Honey Honey x Spiritual Fem Rising Woman Flower Remedies Set

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Priestess Leneth Witte who is the owner of The Spiritual Fem (I very recently had the blessed opportunity to interview Leneth here) has recently teamed up to create floral alchemy alongside Honey Honey with a Flower Remedy Set.

This gorgeous set includes the Rising Woman Flower Remedy, a Rising Woman journal (hand-stamped by Leneth) as well as a loving Rose Quartz crystal in a drawstring bag.

This beautiful set is described by Leneth and Honey Honey as:

a magical potion brewed and infused with the utmost love and care to support you on your spiritual journey. This set is going to be your number one ally on your spiritual path to true empowerment. This remedy loves you in all your beautiful uncertainty and you are going to love her right back!

As I press into this season of solitude and restoration after a heavy June and early July, this magical set is something I cherish as I invite joy, happiness and new beginnings to rise and blossom.

From as early as I can remember I have counted on flower remedies to get me through so many exams and times when I have needed warm-hearted, and useful results for calming and nourishing my nervous system.

I became even more infatuated with flower remedies when I was at the Wellbeing Festival at Sculpture by the Lakes last September. You can read all about my experience of that truly divine event here.

Meanwhile, let’s dive into why I adore flower remedies, and how they are another aid I use to seek everyday wonder and whimsy.

What are Flower Remedies?

Flower Essence Therapy (have you heard of Bach’s Rescue Remedy? If so, then you will already be aware what this is!) is a gentle way of releasing blocks in your life by clearing the path for realignment with your authentic self, in balance and harmony.

And so it was in the 1920s and 1930s that British doctor and bacteriologist Edward Bach (hence Bach’s Remedies!) developed a set of 38 flower remedies.

Flower remedies are essentially diluted extracts from the flowers of wild plants.

To create Bach’s potent potions flower extracts, flowers are mixed into natural spring water. They are then exposed to the sun or boiled. It is said that by doing this, the sun releases the healing power of the flowers.

The next stage is to filter the liquid. The liquid is called ‘the mother tincture’. It is then mixed with Brandy as Brandy preserves the liquid.

It was Bach’s belief that illness occurs when the mind and body aren’t in tune with each other. He strongly believed that our emotions influenced our overall health.

Bach then defined 38 emotional states that he felt made up the human condition. From there, he then designed each remedy to help a person balance a specific mood or emotion.

From here, Bach created a combination of essences, called ‘a rescue remedy’ to use during emotionally difficult times.

It was thanks to Bach’s theories that led to the creation of hundreds of new essences by producers all over the world. This included essences from crystals and gems, non-flowering plants and other natural elements of nature.

One of the (many!) reasons I have become so passionate about Flower Essence Therapy is because of the amount of daily medication I need to take.

Because Flower Essences don’t contain any physical part of a flower, plant, tree, mineral in them, they are completely safe to use, whilst being extremely effective. They can also be used by all ages, during pregnancy and alongside medication.

About Honey Honey

Now introducing Mayke from my beloved Netherlands, just like Leneth, who is the founder of honey honey healing.

Mayke takes this sacred wisdom from the foundation of Bach’s methods and pours it into her own magical floral potions.

Mayke’s unique story for bringing her gifts and talents to flower remedies emerged from her struggles with anxiety, stress and burn out.

After feverishly trying to seek comfort with only lacklustre results, Mayke decided to take a more holistic approach to healing.

It was when a spiritual healer recommended flower remedies to Mayke that it uncovered a hopeful spark, an open heart and lightness that she hadn’t felt for a long time.

It was from this experience of exploring one of Earth’s soul medicines that Mayke became more interested in flower remedies.

Several courses and experimenting with all kinds of flowers essences later, Mayke decided to make her own flower remedies for herself and her friends and family.

However, it was at this point in her journey that Mayke slowly realised how much she loved helping people discover nature’s medicine through flower remedies and decided to expand her mission so that everyone can explore the magic of flower essences.

About The Spiritual Fem

The embodiment of the feminine soul of nature through flower remedies is beautifully complemented by a collaboration from honey honey healing and Leneth who is the founder of the Spiritual Fem.

As a Spiritual Fem(inist), Leneth believes that by connecting to our innate spirituality it allows us to dig our roots deeper into our own sacred soil to reclaim our authentic essence. This is perfectly mirrored in the sacred nature of flower remedies.

The Spiritual Fem is an online platform nurtured by Leneth that is a safe space for women who’d like to dive deeper into feminism, spirituality and womanhood but simply don’t know where to begin.

I recently had the honour to explore Leneth’s wisdom in an interview you can read here.

The Rising Woman Set

As Leneth discusses so poignantly in our interview: “There’s no rising without discomfort, and there’s no stepping into new things and new roles without imposter-syndrome and anxiety coming up. And that’s all part of the journey, which I try to honour. Every growing pain means I’m moving forward!”

There’s something so symbolic to me about the process of this sacred plant spirit medicine which involves meeting the plant that rises from its grounded roots to form into the potency for these remedies.

The ‘Rising Woman Set’ is a trio of loving vibrational energies that will allow you to feel supported, and help you as you articulate your emotions which are of utmost importance as we rise into higher consciousness.

Each of honey honey’s healing flower remedies is attuned with careful analysis in order to ensure a harmonic resonance with the chosen flowers that have been included in each remedy.

There are so many ways that this Rising Woman remedy can serve you as you rise into the priestess of your authentic essence.

Mayke recommends starting with 4 drops a day. These drops can be placed under your tongue, in water, your tea, face products, your bath and many other endless options. In terms of duration, my previous custom-made flower remedy lasted 2 months and I expect this to last a similar period of time.

In order to embrace and love every single part of our unique self, this set also features a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal and an eco-journal to truly dig deeper into your fearless creativity and inspiration.

Rose Quartz is the stone of self-love and compassion and its inclusion here truly serves to amplify the magic of your flower remedy. Coupled with the grounding, deeply transformative practice of journaling, it will truly unleash your intuitive magic that will illuminate your ability to rise further.

My next post will be on the impact journaling has had on my life ever since childhood so I’ll be sure to reveal more insights into the power of writing then. For now, I plan to savour this journal for musings on my journey with this powerful remedy.

Meanwhile, I can honestly say, with my hand deeply on my heart, that flower essence therapy has been one of the main catalysts I have utilised to increase my self-love and appreciation.

How many of you have heard of Flower Essence Therapy? Have you heard of Bach’s Rescue Remedy? If you haven’t tried flower remedies before, would you like to try some?

Finally, do you have any questions about flower remedies? Mayke is so kindly blessing me with some of her time so that I can interview her.

This is a really powerful time to leave any questions you have about flower essence therapy so I can share her sacred wisdom with you all. Please leave all your questions below and look out for that post in the future here.

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