Feminine Empowerment and My Review of Limitless: The Academy with Dr Sarah Coxon

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I’ve spent these past two years discovering and appreciating the deeper meaning in the suffering that has completely transformed my life. One lady that has helped me through this is Dr Sarah Coxon, my incredible mentor I am so beyond blessed to have found.

One of Sarah’s signature programmes is Limitless: The Academy, a sacred 6-month container where you’ll be led by Sarah to step into your ultimate feminine empowerment and most expansive life.

I discovered Sarah’s authentic essence and gifts through a podcast with Ella Grace Denton last year. As a result, it guided me to Sarah’s podcast ‘The Way of The Priestess’ that is the medicine and magic I wish every soul on earth could listen to.

Sarah’s podcast then led me to her magical training and online containers that guide women to, ‘reclaim deep joy, abundance and soul-satisfying fulfilment.’  These include Limitless: The Academy and Way Of The Priestess (a business catalyst to change the world).

This year marks the last year that Sarah will open the doors to her first container Limitless, something I’m part of, and I’d love to walk beside your side on this last chapter together (at the time of writing this act super quick so you don’t miss out!).

So, in this post, I wanted to shine a radiant light on just 5 ways that Limitless Academy has changed my life (and how it could change yours too!):

(This is not a sponsored post or advert I used truly adore Sarah and her work that has been so transformative for me, that I couldn’t keep this light to myself)

“Living a life of abundance, purpose & freedom is every woman’s birthright.”

Dr Sarah Coxon

A deep understanding of the patriarchy

One of my favourite elements of being in Limitless is the historical look at women who have prospered throughout history.

With a background in archaeology, Sarah infuses her knowledge into her work reminding us that throughout history, when we speak with our authentic voice and heart, we can always dig deep into our own sacred soil and awaken our magic to live our purpose.

Through Sarah’s teachings, you’ll discover that hundreds of thousands of years ago, before the rise of the Church and Patriarchy, both men and women were valued and respected equally.

In ancient times, women embraced roles as teachers, healers, mothers, and guides. and they were respected for what they uniquely brought to their communities.

Today, in this new period of patriarchy, a modern-day priestess is emerging, and mentors and programmes such as Limitless are helping women all over the world to reclaim their magic.

Reclamation of self-worth and divinity

Each day I am rebuilding my unworthiness and alchemising it with the medicine I am learning that empowered self-worth is built upon the perpetual communion with our inherent priestess.

Moreover, over the 10 years of the intensity of living with chronic illnesses, I’ve found that there is incredible satisfaction in finding your own euphoria. A force. A divinity.

Through my time in the sacred Limitless container, I am constantly discovering about finding my own strength and sense of purpose through divinity.

Connecting to divinity helps me work through the darkness I face with my health by arriving at a place in my mind that when things get tough, that I am not separate from nature or the Universe.

That ultimately we are all an expression of Mother Nature herself. And moreover, that we are all here for a reason and held so deeply.

One of the most transformative teachings I have learnt from Sarah, in relation to divinity, is that research suggests that Earth operates as a single living organism. James Lovelock coined this ‘Gaia Theory’.

‘Gaia Theory’ approaches planet Earth as a living system and treats humans as a seamless continuum of that system. The Gaia Paradigm uses the powerful metaphor of ‘Gaia’ to take into account that all human beings are part of a living system.

I feel this connection to the universe and divinity amplified so intensely in my life. In turn, it’s been immensely healing. For when the darkness creeps in, it illuminates any blessings so vividly for me when I tune in and receive them.

Illumination of my purpose and my role as a Priestess

A priestess, as a textbook description, is described as ‘a woman who officiates in sacred rites.’

In essence, the priestess path is a deep inner calling and illumination of our purpose in these sacred lives of ours.

Throughout history, a priestess has a deep desire to do meaningful work in the world which serves those around her. And therefore, a priestess naturally takes on the role of a leader or teacher in order to serve her community and beyond.

By activating your priestesshood you will begin to illuminate your purpose and learn how to share these gifts with the world. In fact, if she wants to, a priestess has the capabilities to lead a sacred space for all of humankind. More so now, than ever!

As a priestess in every sense of the word, Sarah works as a vessel for the divine, and bridges the women in her programmes with their highest truth. Through loving guidance and support, Limitless will give you the tools to value and deeply honour our own femininity. 

From running Beauxoxo for 10 years, I realised I have been on a priestess path without knowing it! And as I get ready to launch Painting Music, I feel far more in tune with my innate gifts with the additional benefits of confronting, clearing and healing past wounds that no longer serve a purpose.

Syncing With Nature and Infusing Life with Rituals

Centuries ago, it was priestesses who used their gifts to serve their communities by carefully observing the patterns and rhythms of Nature.

A priestess is highly intuitive, and in sync with the natural cycles of the moon. Thus, she was held in high regard by her community, and often asked for guidance.

Today, and from our earliest times, priestesses attuned to earth’s cycles, and honoured the Great Mother by performing sacred seasonal rituals.

In these times, women were seen as an embodiment of the Great Mother, and in turn were deeply revered, honoured and celebrated.

Through Limitless I find my life has been infused with so much more magic when I really pay attention to the cyclical nature of life. After all, the moon represents the feminine. It is her that rules the oceans, the night skies, and the other realm.

It’s truly special to come together in sisterhood to mark these cyclical events and seasonal changes.

This has been especially so in creating rituals and intentions on the new and full moon. I’m now so deeply in tune with the fact that each new moon gives me an opportunity to give myself a fresh start, and a chance to begin again. On the other hand, the full moon is a time for me to expand and celebrate.

In Limitless, I’m also able to translate and weave the magic of cyclical living into all other areas of life.

The Sacredness of Sisterhood

There’s no doubt about it: when women from all around the world come together in the sacredness of sisterhood life becomes more magnificent.

My deepest feminine empowerment and healing has been unified together even more deeply knowing I am walking beside other priestesses who are also reclaiming their magical essence.

Limitless brings together a worldwide gathering of women, who are all becoming empowered through a sacred union of self-discovery and empowerment, where every woman can rise to their priestess path together.

This union of sisterhood hails from an ancient path yet through Limitless is set within a modern world that is fiercely protected by Sarah.

I truly believe that sisterhood is so needed to heal deeply as women. Furthermore, when we hold space for our truths as sisters, we, in turn, fix each other’s crowns to rise together.

dr sarah coxon

How many of you have used 2020 to dive deeper into all that you are? To find yourself, discover new possibilities or step deeper into your truth? Have you joined online programmes or bathed yourself in new learning opportunities?

During the time I have worked with Sarah, I’m starting to carve out a life of meeting my true divinity that is opening up a whole new way of living that is transforming every essence of my life.

Every single day since joining Limitless, I now find myself burning with the fuel of my passion rising to what I was born to be. 

As we enter this new season, I truly feel that nourishing both body, soul and mind can become the most magical homecoming.

If any of you have a whisper of intuition to join Limitless, it would be dreamy beyond words for this to be one of my readers! You can find all the information below.

Finally, if you want to leave any comments about anything in this post I’d so love to chat about it in the comments! Have you heard about the role of the priestess before? If not, is it something you want to dig into more?

Thank you, Sarah, for being the light that guides us towards these sacred paths and crowns.

Click here to order ‘The Way of the Priestess: A Reclamation of Feminine Power and Divine Purpose’ by Dr Sarah Coxon


Click here to sign up thttps://www.drsarahcoxon.com/o Sarah’s Programmes






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