Enchanted Christmas Gift Guide: For The Love Of Words and The Language Of Enchantment

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Dear Enchanted Ones,

Today I bring you my first Enchanted Christmas Gift Guide for 2021 titled, ‘For The Love Of Words and The Language of Enchantment’ that is a fusion of the language of Enchantment and Etymology.

This gift guide comes straight from my enchanted e-letter community called ‘Whimsy World’ that you can sign up to either above this post or below.

Because Etymology (the study of the history of words) is one of my great passions in life. 

Truly, I think anyone who loves writing takes great pleasure in words. In what they look like, in what they sound like, in how they caress and expand onto a blank page, and of course, the bigger place of them on the canvas of our lives. 

For me, words have innate magic that becomes most potent when they come together in meaning and form synchronicity. And to be truly in love with language, and deeper still, life itself, is to dig deep into their layers of soil and uncover their richness. 

Ultimately, learning Etymology, and reveling in, and restoring the true meaning of words is one of the many paths in life to the sublime, awe, and the Enchantment I hold so dearly.

So, let’s break down that word I hold so dear, “Enchantment”, through Etymology. 

Well, the word “enchant” was first used in 1374, with a meaning of “influence” or “delude”. Three years later, the literal meaning of “put under a spell” came to be.

The word enchantment originates from Old French “enchanter”, which comes from Latin “incantare”, which again, means “to consecrate with spells, to charm, to bewitch, to ensorcel”, and forms the basis of the word “enchant.” The word later has become “incantation” in English.

But here’s where the mysticism of Etymology deepens. For, we can then separate “incantare” into the prefix “in, which meant “upon”, and the root “cantare”, which means “to sing”. 

And so, as we revel in the history of “enchant” we can understand it with new meaning: that sometimes songs can be so beautiful that they enchant you. 

In this video here, Sharon Blackie too digs into the Etymology of Enchantment and concludes therefore that the enchanted life is thus the process of “singing ourselves back into the world.” How beautiful?! 

However, I don’t believe that we should leave behind the magical roots of the word “enchant”. For words as a driving force of creation are steeped in magic (and we must reclaim this word in its raw essence itself).

Etymology is simply brimming with these definitions that place an emphasis on the relationship between the spoken word and the act of bringing forth aliveness through creative magic. 

Ultimately, no matter our background, beliefs, or background, I truly and passionately believe that the potency of the language we use, the words we are in possession of, and the words we choose to narrate our experiences with are a magic spell that can have a profound effect on the way that we and those around us navigate the world. 

So, dear enchanted ones, let us devote ourselves to language and remember that words are the enchanted songs of the Earth.

For remember that the world is alive with the songs of enchantment to the crackling of singing ice, to the fiery lava of volcanoes to the dawn chorus of birdsong that is their signal to the Earth that have made it to another new day to live out every inch of their aliveness. 

Here are some starting points for either yourself one, or your beloveds who love words and language just as much as you do.


To me, French will always be a language I adore above them all. In fact, there’s not a day that I don’t listen to French music, or immerse myself in the silkiness of the language in some way. And I just adore breaking apart the language like a warm flaky croissant (not that I know what’s like with a dairy allergy, mind you haha).

For example, ‘I miss you’ is ‘tu me manques’ and that translates to ‘you are missing to me’ and….oh. Just oh. Such beauty. Because that’s truly how I feel during the time I’ve been parted from France and my friends there. I truly feel they are missing from my soul and I so long to be reunited with them.

Someone who is filling my life with all the things I cherish about France, the French Language, and culture is French Is Beautiful.

Originally conceived as a chic online language school for inspired (and inspiring!) Francophiles by founder Carrie Anne James, French is Beautiful’s offerings have developed alongside Carrie Anne’s life in France. It now includes courses on French culture and the art of living (the art of living).

Carrie Anne’s teachings are infused with her passion for French philosophy, poetry, style, literature, cuisine, wine, music, film, art, and well-being. I couldn’t think of a more merveilleux way to bring this Whimsy World to a close!

Click here to follow French Is Beautiful 


Enchanted ones, do you remember how in the October letter I told you about my dear friend Yolanda who helped to re-shape the name of this offering from ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ to ‘Whimsy World’?

Well, the reason I wanted to mention Yolanda in this letter to you is that I wanted to remind you that she truly is THE Queen of words. With no question! And so, if you did enjoy October’s Etymology special dear you, I would love to share more details of Yolanda’s cosmic offerings here for you.

Because you see, whereas I orbit around on my whimsical fairytale esque Earthly realm, to know and work with Yolanda is to journey into the expansive sky rolled out before you and right into the Cosmos.

With all my heart cherished one, to experience the grandeur of what Yolanda knows is to truly embody the art of celebration, courage, and love in whatever ways you seek it.

Perhaps you want to carve out your word of the year for 2022, perhaps you seek to be guided to write your own destiny, or maybe you just want to explore what it is to dive into your full humanness through the spoken and written word.

Either way, head here to explore Poetic Soul Writing Workshops or the artistry of Journaling. And because it’s my birthday letter, I’m sure Yolanda won’t mind me directing you to her beautiful free poetry and affirmation gifts right here!



Dearest enchanted one, now although you’ll receive this letter on your device of choice, I’d love for you to imagine that you’re caressing the silky pages of my favourite Japanese writing set and notice the smudged navy ink that’s been sealed with a velvet ribbon and the scent of rose petals.

Now, perhaps that’s too wonderful to imagine but what if I could actually guide you somewhere where you can get a taste of this beauty?

Well, to grace, elegance, and enchantment in a human being may I once again introduce you to Princess Fleur La Belle my beautiful sister, darling friend and my true Muse, Shirley Ann. 

Just this Monday, Shirley has released her free collection of Monogrammed writing sheets with envelope liners, gift tags, place settings, thank you cards, menu cards, and multi-purpose rose paper to wrap gifts with, cover books, line drawers, create perfumed sachets, or for candles.

Every initial is catered for so you can adorn and celebrate your life with these treasures. And to all you love! So, I hope you imagine this letter to you being composed with my ‘G’ writing set!

Shirley’s world is truly home to my spirit. So I know it will be home to yours too if you share even the slightest bit of affection for a life of enchantment.  

It is a world of freedom with wings for all those, that like me, want to step into a land of beauty, art, love, joy, wonder and magic.

Once you enter Shirley’s world, she will cherish you as the divine being you are, and stand in the fire with you if that is what it takes for you to witness this. I SO hope you love Shirley’s world as much as I adore and cherish the blessings she brings to mine each day.

Click here to receive your treasured gifts from Shirley


If there was a language that was just FULL of the beauty of the untranslatable at work then it’s Japanese. 

As some of you know during my time at Beauxoxo, I managed to achieve my dream of launching into boutiques across Japan as I’ve always been besotted with Japanese fashion and style.

This project was supported by some government funding I received from an organisation called UKTI. As a result of this funding, I studied Japanese intensely for a few years so that I was able to negotiate the business deals I created in Japan. 

I was very fortunate that one of my dearest friends lived in Tokyo and she was the only person I communicated to in Japanese outside of my lessons.

Tragically my friend Naomi tragically passed away in 2019 and her death leaves my heart still very broken. She was one of my sisters, and the kindest, most supportive, most loving Earth Angel my life has known. 

Naomi taught me SO many breathtaking Japanese words and oh how I long to have her back with me teaching me more. However, one word that has had reverence in my grief is this word she once taught me: “wabi-sabi”.

At its core, “wabi-sabi” is an acceptance of death through the acceptance of the cycle of growth, decay, and death that is the natural order of all living things.

To seep the meaning of “wabi-sabi” into your mind and heart is to be at peace with the transience of everything. So, when your mind is quiet and accepting, you take pleasure in objects and situations that display impermanence and imperfection. And when your heart accepts impermanence, you can live modestly, simply, so that your focus is on being rather than doing.

For more breathtaking Japanese words this is a stunning article right here. Meanwhile, for a gorgeous book to infuse your life with the profound healing of the Japanese language, ‘Japonisme’ by Erin Miimi Longhurst has a special place in my heart.

Click here to purchase  


I’ve been keeping track of the moon’s phases for my journaling for a very long time now, and I love how intimately they affect me and what flows through.

For when you tap into the moon’s energy and flow with it, your writing and creative work are sure to be elevated.

Someone whose journal Moon prompts I adore is one of my favourite Youtube channels: Alina Alive.

Alina is the creator of The Auralign Planner, which aims to help motivate those who already respect nature and the stars, to stay more connected to it while manifesting their goals.

Through Alina’s stunning mission, she hopes to inspire you to stay connected with Mother Earth and the cosmos while getting aligned with your greater purpose. 

On Alina’s channel, you’ll find Moon meditations, journal prompts and so much more from her passion for holistic health and astrology. I hope you enjoy her gorgeous videos as much as I do!



Are you ready to unlock your dreams and master The Art Of Blogging so that you can leave your treasured footprints on Earth? 

Because here’s the thing precious one: your unique words and language, your magic, your heart, your gifts, your talents, and the impact you’re here to make it is all the sacred embodiment of the unique expression of Nature that you are. You’re a one-of-a-lifetime masterpiece!

And so, this summer, I sat down to celebrate my 12 years of blogging and bringing my beloved handmade hair accessory business, Beauxoxo, to the world to create my very first E-Course called The Art Of Blogging so that I can help you bring forth your creative treasures to a blog.

Last month I exclusively launched it to you for the pre-sale and now the whole world knows. Because with ALL my heart, it’s my great longing that we learn to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of us. And to me, that’s always blogging.

I’m delighted to announce that this is just the start of my E-Course adventures. I’m so excited to dabble next in teaching you all about embodying enchantment.

Until then, if you know any budding bloggers to be who identify as a Creatrix or Soulpreneur in particular, I’d so appreciate you forwarding the details for this E-Course!

Click here to sign up for The Art Of Blogging E-Course


Is there anything else you’re going to either treat yourself to or a loved one from this Enchanted Living ‘For The Love of Word’ Gift Guide? Please show every single one all your support in any way you can.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season full of all the traditions and things that you hold dear.


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