Frenchie Cafe, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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As I write this post I’ve just recently returned from my beloved Netherlands and full of so much love and post-trip blues for my favourite country. So, let’s dive into a dreamy spot I’ve been longing to share with you all called Frenchie Cafe in Utrecht that I visited last August when I visited my darling friend Louise from Digital Nomad Girl to eat all the delicious things in the most Instagrammable spot ever.  

frenchie cafe utrecht
acai bowl frenchie cafe

When you step inside Frenchie Cafe, the beautiful marble tables and the sumptuous velvet pink sofas and chairs reminded me so much of my favourite London cafes such as Saint Aymes, Cafe Feya and Cafe Elan. Closer to home it also reminds me of my beloved Pluk in Amsterdam that I will feature in a future post!

Louise ordered two totally Instagram worthy creations: an acai bowl of tropical dreams and a seriously decadent milkshake with all the whimsy touches. I opted for a gorgeous fruity oat dish with a fresh ginger tea. The food arrived beautifully presented with gold cutlery for the perfect finishing touch. Frenchie Cafe also offers gorgeous Unicorn cupcakes (made by Life of Pie Amsterdam) that looked like they were from a totally magical realm of their own! To check out their full menu head right here.

milkshake frenchie cafe

Now, aside from gorgeous Instagrammable acai bowls and unicorn cupcakes, being at Frenchie Cafe that lovely August day last year was such a special meeting between me and Louise. Overall 2018 became quite a traumatic year for me (best read over a strong brew right here). However in short, at this point in time, it was a deep, unsettling period of uncertainty that permeated through everything I did.

The choices and compromises I experienced last year often seemed so unfair and without reprise and I was suddenly left with many double-negative decisions to be made most days. But the conversations we had here, whilst listening to Louise’s most inspiring life journey and attitude to life in general, was such a breakthrough time for me. It was because of this and her beautiful advice, that I was finally able to accept and let go of something that so defines me and instead focus my time and energy on new challenges that would make my heart and soul sing just as much.

So it was the biggest thanks to Louise for sparking that curiosity and wisdom for new challenges, whilst of course enjoying the plethora of lovely things Frenchie Cafe make with the prettiest backdrop! And that gorgeous dress Louise is wearing? It now sits in my wardrobe. What. A. Babe.

Frenchie Cafe truly is a beautiful spot inside and out and if you’re in Utrecht I so highly recommend a visit! Utrecht is also home to the Miffy Museum and famous Miffy traffic lights. That’s why I often lovingly refer to it as Miffyland!

Have you been to Frenchie Cafe? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also please do share any of your favourite cafes in The Netherlands- it’s always lovely to try new spots! Also, I’m intrigued, do I have any readers from The Netherlands? If so, that would be so special to me! You can also find Frenchie Cafe on Instagram here


louise digital nomad girl

Address: Frenchie Cafe, 
Lange Nieuwstraat 21
3512PB Utrecht
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 9am – 5pm  

Frenchie Cafe  

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