Day In The Life: Weekend Road Trip To Brighton

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brighton pavillionbrighton beach
brighton piernautical chair
sugarhill boutique dress
This post is very photo heavy, full of Brighton delights, so be sure to join me after the cut :)xo

sugarhill boutique outlet brighton
paper and pen brighton
moomin brighton
pink poodle beyond retro
beyond retro brighton
dollydagger brighton
giraffe brighton
angel food bakery brighton
angel cupcakes brighton
alice in wonderland wall painting brighton
choccywoccydoodah brighton
choccywoccydoodah wizard of oz

Phew, photo heavy much? ;). This weekend I went to Brighton, which is quite possibly apparent from the above! I had the best weekend and I’m questioning when I have scarcely visited this amazing place. I guess when you live by the seaside you don’t feel the need to visit other seaside destinations (unless it’s somewhere tropical and hot!) as you feel you have it all and see it every day. Well, as you can see there are so many wonderful things in Brighton to see and to do, and this post truly only captures a teeny tiny part of it, and I definitely need to visit more. My purpose for my visit this weekend was a photo shoot for Beauxoxo with my fabulous team Dunya from  Dearest Deer and Tom Simmonds. Tom lives in Brighton and Dunya studied in the city so I thought it would be fun to visit them and have the shoot somewhere a little different whilst also making a weekend of it and shock horror, actually having some down time (my self employed girlies know the drills, right? 😉 ). 

To be honest I need a whole week in Brighton to truly explore everything. It’s one of those truly special cities full of character, vibrancy and culture brimming from every single thing you see. I love places like this, and truly the shopping itself is a tourist attraction, and that’s what I love! Shops are nestled in trinkets of small glorious side streets with a rich history and girls and boys wonder these parts exuding a fierce striking sense of style that makes you feel so inspired. 

From pink poodle vintage handbags (you literally have NO idea how much I nearly walked away with this!), chocolate hand crafted sculptures (in. awe!!) to irresistible cupcakes the above is really only a snippet. I’m now going to spend the next few days attempting to soak up everything I saw and update my Brighton Shopping Guide. This post is now 2 years old (flippin eck!!) and needs a complete overhaul as do my other city shopping guides. I’m truly inspired to start them up again and I cannot wait as they are some of my favourites posts to create. 

Do I have any Brighton residents reading this post? Or like me, are you just in love with the city from afar? 


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  1. Charlotte

    I've wanted to visit Brighton for ages, it looks like such a gorgeous and unique place.

    Charlotte xo


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