Caudalie Beauty Elixir Limited Edition Summer Bottle [AD-Gifted Items]

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This post contains gifted items from Caudalie which have been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

I am a huge lover of the iconic French Beauty Brand Caudalie and today I’m featuring this prettiest limited edition summer bottle of their much loved ‘Beauty Elixir’ that I was so kindly sent by Caudalie.

This cult favourite French beauty product really is one of my favourite beauty mists of all time. And this summer, Caudalie has unveiled a new Limited Edition pink bottle inspired by the Beauty Elixir’s unique formula of 100% natural origin ingredients.

caudalie beauty elixir

But what does this magical elixir do for your skin? Firstly, there’s the concoction of natural ingredients to pamper and nourish your skin. With grape to moisturise, Rose to tone, Orange Blossom to soften the skin, Rosemary that strengthens and provides concentration, Benzoin to tone, Myrrh to awaken and Mint Balm to reduce pore size.

But other than being used as a mist to tone and tighten pores, this dreamy elixir, an aromatic cocktail of plant and grape extracts and essential oils, also has many other multi-use benefits making it a truly versatile, dreamy product in your beauty kit and for travel especially.

Whilst you may have used it predominately in your skincare or heard of it being used in this way, it also works beautifully to prep and set make-up and it can be mixed with heavy foundations to add a dewy and fluid consistency.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir Limited Edition Summer Bottle

It’s also equally a dream for your soul and mind, as not only does this boost the radiance of your skin, it’s also de-stressing, soothing on the mind, and lifts your mood with the scent of the beautiful uplifting essential oils. Not to mention the limited edition pink bottle is as beautiful on your dressing table as it is for your skin and mind, don’t you think?

But did you know that this was created by Caudalie Founder Mathilde Thomas over 22 years ago now? And since then, the Beauty Elixir has become a cult beauty favourite.

I truly think The Beauty Elixir is the must-have product to keep in your handbag, for travel, or simply on your dressing table.

If you’re looking for that one multi-purpose ‘does it all product’ to me this is one of the very best.

But what do you think? How many of you have tried Caudalie’s iconic Beauty Elixir? Was it fall in #LOVEATFIRSTMIST for you too? It’s also definitely worth picking up that pink bottle whilst you can!

And just before I go, many of you will have seen that I am a huge fan of Caudalie, and you can look back on my previous reviews right here.


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