DIY Laundry Bags for Scrubs: Laundry Bag Tutorial for Nurses, Care Workers and Key Workers

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Last week I shared a tutorial for DIY Fabric Face Masks and today I’m sharing a tutorial for DIY Laundry Bags for Scrubs.

These laundry bags are ideal for our incredible Nurses, Care Workers and Key Workers and are so easy to make.

These drawstring laundry bags can be put in the washing machine without having to handle them making them ideal for care workers, key workers and nurses for them to put their scrubs in after a shift.

However, if you have stumbled on this tutorial because you want to make a drawstring bag, I’m sure you can find plenty of things to place in them.

If you’re making them as laundry bags for scrubs, you can choose any fabric, however, ideally, you should pick a fabric that can be washed to 60 degrees. For example cotton, polycotton and even old bed linen all work very well.

If you have a sewing machine, and you’re able to make some, I hope this tutorial can help. For my DIY Fabric Face Masks tutorial head here.

How To Make a Laundry Bag for Scrubs Tutorial

  1. To start, cut a piece of fabric approx 1/2 metre by 1/2 metre. It really doesn’t matter for accuracy, but the finished bag should be approximately 45cm x 45cm so that it’s large enough for a full set of scrubs.
  2. Machine together the three sides (or cheat like me with a large piece so no bottom seam was needed!)
  3. Fold down the top to create a casing. Again, any size, because this will depend on the cord/ribbon you are using.
  4. Machine this in place, leaving a small gap. You may need to neaten the rough edge to stop it fraying. I cheated and used the selvage edges.
  5. Finally, cut a piece of cord/ribbon that is long enough to go all around the bag with some extra. I used 140cm which was more than enough. Knot the end of the cord. Don’t use elastic for this.

If you have a sewing machine, and you’re able to make some laundry bags for those who need it, I really hope this tutorial can help.

If you are donating them as I have been, it’s always best to reach out to your hospital or care homes in advance to see if they are taking donations.

Thank you so much for taking the time to engage with this post. If you do make any I would love to hear about it!

For my DIY Fabric Face Masks tutorial head here.

Finally, I just wanted to say how much I was thinking of you and I am sending so much love and well wishes to you all xoxo

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