Dreamy Moons 2021 ‘Year of Growth’ Review and My Intentions for 2021

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In searching for a new journal for 2021, as with 2020, I decided to purchase a workbook that would allow for a balance of reflection and creativity. For 2021, that led me to the 2021 Year Of Growth Book by Annie Tarasova that she created for her stunning brand Dreamy Moons.

For 2020 I have found such a sanctuary of peace and deepest creative introspection within the pages of the 2020 Artist Of Life Workbook by Lavendaire.

Journaling is one of my most sacred rituals. It never ceases to amaze me how my inner wisdom will always pour onto the page in front of me.

As I allow words to fill the page in front of me, I find it not only completely clarifying to write, but in re-reading my words, I find that I can truly meet the inner-soul of my mind and heart.

The 2021 Year Of Growth Book is a deeply luxurious, opulent and heavy journal/book that is perfect to have on your bedside table or desk for these powerful, dreamy inner-soul observations.

Not only that, but it will most certainly be a journal that you will want to have as a keepsake to look back on years in the future.

Let’s look inside together, as well as sinking into some intentions for 2021.

A Look Inside a Year Of Growth

If the cover wasn’t enchanting enough, then behold the interior of this breathtaking journal!

But before I do show you, here’s what creator Annie Tarasova has said about her gorgeous journal on Instagram that I’d love to share with you:

Say hello to my NEW 2021 Year of Growth Book – a diary with a focus on mindfulness, gratitude, intention setting, self-reflection, creativity and personal growth!

This baby is made for the dreamers, writers and creatives. For those who want to dive deeper into their own minds and become the best version of themselves.

Think of this book as a time capsule of who you are at this moment a time. A keepsake to look back on years in the future.”

And indeed: this journal so beautifully combines the ability to bring cosmic guidance to you to help you dream, whilst also lacing this alongside potent personal empowerment prompts and all held together so beautifully by the moon.

I love how this journal has crossovers with my dear Lavendaire journal, in the sense of honouring the importance and magic of the cosmos. However, for me, the 2021 Year Of Growth Book takes the mysticism and ethereal elements even further.

My Intentions for 2021

When you stargaze tonight, or look to ahead into the new day or year ahead of you, it’s worth highlighting the timeless words of Eleanor Roosevelt who once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, however, soul-led intentions are very much the GPS for my mind, body and spirit!

Having said that, in these uncertain times, when nothing feels like it is going to plan, and so much is outside of our control, it can be really hard to have faith in our dreams.

However, intentions, and the alchemy and mystery involved with setting them, are fertile earth for my soul’s home to dream in no matter what is happening.

Moreover, with my health, it can be hard to ‘think big’. And whilst I might not be able to do everything I set my soul and heart to, my intentions can lead me somewhere. And given the choice between nowhere or somewhere, I always want to take the road towards somewhere.

Ultimately, intentions allow me to imagine a moment in the now and in the future in which I can still birth my miracles and where I can still bring some goodness and magic to the world. Despite it being in such pain.

Having a resource like the 2021 Year Of Growth Book makes the alchemy of creative intention setting far more ethereal and enchanting.

Feeling into the prompts in this workbook empowers me so deeply simply for the fact that by merging my creative mind, soul and heart together, I am able to hear my intuition far more consistently. In doing so, I am able to understand it more clearly and act upon it with more joy and abundance.

So what are my intentions for 2021? In all honesty, it’s been extremely beneficial for me to bathe deeply in the present moment as the end of 2020 dawned. Just being. That’s been exponentially healing and magnificent after merciless introspection throughout my life!

But 2020 absolutely felt into a strong theme for me. That of watery spaciousness. The ebb and flow of life. I wrote about this in more depth in my birthday letter from November that you can read here.

‘Flow’ has felt like a natural intention for me for 2021; simply because of how unpredictable this year has become. Moreover, my dear friend Leneth from The Spiritual Fem chose this as her 2020 word of the year, and later led a stunning online retreat with the same word.

If all of these weren’t signs enough, I spent my first few months of 2020 surrounded by water and I most definitely felt charged and nourished by its life-giving force.

My greatest intention for 2021, therefore, is to drink up the medicine that flow symbolises. And with it, I will look to it to nourish, restore, recalibrate and awaken my mind, body and soul in all the ways I need it to.

So to you at the end of 2020 or reading this in 2021: you are so deeply in my heart. If you feel called to, I’d love to know how you are feeling right now?

I’m so excited to have the 2021 Year Of Growth Book in my life and for the opportunity for the reflection it will give me every single day to step into my own magical inner world even more deeply.

How will you be documenting your intentions, dreams, thoughts and desires this year? Also, how many of you love Dreamy Moons as much as me? Do any of already own this gorgeous journal? I’d love to hear about your musings on these questions in the comments below.

Before I close this post, I just want to thank you so deeply for all your love and friendship in 2020. I am beyond grateful to you. It’s such an honour to have your time and presence here. Thank you so much for being here and walking alongside me.

May your 2021 bring you all the magic, whimsy and enchantment that you already have within you. I hope in turn that these magical elements can rebirth you and sustain you through these times. And may you share it with the world and shine your light evermore brightly (ps Taylor Swift in the words of ABBA: “thank you for the music”).




Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being here. I love and appreciate you beyond words.

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