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I’ve never been one of those cool foodie bloggers but I recently went to a cafe I have loved and admired on Instagram for the longest time called Farm Girl situated in Portobello, in the heart of London’s trendy Notting Hill.

farm girl london

Farm Girl Cafe is inspired by the co-founder Rose’s childhood where she grew up in Australia on a dairy farm. Fast forward to today and the incredibly popular cafe is seeing huge success as a trendy and holistic place to eat that also boasts a laid-back approach to healthy eating that you find across Australia. Much of the food is picked locally from the New Covent Garden Market, and their meat is sourced from their local award-winning butcher. As a result, the Farm Girl menu is full of fresh and nutritious ingredients that are then, of course, finished to perfection with a sprinkling of coconut or rose petals. And therefore you’ve probably scrolled past a plethora of beautiful photos of their coffees, lattes, pancakes, avocado on toast and other lovely creations decorated with rose petals, latte art and in addition, you might have started to recognise their well-known pink tables outside the cafe in the picturesque courtyard.

My company for the day was my darling friend Paige Joanna who I’m delighted to say now works for me at Beauxoxo and as well as sipping on our pretty lattes and eating perfectly poached eggs and dreamy pancakes we also filmed this lookbook for my business. I’ve left that down below for you so you can get an idea of our surroundings and also a close up of the delicious food!

Paige ordered the incredibly popular Rose Latte that you’ve seen on many an Instagram morning scroll I’m sure! This beautiful drink is infused with rose water and finished with a scattering of pretty rose petals. I then ordered the Butterfly Matcha which is made with organic blue matcha powder and almond milk. To be honest, the name enticed me alone, but I also became obsessed with matcha lattes in Japan so the idea of a blue latte intrigued me beyond belief! For a peek at their full menu head right here.

blue latte

Paige and I visited Farm Girl on a Friday morning in August and managed to get in without queuing but do be warned that normally this incredibly popular place gets very busy. If you fancy Sunday brunch expect to make a morning of it! I believe you can’t book in advance so it’s definitely worth allowing plenty of time to make your visit extra special. But whilst you’re waiting, I suggest getting a team of pals together so some of you can pop into Sister Jane that is literally just to the side of the cafe. You can also get a glimpse of their beautiful clothes in the video below.

I hope you loved my adventures at Farm Girl, and I must just say it’s also so lovely to just write on here and get some new posts together. I’m really going to try and share more adventures soon but meanwhile, as well as all the things I do at Beauxoxo, I have my own personal Instagram account now if you want to follow my adventures that you can follow right here. I’ve had it since the beginning of this year and it’s been a lovely chance to post things I felt had no home in the online world, and also to connect with you all on a more personal level. So please do say hello!

Thank you so much as ever for reading, and when you sip on your rose or blue matcha lattes, don’t forget to tweet me or let me know what you think! Have some of you already visited Farm Girl? hat other London food destinations do you love and recommend?

Where to find Farm Girl: 
Nearest Tube: Notting Hill Gate
59A Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 3DB.
Tel. 020 7229 4678

Photography: Paige Joanna

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  1. Cate Roberts

    What a beautiful place, the food looks absolutely delicious I'm definitely making a note of it so I can can go there one day xoxo


  2. Georgie Beauxoxo

    Aww I'm so glad you'd like to go Cate! I know there are tons of cafes like this throughout London but there seems something super special about this. xoxo


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