Dreamy Moons 2022 Year Of Growth Book and My Word Of The Year Simplicity For 2022

Dreamy Moons 2022 Year Of Growth Book and My Word Of The Year Simplicity For 2022

Dear enchanted ones, Happy New Year! How are you settling into 2022? I’d love to hear all about your wishes and desires for this year in the comments below this post.

Are you still in search of the perfect journal? If so, let me introduce you to the 2022 Year Of Growth Book by Annie Tarasova that she created for her stunning brand Dreamy Moons.

In 2020 I absolutely loved using the Lavendaire Artist Of Life Workbook that you can read my review of right here, however, in 2021 I switched to the 2021 Year Of Growth Book as I really desired both reflection and a space for unravelling the tapestry of all my creative ideas.

For 2020 I have found such a sanctuary of peace and deepest creative introspection within the pages of the 2020 Artist Of Life Workbook by Lavendaire.

Journaling is one of my most sacred rituals. It never ceases to amaze me how my inner wisdom will always pour onto the page in front of me.

For me, there’s nothing more special than taking pen to paper that allows for that deeply cerebral friction of thought to take place. And where the page suddenly expands before me. 

I don’t need to know what will become of my thoughts, I don’t fear that I will be teased and judged for the way I love to paint my imagination onto the page.

In particular, the 2022 Year Of Growth Book really makes space for my imagination to come alive on the page.

Through using the 2021 Year Of Growth Book, I love that daily I could just surrender to the act of pure flow and then look back and admire the process of becoming who I truly am. And I can keep it forever. All my truths, foibles and discoveries. 

So, let’s dig into the 2022 Year Of Growth Book and I’ll also reveal how I am being guided by Simplicity as my word of the year for 2022.

a black journal with gold embossed detail with text that reads 2022 year of growth book

A Look Inside The 2022 Year Of Growth Book

Although you’ll receive blog post review on your device of choice, I’d love for you to imagine that you’re caressing this journal unboxing with me.

When you receive this journal you unbox it from a beautiful white cardboard box full of Annie’s signature celestial design.

I adore the enclosed card with a note from Annie herself that truly makes you feel special and cherished by her and the whole Dreamy Moons team. I love that although Annie is so incredibly successful, she still fills her orders with so much intimacy.

You then hold the soft cotton black book in your hands and immediately I’m in awe of the gold bound at the edge of the pages and the black silky ribbon bookmark.

The Year Of Growth book is a truly opulent diary that feels like a truly luxurious ceremonial ritual to write in each day.

Having said that, I have only had the journal for a few months and you can already see from the photos that the cotton fabric has become marked despite it just living on my bedside table.

In terms of features, the 2022 version of the Year Of Growth Book is very concentrated on astrology and Full and New Moon reflections.

Of the 2022 release, Dreamy Moons describe this journal as:

“A diary with a focus on mindfulness, astrology, gratitude, intention setting, self-reflection, creativity and personal growth. It’s a thick, heavy book for every day journaling that will patiently wait for you on your bedside table or desk. Think of this book as a time capsule of who you are at this moment a time. A keepsake to look back on years in the future.”

The full feature list is as follows:

✦ Lunar phases calendar (both hemispheres)
✦ Celestial events
✦ Moon rituals and self-love ideas

✦ Full Moon and New Moon journaling
✦ Week per spread layout
 Weekly & monthly self-reflection prompts
 Weekly & monthly intention setting spaces
✦ Weekly affirmations
✦ Monthly overview

In comparison to the 2021 Year Of Growth, I truly love the greater space to plan your intentions and the detailed New Moon and Full Moon prompts that truly feel embodied for that particular season which is powerful to reflect and look back on.

I also love in many ways that, as someone who has journaled nearly every single day since childhood, there is truly more space to write your musings and to carve out your thoughts.

Writing to myself every single day in this way has been where I am able to mourn and celebrate and where I am able to listen and receive. I love the spaciousness I have with this 2022 design.

However, I do deeply miss the creative prompts that were present in the 2021 Year Of Growth journal.

The 2022 Year Of Growth journal has not kept the space for sketching or any creative journaling and I find myself missing that an awful lot.

Having said that, perhaps this will prompt me to start a separate 2022 art journal, so I’ll certainly let you know if I decide to do this!

Overall, I do prefer the 2021 Year Of Growth journal because the creative journaling feature was such an important part for me.

Nevertheless, Dreamy Moons have a plethora of gorgeous journals for the creative soul and it might be that I pair it with something else that can help to bring out my creative inner-world in more depth.

My Word Of The Year For 2022: Simplicity

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

~ Lao Tzu

For 2022 I am going to go on a journey with the word ‘Simplicity’.

And of course precious ones, I’m going to take you on this intimate journey with me through my blog (but especially through my monthly letters that you can sign up to for free either above or below this blog post).

In this increasingly complex world, simplicity is a luxury, don’t you agree?

My own reason for choosing Simplicity for 2022 was inspired by my current difficulties maintaining the intensity and complexity of my health flares.

Whilst I held tightly onto courage in 2021 to be my beacon of inner-strength to soothe these flares, with less movement came more vulnerability and thus I was naturally primed to find out a lot more about who I am and what I needed in those moments.

As you may already know, I hold the word of my year that I will journey with great reverence and adore to really dig deep into the soil of the multitude of layers it has. 

So, just last week when I spent all week at the hospital for some of my annual tests, I listened to the first of my collected books on the subject of Simplicity in the many waiting rooms called ‘The Laws of Simplicity’ by John Maeda. 

Maeda outlines that there are 10 laws in total in regards to Simplicity that I broke down in my sister monthly email called ‘Muse Mail’ for soulpreneurs who seek to dedicate their gifts to blogging (if this if you, and you’d like to sign up you can do so for free here!). 

Now, the first 9 laws Maeda sets out are probably things that you already think of when it comes to Simplicity that includes reduction, organisation, time, learning and so on. 

Ultimately, I’m not entering into a path of Simplicity to endlessly subtract things.

Of course, there are many things that do need to be thoughtfully composted as an essential process of simplifying and refining the things that are heavy on the mind, body and soul. 

However, it was the 10th law that had the greatest significance for me: “Subtract the obvious, add the meaningful.”

Isn’t that just so beautiful? And isn’t that what you’re ultimately here to experience on your enchanted path too? To seek a life that is laced with simplicity, meaning and significance?

Sinking deeper into this portal of simplicity gifting us with a greater sense of meaning, I was then reminded of one of my most profound reads of all time: ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by Viktor E Frankl. 

In this breathtaking work, Frankl tells his story of surviving a concentration camp and how this experience led to his theory on the importance of meaning in one’s life (Logotherapy). 

Frankl muses that we all have the potential to experience meaning under any and every circumstance. In addition, he believes that humans have both freedom and responsibility to bring forth their best possible selves by realising the meaning of the moment in every situation. 

This is echoed by Sharon Blackie who, in her seminal book, ‘The Enchanted Life’ states that an enchanted life is one made up of “heart and meaning.” 

However, the focus of my efforts towards simplicity this year is to call back all threads of myself that have been lost to complexity over the years. Through doing so, I desire to plant a garden around me and within me, that is truly focussed on giving true value, service, love, compassion and meaning to all I do.

Including my blog. Due to the complexity of my health, I truly struggled to stay afloat last year and thus my content creation suffered.

As I step into 2022, I feel truly revitalised to bring you more meaning here than ever. Is there anything you’d like to see in particular?

I hope you enjoyed this review of the 2022 Year Of Growth Book. To those that already have it, how do you love to document your own year of growth within the pages?

If you have found yourself with a different journal this year, what is it, and what do you love most about it?

As I bring this review of the Year Of Growth Book journal to an end, I just want to thank you so very deeply for all your love and friendship in this space. I am beyond grateful to you and it’s impossible how to encapsulate this gratitude in words.

In addition, being vulnerable enough to share my heart here means so very much.

Would you like to receive more of this? If you would like to heart-riff with me and hear more of my thoughts and words I would be honoured to connect via my Whimsy World Monthly Letter. You can sign up directly from above this blog post or below it. It would be so wonderful to have you.

Until then, I’m wishing you a year ahead full of love, blessings and space for honouring yourself deeply always.

When you stargaze tonight or look ahead into the new day or year ahead of you, it’s worth highlighting the timeless words of Eleanor Roosevelt who once said:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

May your 2022 bring you all the magic, whimsy and enchantment that you already have within you.

I hope in turn that these magical elements can rebirth you and sustain you through these times.

And may you share it with the world and shine your light evermore brightly.

With love and infinite blessings,
Georgie xoxo



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A Birthday Letter To Myself 2021 Edition and What Courage Has Taught Me

A Birthday Letter To Myself 2021 Edition and What Courage Has Taught Me

Every single year on my birthday on the 27th November, I write myself a letter from older me to younger me. This year, I journeyed with my word of the year ‘courage’ and here I pour onto the page all the wisdom it has taught me straight from my personal journals. If you enjoy these explorations, I write exclusive monthly letters to my enchanted living community called ‘Whimsy World’ and I would be so deeply honoured to have you on my journey. You can sign up above this post or below. Meanwhile, there will truly never be words that fully sum up just how thankful I am to you for receiving this letter in your heart. Your support, encouragement, and friendship mean so very much to me and I celebrate this honour of writing to you in these letters so deeply. With love and infinite blessings, Georgie xoxo

Dear Younger Georgie,

As you celebrate another year around the Sun, let me hold our tender spirit and journey back on a year of evolution and embodiment of reclamation through our word of the year ‘courage.’

As Brene Brown says: “Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” 

Whilst the World tells us ‘courage’ is synonymous is bravery or heroic, here comes great profound historic wisdom that shows that it is no doubt that what is within our hearts is what we can think of as “ordinary courage.”

So, each day, we set to write to this courage deep in the heart. To dig deep into the layers of what it means to live a courageous life and uncover the richness of this word. 

We started to ask ourselves: How can courage comfort us? How can courage expand us? What would courage do in this situation? How can cultivating courage strengthen our trust to surrender and to bring us with grace into the next thing that wants to flow?

Although it’s been a full year of journeying with courage, there are still so many layers and textures to this word that we just don’t know yet, and I expect we will continue to unravel these layers and journey with what it means to be courageous for the rest of our lives.

However, I think what we know for sure from 2021 is that, in many ways, to paint a life of courage is to pour liquid gold into every thread of our being, and to be more in tune with the whispers from the heart with everything we do. 

For the heart pumps and flows blood around the body and without it we wouldn’t survive. 

Moreover, Granny lived with a serious heart condition for most of her life, and even though when she passed last year a part of us went with her, we should still be sure that part of what it means to live a courageous life means that we are always holding her heart nestled close to ours. 

And thus, ultimately, it’s imperative that we look after our heart with everything we have so that hers will always have a safe place to rest.

Our first test of courage in our year around the sun came with the arrival of the bitterness of an early 2021 Winter. 

The bitter icy crust of the season swirled through our physical body with its usual fervency and expected intensity, and we allowed for the courage we sought to craft this year to hold us in the rest needed and gave ourselves permission to go slowly.

And then came a bitterness of a different metaphorical kind where deep reservoirs of shame tore through our heart and soul. And like the Hedgehogs we’ve come to so deeply cherish and nurture, we curled up against the internal and external bitterness and made a nest to hibernate deeply alone. 

Sinking deeper into isolation, and truthfully, self-hatred, we cruelly cursed ourselves for unraveling all of the inner and outer nourishment we finally discovered last year.

And thus, rather than bathing ourselves in self-compassion and self-love in these moments of great urgency where, of course, these soul nutrients were so essential, here we were, drinking daily the poison of shame that was never ours to hold and allowing for it to nestle into every single crevice of our mind, body, and soul.

At this moment we truly thought the courageous journey was over. For the cocoon had truly become crystallised and had become our everything as it always does. Our greatest safety. The space that we feel most nourished in. And yet, what is courageous about wanting to hide away all the time?

With the arrival of the sweetness of Spring, here we were, still deeply ensconced in this self-made cocoon, clinging tightly to the silky softness that surrounded us, refusing to let go because let’s face it, this has always been like honey to the bee for us.

Sinking deeper and deeper into isolation through both self-cocooning and shielding as a vulnerable person in a global pandemic, courage beckoned us with her whispers and gently led us down an unexpected path of self-discovery.

For, with few people we could see, and far fewer places we could go, it meant that we were ideally primed and prone to giving ourselves the greatest courageous challenge of all: To go on a journey of finding out a lot more about who we really were and what we really needed in this life. 

The first whisper and stepping stone on this courageous journey led me to us being guided to step back from social media.

We have always longed to be free of the shackles of these apps but equally held the very real fear of disconnection and abandonment from the world that had stopped us before as a multi-chronically ill being.

But we would tread gently: We would give this experiment 30 days and 30 nights and write daily about the experience as we surrendered to the act of pure flow of the cerebral friction of pen to paper and then look back and admire the process of becoming who we truly are. And then can keep it forever. For all our deepest truths, foibles, and discoveries along this path.

From the earliest days of our time away from a world with Instagram and Facebook, we learned to lean into the routines that helped us to feel settled and practiced all of the techniques we learned last year that could help to soothe us. 

So, we spent our days alchemising pain by having the courage to truly feel it, and by also bathing ourselves in all the things we always find serenely magical.  

To pour ourselves into art. To allow for music to transcend our being. To devote all our love to the birds and wildlife that surrounds us.

As time went on, once we were a month into our time away from social media we could really critically evaluate whether we, as fragile human beings, are simply built to be bombarded with so many different expressions of what it is to be human in any given day. Or to witness the copious ways of what it is to believe or to be alive. Isn’t this ultimately just too much for anyone to hold?

We soon realised that we dare to be known a little more deeply. Loved for both the great ecstasy of our enchanted heart and also to be loved by those who understand that we are also carrying immense grief.

The one-month experiment went from the intended one month to two effortlessly and before we knew it, here we were, nine months in with no desire to return to the digital world. Instead, we decided to stick to the routines that were helping us to feel so settled without seeking external validation or noise from the digital world.

Outside of healing a different sort of loneliness of the loss of some relationships and work opportunities changing with our time away from social media, we had more time than ever to focus on being human. And with this, to truly cherish the angels in our life who radiate their love to us in a myriad of indescribably magical ways that could never be encapsulated into words.

Moreover, we needed to hold onto the pearls of faith and trust from within, and accepting ourselves deeply for what was changing and being revealed within, and to love ourselves unconditionally as a flawed, feeling human, dealing with a period of transition in the best ways that any of us can. 

This pathway courage took us down illuminated how uncomfortable, and yet how deeply needed this portal of self-discovery was as we learned to heal from feeling abandoned at our true core when we have come to realise that people can often love or admire a version of you in their head that isn’t the living, breathing, hurting, real you in the digital landscape. 

Ultimately: By stepping back from social media we have recovered the person we were always intended to be. Just for us. Tears flow and flow and flow. Please realise how much of a deeply precious gift this is.

Furthermore, as a result of the above, we are now able to embody whimsy, wonder, and enchantment more deeply than ever before, and we continue to pour onto the online and offline spaces where it is wholly safe to show up just as we were divinely made.

May we remember to always place ourselves into places where we can thrive. When we are broken, allow us to question these environments and then allow for personal autonomy to remove ourselves. Let us remember to have a reverence for life and ourselves at all times.

In addition, we are also able to redirect this as fuel for deeper love and creativity in all we do. To be of love and service to the world with our wisdom and our journey. And above all: we have finally learned how to place our soul in our own hands.

How grateful we have been for this period of time where courage truly held us as we dug deep into the soil of the wounds we had, and how blessed we are to have had this period of deep introspection when we needed it most.

The beauty and serenity of late-Spring washed over us like a tender flower, and yet, a deep Prolactinoma and Gastroparesis flare cast a spell on us and left us bed-bound for the remainder of the season that continued to drift into the Summer.

The smog of grief and sadness of 2019 with haunting painful Prolactinoma flashbacks surrendered us in all the ways we feared it would. 

As a result, it then meant that these sweetest Spring days were spent feeling tormented, bewildered, lost, and deeply, deeply alone. 

Unable to work, to write, to type, or to use screens, our mind paced around and we pondered on these questions on a loop: What are we going to do now? What is to become of us and this swirling sea of creativity that we want to gift to the world? Could we have prevented this? Did we bring this on ourselves?

During this time, courage whispered a new path for us to discover: to allow for our imagination to make us feel refreshed, revitalised, and ready for each new day that greeted us where the blossom of our Spring tree-ripened into the abundant juicy fruits of Summer that we continued to wish would fuel the courage in our heart with the hopes, wishes, dreams, and opportunities that these seasons promise.

Through it all, we remembered the greatest lesson from battling that 2019 year: That feeling is alchemy and that these feelings that we expel can be the medicine that flows into our veins as the divine truth within your spirit. If only we have the courage and patience to be with it all.

Life was gently illuminating to us that hour after hour, and day after day, that our only work was to just be a vessel of receptivity that could let this period of time, and these courageous lessons nourish, restore, recalibrate and awaken our whole being.

Whilst we still of course took the time to sit with the grief of these flares we also allowed ourselves to embody our innate inner-magic that is our greatest source of personal solace.

To learn to memorise the sweet symphony of bird songs, to ask for help from those who love us, to escape into audiobooks, and to allow for the magic of curiosity to hold me with everything that came my way even, if, at times, I felt becalmed to constantly study this new way of being.

However, much like the first blossom that we glimpsed from our window, we sought to remind ourselves that each and every day something new from the day that has been, will then surely bloom into their next magnificent stage of being. And that as a mirror of Nature, that we are not separate from this. 

With this, it really opened our hearts and mind to the fact that we will bloom when the time is right for us. Whilst the World seemingly opened up worldwide, here we were, in another forced lockdown of my own.

And yet, courage guided us one day at a time that we were still growing and blossoming in the most tender and gentle of ways these symbols from Nature were our constant reminder on our hardest days. 

The ripened fruit of Summer had inspired and filled our soul with all the nourishment we needed to forage and store ideas for a series of Evergreen courses that could sustain us as we journeyed this period of the unknown with our health and work.

Birthed in the early Autumn, these e-courses would now guide creative Creatrix souls to start their own blogs and unique path of sacred creativity. 

Together, we learned the value of stewardship and the resourcefulness of Nature that had truly washed over us from the seasons before. And we celebrate the profound beauty of the opportunity to cradle and witness those led to these treasured blogging creations where they can now allow for their own hearts to crack open with the reverent beauty of the stories and wisdom they hold.

On our least hazy days, we started a butterfly garden as a gentle recovery project to be nurtured as deeply as the garden birds. Placing butterfly feeders around the garden we then held onto hope that they would come. And like magic they appeared. 

To quietly sit and watch these majestic creations felt indescribably special as they delicately sipped the sweetness of the nectar we had made for them and how they majestically weaved themselves from one flower to the next.

If life couldn’t gift us with even more magic, the late Summer greeted us with Hedgehogs that floated through the fiery orange leaves beneath the bird cafe and who have now made the garden their beloved base. Caring for them was the final jigsaw piece that welded together all our broken pieces.

In essence, the Spring and Summer taught us the power of continually seeking to be immersed in the sacred moments of the now, intuiting all that is sublime for us, and where we can remain open to the precious healing and magical significance of this very moment in time. 

And now here we are in the Autumn and, for the first time in two years, we are set to quester into yet another pathway of courage as we tentatively pack our great comforts up and adventure to our beloved base of The Netherlands. 

After all the trials, the tribulations, the sorrow, the grief, the pain, the frustration of the past few seasons, doesn’t stepping onto this particular path of courage just feel utterly miraculous? 

Without a doubt, here’s what this year around the Sun has shown us so clearly: That there are truly innumerable rewards for a life steeped in courage.

For each and every pathway of our courageous journey has given us the blessed opportunities to grow and experience all the richness and meaning this human existence has to offer.

Next year the call for Simplicity is calling us so profoundly and let us waste no time in, together, sinking our soul deep into its wisdom.

But until then, let us always remember of this journey around the Sun that: ‘We built a home of courage inside our heart where we have everything we need and more.’ 

May we truly cherish the grand unveiling of the secret courage that has always been in our heart space waiting to be explored and made manifest. 

Moreover, in those disenchanted moments where we cannot hear our courage roar immediately, may we also be reminded of all the ways we can ignite some magic within ourselves, and that we can always drown out the unwanted noise of life so that we can always taste the rapture and awe around us in whatever ways we are able to craft it from what we are given.

I’m so deeply grateful for this year of partnering with courage with you as a portal and quester into both human possibility in general and all the ways we sought it the most.

Now, younger Georgie, your one job is to try your hardest each and every single day to remember these courageous lessons and to always be in the most loving stewardship of your own being no matter what the days greet you with. 

Please regularly slow down to taste the daily sweetness of life’s everyday heartbeat, start already to chase simplicity over complexity, compose a melody of all the things you find serenely moving, beautiful or comforting, and always be sure to delve into everything that makes you celebrate your very aliveness.

Above all: Take care of us. Take care of our heart(s). Take care of our spirit. Take care of our body. Take care of our mind. Take care of the hearts of those you so adore. Take care of the Earth. Take Care of every living thing. For we are all fragile living things exploring what it means to be human and on our own unique courageous pathways. 

However, as well as the above, just know how wholly important it is to be you.

Don’t forever feel like a hermit who needs to float away in your unconscious when external life gets tough and make others wade through the mist to find you. It is safe to be seen, held, and loved in your own light, and also to share the tenderness of your inner world with others.

So, let’s please promise each other that we will never ever drink the poison of anyone again who tries to mold you to fit their ideal. Shame erodes the soul, yes, but only if you allow it to without checking in to bathe the wounds with love from time to time.

Just like those you cherish so much, you were also born as the magnificent being you were intended to be. It’s time to stop fighting that and remember this year’s courageous path to always seek the company of those who love you for the authentic essence you possess and then find all the ways to radiate that love and faith back out into the world as pearls of grace.

Holding you so very close,

Older Georgie xoxo

a birthday letter to myself


a birthday letter from myself to myself

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Why I’m Stepping Back from Social Media for Enhanced Whimsy, Wonder and Enchantment

Why I’m Stepping Back from Social Media for Enhanced Whimsy, Wonder and Enchantment

This blog post contains an affiliate link. It does not cost you as the consumer any more than you would normally pay, but by using my links it allows me to financially continue to be able to make content for you and I only endorse products I genuinely love and that I’m proud to discuss and share with you all.

Earlier this year Leonie Dawson started a 21- Day experiment to reduce her time on social media. It proved so life-changing that after the challenge, Leonie decided to take her marketing elsewhere and leave social media altogether!

Leonie’s bold decision was a huge inspiration for me stepping back from also stepping back from social media. I was SO taken away with Leonie’s courage to step back and take a massive (or what I perceived to be at the time) risk with their business.

Because let’s face it both our personal lives and marketing our businesses without social media feels so overwhelming doesn’t it? Our lives seem chained and completely enmeshed in these digital spaces.

So where and how do we even start to disentangle ourselves away from social media? Is it a case of chasing ‘the grass is greener on the other side of the road’ sort of thing? Or is striving for a healthy balance the best way to go?

Well, in all honesty, I still don’t know in my heart the answer to all of the above. But what I do know is that Leonie sparked something within me.

So, not long after Leonie announced she was leaving social media for good, in March of 2021, I decided that I wanted to be the alchemist of my own lived experience with social media and step back to see if it could enhance the whimsy, wonder, and enchantment that I so dearly cherish.

In addition, I wanted to see, with heaps of curiosity, if the answers to this experiment could inspire you too!

This post is a documentation of my process from stepping back from social media, coupled with the announcement of Leonie Dawson’s incredible new workshop in July 2021: Marketing Without Social Media Workshop (time-sensitive if you wish to get the course for just $79. Soon to be $99, although that’s still such a great price!).

So truthfully, it’s a sort of ‘to be continued’ journey on behalf of myself, because I’m truly so very intrigued to embody the material from Leonie’s workshop and apply it deeply into both my personal life and also my online businesses.

As you read this post I’d so love to hear YOUR thoughts, experiences, and current observations about how social media feels to you right now.

As you’ll see from my experience below, I shift between my idealist core that believes it can both be used for immense power and possibility, to on the other hand seeing it as immense personal sabotage and personal emptiness.

I’d truly love to know how it feels to you so please do leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

Why did I step back from social media?

Let’s start this post with my reasons for stepping back from social media. 

I’ve chosen to write ‘stepping back’ as opposed to ‘quitting’ social media because I haven’t honestly decided long-term what will be best for both myself and my businesses.

So, as stated in my introduction, this post is very much a lived experience I am still finding myself in. Also, I’m looking forward to cementing and clarifying my direction for my online life with the workshop from Leonie Dawson as featured below!

However, as for the moment, I officially stepped back from social media entirely based on the decision that had landed in my heart back in early 2020 whilst I observed how the spaciousness and serenity that my time traveling had left me feeling.

Without a bombardment of digital connection, I felt even more deeply connected to the whimsy, wonder, and enchantment that both runs through me, and outside of me.

I particularly noticed this in the U.A.E where I was 3 to 4 hours ahead of European time. Just this small time difference alone meant that there was an obvious stillness that pervaded my mornings. It transformed into an immense feeling of bliss that washed over me just like the gentle tides of Saadiyat Island where I was staying at the time.

I also had many beautiful, raw, vulnerable, and honest conversations with my friend there about feeling very unhappy online. He himself isn’t very present on social media so it was so fruitful hearing his own perspectives. But for me, these conversations had been rattling around in my own mind for some time as something had felt off since the arrival of Instagram. Is it just me, or did this app kind of change everything?

I am of the generation that has always known social media and yet Instagram to me felt particularly all-consuming. However, on the one hand, I must not forget that I have optimised social media for its immense power that culminated in building two online businesses that have provided me with significant abundance in my life.

And yet, as some of you may have seen from this post, documenting my journey from Beauxoxo to the present day, my twenties were quite the rollercoaster full of healing a great depression I entered into at University, to being diagnosed with up to 7 chronic illnesses in the years leaving, and all whilst managing an online accessory business and this dear blog.

Again, without a doubt, social media (although I must admit, that power was all mostly due to Pinterest!), provided me with a gift to share my creations and voice with the world. I want to forever remain eternally grateful for that. As a result, because of this, social media is something I am deeply indebted to. Truly.

However, the not-so-rosy side to social media to me has always felt more pronounced.

I often felt quite chained to online life during my years at Beauxoxo. There was immense pressure to always be online. To always have creative graphics and imagery for these platforms always ready to go up each and every single day. To literally be an embodiment of the ‘instant’ that Instagram eludes to.

After ending Beauxoxo in 2019, and I began a new life infused with silence and solitude, I was confronted with all the suppressed pain that had been stored deep in the crevices of my inner landscape. This was mostly pain due to my chronic illnesses. With this, I felt that I wanted, and ‘should’, share my story online so that I could reach as many people as possible.

However, being front-and-centre isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I had spent 10 years being the creative behind-the-scenes at Beauxoxo and this blog was always more of an online journal rather than showcasing myself in a bold way. Oh, how I love to be behind the scenes! Is anyone else the same? As you know from this post, showing up can be terrifying for me!

Ultimately, my online life suddenly became very muddled.

I started my personal Instagram in 2017 as a wanderlust travel diary. However, when I started to weave my health struggles into this space it was often alienating my followers who, from my travels that I posted, had perceived me to have ‘the most perfect life’.

I always thought it this ‘perfect life’ comment was a compliment until my friend in the U.A.E really prompted me to enquire if that sat right with me. And, no, it didn’t. Not at all. For what is a perfect life? And who actually has that? Is the highlight reel focus on social media part of the problem anyway?

In essence, I had somehow fallen into the glossy social media world of posting my highlights to numb the torture I felt internally. As a result, I then felt terrified to be vulnerable about my health outside in case people didn’t react the same as they did to, say, a photo in a pretty dress in a beautiful location.

Feeling great shame for how I was presenting myself rather one-dimensionally, I started weaving my health into my captions and stories.

On the one hand, I was so immensely proud of myself and the people who shared their own stories with me, who messaged me for space holding for their illnesses, and those who shared my awareness posts. This all felt beyond life-affirming. Meeting people so deeply was such a balm to the soul. It’s all I ever wanted: to touch the heart and souls of those I might not meet but feel such compassion for. My dharma of helping people was truly ignited. Moreover, a Facebook birthday post from November reached £400 from my friends and connections for Scleroderma Awareness. I was beyond overjoyed!

And yet, just some months later, as I opened up even more and pushed the edges of my own vulnerability, and perhaps my followers, I had some people from my past who used this as an opportunity to shame me.

In these painful instances, some of my posts were pulled apart to scrutinize my methods of healing (some, even triggered by me seeking enchantment) and persisted with letting me know how much I had disappointed them and myself. This ripped my heart and soul to pieces. I spent the next few months, and truthfully to this day, nursing a vulnerability hangover and a deeply broken-hearted, wounded spirit. I immediately logged out and deactivated most of my accounts.

After copious therapy with my incredible, life-changing therapist I realised that actually, it wasn’t just this one incident and that rather, it was actually a culmination of growing up and finding it hard for people to see me in all my humanness at most times. And ultimately, what do we humans crave more than just being seen, heard, and held? And does social media exacerbate this alienation and loneliness?

The profound discovery of myself, a change in my relationships, and shifts in my life so far by stepping away from social media

mad cucumber bournemouth

After focussing on my own personal reasons for stepping back from social media, I thought I’d address how my relationships have changed, how I have spent this time reconnecting with myself, and other profound shifts since stepping back from social media.

Let’s start with the shift in my relationships.

Truthfully, this has been the hardest and most painful thing to adjust to. I just wasn’t prepared for how profoundly my relationships would change.

Perhaps Brene Brown says it best (as always):

“Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of friends when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are lucky.”

Brene Brown

These words are so reflective of how my time stepping away from social media has been. And I’m just going to state this very vulnerably: I’ve never felt so isolated after stepping back from social media. I instantly became alienated and deeply lonely.

This was so fascinating to me because I thrive on silence, I thrive on solitude, and I thrive on aloneness. And yet this emptiness made itself very known to me.

As the months have passed this feeling of alienation and loneliness is still there, however, I think it’s welded into my ongoing grief after losing my Granny last year, and years enmeshed in a digital landscape that makes you feel that every single person you connect with is a source of deep connection.

And yet, (because this whole thing is basically a paradox!) as much as I adored connecting online, I realised that it simply wasn’t possible to be deeply connected to the hundreds of people I’ve followed. As a result, I constantly felt like I wasn’t ‘doing enough’ to support and like every single thing online. And still, I cherish and remember how many breathtaking like-minded spirits I have met online. Truthfully, part of me worries about losing this ability to meet such like-minded souls.

However, what I know to be true is that the most profound and stunning illumination from all of the above was how I am genuinely blessed with what I consider to be really true best friends offline. Actually not just friends, but platonic soulmates. I always knew that I’ve been blessed with incredible friendships, but I didn’t realise just how much so until I stepped back.

And so, if there is one thing I’ve truly learned about stepping back from social media it would to be quite simply: cherish your loved ones. Deeply. The ones that see you in your wholeness, that light up your heart, that see you and love you through all the rainbows and storms.

It takes my breath away when I spend time with my people (although as I have been shieldng it’s more connection through text messages, Zooms and care parcels), and don’t realise how much I truly need to be with them especially when I creep into hiding away from the world and battling the weight of it all alone. 

Additionally, sometimes life pulls the rug from under my feet. And in these moments, when I find myself broken and unable to get back up, and when I think all hope is gone, I see more than ever now that it’s my people that are always there to sweep me off my feet, dust me off, and tell me everything is going to be okay. When everyone else leaves the room, these people are the only ones still cheering and giving me that little piece of hope to carry on. That became very, very apparent when I stepped back from social media.

So hold tight to your community. In my opinion, they are our glimpses of angels in the flesh to remind us of how beautiful this world truly is. If you’re yet to find your community, they are waiting for you. Trust me. If stepping back from social media feels daunting due to this, seek out communities that have been marketed on social media, but have their gatherings off these platforms.

Here are some examples of communities I found on Instagram but participate in gatherings offline: The Spiritual Fem’s ‘Root To Rise’ Membership, Dr Sarah Coxon’s ‘Thrive’ Membership and The Self-Love Success Club.

Now I love to write letters to my friend, send out care parcels, have long, deep conversations and just feel so blessed in them wrapping me in their love and seeing me in all my authenticity.

A final point of changing relationships is beautifully summed up by Cal Newport (see below for more about the impact his work had on me!) who describes trying to keep up with hundreds online as ‘social snacking’. So, for example, for many, like me, it means so much more to share my sacred news and intimate thoughts with people who truly see and know me.

‘Social snacking’ examples can be seen in big ‘congratulations’ posts rather than say, interacting with the person in a more meaningful way such as sending a personal card or reaching out by phone/text. Or if you’re unwell a ‘get well soon’ post as a comment on an Instagram post isn’t as meaningful as a personal message, card, flowers etc.

In a beautiful turn of events, when I posted that I was stepping back from social on Instagram stories, I had messages from so many cherished souls who asked me how they could connect. That just made my heart swell. Since then, I’ve really nurtured these relationships and accepted those that haven’t left social media spaces.

Since stepping back from social media I’ve gained pen-pals all over the world, had a stunning care parcel from a treasured soul in New Zealand, and got to connect even more deeply with you all, my cherished darling readers (and my Whimsy World readers, I value you beyond words). Whenever I have doubts, I concentrate on these great acts of love. I have always so loved you, but this appreciation has magnified significantly.

I’m so curious and would love to know how other people have experienced their relationships shifting since leaving social media? Did you experience something similar to mine?

Now, in saying this, I’ve very much been part of the ‘social snacking’ culture for years and many of these souls have truly become cherished friends. However, it was enlightening hearing Cal Newport discuss this. In turn, it helped me understand why I only felt lonely online.

I highly recommend this interview with Lewis Howes.

Outside of my relationships changing, I had more time than ever to focus on being human. With that, accepting myself and learning to love myself unconditionally as a flawed, feeling, and dealing in the best ways that I can with all of this.  

Since stepping back from social media, I stick to the routines that help me feel settled and I practice all of the techniques I have learned that help to soothe me without seeking external validation or noise. This includes less distraction as I write my morning pages, buckets of creativity, an abundance of time spent in nature, and a feeling of deep inner peace.

Ultimately, what this experience has taught me is how I wish people would understand how hard it is to feel loved while being pressured to be something you’re not. It feels so hard to encapsulate in words, but that’s how I felt on Instagram.

One of the most uncomfortable portals of self-discovery has been learning to heal from feeling abandoned when I have come to realise that people can often love or admire a version of you in their head that isn’t the living, breathing, hurting, real you.

How I have discovered a deep reverence for whimsy, wonder and enchantment

Ultimately: by stepping back from social media I’ve recovered the person you intended to be. Just for me. This is such a gift. As a result, I’m able to embody whimsy, wonder, and enchantment more deeply than ever. I’m also able to redirect this as fuel for deeper creativity in all I do.

In essence, technology and indeed social media can be just so very wonderful when it’s used in an empowering way. Although in my opinion, I don’t believe it should be used as a fake marker of progress.

I think my most striking realisation in 2020 was that whilst most people think of humans as far beyond what we used to be in our ancient civilisations, I personally believe that in so many areas we’re actually just the same.

As a result, in these years to come, I think we would benefit from observing if these systems we have created to date truly are reflective of our nature.

Once I stepped back from social media I could really critically evaluate whether we, as fragile human beings, are simply built to be bombarded with so many different expressions of what it is to be human in any given day. Or to witness the copious ways of what it is to believe or to be alive. Isn’t this ultimately just too much for people to hold?

Furthermore, another moment of clarity was witnessing that when I stepped back from social media I felt calmer, more restful and fully able to process and take part in the big conversations of our day. In doing so, I feel that I’ve moved from a pure empahtic state to the compassion I always seek.

After a while, I was starting to realise if it’s possible for humans to deal with that totality (bombardment of social media) and that much fragmentation.

After all, social media because of its ubiquity and because of its constantly accessible nature, suddenly makes everything we look at as though it is part of human consciousness. Interestingly, of course, everything was once at the idea/design phase and therefore social media is a reflection of qualities that are present within human beings. However, as Cal Newport described above, Steve Jobs ultimately sought minimalism in the early days of Apple. And let’s face it, that’s a far cry from what these tools can do today, right?!

As a result of the above, I was left wondering, therefore, if it’s our inherent qualities that need to change and actually not social media itself? What I feel to be true to me if these ideas as described above can be simply life-changing and bring about so much abundance. I mean, how would I be able to communicate without this laptop I type onto, or the internet to send these musings into the world. Goodness, I am so blessed for technology. I really, really am.

And yet, the more negative side of technology could be seen in the endless growth and the endless consumption. Which of course, naturally social media is part of. This can lead to our primal instincts being manipulated by our culture so for example, we endlessly scroll and these apps are can prey on our desires which are repurchased as tracking and ads, etc.

So how does this fit into the world of whimsy, wonder and enchantment you ask?

Well, because I believe us all to be a unique expression of the universe. And with that, we know that we all have unique fingerprints. So for example, a tree will grow to its full fruition if it is given the right nutrients and I believe being human is just the same.

I truly believe that whimsy, wonder, and enchantment are magnified when we allow ourselves to re-wild with both our natural self and the world outside of us. And it was at this moment, that I realised how important it is that we create systems, societies, and cultures that are reflective of our nature. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, it means I need to find ways for the modern world to nourish me and forever enchant me.

So, is this a complete goodbye to social media? No, I don’t think it needs to be a complete goodbye. Because I have to be realistic based on where the world is right now. Moreover, I consider it a priviliege to totally remove myself from social media. Whether I like it or not, this is where the majority of my audience are and so I still need to figure out how to market myself offline (I’m excited for the course below, as a result!)

Right now, I’ve found the bountiful balance of small memberships centered without social media, I will continue deepening my own self-discovery, I will spend as much time as possible reveling in my creativity, I will root myself in nature as often as possible, and simply continue to explore and nurture other realms I am exploring.

So, as of right now, it’s definitely not a complete goodbye to social. But rather, one that is reflective of the wondrous connections and moments that I forever seek to explore. I feel grateful for this time to dig deep into the wounds I had with social media, and feel blessed to have this period of deep introspection when I needed it most.

How I Intend to use Social Media and my phone going forward

moschino teddy bear phone case

To be honest, my average phone use has never been more than 1 hour because I’m more of a laptop person! Having said that, an hour for me personally is too much, and half of that time was spent on apps such as Instagram.

My average phone use is about 20 to 30 minutes a day and here’s how this time is spent:

  • A mid-morning check of my horoscope (I adore Sanctuary, The Pattern, Chani and Co-Star)
  • My calendar and the weather app (before 2020 I used a proper date-diary but what with 2020 being such an odd year, I just used my phone/laptop calendar rather than a paper diary)
  • My Whatsapp and text messages (I check just twice a day- just morning and night- sometimes my phone time will shoot up massively if I send a voice note to one of my beloveds!)
  • My selling apps like Etsy, Depop & Vinted (I answer messages/sort out admin, but I actually upload to all of these sites from my laptop)
  • Other apps I use occasionally as needed: Camera, Notes, Health App, Google Translate, Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Pay, Parking apps, Google Maps and Travel apps (Citymapper etc)

Avenues I’m considering for my marketing going forward:

  • I soon wish to start a weekly podcast called ‘A Whimsical World’ with short 20-minute episodes. If I do this, I’ll certainly let you all know!
  • I’d love to write more online articles/have more magazine features: something I so adored in my Beauxoxo days!
  • Building Whimsy World even more deeply: this is my monthly email that enables you to embody whimsy, wonder, and enchantment. If you’d like to join me, you can do so here:

How to Market Your Dreams and Business without Social Media Workshop by Leonie Dawson

So, as you have seen from the above, stepping back from social media has left me feeling worried about the reality of marketing my businesses and sharing my gifts with the world.

And so, this is where mentorship can be so very vital. As you already know, I love taking courses and deepening my knowledge. As some of you have already seen, I also have a business mentor you can read about here.

What I know for sure is that when you are surrounded by people who are on this journey with you it makes things a million times more meaningful.

So, I’m so grateful to bask in Leonie’s wisdom in this upcoming workshop. How did Leonie master to step back from social media and sustain this abundant business? Well, Leonie is going to share ALL about their journey and provide you with a vision for marketing away from social media. I am SO excited for this! Want in? If you want to sign up the link is here.

What will you get in Leonie’s ‘Marketing Without Social Media Course?’

* OPTIONS to add other marketing strategies to your business to make it stronger and more sustainable.
* An EXIT STRATEGY if you do want to wean your business off social media in a risk-free way.
* SMART guidance on reducing your time on social media while still getting results. And if you ultimately decide to leave social media, it will give you the support and guidance to do just that!

Click here to purchase Leonie Dawson’s Marketing Without Social Media Workshop

Other Tools, Resources, Books and Strategies I used to break free from Social Media

  • 1Focus for my MacBook
  • Cal Newport’s book titled ‘Digital Minimalism’ is so wonderful
  • I block all social media websites inside the Safari settings on my phone

What will my future relationship with social media be?

Ultimately dear reader, unless there’s a problem, there’s not a problem! For me, social media, and digital overwhelm, had been a blocker in my life for truly deeply embodying my deepest enchantment. I truly believe that we should always be guided by whatever it is in you that’s taken you this far.

Trust yourself and your intuitive messages more than anything else. I don’t want to make anyone feel that you don’t need to put yourself in some self-imposed penury by forcing yourself away from social media if it truly makes you thrive! We are all beautifully and magnificently unique as discussed above.

As for my future relationship with social media, for me, I felt that I was, and would be, denying my true nature by continuing my social media use as it had previously been. The most important thing to me is seeking a life of pure whimsy, wonder, and enchantment. As a result, for me, this means living a life that is deeply reflective of my individual nature as discussed above.

With each day that passes, I not only find it easier and easier to stay away from social media, but I find my senses have magnified significantly, and my ability to embody rapture and awe both internally and externally, only helps me to more deeply marvel at the magic and miracles all around me.

And so, yes, I do believe that I’ll be stepping back on this sojourn from social media indefinitely, but at this moment it’s not a full goodbye altogether.

Now dear soul, what about you? What are your feelings about this topic? How does social media affect you? Have you ever stepped back from digital spaces for a long period of time? I’d love to know all about it below and so look forward to meeting you for conversations there.

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Introducing: Painting Music and Art (and my gift for you)

Introducing: Painting Music and Art (and my gift for you)

Beautiful enchanted friends, I could not be more delighted to finally say: Painting Music and Art is HERE! At long last, you can visit the new website (made by yours truly) right here.

All throughout this journey I’ve been reminded of this quote by French artist Henri Matisse:

“Creativity Takes Courage”

In fact, I love this quote so much that I dedicated an entire blog post to its potency you can read at The Painting Music and Art Blog right here.

As many of you know from my last blog post, ‘courage’ is my word of 2021. So far, it’s a word that has had the ability to hold me when I need it to, whilst also gently encouraging me to break free from my self-made cocoon!

In this post, I wanted to personally document why this project means so much to me with you all, my cherished readers of 12 years (my goodness!), and what it means for balancing my enchanted mission here. It ends with an exclusive gift for you, so make sure you claim it!

The Journey of Painting Music and Art

Firstly, why art and music history?

Well, as clichéd as it may sound, ever since I can remember, I have been making things out of anything that I could get my crafty hands-on! From painting copious treasures for my friends and family to taking broken violins and turning them into art in my college days!

But I wasn’t just besotted with making things, I was also madly in love with the arts and the history of creativity from as young as I can remember.

At the age of 4, I started to play the piano, and later the violin. My school years were full of performances in musicals where I fell in love with being part of a stage spectacle where art, music and visuals all came together.

It was because of my passion for the arts that I later went to University to study these subjects in more depth. However, this is where I found myself in very disenchanted territory, as I soon realised that University wasn’t the right environment for the way I loved the arts. In addition, it was not the best environment for me as a person (I’ve never spoken about this here but if you do want to understand why I am happy to delve deeper!).

In addition to the dissatisfaction with my time at University in general, it was also during these times that I developed a benign Pituitary Tumour (a Prolactinoma) coupled with PCOs and Endometriosis.

With spiralling health, both physically and emotionally, coupled with feeling deeply lost and extremely unhappy at University, I channelled my creativity into a side project and embarked on one of my greatest adventures: a handmade hair accessory business called Beauxoxo. I’m very sure just the mere mention of that will be familiar to most of you, who have so kindly been there with me since those days!

Beyond my wildest dreams, Beauxoxo grew exponentially, and therefore became the focus of all my time. It also became the very thing to sustain me throughout those extremely challenging years. For that, I will always cradle the business and mission in all my heart.

However, with a further diagnosis of Scleroderma and Gastroparesis in 2018, with a very, very heavy heart, I said Au Revoir to Beauxoxo (the full post with my reasons to leave this beloved business is here) as I lost the dexterity in my hands that I used to have. I couldn’t bear the fact that I wouldn’t be able to create for myself anymore and so I had to put my creative soul first.

My Beauxoxo adventures came to an end in June 2019 although I had made the personal decision in the summer of 2018 to end the business.

Then came an emptiness. What am I able to do now? What can I adapt my conditions to? What is to become of me and this swirling sea of creativity I want to gift to the world?

During the latter part of 2018, I was invited to publish some of my academic work on the relationship between music and art history. This then led to an opportunity to have this work published. I was astounded and also incredibly grateful. And here the seed was planted: is this something I could devote my whole heart to beyond this published piece?

The Universe then started to whisper to me with synchronicities and the importance of this work was highlighted to me time and time and time again.

For example, I learned that the number of students choosing to study the arts at GCSE in England has fallen every year since 2010 and now shows a 34% drop in arts entries in the last 8 years. In addition, between 2010-2017 the number of arts teachers fell by 20% and the number of hours the arts were taught in secondary schools fell by 21%.

After digging deeper into it all, I discovered that there has never been a more pressing need to learn about the wonders of our artistic and musical heritage than today. 

Slowly but surely, I started to connect my thoughts and findings and the bountiful creativity that emerged from it all led me to imagine the possibility of combining my passion for the history of art and music to reach as many people as possible.

The only problem was, whilst I was swirling in my sea of creative ideas for Painting Music and Art, I became becalmed with the amount of skills and knowledge I needed to acquire in order to launch an online business.

On top of that, in the very same month that I was saying goodbye to Beauxoxo, I had been delivered a horrendously painful health decision, and my Dad was seriously ill in hospital with life-altering health complications. All in the same week. Yes……All. In. The. Same. Week.

In the heat of the lingering summer of 2019, life eventually settled and my Dad came home from hospital and we even still managed to still make our long-awaited trip on the Orient. After this trip, I had planned in my mind to then start the big work on Painting Music and Art after packing my Beauxoxo life away.

However, when I arrived back in the UK I was completely unprepared for how everything just seemed to stop.

My once busy phone of orders and messages stopped. Everything stopped. I had allowed for Beauxoxo to be a numbing mechanism in the grief of my failing health. Moreover, I had been hiding behind something as ‘grand’ and glamorous as Beauxoxo as a way to disguise what was happening internally.

I had been so used to always creating my next move, the next collection, the next custom order, the next social media post, the next big event, that my whole being had got used to being so mentally lost in the frenzy of it all.

And so, rather than launch Painting Music and Art, the grief I had suppressed, not only in 2019 but truly in all the years of unexplored pain from University spread like a wilderness within me that consumed me with its intensity.

For most of 2019, the air around me felt like a smog of grief, pain and sadness and I spent my days feeling tormented, bewildered, lost and deeply, deeply alone.

With a new life infused with silence and solitude, the tears would not stop flowing. With it, it was starting to bring out the mystery of all of the pain stored deep in the crevices of my inner landscape. With each day that passed, I was slowly but surely learning that this was my work ahead.

As you can imagine, this was no way to serve anyone whilst I was feeling this way. The aching pieces of my heart just desperately needed to be felt, held and healed.

So, without telling anyone, I tucked the Painting Music and Art dream safely away and spent a lot more time reconnecting with my blog after its tender start from my University library all those years ago.

I truly nurtured and dived deeper into sharing my message of enchantment and also found the courage to open up about my health journey here. This has since led to incredible opportunities such as an interview for BBC radio!

However, in that 2019 year, self-care still eluded me and I still fell into the trap of being a diligent caretaker to avoid the intensity of the pain that I was purging, and spent time fulfilling social and work obligations as much as possible as I had lost so very many people, and so many opportunities in the past few years due to my declining health.

Through it all, I learnt that feeling is alchemy and also that these feelings that we expel can be the medicine that flows into our veins as the divine truth within your spirit. If only we have the courage and patience to be with it all.

Life was gently illuminating to me that me hour after hour, and day after day, that my work was to just be a vessel of receptivity that could let this period of time, and these lessons nourish, restore, recalibrate and awaken my whole being.

Just as I was awakening from this healing process, I set out to launch Painting Music and Art in the autumn of 2020. But…. ! …..a broken toe at the same time (oh, I know, haha) lead to a penicillin reaction and I had no choice but to surrender once more.

Now I sit here writing this to you in the Spring of 2021 and my life is oh-so-different. Dramatically so. Even from last Autumn. Layers upon layers of conditioning have been lifted. Pain has become illuminated and transformed into light, and cultivating self-love is at the heart of all I do. All pieces that I had been searching for my entire life.

So, the time has been right now in the Spring of this 2021 year. The timing has never felt more divinely meant to be. For I now have the opportunity to not only rebirth both myself and my dreams, but I am also able to mirror the season within and outside of me.

Once again: I’m SO deeply thankful you found your way to be with me to witness this journey.

The Online Landscape in 2021, Courses I have Taken and Recovering from Burnout

Before I tell you more about my plans, I thought I’d share some of the courses and programs that have truly been a joy and great inspiration to me. However, I can’t always say the implementation has been easy!!

You know, I was just thinking today how fond I am of the innocence I had when starting Beauxoxo.

I was just 19 years old, very bored at University and opened up my Etsy and that was it. That was how it all started! Within a few days, I had some of my first sales to the USA. I couldn’t believe it: people I didn’t know buying my handmade hair accessories! How could this be so?! It was just SO magical!

But my goodness online spaces are very different today. Very, very different!

I must admit, I was noticing this ‘hustle’ mentality during the later years of Beauxoxo and I would be lying if I said it was heavy to navigate as a highly sensitive being that has never been interested in playing the ‘tech, tools and tactics’ game.

However, I deeply believe that by bringing our dreams into the world we can gift not only ourselves but also the whole entire world. It’s a ripple that has magnificent possibilities.

But how did I water those seeds of ideas of inspiration in loving environments? Here are some of my most recommended resources if there is something you wish to bring to the world.

Leonie Dawson courses

Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-course

If I could recommend just ONE business course to take, Leonie Dawson would be my first pick. Her work is so fun, juicy and easily digestable. I really did create an e-course in 40 days and I also did conjure up multiple streams of income from her money course. Her material is just such magic and she has such a loving way of being a cheerleader from afar but also in such a fierce, funny, charismatic way!

Also, if you’re reading this in early April 2021, Leonie’s courses double in price from 30th April so I 1000% recommnd you dive into it all asap! As for me, I’m going to enrol in 40 Days To A Finished Book this month because let’s just say, I have some ideas that are simmering right now ;).

Click here to find out more about Leonie Dawson’s courses

(this is an affiliate link but I 1000% stand by my love and support of Leonie!)

Marie Forleo’s B School

Like so many, I have spent many an hour watching Marie Forleo’s ‘Marie TV’ business Youtube series. Her book ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ is also just incredible.

Being a such a big fan of Marie, and consuming SO much of her work over the years it was always a dream to sign up to her famous ‘B School’ business program.

I thoroughly enjoyed B School and I actually truly enjoyed learning in this program. It was such a joy, thanks to Marie of course! It truly is a wonderful platform so that you can create a fulfilling career where you can change the lives of people all over the world.

The only problem I found was that the program was very big in its scale and as an introvert, that felt a little frantic at times! I also realised towards the end I needed mentoring as online marketing was such a force of nature to me coming from a product based business!

Learn more about B School here

Esther De Charon’s Brave Business Academy

Finding Esther on my online marketing learning journey was the icing on the cake and JUST the magic and hand-holding I needed. I actually found Esther through her review of B School here. In it you’ll see she felt just the same way as me: a little lost as a highly-sensitive, introvert!

I couldn’t imagine Painting Music and Art as it is now having not gone through this experience with Esther and I wish for everyone to have this same sacred opportunity!

Not only will you find online marketing in Brave, but also branding advice, mentoring, accountability circles, and also self-love and mindset space holding. The latter is so incredibly unique to anything I have found thus far.

As I had been going on such a personal healing journey outside of building Painting Music and Art, my time in Brave (and I’m still there as it’s a membership!) has been the epicentre of my growth business wise and in my heart. I truly carry and cultivate the wisdom into every moment of my life.

I also love that Esther is from the Netherlands as it just all feels so warm, inviting and down to earth in this potent but cosy container.

Learn more about Brave Academy here

The Academy of Painting Music and Art & Your Invitation To The Free Workshop (Plus a special gift for you)

Have you wondered where to start digging into the richness of our history and surroundings? Do you wish to embody your creative spirit and experience the world and all that is in that is vibrantly alive? This sense of rapture and awe in relation to the arts is how I paint the wonders of the history of art and music to my students so that you’ll be able to marvel at the magic and miracles all around you. 

Painting Music and Art is the first resource of its kind that brings together art and music history (in a way that I always dreamed of) for older children from the curriculum age of 12 years old and above.

What you learn at Painting Music and Art will nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you to give yourself the trust to lead with curiousity, playfulness and creativity in everything you do.

I believe that there has never been a more pressing time to introduce our children, teenagers and curious adults to the world’s musical and artistic heritages than today.

In celebration of this new launch, I invite you to a workshop introducing the life and work of Lois Mailou Jones.
In this FREE workshop, we are going to dive into the work of American artist and educator Lois Mailou Jones who created works in a variety of styles, including Impressionism, Expressionism, and African-influenced styles during her seven-decade career.

Workshop details: 19th April 2021. You will be sent a link to the course platform and you can watch it at your own pace! This is a pre-recorded course for you to enjoy when you are able to. Each Monday from the 19th, you will meet two more artists. I also have an extra gift for you at the end of our time together!

Click here to sign up this workshop and claim your bonus gift in May


Thank you so deeply for your time and heart in reading this whole post. I’m holding you all so very close. I hope there is something in my story that can be with you as a source of comfort and contemplation as you emerge into all the dreams and wishes you desire this month and beyond.

As for this space, now juggling this beloved platform and also Painting Music and Art will demand more me so I can’t promise my regular schedule here as I settle in my new mission. But, I’m dedicated to showing up here for you and also, the Whimsy World email will remain on the first Wednesday of every single month!

Thank you so deeply fot your understanding always ❤️


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Self-Love Tips for Seeking more Whimsy, Wonder and Enchantment

Self-Love Tips for Seeking more Whimsy, Wonder and Enchantment

There’s no doubt in my mind that self-love is synonymous with seeking more whimsy, wonder and enchantment. For when you love yourself unconditionally, you also fall more deeply in love with everything around you.

Today I’m joined by one of my dearest friends Kirsty Dee who is a self-love coach who empowers women to deeply love themselves through her Dreamer’s Sisterhood Self-Love School Membership and other magical offerings.

Last year, I was blessed to have had the chance to interview Kirsty that you can read right here.

Today, Kirsty has once again blessed my dearest darling online home here with her top self-love tips that will help you to elevate your sense of wonder and reverence so you can not only fall in love with yourself but also fall in love with the world around you that will naturally lead to more whimsical, wondrous, enchanted moments.

For love always wants to exist in abundance with the beloved. Always. I know so deeply that it has been in the periods of my life that I have spent without self-love, worthiness and self-acceptance that has brought me some of my heaviest pain. And most disenchanted moments.

So, here’s to you opening up your heart to your love and magic that’s going to connect you to your deepest desires and most magical moments.

After you’ve finished reading, please share with me and Kirsty your own experiences of your self-love journey.


Words and imagery by Kirsty Dee

What is Self-Love, and why is it SO important?

Self-love is something that’s given a lot of hype but it’s rarely understood. It can be a bit of a minefield to define as everyone will define self-love differently.

Self-Love is not about bubble baths, that’s self-care (providing that’s your sort of thing, and that of course matters).

Self-love requires self-care but self-care is not self-love. In fact, we can even mask over self-love by saying we are ‘doing it’ because we do self-care, but really we are just avoiding our emotional pain.

To me, self-love is giving yourself love especially in those seasons where you look in the mirror and don’t feel enough. It’s when you feel like a failure or you’re struggling and you give yourself compassion as you would to a friend.

It is after all called self-love for a reason, so it requires giving yourself love, just like you do with others.

It’s not about accumulation, because when anyone has an agenda it doesn’t feel good so this applies to you. It’s about losing the agenda with yourself on how you should feel and instead, being kind and intentional.

It’s about actually being the kind of friend to yourself that you’d want. It’s when you feel well, you celebrate yourself. I rarely ever come across anyone that doesn’t struggle with this at times because so much of what we do is unconscious.

Think of all those thoughts you have that if you could choose, you wouldn’t choose them because they are mean to you. I don’t believe in omitting ourselves from self-love because the critic within is being mean, I believe that’s when it matters the most. That’s when we must give ourselves the most love and compassion so we can change things for the better going forward. That’s accountability and accountability matters. 

Even those that say they love themselves often don’t speak and treat themselves like someone they love whether consciously or unconsciously and that’s just human.

Something I hear countlessly is how it’s the hardest thing, how people can’t love themselves, how they aren’t very good at it, and how much they struggle with this but I don’t believe that’s what self-love is.

Self-love is as I say, giving yourself love especially when you’re struggling. Self-love is showing up for yourself. What I know to be true, is, it’s hard because:

A) we have resistance to loving ourselves, in a world where we are often told it’s vanity, conceited or that we are selfish for loving ourselves the very act of self-love is pretty bold and audacious in itself (sad but true).

B) we are often pretty unforgiving. We judge others and we judge ourselves. We use our past and how we are doing as evidence of why we shouldn’t love ourselves.

C) it’s work and it’s inconvenient. It’s ‘easier’ to bury our head, but the reality is, it isn’t, because all those insecurities, all that resistance, all that fear, all those feelings of not-enoughness, is still there.

I often find people have to get to a point when they realise they can’t keep doing this anymore and they start doing the work. I don’t think it’s essential or a requirement to get to that place first, but it’s often what happens.

I define self-love as the relationship with yourself, that like any relationship is work. Any relationship that thrives is not an accident, it’s very intentional. You show up, engaged. 

Not sure where to start on your self-love journey? Here are my 5 top tips to get started:

5 Self-Love Tips for Seeking More Whimsy, Wonder and Enchantment

Self Love Tip 1: Self-Trust

As I said above, self-love is the relationship to yourself and the reason we struggle with it is that we have a somewhat deluded view of how that should be and thus we set ourselves up to feel like we can’t do it.

That somehow we are doing it wrong and that we can’t do it. This is simply not true.

Everyone is gonna tell you how to do self-love, but the truth is only you know what’s best for you.

Trust your process and route. There is no one way.

Practice trusting yourself.

Remember self-love is not a destination, it’s a practise, it’s a relationship. 

Self Love Tip 2: Nourishing Relationships

Look at your relationships from family, to colleagues to friendships. All your relationships. Where do you get out of your power? What impacts you? Do the work there and give yourself so much love and compassion.

Nothing derails us as relationships do, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be like this.

To go back to point one, trust yourself. When you trust yourself you can hold boundaries and build relationships that actually nourish you. 

Self-Love Tip 3: What do you need?

Regularly, ask yourself, what do I need and want?

Society and conditioning have us believing it’s selfish to do this, but the truth is, it’s selfish not to. Que resentment, bitterness and burn out!

I’m a Mum of two and the pandemic made taking care of myself around running a business and homeschooling with a hubby who works a lot really challenging. Yet, life is much harder when I don’t take care of myself.

It’s simple sustainable things. If it’s not sustainable then we won’t stick to it. So, just know your ego lies to you and tells you it’s not enough, that’s the work right there to ask yourself what you need in these moments.

It can be anything from reminding yourself to be compassionate with yourself to take the time to exercise. Not because there’s a goal attached to it, but because you treat yourself like someone that matters. This is important for your kids to see if you have them, but more than that love is not just words, it’s action.

Our action has to align up. If we say we love ourselves but don’t treat ourselves like we do, we’ll never feel well.

We all know someone who’s said all the right things but hasn’t treat us well, it hurts.

So, your words to yourself are important but all the mantras without the action don’t work. 

When I say action, as I say, it has to be sustainable. If you already free overwhelmed, then your action could actually be doing less and trusting it’s enough. Make a plan to be more supported. Be willing to disappoint people, back to point two. If you fear disappointing others and letting people down, then that’s your work. 

Self-Love Tip 4: Allow Yourself To Be Supported

Allow yourself to be supported. However, support looks for you.

No one is self-made and you get no prizes for doing everything all on your own.

Support doesn’t have to be big grande things where we find ourselves going, “well that be nice, if only.” 

You have to be open and available for it by starting where you are. It can start by simply putting yourself in communities with others who are doing this work so you know you aren’t alone and unfollowing what makes you feel rubbish.

Or if can be asking for help, hiring a coach, joining a programme (like my membership Dreamers Sisterhood). Start wherever you are. Just be open and available for it. Nobody thrives by doing it all on their own.

Self-Love Tip 5: Awareness

Pay attention to your fears and create separation from them.

Mindfulness work alongside getting into your body and learning to honour your emotions without shaming yourself is a gamechanger. It takes consistent work but it’s so powerful.  

Remember you are worth the effort 

Dreamers Sisterhood: Self-Love School For Enchanted Seekers

If you want to be in community and sisterhood on your self-love journey then Dreamers Sisterhood is the woman’s empowerment membership AKA self-love school.

It’s all the stuff you didn’t learn at school like how to love yourself, how to honour your emotions, soul-nourishing relationships, mindset and so much more.


If you’re desiring this, this April you get a FREE month of Dreamers Sisterhood to trial when you enrol for my next masterclass The Gift Of Sensitivity that you can read more about below.

The Gift Of Sensitivity

We were taught that our sensitivity was a weakness, not a strength.

But you have such a gift right in the palm of your hands, but nobody has ever told you how to harness it. 

You have struggled many times with your emotions, thoughts and feelings. You have felt pain, probably deep pain, maybe you currently are and because of that sometimes you might wish or may have wished in the past that you just didn’t feel things so much, that you just didn’t care so much. Feeling things deeply, getting into our heads, and our heart feels heavy and worrying is not easy. Wanting reassurance because the world never taught us our feels were okay has not been easy. Feeling misunderstood, feeling people often don’t get you, even family sometimes don’t, is hard. 

You have the ability to have the most amount of joy because you are a deep feeling being. You have the ability to have the most incredible relationships because you see and feel things others don’t. You have such divine power right at your fingertips. When your sensitivity is seen for the gift it is, you’ll see just how much wisdom it holds. 

You’ve probably been told that you’re “too sensitive”, “too nice”, that you “think too much” (rude) and perhaps sometimes that’s true, but it’s also incredibly rude.

‘The Gift Of Sensitivity’ is a masterclass where I’ll teach you how to use the gift of your sensitivity as your superpower.

See, your sensitivity is not a flaw, a weakness and it doesn’t make you fragile, know it makes you incredible. The opposite of sensitivity is insensitive.  



Click here to sign up to the Gift Of Sensitivity for just £17


♥ Connect with Kirsty Dee ♥

Georgie xoxo Interview with Kirsty: How Choosing To Rise and Self-Love Can Heal The World

Dreamer’s Sisterhood Membership

‘Come Home To You Audios’

Truth and Transformation Podcast

Kirsty Dee Facebook

Kirsty Dee Instagram



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It’s my ultimate hope that there has been something on my blog that has enabled you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, that can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

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Enchanted Ways To Celebrate Spring and Introducing A Whimsical World

Enchanted Ways To Celebrate Spring and Introducing A Whimsical World

As I opened my windows this morning, I not only invited the fresh air into my lungs, but I also felt that I was opening myself up to the wonders of the world around me.

To the sweetest bird song. To the delicate breeze. To the fragrance of the crisp air. To the illumination of the golden light on my curtains. And to the trees enveloped in the pastel candyfloss shaded buds of cherry blossom. 

In a year where we have felt that the world has stopped, nature only becomes louder in its rapture and awe. 

What a magical time of year we are sinking into dearest you, who has found my blog in the vast swirling sea of online information that is dedicated to seeking this sort of everyday enchantment. I am so deeply thankful you are here.

To show you my gratitude, this post is a capture of some of the content I posted for my dear Whimsy Wednesday email readers in March because I wanted to celebrate an exciting rebirth in my offerings for you that I’m calling ‘the rebirth of enchantment’.

In order to visualise the inspiration for said new offerings this unfolds in two beautiful ways.

The first was reading about a moth who spends its Winter underground, wrapped in a cocoon, waiting for the Spring to return. This is very much how I have felt this past season: in my own cocoon. Right now, I dare say that many are also shedding their wintery cocoons.

But for me, the cocoon can become my everything. My safety, My comfort blanket. The space that I feel most nourished in. And regardless of the season, my wanting to cocoon, to be a hermit, and to cling to the silky softness that my cocoon surrounds me in, has always been like honey to the bee.

And yet, even as there is this soft stillness inside me, vast change, movement and action roll through the physical world.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we welcomed Spring on March 20th. Later in the season, we meet Easter. These are themes and celebrations surrounding the themes of fertility, new beginnings, and rebirth. What sacred, but busy times lie ahead!

Despite this, here I am clinging to the warm embrace of my inner world, tucked inside these crystalised inner-walls of safety.

So, I revisited my word for 2021: to be a flow of courage. I wanted to paint my life with courage and to be in flow as I added that paint to the canvas. 

This word has served me so deeply already, and for the most part, in ways I never expected. But is that not true flow after all? As in truly being in the type of flow that allows bravery and courage to just bring me/us into the next thing?

And so, I was reminded that at times courage will urge me to gently push myself to do hard things. To the expansive parts of my being. To seek a life outside of myself. To serve other people. To show up and continue to produce things that are valuable, even when my default is to hide safely ensconced in the warm embrace of my beloved cocoon.

With the above, I gently realised that true courage cannot be found in playing small. So yes, I am soft and reshapen by my natural instincts but, I am also fierce and strong. And with this, I am also vulnerable and supported.

I then asked myself that if I were to begin living a life of even deeper courage, outside of my safe cocoon, what would that look like? What would I do? And what would I say?

After all, I don’t wish to entirely romanticise the cocoon. For nature teaches us that the stage where the caterpillar turns to liquid inside the cocoon, and where the butterfly has yet to begin to emerge is both a moment of pure possibility but also extreme danger.

And then this week, in a moment of grace, and just like the pure magic I hold so dear, my beautiful Earth angel Yolanda gifted me with the answer: ‘the world’.

You see, I call my sacred free offering ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ and yet, what happens when I replace the word ‘Wednesday’ for ‘world’? Well, now I’m stepping into the deepest magic and mysticism, where the veils between heaven and Earth are literally lifted. In fact, I instantly felt like a true conduit between heaven and Earth. In short: what I wish to share, is not just reserved for a Wednesday alone!

Most importantly: I’m not playing small anymore.

And here was my ‘rebirth of enchantment’ moment. To a moment where this small seed of great discovery led me to an even deeper understanding of the type of courage I seek. That calling in, and then following the call to what I find sublime is one way I am able to blossom and hatch from my cocoon into my most expansive self after all. 

So, welcome to ‘A Whimsical World’ that will be the new birthplace for my most intimate thoughts. The type of thoughts I have shared here today. Slowly, but surely, a re-brand will take place whilst remaining the integrity and playfulness of the offering that means so very much to me.

So how do you join ‘A Whimsical World’? The link, as always, is below this post. Nothing grand will change just yet other than the name. I invite you to our April theme: Unicorns and their playful mysticism.

Now here’s to you dear soul. To your gentle powerful timing of rebirth. From where you may have been nesting in your own egg or cocoon. Can you now trust that, in divine timing, that you can meet your own journey of receptivity, renewal, and receive the signs and abundance to come for your own small seeds that will surely blossom?

Enchanted Ways to Celebrate The Arrival of Spring

Whilst you may wish to ponder on the above for a moment, to finish this post, and as an extra gift to you, I’m sharing a selection of ideas for how you can truly drink the nectar from the very start of this forthcoming Spring season.

Please let me know which of these landed in your heart the most, and I so look forward to meeting you all in your inbox in April, and the blog very soon too!

Here are just a few enchanted ways to celebrate the arrival of Spring together:

Notice the signs of the new season

Just this week I felt my heart expand with joy when I witnessed the first leaf buds and spring blossoms appearing in the garden. So, to start finding enchantment in this new season we can ask ourselves how we can observe all the new life beginnings around us. Is that the lightness of the breeze on your face as you open your windows? Is it the gentle crescendo of light in the mornings? However you can right now, take some time to celebrate the new life beginning that surrounds you in nature and outside of yourself. You could watch the sunrise and/or sunset, go for a mindful walk, lay in the grass, root yourself in the earth, and on and on the list goes. 

Plant Seeds (or bulbs)

It’s time to plant new life in the fertile soil. Whether you have the privilege of a garden or access to kitchen window space, it’s a beautiful time of year to plant something. Let us all give back to Mother Earth in any way that we can. Maybe you will want to plant some vegetables, some flowers, a tree or even just herbs. Whatever you choose to harvest for your nourishment (both emotionally and physically), and you will find you too are re-earthing yourself. In the Spring of last year, I planted a bed of edible flowers and witnessing their growth was magic personified!

Give Seeds/Flowers as gifts

This leads beautifully to this idea! As new season gifts, send a little bag of seeds to those you love. They fit perfectly into letters as an extra something and are both gifts to the recipient and Mother Earth herself. If you’re able to do something grander than this, perhaps you could send fresh flowers/ a plant to someone to both celebrate the new season and to let someone dear to you know that you are thinking of them. 

Cook with florals and from the season

Do you know what’s in season, in terms of food? There is something so special about the changing seasons that inspires me to cook with the gifts and the abundance of nature. I can’t wait for fresh asparagus and rhubarb right now! Here are some of the recipes I post on my blog. And if you’re looking for the resource of all resources for seasonal eating, beautiful Gem from The Mothercooker has you sorted! Head here to visit her blog.

Bird Feeders

My passion for feeding birds started in early childhood as my grandparents both adored this hobby. We always had multiple feeders in the garden and outside of this, I visited wildlife spots to discover other birds. When I arrived back in the UK in March 2020 due to Covid, I felt the call more than ever to ground myself in the natural world and let Mother Nature hold me. Engaging in activities such as feeding birds will allow you to have an intimate view of the natural world this season. As birds prepare their nests right now, this is the most beautiful time to start feeding them. I have a whole post about feeding garden birds right here but please let me know if you need additional help!

Enjoy seasonal crafts 

Creating spring crafts is a beautiful way to welcome the season. You could take some time for baking, create floral arrangements, decorate eggs, make flower crowns or, like me, you could start a new project! My project is to finish my pastel Wendy House. It was painted in the early autumn but now it’s Spring, I want to decorate the inside. I’m planning on dedicating the May issue for the big exclusive tour for you all! 

Bring Spring into home

Last month, we talked about Spring Cleaning but I wanted to hold a reminder for this month too. The start of a new season is a wonderful way to restore balance in our homes so that we can prepare for new beginnings. There are also many other ways to bring Spring into the home. This could be from diffusing floral essential oils to displaying fresh flowers, to adding a sprinkling of pastels to your surroundings. 

Begin something new

A new season is all about new beginnings and so it’s a magical time of year to let go of the old and begin fresh. What does that look like for you? Maybe you’d like to spend some time reflecting on the past season. Or maybe you have a dream you’d like to bring to life. Or maybe you want to take an online class. In what ways can you allow this season to hold you to birth everything you so desire? Start small. Remember that everything starts from that tenny tiny seed of intention. 

Thanking you all so deeply for taking the time to be with me today reading this. I hope very much to hold you in enchanted space in a ‘Whimsical World’ that you can sign up to below.

Are you looking for more whimsical, enchanted magic?

Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and for being here. I love and appreciate you beyond words.

Georgie xoxo is a blog for those seeking everyday whimsy, with a heart full of wanderlust focusing on travel adventures, pretty crafts, chronic illness and words on finding the meaning in life through wonder and enchantment.

It’s my ultimate hope that there has been something on my blog that has enabled you to travel into the deepest realms of wonder and enchantment so that you can truly feel and embody your own world, and the world around you, that can be filled with more magic than you could possibly imagine. 

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