Christmas Afternoon Tea at Haskins, Ferndown

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A Winter Wonderland of festive flavour and fantastical Christmas delights awaits you at Haskins Garden Centre in Ferndown, and I was very kindly invited by Liz Lean PR recently to sample the delights of their Christmas Afternoon Tea with the company of the Bournemouth Bloggers

Afternoon Tea at Haskins

Sparkling lights, Christmas baubles in a variety of styles, mythical Unicorns and many other festive delights all greet you as you enter Haskins Garden Centre as I made my way to a private room of the restaurant to be treated to an afternoon tea inspired by the magic of Christmas.

A Traditional afternoon tea conjures up a vision of a spread full of sweet treats complete with dainty cup and saucers that have long satisfied tea lovers for well over a hundred years and the Haskins Afternoon Tea most certainly lived up to this quintessentially British treat!

A cosy room was set up by Haskins for our afternoon tea with several tables laid out with piping hot tea in the pot (and some soya milk readily available for me!) ready to pour into fine dainty cups and saucers. Alongside the tea was the addition of elegant cake stands with an assortment of traditional savoury delights, and an array of indulgent pastries and sweet treats. 

Because I have a dairy allergy I was treated to my own cake stands of sandwiches and sweet treats that was so appreciated. I’ve found other the years that so many venues cater to my allergy perfectly and it’s therefore made it just as enjoyable for me as someone without an allergy.  My sandwiches, of ham and smoked salmon, simply had no butter or cheese and my swaps for the sweet treats was a divine fruit cake and the most delectable flapjack bites.

I’ve include a photo of the cake stand for the standard afternoon tea above- as you can see it is crammed with gorgeous looking sweet and savoury treats for the ultimate afternoon of indulgence!

Christmas Shop at Haskins

To make your Christmas truly sparkle it’s also worth popping along to Haskins to not only enjoy a spot of tea, but to also experience the magic of Christmas through their variety of imaginative and fantasy collections.

From an elegant Concerto Christmas Tree (the musician in me was just delighted by all the music elements to this collection!), to a Frozen Christmas Tree theme, as well as an Enchanted Christmas Tree, a visit to Haskins at Christmas time is filled with wonder. You can see all their collections come to life through their video library right here. The whimsy soul in me was completely spellbound by the Enchanted Tree collection in particular that is full of princess fairytale elements with a plethora of unicorns, sparkles and magical decadence. Could I wish for anything more in life?!

So whether you’re making a day of it, popping in to pick up a present for your loved ones (and the shop is just looking fantastic full of delights from books, to baking to beauty and so much more), or taking time out to their delicious Afternoon Tea, a trip to Haskins at this time of year will help you capture that magical moment of everything from meeting Santa in his grotto or choosing the perfect tree for your home.

A huge thank you again to Liz Lean PR and Haskins in Ferndown.

For more information on the Afternoon Tea at Haskins that I was kindly treated to alongside the other Bournemouth Bloggers you can head right here to find the contact details needed to book your own special treat!

How many of you love afternoon tea as much as me? Have any of you visited Haskins for afternoon tea? Tell me all about your favourite part of a classic afternoon tea- for me it’s most definitely the sweet treats.


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