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I recently spent a lovely day in Manchester, England’s cool capital of the north, and stopped off at the enchanting Chapter One Books for a little writing break.

Chapter One is an independent coffee shop and bookstore, which began out of a family’s love for great books, amazing cake, and good coffee. The fundamental building blocks to the essence of this cosy spot in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, is all about friends, books and coffee.

What makes Chapter One so truly unique is the eclectic decor. As soon as you enter from the streets of the Northern Quarter you hear the sound of a water fountain, with spacious white tables and chairs that almost feels like you are in a traditional Moroccan Riad.

Whilst you find your seat, you can then discover something new to read from their eclectically mixed up shelves of treasures and books to devour, enjoyed with a speciality coffee tea, and of course for me, vegan cake! 

The magic behind Chapter One is that thanks to this warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere you can see, it’s become somewhere writers, artists, the self-employed and older couples all feel at home in.

Chapter One have free-wifi where you will be amongst people using it on laptops sitting at a bench in the window, whilst others will be dreaming into books or notepads.

There was a variety of sections where people could sit in groups on settees or easy chairs, tables for one, two or three people, or secret upstair den where I chose to hang out for some serious wanderlust and time-out.

There is also a secret area by this upstairs den full of books on shelves in a dimly lit nook which felt relaxing and private. This area had creamy-yellow walls that felt oh-so vintage with a plethora of fascinating paintings and artefacts in baroque golden frames.

These artworks were set beside a retro TV and a scroll resting across a shelf full of other vintage treasures like dolls and mystic cobwebs. It truly added the most incredible, playful character to a spot that truly was born for the dreamers and the makers.

And thus it is no surprise that Chapter One has become a true creative hub in Manchester that hosts a variety of events from art classes, candle making, to literary and creative discussions. I absolutely wish to goodness I lived nearer as I want to go to every single one! If you happen to be near, I recommend keeping an eye on the Chapter One Facebook page for all the latest news.

Is this, or is this not, one of the most enchanting coffee shop you have ever seen? I really wish I could visit all the time and become involved in all of the events. Something else wonderful I also should add is that most nights it is open to midnight. Somewhere that doesn’t sell alcohol that opens late is really a dream come true!

How many of you are regulars at Chapter One Books? I so highly recommend a visit to all my friends in Manchester or in the surrounding area. A truly wonderful spot to escape the world for a while.


Chapter One Books, Chatsworth House, 19 Lever St, Manchester M1 1BY

Chapter One Books online

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