Handmade Christmas: Margarita Bloom

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As we come towards the end of November and the festive season draws closer, I wanted to bring back a feature from the past called ‘Shop a Handmade Christmas’.

This gift guide will feature some of my favourite crafters, indie sellers and artisans to spread the message far and wide just how special and important handmade is.

After having Beauxoxo for years I know only too well how important it is to support handmade artists. I also know how important it is to order handmade creations as early as possible because sellers work so hard throughout the season to get orders delivered for Christmas.

Today it’s all about some well-deserved pampering from Margarita Bloom, a beauty and skincare brand created by Regina, who also runs the dreamy beauty and lifestyle blog Cherry Lips Blonde Curls

Margarita Bloom was created to have beautiful branding that you would want to display on your vanity, with swoon-worthy scents that have your friends asking you why you smell so delicious.

Regina’s Margarita Bloom products aim to bring some happiness to your everyday life with tons of self-love and self-care. Featuring products made with nourishing, natural and organic ingredients that make you look and smell as beautiful as you are.

This time of year can be so hectic and it’s so important to factor in important YOU time! And any pick from Margarita Bloom’s beautiful range of treats is so perfect for this.

My first pick from the Christmas Collection is the adorable O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!. This is a super cute Christmas Tree bath bomb made with tons of cocoa butter and sparkle. How adorable would they be as a stocking filler?

And next up is this Grinch Soap. Isn’t this the cutest soap you’ve ever seen?! And it smells oh, so sweet!

It’s filled with Christmas Candy with notes of nose-tickling fizzy soda bubbles, candy canes, a dollop or more of sweet syrup and TONS of sugary candy galore!

I also adore the pretty whipped soap fluff named after Clara in The Nutcracker! This is scented in Christmas Candy with notes of nose- tickling fizzy soda bubbles, candy canes, a dollop or more of sweet syrup. And how gorgeous is the design?

My final pick would be the Holly Nog Shower Creme. This festive shower gel made with nourishing coconut oil and coconut milk. It’s made to be a replica of egg nog with notes of caramel, buttery brown sugar and strawberry, ylang-ylang and clove, florals, cotton candy, musk and warm vanilla! SO scrumptious!

How many of you adore Margarita Bloom as much as me? What designs and scents are on your Christmas wishlist?

Whether you are looking for a treat for yourself or your loved ones, I’m certain you’ll find plenty of things to add to your wishlist from Regina’s gorgeous collection of pampering treats.

I’d love to know some of your favourite places to buy beautiful handmade gifts. Please do let me know where you’ll be shopping this Christmas!

For the rest of my Shop A Handmade Christmas suggestions click here to view the rest of the lovely makers and artisans.

Shop Margarita Bloom here

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