DIY: Chalkboard Back Pack School Bag

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Hi everyone! I apologise for being a little MIA of late on the ol’ blog but in reality I have been busy planning away a ton of content and posts so in some ways I feel like I haven’t been away! Over the past month I have been thinking I need to set myself a little blogging challenge because I so enjoyed doing the 30-day glitter snap project by the lovely Sprinkle Of Glitter and it really inspired me to know that the possibilities that blogging every day can absolutely be done. So, I thought as the summer holidays are upon us (hurrah!) why not post a little DIY project every day? Now, in advance of the last sentence can I just add that the outcome of this is not 100% certain however I will try my absolute best!

So, what better way to start off this project with something very practical for those at school. Now, actually I should have scheduled this one more for the end of August but this DIY doesn’t just have to be for a school backpack (and I know lots of people who go back to school in August anyway!), you could use any bag you like, canvas, leather, etc etc. Maybe take a canvas bag and write your shopping list on it? The possibilities truly are endless. 

If you want to make yourself the above back pack simply follow my little Youtube video above and get crafty! 

You will need:

* Chalkboard paint- This can be purchased at any DIY/hardware or craft shop. I usually get mine from B&Q (for those in the UK, of course).
* Paintbrush- I usually have a little army of different sizes as it depends on the surface area/fabric you want to cover.
* Clear pot- Always handy for pouring paint into. 
* Your bag of choice. My back pack is from Ebay here.
* Chalk- White is the obvious choice but play about with coloured chalks too.
* Old rags- Essential for protecting your work space.
* Some paper/old magazine/canvas- This is needed to place underneath the area you will paint to stop the paint from soaking through. 

The song is called ‘Dancing in the Dark’ by Brandy Loves Alexander. Please like their Facebook page here for free downloads and to find this track from their new EP. They’re amazing! 

And I think that’s it my lovelies! Does anyone have any DIY future requests? I’d love to know what sort of things you’d like me to do! Oooh and finally my lovelies if you had a second to vote for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards it would honestly mean the absolute world to me if you vote for me here on page 7 (don’t forget to vote for your other favourite blogs too on your way!) my blog is  simply ‘Dreams That Glitter’. Thank for eternally for all your support for which I am forever grateful! 


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  1. Lizzie.

    I love the idea of chalkboard paint, this creation is so cool! xx

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