How to create a Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand to Truly Thrive as an Etsy Seller and Blogger [AD]

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This is a sponsored post with Lil Packaging that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy.

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Lil’ Packaging in this blog post where I shared some of my wisdom from 10 years of running Beauxoxo!

When I had the great fortune of working with Lil’ Packaging again I wanted to create a complimentary sister post for you all, so today I’m sharing all the tips I’ve learned for how to be always recognised, rememberable, and relatable so that you can truly thrive as an Etsy seller and blogger.

So why are being recognisable, rememberable, and relatable so powerful together? Other than for my own personal joy playing around with the alliteration in my title!

Well, because I know for sure that many of you reading this may truly fail to truly see your own magic. So many of us sit on our sacred uniqueness. It can only take a 5 minute browse on apps such as Instagram to make us unable to see the powerful light that is already in us.

This post is an opportunity for you to remember your own sacred voice, and the unique message you wish to share with the world. Because we NEED your light more than ever!

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Why Creating A Recognisable, Relatable, and Rememberable Brand Is So Important

Firstly, why is creating a recognisable, relatable, and rememberable brand so important outside of sharing our sacred dharma?

Well, from a practical perspective, creating a cohesive brand for yourself online and offline are vital because it draws together your brand values and this, in turn, can better relate your brand messages through catchy, recognisable, and stand-out visual language and imagery.

So, how do you create cohesiveness in your personal brand at every level?

Planning your Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand for your personal brand on Etsy and Your Blog

Let’s first dig into who we wish to deliver our gifts to by digging deep into who our dream clients/readers are. Grab some paper and a pen and answer the following:

Who your clients are? What can only YOU give to them?
What makes you stand out? Do you have a well-defined niche? Are you multi-passionate?
Whose go-to person or expert are you? Does your brand serve a need/problem that can in turn gift you real money presenting your gifts to the world?
Does your personal brand bring you the level of success you desire?
What makes you different from other people in your industry? Or other designers etc?

The above is some of you the deepest work you will do if you want to start your own business but oh it’s the most worthwhile.

In fact, I can tell you something I know for certain: most business courses will start with this work because it’s just so imperative to know who your dream people are.

So, now you’re know who your dream clients are, it’s time to bring this together in a visual language with your branding.

What does visual branding need to take into account? Everything from the colours, to the fonts you choose to the images you utilise. Simply thinking, everything must work together across all of your products, channels, and communications to portray a consistent brand.

Your Brand personality is what attracts your dream client. It creates a backdrop that helps them to see, trust (and feel!) you. Once you bring this all together, thriving is inevitable on Etsy and on your blog!

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How To Share Your Uniqueness on Your Blog and Etsy Shop

By embracing and loving every single part of your unique self, you will burn with the fuel needed to rise and claim your gifts and unique powers through your blog and Etsy business.

Joining these sacred elements together will surely see you thrive. So, what are the qualities of your uniqueness that your blog and Etsy need?

Let’s first start with your blog. However, please note that these also need to be evident on your Etsy:

  1. Your personality/uniqueness – how can you truly show YOU on your blog and Etsy? Again, visual branding is huge here. Make your own vibrant personality show through the colours you use, to your slogan, to your style of writing. Remember your dream clients, but don’t leave yourself behind.
  2. Your gifts – if you answered the question above then you are ready to showcase this part of yourself. How can you share your gifts with the world?
  3. Branding – We have already discussed branding above as it’s just SO important. Make sure everything you do comes back to your visual branding. Do you have a signature colour? Or like me, are you known for something like ‘xoxo’ or similar? Are you a fan of a colourful 70s vibe or a minimalist look? Find what you love and then show it again and again….and again!
  4. Consistent photography – People always ask me for my number one success tip for Etsy and my Blog and the answer was always photography! In a sea of listings or posts, beautiful imagery is vital to stand out from the crowd and display your uniqueness. I share SO many of my favourite tips in this post right here.

Easy Ways to be Recognisable, Rememberable and Relatable on Etsy:

  1. Recognisable Packaging – Every single Beauxoxo order was always wrapped in hot pink bejewelled tissue paper wrapped up with baby blue ribbon. They were the colours of my business
  2. Custom printed boxes UK – Take your packaging magic to the next level with beautiful custom printed boxes from Lil’ Packaging. This is going to add such a luxurious edge to your recognisable, rememberable, and relatable brand on Etsy!
  3. Add memorable marketing material – How can you create a truly unique rememberable experience for your clients with your marketing material? For example, rather than just a slip in a receipt, what about adding some seeds to plant? Or a postcard that someone would want to display? You’ll find lots of ideas right here.

How To Create Recognisable, Rememerable, and Relatable Marketing

If you’re doing all of the above on a regular basis on your own blog or Etsy, you’ll soon be extremely confident with your thriving recognisable, rememerable and relatable brand!

Now it’s time to show the path on your marketing. In essence, your marketing is an example to share all the things that make up your brand.

What mug do you love? What pens do you love to write with? What tools do you love to make your creations? Where do you write?

Now yes, for some this is a little too voyeuristic. I’ll put my hands up to say I’m not super confident on social media. The pressure to overshare these days is immense. I personally just want to use social media right now for business.

So, what’s your personal boundary around your vulnerability? What perimeters do you need to keep around this? Because it’s totally okay and wonderful to have boundaries like this!

I truly don’t believe you need to be chained to these platforms. This is why I stepped back from social media. If you want to learn more about how I manage life in a digital world then I have a whole post here.

Meanwhile, sit with what feels good for you to share outside of your blog and Etsy to bring people into your world. Ultimately, the best way to get people to your platforms is for you to show them the ideal experience.

In so many gentle and non-intrusive ways you are able to illustrate every step of the buyer journey from your new brand. This is anything from a tweet that first makes a consumer aware of your brand, to the metadata they see when they type your name into Google, to your site, to your in-store experience, to your purchase follow-up, to a customer service interaction.

As much as you can, in the way that feels good to you, be specific about every touchpoint in your marketing as this is the best way to create consistency for a thriving blog and Etsy brand.


If you’re reading this and you’re looking at this world feeling afraid I want you to know this is your call to change this landscape we are living in.

If you have beautiful dreams to start a business with inclusivity and sustainability at the core, then we need you to shine your light brighter than ever to make this world so much brighter and fairer for all. 

I hope there has been something in this post to spark your inner light.

Would you like another post in the future about life as an Etsy seller? Or something else around having owned a variety of small businesses?

If I could give you one big takeaway from this post to cherish and reflect on it would be to lend your heart and gifts to the world if you feel called to.

I know in these uncertain times people are fearful of starting anything as audaciously big as a business right now but I truly believe the world has never needed creativity and big dreamers like yourself more.

Finally, dear friends reading this: As readers of my blog, you will all get the exclusive discount of 30% off everything with BEAUXOXO30 at checkout.

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How to create a Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand to Truly Thrive as an Etsy Seller and Blogger

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