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I have something very exciting for my dearest Beauxoxo fans today. As some of you may know, I decided to part with my beloved hair accessory business last year due to ill health. The full heart-riff and story is here.

But today I have some good news as I have spent the period since last spring sorting out leftover supplies and stock. This means that I have updated my Etsy right here full of everything I have left of this journey.

Even better news for you all reading this: As readers of my blog, you will all get the exclusive discount of 30% off everything with BEAUXOXO30 at checkout.

In regards to stock everything I now sell is more than ever a limited edition piece and with regret I am unable to re-make anything as I officially stopped work on Beauxoxo other than the Etsy since last year.

Here are just some of my favourites that mean the most to me that are still available:

Photography: Camille Richez Model: Louise Ebel Illustrations: Jaymie OC

Oh la la! My berets with embroidery stitching with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, to Notre Dame and Parisian staples like ballet shoes and fresh baguettes, is a must for a girl that dreams about the city of love. I also have berets with bows and woodland creatures for a more whimsical touch! With gorgeous illustrations by Jaymie OC.

Shop Berets

Photography: Rebecca Models: Abigail & Beth Make Up & Hair: ZRK & Lucy MC

My velvet bow headbands are perfect for autumn and winter and looks gorgeous with a pop of berry on the lips. Wear it in a casual way, worn over your ears to keep them from getting chilly, or glammed up for an evening look. For a full-on gorgeous autumn winter look, wear it like my models with golden eyes and deep berry lips.

Shop Velvet Bow Headbands

Photography: Hana Haley Model: Kailey (Mermaidens)

My wire headbands are made with a flexible wire inside that allows you to twist and mold to any shape you like, and will create endless hairstyles. You can wear it twisted to the side, twisted on top of your head like my lovely model, tied at the bottom of your head, or wear the ends pointed up like bunny ears, which is a very Kawaii option!

Shop Wire Headbands

Photography: Rebecca Carpenter Model: Jordan

Beauxoxo’s Pastel Satin hair bows are here for that ultimate princess look! Add a hint of sweetness to any Spring look in a choice of 7 colours as listed left to right: Baby Blue, Lilac, Pink, Ivory, Yellow, Green and Peach.

Shop Satin Hair Bows

Photography: Kitty Model: Olivia Purvis

My headscarves are made from a beautiful light fabric for easy hair styling. Made from a light-weight fabric, my headscarves are so easy and fun to wear. Between each strand it meets in the middle with an elastic ponytail, meaning you can style your hair on the go! Carry this in your school bag, gym bag, take it on holiday or flick your hair back at work.

Shop Hair Scarves

Photography: Ailera Stone Model: Paige Joanna

My knitted headbands, with a super cute big bow, are the perfect way to keep you warm in autumn and winter. For the snuggest look of all, they can be worn over your ears to keep them from getting chilly. Extra soft and snuggly. It is also super stretchy, so one size fits most adults and teens. Hand knitted by Beauxoxo.

Shop Knitted Headbands

I hope this post brightened the heart of those who have so, so kindly supported me throughout the years with Beauxoxo. And I do hope your favourite is still there so you can treasure it as much as I did making it for you from my heart to yours.

Use BEAUXOXO30 for 30% off here

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  1. Kailey

    This makes me so happy to hear sweet girl! <3

    • Georgie xoxo

      Oh angel thank you so, so much for being part of this journey. It’s always meant so much to me xoxo


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