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There’s nothing I love more than spending time at tea shops and trying new exotic tea blends, so I was delighted to stumble across this enchanted tea house in Paris called ‘Collection T’.

Collection T is the beautiful continuation of the adventure ‘Voluptuous tea of exception’, a beautiful tea shop in Cannes created in 2002 by Teresa and Philippe around the passion of the tea. Over the years, thanks to the quality of the products, and an amazing reputation, the French tea house knew how to forge a local and international clientele through the essence of their magical tea. 

After a makeover of the brand and the logo, Collection T was launched in 2015 and can still be found in Cannes as well as the heart of Paris, maintaining the originality, conviviality, and ethics that are all key values of Collection T

collection t paris
collection t paris tea selection

So whether you are looking for a “grand cru” tea or simply a good “gourmet tea” scented tea, Collection T. will always be able to surprise and satisfy everyone’s desires. The blends are original, the scents simply intoxicating scents and the shop display and look of the brand is a fresh, white, clean, Instagram dream.

When I went I delighted in their rose tea that was exquisite in the city of love. We also tucked into Japanese sweets, matcha lattes and were served by the sweetest, friendliest lady who made our stay even more of a dream.

I also loved how many unique teas could be found here, such as “sobacha”; literally “buckwheat tea”, a product imported from Japan that consists entirely of toasted buckwheat that is a truly relaxing brew. 

collection t teahouse paris

If you’re looking for a truly peaceful spot in Paris to enjoy a dreamy fragrant tea or two this is absolutely the spot for you. And if you like Mariage Frères, this is a more affordable pastel spot. No matter the time or day, Collection. T will always be able to amaze and satisfy (and I have my eye on their dreamy Pauline Privez blend next!)

Have any of you been to Collection. T? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also please do share any of your favourite cafes in Paris if you’re a local of lover of this city as much as me- it’s always lovely to try new spots! Also, I’m intrigued, do I have any readers from Paris and France? If so, that would be so special to me! Let me know below and let’s share our favourite places together. And if you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out all my posts from Paris


collection t paris, where to eat and drink in paris

Address: 53/55, rue des Martyrs 75009 Paris

Collection T online

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