Enchanted Ways To Celebrate Spring and Introducing A Whimsical World

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As I opened my windows this morning, I not only invited the fresh air into my lungs, but I also felt that I was opening myself up to the wonders of the world around me.

To the sweetest bird song. To the delicate breeze. To the fragrance of the crisp air. To the illumination of the golden light on my curtains. And to the trees enveloped in the pastel candyfloss shaded buds of cherry blossom. 

In a year where we have felt that the world has stopped, nature only becomes louder in its rapture and awe. 

What a magical time of year we are sinking into dearest you, who has found my blog in the vast swirling sea of online information that is dedicated to seeking this sort of everyday enchantment. I am so deeply thankful you are here.

To show you my gratitude, this post is a capture of some of the content I posted for my dear Whimsy Wednesday email readers in March because I wanted to celebrate an exciting rebirth in my offerings for you that I’m calling ‘the rebirth of enchantment’.

In order to visualise the inspiration for said new offerings this unfolds in two beautiful ways.

The first was reading about a moth who spends its Winter underground, wrapped in a cocoon, waiting for the Spring to return. This is very much how I have felt this past season: in my own cocoon. Right now, I dare say that many are also shedding their wintery cocoons.

But for me, the cocoon can become my everything. My safety, My comfort blanket. The space that I feel most nourished in. And regardless of the season, my wanting to cocoon, to be a hermit, and to cling to the silky softness that my cocoon surrounds me in, has always been like honey to the bee.

And yet, even as there is this soft stillness inside me, vast change, movement and action roll through the physical world.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcomed Spring on March 20th. Later in the season, we meet Easter. These are themes and celebrations surrounding the themes of fertility, new beginnings, and rebirth. What sacred, but busy times lie ahead!

Despite this, here I am clinging to the warm embrace of my inner world, tucked inside these crystalised inner-walls of safety.

So, I revisited my word for 2021: to be a flow of courage. I wanted to paint my life with courage and to be in flow as I added that paint to the canvas. 

This word has served me so deeply already, and for the most part, in ways I never expected. But is that not true flow after all? As in truly being in the type of flow that allows bravery and courage to just bring me/us into the next thing?

And so, I was reminded that at times courage will urge me to gently push myself to do hard things. To the expansive parts of my being. To seek a life outside of myself. To serve other people. To show up and continue to produce things that are valuable, even when my default is to hide safely ensconced in the warm embrace of my beloved cocoon.

With the above, I gently realised that true courage cannot be found in playing small. So yes, I am soft and reshapen by my natural instincts but, I am also fierce and strong. And with this, I am also vulnerable and supported.

I then asked myself that if I were to begin living a life of even deeper courage, outside of my safe cocoon, what would that look like? What would I do? And what would I say?

After all, I don’t wish to entirely romanticise the cocoon. For nature teaches us that the stage where the caterpillar turns to liquid inside the cocoon, and where the butterfly has yet to begin to emerge is both a moment of pure possibility but also extreme danger.

And then this week, in a moment of grace, and just like the pure magic I hold so dear, my beautiful Earth angel Yolanda gifted me with the answer: ‘the world’.

You see, I call my sacred free offering ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ and yet, what happens when I replace the word ‘Wednesday’ for ‘world’? Well, now I’m stepping into the deepest magic and mysticism, where the veils between heaven and Earth are literally lifted. In fact, I instantly felt like a true conduit between heaven and Earth. In short: what I wish to share, is not just reserved for a Wednesday alone!

Most importantly: I’m not playing small anymore.

And here was my ‘rebirth of enchantment’ moment. To a moment where this small seed of great discovery led me to an even deeper understanding of the type of courage I seek. That calling in, and then following the call to what I find sublime is one way I am able to blossom and hatch from my cocoon into my most expansive self after all. 

So, welcome to ‘A Whimsical World’ that will be the new birthplace for my most intimate thoughts. The type of thoughts I have shared here today. Slowly, but surely, a re-brand will take place whilst remaining the integrity and playfulness of the offering that means so very much to me.

So how do you join ‘A Whimsical World’? The link, as always, is below this post. Nothing grand will change just yet other than the name. I invite you to our April theme: Unicorns and their playful mysticism.

Now here’s to you dear soul. To your gentle powerful timing of rebirth. From where you may have been nesting in your own egg or cocoon. Can you now trust that, in divine timing, that you can meet your own journey of receptivity, renewal, and receive the signs and abundance to come for your own small seeds that will surely blossom?

Enchanted Ways to Celebrate The Arrival of Spring

Whilst you may wish to ponder on the above for a moment, to finish this post, and as an extra gift to you, I’m sharing a selection of ideas for how you can truly drink the nectar from the very start of this forthcoming Spring season.

Please let me know which of these landed in your heart the most, and I so look forward to meeting you all in your inbox in April, and the blog very soon too!

Here are just a few enchanted ways to celebrate the arrival of Spring together:

Notice the signs of the new season

Just this week I felt my heart expand with joy when I witnessed the first leaf buds and spring blossoms appearing in the garden. So, to start finding enchantment in this new season we can ask ourselves how we can observe all the new life beginnings around us. Is that the lightness of the breeze on your face as you open your windows? Is it the gentle crescendo of light in the mornings? However you can right now, take some time to celebrate the new life beginning that surrounds you in nature and outside of yourself. You could watch the sunrise and/or sunset, go for a mindful walk, lay in the grass, root yourself in the earth, and on and on the list goes. 

Plant Seeds (or bulbs)

It’s time to plant new life in the fertile soil. Whether you have the privilege of a garden or access to kitchen window space, it’s a beautiful time of year to plant something. Let us all give back to Mother Earth in any way that we can. Maybe you will want to plant some vegetables, some flowers, a tree or even just herbs. Whatever you choose to harvest for your nourishment (both emotionally and physically), and you will find you too are re-earthing yourself. In the Spring of last year, I planted a bed of edible flowers and witnessing their growth was magic personified!

Give Seeds/Flowers as gifts

This leads beautifully to this idea! As new season gifts, send a little bag of seeds to those you love. They fit perfectly into letters as an extra something and are both gifts to the recipient and Mother Earth herself. If you’re able to do something grander than this, perhaps you could send fresh flowers/ a plant to someone to both celebrate the new season and to let someone dear to you know that you are thinking of them. 

Cook with florals and from the season

Do you know what’s in season, in terms of food? There is something so special about the changing seasons that inspires me to cook with the gifts and the abundance of nature. I can’t wait for fresh asparagus and rhubarb right now! Here are some of the recipes I post on my blog. And if you’re looking for the resource of all resources for seasonal eating, beautiful Gem from The Mothercooker has you sorted! Head here to visit her blog.

Bird Feeders

My passion for feeding birds started in early childhood as my grandparents both adored this hobby. We always had multiple feeders in the garden and outside of this, I visited wildlife spots to discover other birds. When I arrived back in the UK in March 2020 due to Covid, I felt the call more than ever to ground myself in the natural world and let Mother Nature hold me. Engaging in activities such as feeding birds will allow you to have an intimate view of the natural world this season. As birds prepare their nests right now, this is the most beautiful time to start feeding them. I have a whole post about feeding garden birds right here but please let me know if you need additional help!

Enjoy seasonal crafts 

Creating spring crafts is a beautiful way to welcome the season. You could take some time for baking, create floral arrangements, decorate eggs, make flower crowns or, like me, you could start a new project! My project is to finish my pastel Wendy House. It was painted in the early autumn but now it’s Spring, I want to decorate the inside. I’m planning on dedicating the May issue for the big exclusive tour for you all! 

Bring Spring into home

Last month, we talked about Spring Cleaning but I wanted to hold a reminder for this month too. The start of a new season is a wonderful way to restore balance in our homes so that we can prepare for new beginnings. There are also many other ways to bring Spring into the home. This could be from diffusing floral essential oils to displaying fresh flowers, to adding a sprinkling of pastels to your surroundings. 

Begin something new

A new season is all about new beginnings and so it’s a magical time of year to let go of the old and begin fresh. What does that look like for you? Maybe you’d like to spend some time reflecting on the past season. Or maybe you have a dream you’d like to bring to life. Or maybe you want to take an online class. In what ways can you allow this season to hold you to birth everything you so desire? Start small. Remember that everything starts from that tenny tiny seed of intention. 

Thanking you all so deeply for taking the time to be with me today reading this. I hope very much to hold you in enchanted space in a ‘Whimsical World’ that you can sign up to below.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being here. I love and appreciate you beyond words.

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It’s my ultimate hope that there has been something on my blog that has enabled you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, that can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

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