Christmas Showcase at LUSH, Bournemouth

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Christmas arrived in October for me this year thanks to the wonderful Christmas Showcase event hosted by LUSH in Bournemouth. I have such fond memories of this particular LUSH as it was one of my first jobs when I was still studying for my A Levels, and in fact, I was there right from the very beginning when it first opened! And despite leaving the company many years ago, I continue to feel the sense of the season being upon us when the LUSH Christmas collection is released and this was a really special and intimate way to see it all together.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of LUSH so it’s a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you’ll for sure find someone who either works there or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and I loved that despite this event being for bloggers they opened their doors to allow others to join in.

Once inside, we were greeted with prosecco in LUSH iconic black pots that was such a quirky touch (although Miss Teetotal over here had to stick to a lil bit of h2o!) and then on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous LUSH handwriting. 

lush cosmetics massage bars

First up in this super lovely event was an ice-breaker group activity where we were split into pairs and given the opportunity to get to know our partner a bit better with an arm massage using the massage bars provided. This is something we regularly did whilst working at LUSH but it was so lovely to see how the massage bar range has expanded over the years. One of my favourites is the adorable Gingerbread Man sparkle jar that is part lotion part talc and a very creative solution by LUSH to avoid unnecessary packaging for two products in one! To use, warm the lil Gingerbread Man in your hand and apply to the skin for nourished skin, and then poke holes into this Gingerbread Man’s buttons and dust yourself all over to leave skin feeling silky and smooth. After the dusting powder is all used up, the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter pot can be massaged in, to moisturise and soften while clove bud and ginger oils keep you feeling warm, cosy and smelling of Christmas baking. A stand out product this year for sure!

Next up was trying our hand at making the iconic LUSH ballistic! So random fact: growing up I was obsessed with making bath bombs. I literally had a little factory going on in my house and my Mum at one stage thought I should study Chemistry to make it my profession, haha (hence why I wanted to work at LUSH so much!). And I still love making them now so it was really fun to see how LUSH make them as theirs, of course, are so well-known and adored. We were given the chance to make the super magical ‘Shoot For The Stars’, a ballistic with honey-scented stardust and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter stars that melt in the water, moisturising skin while uplifting bergamot oil send your mood soaring above the clouds for the ultimate starlight bathing experience. It was such a lovely touch for LUSH to show this interaction in making their products so you treasure the handmade element even more.

But the fun didn’t stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser is packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious. This cleanser really is a treat for dry winter skin that takes a bit of a hard time riding the storms that the season brings. 

And after all that inventory magic and the most indulgent of evenings the sweetest LUSH girls and guys gave us the opportunity to pick out a product to take home as well as everything we were so fortunate to make on the evening. I picked out the sweet Snowflake, a bubble bar spinner that so sweetly adds a decadent amount of almond silkyness to your bath tub. 

It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Bournemouth Bloggers and LUSH Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. The store at this branch are truly real life angels and couldn’t have made us feel more valued and welcomed. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you’re local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed! xoxo

Lush Bournemouth details:

 25 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 1DR.

Lush Bournemouth online

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