Dreamy Moons 2021 ‘Year of Growth’ Review and My Intentions for 2021

Dreamy Moons 2021 ‘Year of Growth’ Review and My Intentions for 2021

In searching for a new journal for 2021, as with 2020, I decided to purchase a workbook that would allow for a balance of reflection and creativity. For 2021, that led me to the 2021 Year Of Growth Book by Annie Tarasova that she created for her stunning brand Dreamy Moons.

For 2020 I have found such a sanctuary of peace and deepest creative introspection within the pages of the 2020 Artist Of Life Workbook by Lavendaire.

Journaling is one of my most sacred rituals. It never ceases to amaze me how my inner wisdom will always pour onto the page in front of me.

As I allow words to fill the page in front of me, I find it not only completely clarifying to write, but in re-reading my words, I find that I can truly meet the inner-soul of my mind and heart.

The 2021 Year Of Growth Book is a deeply luxurious, opulent and heavy journal/book that is perfect to have on your bedside table or desk for these powerful, dreamy inner-soul observations.

Not only that, but it will most certainly be a journal that you will want to have as a keepsake to look back on years in the future.

Let’s look inside together, as well as sinking into some intentions for 2021.

A Look Inside a Year Of Growth

If the cover wasn’t enchanting enough, then behold the interior of this breathtaking journal!

But before I do show you, here’s what creator Annie Tarasova has said about her gorgeous journal on Instagram that I’d love to share with you:

Say hello to my NEW 2021 Year of Growth Book – a diary with a focus on mindfulness, gratitude, intention setting, self-reflection, creativity and personal growth!

This baby is made for the dreamers, writers and creatives. For those who want to dive deeper into their own minds and become the best version of themselves.

Think of this book as a time capsule of who you are at this moment a time. A keepsake to look back on years in the future.”

And indeed: this journal so beautifully combines the ability to bring cosmic guidance to you to help you dream, whilst also lacing this alongside potent personal empowerment prompts and all held together so beautifully by the moon.

I love how this journal has crossovers with my dear Lavendaire journal, in the sense of honouring the importance and magic of the cosmos. However, for me, the 2021 Year Of Growth Book takes the mysticism and ethereal elements even further.

My Intentions for 2021

When you stargaze tonight, or look to ahead into the new day or year ahead of you, it’s worth highlighting the timeless words of Eleanor Roosevelt who once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions, however, soul-led intentions are very much the GPS for my mind, body and spirit!

Having said that, in these uncertain times, when nothing feels like it is going to plan, and so much is outside of our control, it can be really hard to have faith in our dreams.

However, intentions, and the alchemy and mystery involved with setting them, are fertile earth for my soul’s home to dream in no matter what is happening.

Moreover, with my health, it can be hard to ‘think big’. And whilst I might not be able to do everything I set my soul and heart to, my intentions can lead me somewhere. And given the choice between nowhere or somewhere, I always want to take the road towards somewhere.

Ultimately, intentions allow me to imagine a moment in the now and in the future in which I can still birth my miracles and where I can still bring some goodness and magic to the world. Despite it being in such pain.

Having a resource like the 2021 Year Of Growth Book makes the alchemy of creative intention setting far more ethereal and enchanting.

Feeling into the prompts in this workbook empowers me so deeply simply for the fact that by merging my creative mind, soul and heart together, I am able to hear my intuition far more consistently. In doing so, I am able to understand it more clearly and act upon it with more joy and abundance.

So what are my intentions for 2021? In all honesty, it’s been extremely beneficial for me to bathe deeply in the present moment as the end of 2020 dawned. Just being. That’s been exponentially healing and magnificent after merciless introspection throughout my life!

But 2020 absolutely felt into a strong theme for me. That of watery spaciousness. The ebb and flow of life. I wrote about this in more depth in my birthday letter from November that you can read here.

‘Flow’ has felt like a natural intention for me for 2021; simply because of how unpredictable this year has become. Moreover, my dear friend Leneth from The Spiritual Fem chose this as her 2020 word of the year, and later led a stunning online retreat with the same word.

If all of these weren’t signs enough, I spent my first few months of 2020 surrounded by water and I most definitely felt charged and nourished by its life-giving force.

My greatest intention for 2021, therefore, is to drink up the medicine that flow symbolises. And with it, I will look to it to nourish, restore, recalibrate and awaken my mind, body and soul in all the ways I need it to.

So to you at the end of 2020 or reading this in 2021: you are so deeply in my heart. If you feel called to, I’d love to know how you are feeling right now?

I’m so excited to have the 2021 Year Of Growth Book in my life and for the opportunity for the reflection it will give me every single day to step into my own magical inner world even more deeply.

How will you be documenting your intentions, dreams, thoughts and desires this year? Also, how many of you love Dreamy Moons as much as me? Do any of already own this gorgeous journal? I’d love to hear about your musings on these questions in the comments below.

Before I close this post, I just want to thank you so deeply for all your love and friendship in 2020. I am beyond grateful to you. It’s such an honour to have your time and presence here. Thank you so much for being here and walking alongside me.

May your 2021 bring you all the magic, whimsy and enchantment that you already have within you. I hope in turn that these magical elements can rebirth you and sustain you through these times. And may you share it with the world and shine your light evermore brightly (ps Taylor Swift in the words of ABBA: “thank you for the music”).




Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being here. I love and appreciate you beyond words.

Georgie xoxo is a blog for those seeking everyday whimsy, with a heart full of wanderlust focusing on travel adventures, pretty crafts, chronic illness and words on finding the meaning in life through wonder and enchantment.

It’s my ultimate hope that there has been something on my blog that has enabled you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, that can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

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A Birthday Letter To Myself

A Birthday Letter To Myself

A letter I wrote to myself, as I do every year, in my journal this morning. If this resonates with you, I’d love to know what you would say to your younger self, birthday or not. Thank you for your endless support, love and all the greatest encouragement you bring to my life dear friends ❤️

Dear younger Georgie,

These are the things I would have wanted you to know this time last year as you celebrate being another year older.

This has been a year of reclamation. Of finding divinity. That actually, at last, that 2018-19 burnout would gift you with all the tools you needed to handle this year.

You were right to choose the word abundance for what you wanted from this year. Although, I don’t think you truly understood the true meaning at the time.

So yes, whilst you were right to cherish those early 2020 trips as some of the most blissful months of travelling abundantly, you’ve now learnt that abundance, magic and the blessings of the universe are within you and around you always. Also, you’ve found that each life situation is a unique chance to embody the abundance that is already in you.

I know it felt so crushing to be back in cold, grey London after the nourishment, comfort and joy that those far away lands gave you. But when you returned, I wish you knew that your journey wouldn’t stop. In fact, there was a huge adventure waiting for you at home. The ultimate journey and artistry of creative living: to make meaning of the impossible. 

A journey into belonging. Finding balance and alignment. And shining a light on the imbalances that were in your life. Opening up this portal and space for the enchantment you hold so dear to rise up within and around you. In fact, I truly wish you knew just how much the enchantment and wonder you hold so dear would actually be the very thing to sustain you in these times.

You’ll find yourself on an alchemical process of turning dis-ease to simple ‘ease’. The flowing and harmony of life. You’ll finally learn how to move through emotions rather than allowing them to calcify in your bones. You’ll utilise a sense of watery spaciousness. Like the ebb and flow of the gentle tides you watched with awe in Saadiyat Island and the Caribbean. You will become that water. All your sacred energy will be charged by these waters.

All those tears of the past few years that were magic drops of alchemy. The creation of salty water to express and expel all that pain that can then be vehicles of release that bring about that deepest inner healing. Allowing for your heart’s truth to finally move up and through you.

Although you haven’t learnt to cultivate from the earth before, you will plant seeds in the spring for edible flowers and watch the fruits of your labour in the autumn. These seeds that would harvest for your nourishment, and you will find you too are re-earthing yourself.

Re-discovering your love for feeding garden birds will enable you to have a front-row seat into the most intimate moments of nature. And it will show you that you can still find a ray of sunshine in the world and let yourself be swept away by the marvellous beauty of nature if nothing else is there to make your heart weep with joy.

You’ll learn how to have surrender to the unknown. To bathe in the present moment. To know how to spend time truly loving the present. Everyone always says it but it’s just so true; for only then you are truly living. You will tap into immense gratitude for the moment in front of you like never before. For simply being alive.

Life will invite you to shift to an inward-looking space with the peace to bathe into that introspection. And that inner world you hold so dear will become a place you lean into even more deeply and where you find your equilibrium. In fact, you will find that you can sink into the golden nectar of your internal world whenever you need it. And that it will always keep you centred and grounded without the pressure from the external world. And there you will finally feel at peace.

You’ll still struggle how to implement the outside world into that internal bubble and that’s okay. But eventually, you will find priestesses to lean into who can help protect your sensitive heart and your tender imagination. And although you feel most comfortable retreated into your crystallised cocoon, I hope I’ve shown you that it’s safe enough to re-birth as the butterfly whenever you need to.

You’ll become the alchemist of your own experience. Of your own emotional, physical and spiritual journey. You’ll study what works and what doesn’t. You’ll show up for whatever healing you can find. You’ll see that your trauma just needed holding. That calling in love, imagination, creation and magic will help to unravel the medicinal emotion in your body more than anything else.

Grief will show that you’re now holding space for the love of two people in one heart. So that person has a safe space for that spirit to be with you for eternity. But, you can only have made your heart a safe place to be for you, if you truly come to love yourself.

In fact, you will truly learn at last that it has been that absence of self-love, worthiness and self-acceptance that has brought you some of your heaviest pain. The pain that has made you go to war with yourself throughout your years on Earth. The idea of cultivating kindness should have been at the forefront of your mind from day one. Still, please be compassionate that now you truly have learnt how to cultivate the greatest love and compassion for your whole entire being. You won’t go without it now.

So, please promise me that whatever happens going forward that you will no longer sacrifice your wellbeing for anything or anyone anymore. Your being won’t stand for it any longer. The ones that cherish you the most won’t allow you to sacrifice yourself. Be with those who can connect to the truth that runs through you and that which needs to be birthed.  

Speaking of those cherished ones, hold tight to your community. They are your real-life angels in the flesh.

Elsewhere, as much as you want to, you can’t possibly heal all that you’re aware of in the world and in others, but don’t let this keep you from being in and tending to your heart. Just try your best to be aware of all of the energetic stimulation in the world around you with an open heart, but ensure that you are not picking it up and carrying it with you.

Continue on your path that will connect you to your heart and magic always. To the childlike joy that naturally runs throughout your veins. Chose that which is true for you. Continue your portal into individuality. Call in love, imagination, creation and magic always. Sew your own tapestry and hold your truth always.

Ultimately, life is going to ask you to be constantly courageous. A chance for you to be really brave again and again and again. So know that no matter what you choose in life, you will be met with depth. But to be alive is to be connected. Look only to your own divinity. A beautiful vehicle that carries your soul through life.

Holding you more closely than I ever have before and I promise to look after you from now on. A celebration of a year around the sun means that life gives you another gift. So, keep going small whimsical one. It must be so nourishing to feel the current of life within you again.

You are so loved.

Love older Georgie xoxo


Are you looking for more whimsical, enchanted magic?

Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.

Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being here. I love and appreciate you beyond words.

Georgie xoxo is a blog for those seeking everyday whimsy, with a heart full of wanderlust focusing on travel adventures, pretty crafts, chronic illness and words on finding the meaning in life through wonder and enchantment.

It’s my ultimate hope that there has been something on my blog that has enabled you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, that can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

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Navigating Grief

Navigating Grief

My dear friends here,

I’m currently consumed by the grief of a loved one. As a result, this weight I carry in both my physical and emotional body and the heaviness of my broken heart is slowing me down considerably. 

I was initially going to write this post as a social media update but decided that none of those platforms could be as gentle and tender as the trust and love I have for this space to write from the heart with all the vulnerability and ease my soul seeks right now.

I’ve come to know grief intimately over the years and yet I also feel that grief is unknowable. Language is often imperfect to describe the magnitude of it.

What I do know is that grief is a process of learning to allow it to be there, as well as pacing myself as I continue to walk through its depths. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in that when I try to outrun, hide or deny my ability to grieve, I see not only the futility of my efforts, but ultimately I am rejecting and abandoning aspects of myself that have made me more vulnerable to a greater state of despair in the long run.

So for now I know I need to surrender and lean into this pain and find the courage to make space for this heaviness and the weightiness of it all.

Leaning into this pain means having the courage to find healthy ways to express my feelings and to bathe myself in mercy as I find my way through.

Whilst writing and creating content here is my great salvation I know that right now my soul is needing a season of solitude, restoration and stillness.

My blog has posts scheduled until July and I will not disrupt the planned schedule as I have so much medicine that I wanted to share for Scleroderma Awareness Month. I also thank my past self for writing up many more posts that will be published as planned.

I have moved my Caribbean series until July as I was still editing that and these stories and adventures deserve to be enriched with all the attention and care that I can bring to them.

Whimsy Wednesday will also 100% still be present in your inboxes. You can sign up right here.

I have already scheduled July’s letter that was intended for June but felt it was necessary to pause and create this post called ‘Impact Over Intention’ . I think more, now more than ever, we must dig deeper always into the greatest empathetic imaginations we have to make this world a kinder place.

As for social media, it feels necessary to tune out from this as I navigate these waves of pain. I need to tend to myself fiercely and carve out time for my own restoration to come back to the world with as much compassion and loving impact as possible.

To anyone who is reading this whose heart is broken from grief or any pain in the world, I love you.

Sending you all so much love and gentleness,

Georgie xoxo

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Impact Over Intention

Impact Over Intention

I know your heart, like mine, will be feeling deeply heavy now watching what is happening in the world. But for my white readers, I want you to sit with me and repeat: ‘Impact Over Intention’.

I am telling myself this over, and over, and over again from Rachel Ricketts ‘Spiritual Activism‘ course.

The murder of George Floyd is only one awful example of a string of violence against BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) all over the world. This should not be happening in this day and age but it does because systemic racism very much exists. 

To my BIPOC I want you to know that I stand by you. I am listening. I am with you. I am passionate to live in a world where everyone is heard and everyone is seen.

In order to do this my white readers: we have work to do. As Angela Davis says so poignantly:

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.”

It’s not enough for white people to just say we are not racist, we need to be proactively anti-racist.  

The most important thing we can do as white people at this moment is to sit in the discomfort. As we do, we must acknowledge that BIPOC sit in this discomfort every day. They fear for their brothers, their sisters, their mothers, their husbands, their sons and their daughters.

For too long, the burden of ending racism has been placed on those subjected to it, rather than the people who create, uphold and benefit from systemic racism. 

Katie Benn Anti Racism Illustration
Illustration by Katie Benn

To all my white readers: My intention with bringing my blog back to life in 2018 was because I wanted to make a difference and use my influence in a way that can make a true change.

As a white person with immense privilege in so many other ways, it has taken me far too long to post this post today. The ultimate privilege. I am committed to changing that.

It’s not just about saying these words, it’s about taking action and leading with impact. I have found out over the past couple of days that I needed to learn so much more than I thought I already knew. Even from having read books on anti-racism I still realise I have so much more to learn. And I am committed to this education.

If you are a spiritual soul like myself then you will know that our soul agreement to come to this Earth and inhabit physical bodies means that we need to change the world with our impact (and thus our actions), and not just our intentions or our thoughts.⁠ ⁠We must take a stand and get involved.

We must breathe life into our intentions by expressing them in our choices and actions each and every day.  We, in order to stand for justice and walk in love, must engage in difficult conversations, reach out to our representatives, sign petitions and when in doubt, employ impact (action) over intent (words/performative sentiments). 

Intentions matter, but as Rachel has so importantly taught me: the entire conversation changes when we talk about impact.

We can start leading with impact to support BIPOC deeply by listening, sharing, learning, signing petitions, having conversations, donating time and our money on an ongoing basis.

Moreover, we must amplify black voices and their work. Buy their books. Take their classes. Ultimately, we must sit with the discomfort of what is happening in the world and cultivate the deepest emphatic imagination we can find right through impact to break the system.

This post is just the very beginning of the impact I will make here. It includes a list of voices that those of us with power and white privilege should be listening and learning from.

As Michelle says in this poignant post: ‘We must live for a cause and not for applause’.

We need to do all of this, because now more than ever, our good intentions are not good enough in fighting racism. They never were.

Let’s get to work. And keep at the work, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond.

Sign Petitions

If like me, you have a chronic illness and can’t go to a protest you can sign any FREE petition that you see. This website is one of the best resources I have found for this. But let’s also be proactive and find more ourselves on Change.Org and then repost our findings.

One way to start is with our deeply toxic education system in the UK. Click here to complete this survey. Following that, fill in this petition to get Good Immigrant (Nikesh Shukla) and Why I’m No longer Talking to White People About Race (Reni Eddo-Lodge), on the GCSE reading list.

Online Courses To Do. The. Work.

Rachel Rickett’s Spiritual Activism Course has inspired the title of this post. Because as I said to start this post: I’m learning deeply through Rachel how our IMPACT outweighs our intent, and how when we get it wrong we need to put our hands up. 

For those of you serious about confronting systemic racism and the role each of us has in it, I’d encourage you to follow and pay for Rachel’s 2-part webinar series, Spiritual Activism right now

I’ve also learnt from Rachel (who you can also find on Instagram here) that it is far better to lead with action to actively learn how to truly start deconstructing racism and white privilege every single day. 

But white friends I beg you to PAY Rachel and do the work in this webinar. Guilt, shame, anger whatever you feel during and after you’ll feel it even more. Please lean in.

This webinar also includes meditation and a breathwork exercise as well, so you’ll start processing these emotions, and also learn how to truly start deconstructing racism and white privilege.

If you’re unable to afford this course at the moment then bookmark it until you can and instead please also click here for Rachel Ricketts resource list on anti-racism resources.

Buy Spiritual Activism

As well as Rachel Ricketts course above I also recommend you also enrol in Rachel Cargle’s The Great Online Learning platform. As white people, we need to be actively engaged in our own personal and ongoing unlearning to understand and correct our own roles in upholding a structurally racist system. As we do this we must pay for this education and choose a BIPOC anti-racism educator.

The Great Unlearn Online Learning Platform

Write To Your MP

Write to your MP or your representatives right now.

If you don’t have the means to donate, and you can’t protest this is free, and makes so much difference.

In the UK write to your MP for an immediate suspension of UK sales of teargas, riot shields and rubber bullets to the US. Condemn Trump’s use of force against his own citizens. Release the delayed report into BAME COVID-19 deaths and demand justice for Belly Mujinga and her family. These are just the very recent events that the UK has regarding racism.

Even a few lines add your name and starts to build numbers. The more numbers they have the higher it will be on the priority list of their constituency Writing to your MP is free and something we can.

Click here to find your local MP.

You can then use these email templates:

Template 1

Template 2

Look at what brands you follow:

It is evident more than ever this week that social media has the power to amplify our voices. But the action doesn’t stop there.

Write a letter to a brand or a policymaker and tell them that you care about the people who make your clothes and also to question why they have been silent or vague in their efforts to their support of BIPOC.

Also, when you reach out to a brand, or are emailed by a brand to work with: keep this discussion going.

Template for brands

Donate: On an ongoing basis

Any donation is powerful but one that is ongoing is even more so. This Instagram post is a fantastic resource for understanding this.

Here are some that the charities that I personally support as they are topics I am passionate about but I urge you to support whatever you can.

For the last four years, online and in-print magazine gal-dem, have produced huge amounts of uplifting, funny and powerful content and have taken over newspapers and museums along the way. But most importantly, they’ve continued to hold truth to power through platforming the stories of women and non-binary people of colour in an industry that is 94% white and 55% comprised of men. 

Their ongoing membership is another way that gal-dem can contribute to their mission of shaking up the industry, and will also be a step towards ensuring their future during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to become a member of Gal-Dem

The Loveland Foundation was established in 2018 by Rachel Cargle in response to her widely successful birthday wish fundraiser, Therapy for Black Women and Girls.

The Loveland Foundation is the official continuation of this effort to bring opportunity and healing to communities of colour, and especially to Black women and girls.

Click here to donate to Loveland Foundation

Other powerful resources to action:

This list is full of podcasts, books, ways to talk to children, paid programs and memberships.

There’s a lot of information here and so I recommend finding something you are able to do and then action it:

Anti-Racism Resource List

Black Creatives Resource List

Anti-Racism Resources

UK Resource List

A Link to Petition and all Google Documents

Thank you for reading this post. I want to end with this post with Nova Reid’s TED Talk and her powerful ending:

“Go out and there and be revolutionary. Because you have the power to change the world.”

For me, it’s no to intention and yes to revolutionary impact.

This isn’t a day, weeklong or even month journey. After you have read this, it’s how we will do better in that moment. And every single moment after that.

Beautiful, compassionate readers of my blog: no matter how hopeless and helpless you feel in the world right now I believe you can also use this heaviness you may feel right now to expand your heart and cultivate the deepest emphatic imagination you have make this world a better place.

With so much love,

Georgie xoxo

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The Healing Powers of Mother Nature in a Fairytale Woodland

The Healing Powers of Mother Nature in a Fairytale Woodland

“You reconnect with nature in the most intimate and powerful way by becoming aware of your breathing and learning to hold your attention there. This is a healing and deeply empowering thing to do. It brings about a shift in consciousness from the conceptual world of thought to the inner realm of unconditioned consciousness”

Eckhart Tolle

Today I’m discussing the healing powers of Mother Nature that I have discovered in a Fairytale woodland that has become my greatest companion during this period of lockdown.

Mother Nature’s powers are limitless that can heal us in more ways than one.

I’m sure I’m not alone in taking to nature to free my busy mind of modern-day life and this current heaviness we have faced during COVID-19.

Today I’m taking you on a walk with me through a fairytale woodland that is my greatest companion at the moment for reaping the healing benefits and divinity of Mother Nature.

One of my favourite writers about the powers of Mother Nature is Eckhart Tolle. His teachings on the present moment and connecting deeply to nature have been so groundbreaking for me.

In ‘New Earth’, for example, Tolle describes how ‘seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their innermost being, their true nature’.

For me, as someone who adores fairies, I always imagine myself to be in the energy of the fairy realm when I’m in this woodland. Tuning into their presence, whilst I’m in nature truly enlightens Tolle’s teachings even more deeply for me.

That is because faeries are highly connected to nature and take care of the natural world or what some might call the ‘elemental world’. They bring the spring and help the nature kingdom wake up from its long winter slumber.

In fact, fairies truly are Mother Nature’s helpers. You will find them helping you with gardening, to guiding you to the right plants to buy, to flower arranging.

Through my walks in nature and connecting to my spiritual love of fairies, I immediately return to a place of stillness, of inner peace and tranquillity. My mind becomes quiet once again and I can go back to living my life in a beautiful, loving and harmonious way.

If you’d like to connect with the fairies there are some truly beautiful ways of connecting to the fae realm right here. I also have a review of Karen Kay’s Oracle Of The Fairies oracle cards that are perfect for your connection to the fae realm.

Fundamentally, through the entirety of his works, (the ‘Power of Now’ and ‘New Earth’ are two of my favourite books) Tolle tells us that nature has much to teach us, because of its deep presence, not to mention its beauty and its ability to heal.

We rely on nature for our survival as a human species and from a more philosophical standpoint, we rely on nature to connect to what Tolle calls our  ‘True Nature’. That is the pure, unadulterated energy and thought humans possess completely void of ego and false-self. 

So whilst I thought at this exact time in 2020 I would be back in the hustling bustling big city using museums to distract my mind, I’m starting to seek great comfort in nature and the silence that lies between our thousands of thoughts that careen through our minds every day. 

As Tolle teaches: “Through you nature becomes aware of itself. Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years.  Nature can bring you to stillness. That is its gift to you”. 

And though my walks in my fairytale woodland, surrounded by the most beautiful flowers, trees, scents and sounds, it has gifted me with an immense source of solace, inspiration, adventure and delight that, in turn, has been a beautiful teacher and most healing companion.

How does being in nature feel to you? Have any of you read Eckhart Tolle’s works? And who else adores fairies as much as me? I’d love for you to leave a comment below telling me if anything has resonated with you here.

Meanwhile, sending you so much of these blessings I have found here xoxo

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Seeking Whimsy and Hope in Uncertain Times

Seeking Whimsy and Hope in Uncertain Times

Dearest, you this reading this right now.

Today I want to write from my heart about how I find seeking whimsy and hope to be my greatest comfort when facing uncertain times.

But before I start this post, how are you? More than ever I mean that so deeply. I’m here if you want to chat about the uncertainty that currently surrounds us. To hold space as we hold each other’s hands (digitally) and navigate uncertain times. One that freely offers a shared warmth and generosity to every single soul encountered. 

My heart goes out to you all so deeply that I cannot even begin to express how much so. To those affected by this illness. To the nurses and doctors out on the frontlines. To those families affected by grief and suffering. To those working from home in difficult circumstances. To those both here in the UK and around the world who don’t have the luxury of somewhere to call home. To our all keyworkers keeping us safe, nurtured and taken care of. And so many more. I am sending so much love to you all and hold you fiercely in my thoughts.

The post I’m writing today is actually from the introduction of my latest ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ newsletter (I’d so love to be connected with you in this sacred community of magic and whimsy right here).

Normally the introductions I write for these monthly newsletters flow so quickly. But this month I just didn’t know what to say. In truth, I’m not sure I will ever know what is best to say.

cherry blossom by Jamil Teja
Cherry Blossom by Jamil Teja

However, there have been traumas in the last few years in my own life that has taught me a great deal about uncertainty.

As a result, these lessons have helped me dig deep and delve unceasingly on how seeking out everyday whimsy has enabled me to find hope in uncertain times. 

The healing aspect of whimsy, and all its endless wonders, has always been running through my veins. However, I found a renewed call to make this the purpose of my blog’s narrative when I rebranded and re-launched in 2018 (you can read that post right here).

It was at that pivotal moment, from years of uncertainty and suffering, that I felt called to live a life that blends a search for seeking everyday whimsy with the magic of cherishing every single precious moment that feels as enchanting as a starry night sky.

In addition to the above, a huge part of my healing on this journey to seeking everyday whimsy, whilst dealing from the heartwrenching uncertainty I faced, came from this quote:

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms- to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

This is an excerpt from ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl. A book that is still to this day one of the most profound, heartwrenching and inspiring books I have ever encountered.

In this book, Viktor Frankl wrote deeply about his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II and described his psychotherapeutic method, which involved identifying a purpose in life to feel positively about and then immersively imagining that outcome.

At its core, Viktor Frankl’s message is ultimately one of hope. That even in the most absurd, painful, and unthinkably painful of circumstances, life can be given a meaning, and so too can suffering.

Tulips by Jamil Teja

Viktor Frankl’s wisdom is a treasure I hold deep to my heart and revisit regularly. Especially this month.

When I first read his book in 2018 on discovering how seriously ill I was, it allowed me to accept uncertainty as a teacher rather than an enemy.

It allowed me to hold onto hope, to look for meaning, and to devote my life even more deeply to love, magic, wonder, whimsy, understanding, and compassion. 

Now, more than ever, we need this hope that Viktor Frankl teaches. For if we are to sink into the uncertainty the world is facing right now, the most natural thing to do is to succumb to hopelessness and despair.

Instead, Viktor Frankl’s words would call for us to find meaning in the midst of this suffering. Even at times like now when it seems impossible.

Because in doing so, as Frankl explains, finding meaning is the greatness of the human spirit, which can make the decision to rise above pain and suffering. By leaning into this meaning, we live for our greater goals and purpose even when everything seems hopeless. 

Now, for me, our ‘greater goals’ doesn’t mean we should all be creating mini empires and hustling into the night (although if that brings you comfort please listen to what’s calling you).

No, instead, for me it suggests that hope (and for me whimsy) and meaning is in fact all around us.

It glimmers in the stars so brightly at night. It beams in that gorgeous pink Libra moon we had that illuminated our skies just last week. It’s in the beauty of nature that we witness through our everyday exercise. It’s in the rainbows of people’s windows. Rainbows themselves, of course, the most potent reminders of hope. Together they are all symbols of the beauty, wonder and intimacy of the universe. That’s hope too. That’s meaning too.

It all dances together in the wildest of ways that mean something different to us all. But it’s there. To me, it all comes together in the richest mysticism to create the whimsy I hold dear.

For Viktor Frankl, hope was an essential feature of the human existence that aided in a greater appreciation of life and its overall meaning. But ultimately hope helps us process the uncertain times to blossom into something beautiful. Even if it’s fleeting in our imagination.

Sakura Cherry Blossom by Jamil Teja

If you’re not quite able to see it, let us look at how the season of Spring is abundant with hope. For the light begins to shine brightly once more, animals emerge once again, and plants and flowers ‘spring’ into bloom. 

And as the bulbs of blooms come to break through the earth searching for the sunlight, I hope so dearly that this message of hope will give you a glowing golden light at the end of the tunnel to lean into.

Because I trust with all my heart that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and an end to the difficult times.

This year, the arrival of spring has reminded me of the powerful message of hope that the sacred rhythm of the universe brings.

As I said at the start of this post, what seems right to say in these moments? What can bring universal comfort to all?

Truthfully, I still don’t know the answers. However, I hope this discussion of Viktor Frankl’s words that I hold so dear can be a light for you right now.

Fundamentally, I believe it’s even more important to lean into whimsy and wonder and seek out everyday whimsy wherever you can find it. I hope so very much that there is something in this post that can leave you feeling a little more hopeful.

On the subject of the beauty and wonder of Spring: How stunning are these images of the arrival of Spring’s florals in this post? I’m so grateful for Jamil Teja, someone I worked with at Beauxoxo, who kindly gave me his blessing to use his beautiful photos of Spring for this post.

Finally, dearest souls, if there is anything I can do to help from my past experiences or you would like to reach out to me I am here lovingly waiting to spread as much light, hope and whimsy as I can to you all.

With so much love to every single one of you and please take care of yourselves, 

Georgie xoxo

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