, raised in Portugal and a few years ago I decided to move to the north of England by myself. I am a facilitator of safe spaces via womxn’s or people’s circles online and offline!

Your new membership is called ‘Fierce Surrender’. Can you tell us about the inspiration beyond this membership? How has surrender helped you move through 2020 so far?

‘Fierce Surrender’ was birthed through a reflection of our struggles to let go of what had already passed and hanging onto anxieties about what was to come. I wanted to create a safe space where we can collectively share, return to this moment, find stillness and sisterhood. 

I love the word “fierce” as it makes me think of this strong and powerful goddess that not only feels sexy and empowered in her own skin, but that also knows that she is capable. We all have this goddess within, we have just forgotten that she is there. 

Surrender has helped me in many ways this year. It has taught me so many lessons as I’m sure it did for many of us.

Surrender has allowed me to find comfort in uncomfortable situations, by reminding myself that I am golden and true no matter what. Surrender has allowed me to have fun when I finally let go of the workaholic in me. Surrender has allowed me to find beautiful lessons in terrible events or “embarrassing” moments. 

What other offerings or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and to be connected to sisterhood?

Currently, my focus is the ‘Fierce Surrender’ container, as it feels most aligned for me for at this moment! However, there will be some more free resources and events coming soon for our community to connect more!

I may soon have available 1:1 mentoring, that I am incredibly excited for once more! The new year is bringing many beautiful things my way, and I cannot wait to see what I will be able to offer!

What does the sisterhood mean to you? And how can it help to heal the world?

Wow, I love this question because sisterhood is healing in itself.

Many of us have a sister wound, meaning we have some traumatic experiences with other girls or women when we were growing up that caused us to feel resentment towards other women to this day; potentially making it harder for us to connect and share openly.

This is still a big topic for me as I had many toxic friendships growing up. I used to class myself as someone who could never fit in, and as soon as I created ‘Growing to be Me‘, I began to find my tribe, people who felt the same. I have had such an honour to create spaces of sisterhood and feel part of the sisterhood. 

Sisterhood to me means sharing, making mistakes, learning from each other, keeping an open heart, not judging, supporting one another, lifting one another up: rising together.

As women especially, we have been suppressed since the moment we were born, put in a box this world picked for us. We are magical beings, we hold so much power, the power of birth, the magic of life. By embodying that fierce goddess within us, the divinity and love for our own bodies, we are allowing others to do the same. This will heal with the world, I am sure. 

We live in a world that is filled with outdated systems, systems that have been in place to keep us small, for the big white men to keep the power. They have made us forget how powerful we are and it is time we take it back. 

Have any fears, obstacles or unexpected surprises showed up along the way as you have worked on facilitating space for sisterhood?

So many. And I know there is many more to come. Building a business isn’t easy, it takes time, and social media can make it look all too easy. 

I believe money is a fear and obstacle in itself. It’s an uncomfortable topic for many of us still, but it is also a beautiful tool to exchange energy. It took me a long time to begin charging for my spaces and the reason I did was because people wouldn’t commit unless there was a fair energy exchange. 

This is human and by no means do I do this work for the money, but we have to understand that in order to get something out of an experience there needs to be an energy exchange. You and I will show up differently when there was a monetary exchange, we will feel more committed and the value of that experience will be different too!

I still sometimes don’t feel comfortable putting an accurate value on my offerings. I have had some programs selling quickly and some where no-one signed up. It is simply how it is! The world will keep moving and we keep learning!

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life the most?

When I first moved to England over five years ago I hit rock bottom, it was the most difficult time of my life. However, I remember the mum of a friend of mine had just taken a Reiki course and she had crystals and Angel cards in her home. I was intrigued but never dug any deeper. 

I was made to believe that those beliefs in me classed me as “crazy”, but I always felt that there was more, something that not even counselling was showing me. A different way to grow and explore myself.

Around two years ago, I attended a Womxn’s Circle led by Ella Grace Denton in Manchester. I remember thinking that as soon as I booked it, that it was going to change my life. 

As someone who always felt she struggled to connect with others, as soon as I arrived I felt as safe as I had never felt before. It was a life-changing experience. From then on I knew I wasn’t alone, that spaces like that existed, and this day played a big part in my spiritual path.

Now I look back and I cannot believe how far I have come. From loneliness and deep unhappiness to feeling as held as never before and knowing that everything is divine timing.

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that help you feel connected to both yourself and the world around you? 

I adore routines and rituals. I don’t always stick to them as I am not perfect and life sometimes gets busy or I don’t feel that’s what I need.

As soon as I wake up, I usually drink water and head into the living room to stick my head outside the window because the fresh air and light wakes my body up. I have my yoga mat laid out on the floor in my living room, so that’s where I try to move a little in the morning.

Recently, I have been loving drinking raw cacao, it has really been helping my body mentally and physically. Sometimes I will light incense, palo santo or sage whilst drinking it to my “Calm Woman In Me” playlist. Journaling also helps me collect my thoughts, specially after a meditation or breathwork session. 

Movement feels essential to me. Whether that is moving to a song, working out or going for a walk. There is something healing in it. 

There’s a few full/new moon rituals that I have been loving that I am hoping to share very soon!

Describe your perfect day: 

My perfect day would be spent in the sunshine, at a silent retreat, without my phone, incredible nourishing food, with my journal and chances to move my body until the moon rises. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Resilient, empowered and ambitious. 

Finally, Darleen, what is your one wish for the world?

My one wish for the world is that we all see the corrupted systems and that we reinvent them. That we re-build this world on love, honesty and union. 

The planet needs us more than ever to recognise our mistakes and to act from a place other than power and greed. 


I truly cannot thank beautiful Darleen enough for this beautiful, raw and deeply inspiring conversation that I hope touches as many heart and soul’s as possible.

What has been illuminated for you in this conversation?

One of the biggest takeaways from my conversation with Darleen is how she describes the process of surrendering as a portal that allows us to break free and step into the grace and healing of the present moment.

This reminds me of deeply potent words by Deepak Chopra who calls surrender “the wisdom of uncertainty.” Isn’t that a stunning reframe for the mind?

I have now learnt that surrender greets us with an opportunity where we can not only fully meet our deepest selves, but also find our deepest divinity. Within these safest places, we can lean into the trust that the universe conspires to support us always.

However, this can all be easier said than done and Darleen’s container that anchors in this safety our beings crave as we journey through this is such a blessed offering. You can find out more about below alongside Darleen’s social media and podcast.

My second greatest takeaway was how a life rooted in sisterhood is a life that blooms loves, peace and harmony for all. I am deeply passionate about having true sisterhood with other women and I am so blessed for having the honour of speaking to priestesses such as Darleen who hold such loving space for this healing. Because to me, sisterhood is healing.

Now I would love to hear from you and hear about any takeaways or downloads that came to you through this medicine?

How do you feel about embodying surrender? Has the idea of surrender come up for you this year? And how to do you feel into sisterhood and womxn’s circles? I’d love to hear all your potent thoughts below.

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