Feeling The World Through Art: An Interview with Sarah from Artemperature

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Down the ages, there has been a close synergy between art and fashion. It’s a relationship I am fascinated by, and one that I have studied with a passion at University (you’ll also get more of this coming through on Painting Music and Art).

Today I’m joined by Sarah Spagnuolo, the founder of Artemperature, who is as passionate as me about bringing art into our lives through fashion.

Fashion like art follows its own rules of form, and like painting or literature interprets the world in its own way. In this interview with Sarah, we will see how she works with numerous designers who have worked closely with the art world and vice versa, to both interact and be influenced by it. 

Artemperature believes that ‘art is the most universal form of expression and an extremely powerful medium to make people feel things that can’t be easily communicated with words.’

Both Sarah and her team aim to allow people to: ‘feel the world through art!’ In addition, they seek to: ’empower you to communicate your dreams and beliefs using the language of art!

What a powerful beautiful message! Here’s Sarah to describe more about her mission with Artemperature.

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your time on my blog. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you and your business. How did Artemperature come to be?

Thanks to you, I love your blog! Everything started from me struggling on the idea that contemporary art is part of the life of just a niche of people compared to contemporary music. Everyone knows the new hits in music thanks to radio, TV or the internet, few people know the contemporary art scene. 

Someone could think…so what? Why should this be an issue? As a Historian ( I have a degree in Contemporary History) my view of our history is a flow of facts, movements, thinkings, philosophies, arts and costumes strictly connected one with each other. 

As you can’t really understand the Renaissance without knowing also Leonardo da Vinci, you can’t really understand who we are today without knowing who is leading today the art scene. It’s a matter of identity as also expression. 

No one is able to express the global feelings as an artist can do. 

So,  Artemperature was born as a blog about contemporary art focused on using social media as the main medium to bring more contemporary art to everyone. 

After sharing a lot of content about amazing contemporary artists and gaining also some little success (some of my videos has been shared more than 30K times), I discovered that people were more attracted by everything was “WOW” and really surprising more than the story behind, and I wasn’t satisfied, so I started to make many experiments until when I started to produce fashion accessories with contemporary art over them…I sold the products and I understood that in this way I was really bringing a bit of contemporary art in the life of people!

Describe Artemperature in 3 words: Colorful, Cultural-Connected, Good.

What kind of person can you see wearing Artemperature?

I see different people wearing Artemperature. I don’t believe in age or gender based target groups. I believe in personalities. I see wearing Artemperature people with a colourful and sparkling personality, people who like to express them self also through fashion. We make art pieces to wear for letting people talk through art using their apparel. So we are looking for communicative people when we create our pieces. We are looking for someone who wants to address a meaningful vibe or message through what they wear and like. 

Artemperature is the home of ‘art-inspired products for a more expressive, colourful and impactful world’. How do you bring these qualities into your everyday life?

Very concretely, I bring these qualities into my daily life sharing on social media the most expressive artworks that I find about a feeling or a current subject in order to highlight it and inspire a thinking about it. 

So, I chose a very long time ago to speak the language of art every day!

Can you please talk us through the incredible ethics that you have created at Artemperature? 

Oh thank you, this is the hardest part of this project. We try to connect every collection to a social cause, but it is not easy at all because when you are looking to donate you think that every association should reply to your emails, but it is not in this way. 

Anyway, in general we keep the 10% of every sale for a non profit association, when we don’t find the right fit, we keep it as a sort of art fund. When we’ll reach a significant amount we would like to start to create awards or contests for rewarding talented emerging artists. In addition, we produce when we receive the order, so in this way our production ecosystem is zero waste.

Who, and what, are some of your favourite artists, artworks and designers? 

I’m close to my current time. So, from the Fashion world I have to say that I don’t see so much creativity anymore. I like Gucci for the new artistic path taken recently. I like Alessandro Enriquez for the use of printing, I’m curious and I always look to the asian fashion world for more creativity in Fashion. In general, as many, what captures me is an idea or simply the creativity behind the idea.

From the Art world the list is quite huge :). I like the bigger thinkers like Weiwei or Oliasson. I like artists who are investigating new ways to make art like: Theo Jansees and Refik Anadol. I like artists who are giving new life to traditional arts as painting and sculpture like: Golsa Golchini for painting or Jago for sculpture (both are Italians)….I could go on for hours 🙂  I don’t have a favorite artwork. 

When do you feel at your most creative?

Morning is my best moment for energy and creativity. 

How do you want people to feel when they look at your art?

I would like them just feeling, as this would mean being connected.

If you could incorporate any artist, designer or artwork into your collection, who/what would it be and why?

Wow…this is funny, my aim is to have a positive social impact in the life people through art, so if I could choose my “dream- team” I would involve Banski as my Creative Art Director, Benjamin Von Wong as Photographer and storyteller and even if he is not an artist, Jeff Besoz as Head of Sales :), because sales are important. Then as artists I think the list can be really huge, anyway as artists I would love to involve Pawel Kuczynsk with his satirical illustrations, Bisa Butler with her textile artworks about the African American culture, or my friend Jennifer Mazur who works on the mental stigma, or again my friend Sige Nagels who works on the subject of climate change…

As Designers I love Iris van Herpen and I really would like to create innovative products as she did in Fashion. 

Outside of Artemperature, what rituals or routines do you love that helps you stay connected and inspired by life?

Reading a lot of news, doing research and looking at the sunrise over Zurich lake everyday. 

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, enchantment and wonder? How do these things show up for you? 

Wonder is absolutely part of my life, and mostly about people. I have a “magic” gift in finding wonder and enchantment in every person. Whimsy in me is more maybe related to food, art and curiosity in general. I’m very curious, I’m the kind of person who would like to try to eat the most weird and luxurious food while visiting the most strange exhibition. 

Where can we see more of Artemperature? (social media, website etc)

On my website www.artemperature.com as also on Instagram and Facebook 

www.instagram.com/artemperature.official and www.facebook.com/artemperature

Finally Sarah, what is your one wish for the world? 

My one wish to the world is that one day, soon, everyone can feel and be really free.. to express, to wear, to move, to be, to talk, to exist…it is too painful  for me that 2021 still many people have not these basic freedom rights. 


Thank you so much to Sarah on behalf of Artemperature for sharing her passion for the arts, and how the symbiotic relationship between fashion and art is so incredibly powerful.

Through Artemperature‘s creations I am reminded that the flow of ideas between the world of arts and fashion has continued throughout the centuries, as shown in various artistic movements, and has been diversely expressed in dress shapes, fabric adornments, accessories or jewellery.

In fact, the links between art and fashion go back before the Renaissance and artists such as Bellini not only depicted fashion in their paintings, but also created costumes and fabrics, making him one of the first ‘fashion designers’. Much later, Volt echoed these same ideas in this quote:

“Fashion is an art, like architecture or music. A creatively inspired and attractively worn dress has the same values as a fresco by Michelangelo or a Madonna by Titan.”

Futurist Volt in 1920

Thanks to the designs from Artemperature, which also give back to such important causes, we can all become a spectacular work of art and display our uniqueness with the world.

Moreover, by feeling into the arts, we have the indescribable and limitless power of bathing into our individuality which is our constant gift to the world.

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