How Living a life of Meaning, Magic and Mischief blends into a wondrous enchanted life with Bella Luna Mystic

How Living a life of Meaning, Magic and Mischief blends into a wondrous enchanted life with Bella Luna Mystic

Can living a life of meaning, magic and mischief blend into the wondrous enchanted life I always seek? Well, to me, they are the most harmonious combination. To explain more, I’m so delighted and honoured to welcome Bella Luna to my blog today to discuss her spiritual path that also includes a Scientific background.

Bella Luna is a Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, and Multi-Passionate Mystic who I met through Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s ‘Self Love Success Club’. I was instantly drawn to her soul-deep magical essence and was so delighted to see that our spiritual interests exist in a similar portal.

Bella’s ultimate dharma is to support cosmically inclined women, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. As stated above, Bella’s mission is to bring meaning, mischief, and magic into our lives through tangible tools and intuitive insight.

Bella is a lover of all things magical and mystical. In addition, as well as a mystic, Bella also considers herself a scientist, and strongly disagrees with the notion that magic and science are mutually exclusive.

The message Bella wishes to illuminate the world with is, “make the journey as magical as the destination.” Through this, Bella believes in making the most of every single step of the adventure, instead of waiting for one day. Because one day is NOW!

This is such a juicy interview with stories of mystery and mischief, and magic that fuses so powerfully with a shared view from Bella’s scientific background about how being spiritual doesn’t mean rejecting modern science and medicine and that believing in modern scientific medicine doesn’t mean rejecting spirituality. As you’ll discover in Bella’s story, together they can be seen as most successful when viewed as harmonious.

Hi Bella! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

I’m Bella Luna, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Mystic and transformational facilitator. I support female spiritual seekers, who lack purpose and are disenchanted with the world around them. Together, I will guide them to find more meaning, clarity and purpose, by awakening their inner magick and helping them claim their full power.

I have five core values that create the foundation of my business – Spirituality, Humour, Authenticity, Depth and Exploration. I am a bit of a nomad and love to fly wherever the wind takes me. I am currently based in London, UK, but I can always be found in my Facebook Community

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Curious, playful and deep.

You aim to bring ‘meaning, mischief and magic’ into the world. What do these qualities mean to you? And how can it help heal the world?

Meaning, magic and mischief are the three key ingredients in my spell for a life worth living.

When we find meaning in ourselves, our lives and the world around us, it can deepen our passion for life and fuel us to create a better world for ourselves and the whole. The magic brings everything to life and is what turns the world into a mystical playground with wonders around every corner.

Learning to see the extraordinary in the ordinary allows us to view life through a brighter and more wondrous lens. When we embrace a sense of mischief and play, we embody our inner child, keeping things light and joyful. These characteristics inevitably help to raise our vibration and that of the planet around us. 

As well as a mystic, you also consider yourself a scientist. This is so potent in these times where it often feels like the spiritual and scientific world should be seen as separate things. Can you talk more about this magical connection you see between science and spirituality?

For me, science and magic are two areas with a HUGE overlap. Within this overlap lies all the magic we have an explanation for, i.e. as soon as something becomes explainable, it typically goes from being magical to scientific.

But for me, the explanation has always made it far more magical. I am an intensely curious person, and when the inner workings of something are explained to me, it comes alive.

Again, it’s about seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. At school, we are taught how rainbows are formed, and fortunately, this has not made them any less magical to us. No matter how many rainbows there are, people will always get excited, point them out, and stop what they’re doing.

While at University, I studied a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Conservation. This was a wildly magical degree to pursue as it gave me some of the most incredible experiences of my entire life – pioneering a study of bats in the Amazon, shadowing gamekeepers in Africa and trekking through rainforests on the heels of jaguars. I challenge anyone to say these experiences were anything less than pure magic.

Studies such as quantum physics and metaphysics are further areas that combine elements of magic and science, both of which absolutely fascinate me and I hope to dive deeper into going forward.

What offerings or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and embody the magic within and outside of themselves?

From Spiritual Life Coaching and Soul Plans, to Chakra Dancing and journeying with the Moon cycles, my transformational offerings are designed to support the journey from RADICAL Self-Love to Dharma Discovery, and all the magic in between.

For me, all the magic in my world stemmed from my journey of self-love, as without a deep sense of self-worth, nothing in my life meant anything.

Learning to love myself was what gave me the gift of confidence, drive and permission to follow my joy, discover who I was and create an aligned life, outside of societal constraints and mainstream ideology.

Every single offering I deliver, is infused with the practices, and lessons I learned through my personal struggles.

My current course curriculum offers the following:

«  RADICAL Self-Love: to deepen the most important relationship in your life – the one with yourself.

«  Awaken your Inner Mystic: to reconnect with your Higher Self, awaken your inner magick, and unlock your full potential.

«  Moon-Mentum: to harness the power of the Moon, attune with the rhythms of nature and boost you into a state of flow.

«  Chakra Bootcamp: to embody the qualities of the Chakras and re-align your body’s energy centres.

«  Ready, Release, RISE!: to let go of who you are, reclaim your full power and become who you were always destined to be.

«  Dharma Discovery: to align with destiny, embrace your most meaningful life possible, and be fulfilled in all aspects of your world.


What’s been the key for you in building community?

For me, the key to building community is complete and utter unapologetic authenticity and vulnerability.

When I started University, I learned there were some 40,000 students in the town I was moving to. I suddenly had this thought that if I was actually myself, fully and completely, there must be at least one person that would like me for me. And this one person ended up being a sacred mentor and best friend of mine. A woman who brought me home to myself and helped me remember the power I already held within.

Since then, the closest relationships I have built have all stemmed from being unapologetically 100% true to myself and being willing to be vulnerable. Authenticity and vulnerability are the birthplaces of soul connections and wild rides. 

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life the most?

In my early twenties, I survived an abusive relationship and this experience was what set me on the path I am currently on. When I finally left this abusive relationship, I had extremely low self-worth, was deeply lost and didn’t know who I was. It was through deep exploration of my internal and external worlds that took me down the path of self-love and discovering how to live a life aligned to my unique nature.

After leaving this relationship, it was how I imagine it to feel when being released from prison. I had no sense of personal identity and didn’t know how to make decisions for myself, because I hadn’t been allowed to for so long. Instead of allowing this to consume and overwhelm me, it made me go completely wild.

I tried EVERYTHING. I tried on different behaviours, different clothes, different music, foods, friends, hobbies, places, books, movies, personality characteristics, vices. I tried ALL the things. It was through this extreme journey of exploration that I discovered exactly who I was on every layer possible.

Before my abusive relationship I don’t think I ever even considered who I was, or what I was doing with my life. It sounds cliché, but I really had to lose myself completely to fully find myself. 

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that help you feel connected to both yourself and the magical world around you? 

Solo yoga is my most solid practice that I return to daily no matter how I am feeling.

I practice meditation regularly, but if I am struggling with racing thoughts, it’s always yoga that centres me and calms my mind the most.

I keep a gratitude journal, which I write in first thing every morning and last thing every night. Gratitude is one of the most effective practices for increasing your vibrational frequencies and I cannot express how much of an impact it has had on my overall level of happiness and contentment.

Silence is another practice I seek often, as this helps to provide space for Divine connection and to allow inspiration, insight and wisdom to find me.

I love to follow the Moon cycles and I gain much from aligning with the natural rhythms of our Mother Earth.

Movement is another thing I practice on a daily basis, but I struggle with traditional exercise so this often comes in the form of dance and hula-hooping. I LOVE to dance, even if it’s just 15 minutes as I get dressed and start my day, other times it’s a 30-minute Chakra Dancing session.

Additionally, I find tapping and shaking to be very useful practices when I am up-leveling my energy, or have been sitting at my desk for extended periods of time. 

Describe your perfect day: 

I would have to say my perfect day would involve waking up in some sort of natural, temporary dwelling at some kind of hippy festival and being woken by a dog licking my face.

Starting my day with yoga and meditation in nature, and with a glorious view.

Being in community with like-hearted beings, outside in the fresh air and surrounded by trees.

Delivering workshops on self-love and Chakra Dancing, followed by ceremony and drum circles.

Frolicking through wildflower meadows, climbing trees, and swimming in natural water. Dancing under the stars, to high vibe music, with my tribe. Then snuggling into a cosy nest with my loved one by my side.

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, enchantment and wonder? How do these things show up for you? 

I feel these words are very congruent with my 3 key words – meaning, magic and mischief. I see myself as an incredibly whimsical person (and I think a great deal of my close friends would agree with me!). I am forever dressing to please my inner 5-year-old – flowing skirts, fairy wings, tiaras and the like. Every day is dress-up day in my world! The words ‘enchantment’ and ‘wonder’ resonate deeply for me, and remind me of my previously used phrase ‘seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary’. I pride myself in being constantly enamoured with the world, the day I don’t stop for a rainbow or a butterfly is a sad day indeed!

Finally, Bella, what is your one wish for the world?

My one wish for the world is for everyone to realise that they are enough. They have always been enough and they will always BE enough. If I could bottle self-love and sprinkle it around the world, well that would be a truly magnificent super power. 


Thank you so much to Bella for this illuminating, raw, and nourishing conversation. I hope you all enjoyed devouring these topics as much as I did! What was most striking for you?

For me, it was so beautiful to reflect on how similar Bella and I see the world through our chosen words of ‘meaning, magic and mischief’ and my ‘whimsy, wonder and enchantment’. Together, they weave like a Symphony and only seek to demonstrate that life has intrinsic value and that every moment of this free wandering life is an enchantment in itself when it is fused with love, playfulness, curiosity, and cherishing each and every moment.

I also truly passionately believe that society can benefit from the integration of many of the topics discussed in this interview. In particular, a balance and a reverence for both spirituality and science weaving their magic together so magnificently.

I absolutely loved to hear about Bella’s background with both spirituality and science and how she chooses to embrace the brilliance and harmonious coexistence of both spirituality and science that, when in a dance with one another, only seek to reaffirm faith in human ingenuity, faith, and the sublime.

What did this conversation and wisdom spark within you? How will you infuse meaning, magic, and mischief into your day? How can you fuse this into your day or week ahead? And what are your views on the relationship between science and spirituality? I’d love to meet you in the comments for all your thoughts!






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Feeling The World Through Art: An Interview with Sarah from Artemperature

Feeling The World Through Art: An Interview with Sarah from Artemperature

Down the ages, there has been a close synergy between art and fashion. It’s a relationship I am fascinated by, and one that I have studied with a passion at University (you’ll also get more of this coming through on Painting Music and Art).

Today I’m joined by Sarah Spagnuolo, the founder of Artemperature, who is as passionate as me about bringing art into our lives through fashion.

Fashion like art follows its own rules of form, and like painting or literature interprets the world in its own way. In this interview with Sarah, we will see how she works with numerous designers who have worked closely with the art world and vice versa, to both interact and be influenced by it. 

Artemperature believes that ‘art is the most universal form of expression and an extremely powerful medium to make people feel things that can’t be easily communicated with words.’

Both Sarah and her team aim to allow people to: ‘feel the world through art!’ In addition, they seek to: ’empower you to communicate your dreams and beliefs using the language of art!

What a powerful beautiful message! Here’s Sarah to describe more about her mission with Artemperature.

Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for your time on my blog. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you and your business. How did Artemperature come to be?

Thanks to you, I love your blog! Everything started from me struggling on the idea that contemporary art is part of the life of just a niche of people compared to contemporary music. Everyone knows the new hits in music thanks to radio, TV or the internet, few people know the contemporary art scene. 

Someone could think…so what? Why should this be an issue? As a Historian ( I have a degree in Contemporary History) my view of our history is a flow of facts, movements, thinkings, philosophies, arts and costumes strictly connected one with each other. 

As you can’t really understand the Renaissance without knowing also Leonardo da Vinci, you can’t really understand who we are today without knowing who is leading today the art scene. It’s a matter of identity as also expression. 

No one is able to express the global feelings as an artist can do. 

So,  Artemperature was born as a blog about contemporary art focused on using social media as the main medium to bring more contemporary art to everyone. 

After sharing a lot of content about amazing contemporary artists and gaining also some little success (some of my videos has been shared more than 30K times), I discovered that people were more attracted by everything was “WOW” and really surprising more than the story behind, and I wasn’t satisfied, so I started to make many experiments until when I started to produce fashion accessories with contemporary art over them…I sold the products and I understood that in this way I was really bringing a bit of contemporary art in the life of people!

Describe Artemperature in 3 words: Colorful, Cultural-Connected, Good.

What kind of person can you see wearing Artemperature?

I see different people wearing Artemperature. I don’t believe in age or gender based target groups. I believe in personalities. I see wearing Artemperature people with a colourful and sparkling personality, people who like to express them self also through fashion. We make art pieces to wear for letting people talk through art using their apparel. So we are looking for communicative people when we create our pieces. We are looking for someone who wants to address a meaningful vibe or message through what they wear and like. 

Artemperature is the home of ‘art-inspired products for a more expressive, colourful and impactful world’. How do you bring these qualities into your everyday life?

Very concretely, I bring these qualities into my daily life sharing on social media the most expressive artworks that I find about a feeling or a current subject in order to highlight it and inspire a thinking about it. 

So, I chose a very long time ago to speak the language of art every day!

Can you please talk us through the incredible ethics that you have created at Artemperature? 

Oh thank you, this is the hardest part of this project. We try to connect every collection to a social cause, but it is not easy at all because when you are looking to donate you think that every association should reply to your emails, but it is not in this way. 

Anyway, in general we keep the 10% of every sale for a non profit association, when we don’t find the right fit, we keep it as a sort of art fund. When we’ll reach a significant amount we would like to start to create awards or contests for rewarding talented emerging artists. In addition, we produce when we receive the order, so in this way our production ecosystem is zero waste.

Who, and what, are some of your favourite artists, artworks and designers? 

I’m close to my current time. So, from the Fashion world I have to say that I don’t see so much creativity anymore. I like Gucci for the new artistic path taken recently. I like Alessandro Enriquez for the use of printing, I’m curious and I always look to the asian fashion world for more creativity in Fashion. In general, as many, what captures me is an idea or simply the creativity behind the idea.

From the Art world the list is quite huge :). I like the bigger thinkers like Weiwei or Oliasson. I like artists who are investigating new ways to make art like: Theo Jansees and Refik Anadol. I like artists who are giving new life to traditional arts as painting and sculpture like: Golsa Golchini for painting or Jago for sculpture (both are Italians)….I could go on for hours 🙂  I don’t have a favorite artwork. 

When do you feel at your most creative?

Morning is my best moment for energy and creativity. 

How do you want people to feel when they look at your art?

I would like them just feeling, as this would mean being connected.

If you could incorporate any artist, designer or artwork into your collection, who/what would it be and why?

Wow…this is funny, my aim is to have a positive social impact in the life people through art, so if I could choose my “dream- team” I would involve Banski as my Creative Art Director, Benjamin Von Wong as Photographer and storyteller and even if he is not an artist, Jeff Besoz as Head of Sales :), because sales are important. Then as artists I think the list can be really huge, anyway as artists I would love to involve Pawel Kuczynsk with his satirical illustrations, Bisa Butler with her textile artworks about the African American culture, or my friend Jennifer Mazur who works on the mental stigma, or again my friend Sige Nagels who works on the subject of climate change…

As Designers I love Iris van Herpen and I really would like to create innovative products as she did in Fashion. 

Outside of Artemperature, what rituals or routines do you love that helps you stay connected and inspired by life?

Reading a lot of news, doing research and looking at the sunrise over Zurich lake everyday. 

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, enchantment and wonder? How do these things show up for you? 

Wonder is absolutely part of my life, and mostly about people. I have a “magic” gift in finding wonder and enchantment in every person. Whimsy in me is more maybe related to food, art and curiosity in general. I’m very curious, I’m the kind of person who would like to try to eat the most weird and luxurious food while visiting the most strange exhibition. 

Where can we see more of Artemperature? (social media, website etc)

On my website as also on Instagram and Facebook and

Finally Sarah, what is your one wish for the world? 

My one wish to the world is that one day, soon, everyone can feel and be really free.. to express, to wear, to move, to be, to talk, to exist…it is too painful  for me that 2021 still many people have not these basic freedom rights. 


Thank you so much to Sarah on behalf of Artemperature for sharing her passion for the arts, and how the symbiotic relationship between fashion and art is so incredibly powerful.

Through Artemperature‘s creations I am reminded that the flow of ideas between the world of arts and fashion has continued throughout the centuries, as shown in various artistic movements, and has been diversely expressed in dress shapes, fabric adornments, accessories or jewellery.

In fact, the links between art and fashion go back before the Renaissance and artists such as Bellini not only depicted fashion in their paintings, but also created costumes and fabrics, making him one of the first ‘fashion designers’. Much later, Volt echoed these same ideas in this quote:

“Fashion is an art, like architecture or music. A creatively inspired and attractively worn dress has the same values as a fresco by Michelangelo or a Madonna by Titan.”

Futurist Volt in 1920

Thanks to the designs from Artemperature, which also give back to such important causes, we can all become a spectacular work of art and display our uniqueness with the world.

Moreover, by feeling into the arts, we have the indescribable and limitless power of bathing into our individuality which is our constant gift to the world.

Shop Artemperature here


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My Most Enchanted Favourites from Artemperature

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Purchase Van Gogh Starry Night Sky Laptop Sleeve Here

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Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.

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The Face of Depression: Art That Paints A Window Into The Soul by Jennifer Mazur Art

The Face of Depression: Art That Paints A Window Into The Soul by Jennifer Mazur Art

How would you describe depression? It often feels like it is impossible to describe the presence and magnitude of such an illness into words or feelings.

However, is it possible to encapsulate the depth of pain through art?

One artist who hopes to do just this is Jennifer Mazur who I have the honour of featuring on my blog this week.

In this interview, Jennifer explores the face of depression through her breathtaking paintings that aim to paint a window into the soul of those living with mental illnesses.

Raised under the Florida sun and living in tune with Swedish nature, Jennifer comes from a long line of artists. Today, her art is fuelled by her need to address mental wellness and she uses her art as a medium to raise her voice and smash the mental health stigma.

I too deeply believe that erasing the stigma of mental health in our culture begins with sharing our stories and realising that many of us are suffering. And so, I’m so incredibly grateful for Jennifer for sharing her story with us all.

Most importantly, I also hope this interview and Jennifer’s art serves as a reminder that you are never ever alone as dark and lonely as it sometimes seems.

Hi Jennifer! Firstly, can you please tell my readers all about your beautiful art and how it came to be? 

Absolutely. I have been creating art forever, but this year, during the Covid pandemic, I lost my mom. Then I lost my job as a result of wanting to be by my mom’s side.

Because of mom, I found myself naturally moving away from just aesthetically pleasing art to art that evoked emotion and found that it talked to a specific audience about something that pissed me off- The stigma of mental health.

Plus, without a job I’ve had a whole lot of time.

You describe yourself as a ‘Emotive, figurative, mixed media artist’ and on a mission to remove the stigma of mental health. Can you please tell my readers more about this? And how you approach this in your beautiful artwork?

I have spent a huge part of my life “depressed” and with “ADD”. I have found it has been so difficult to get help. Even with friends- when I opened up and was honest, most people seemed to shy away from the topic, with a generic reply like, “Well, it will get better. Go for a walk.” And when I turned to social media I noticed that everything was just…. bullshit. No one was being authentic. No one feels amazing and awesome 100% of the time.

My work features women, “my girls”, who struggle with something they feel ashamed of, because they have been conditioned to think these things are shameful — Depression, ADHD, Bipolar, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Autism, or just plain ol’ loneliness. The list goes on and on. Because of the fear of being judged, they don’t show up completely. 

It’s as if using an Instagram filter. They show up all sparkly and perfect. However, that isn’t how they want to live. So they are breaking outside of the implied moulds that Society and Social Media expect. In a moment of strength, they decide to share their souls with anyone they trust. So my girls have a single eye that is more realistic, large, and wide open. Inviting people to look deep inside and connect on an authentic level.

Daring to break the stigma that mental health still carries in 2021!

You live in Sweden (one of my favourite countries!) but you’re originally from Florida in the USA. How have both locations inspired your artwork? And you as a person?

OMG yes. I grew up on the beaches of Florida and since being in Sweden I find my solitude in the woods. Plus in Stockholm, I am surrounded by water, which I love. Because of this, my palette tends to gravitate towards blues and greens. 

In the States my life was always so rushed — gogogo! — and here in Sweden it’s a matter of slowing down. At first it drove me crazy, but I have learned to appreciate it. Taking in the moments and enjoying them. And I no longer feed the perfectionist inside of me. Rather, I take things as they come naturally. Both in myself and in my art.

Can you remember your earlier creative memories?

I grew up in a family of artists. So I think my creative side was nurtured from a very early age. One of my first memories was wanting to make a book. So mom took a box, cut it up, made a book cover and tied pages inside with a red ribbon. She then wrote the words I shared and I illustrated them in crayon, paint and pen. Already mixed media! 

Can you please talk us through some of your favourite materials for your artwork?

So many! Everything goes. For example, when working on a canvas (not in my latest collection) I start every canvas by writing my wishes for the eventual owner in graphite. A small blessing of sorts. Then I cover it with gesso, acrylics, alcohol inks, markers, graphite, charcoal, watercolours, pens, moulding pastes, papers, literally anything goes.

Even with my current collection I use both watercolor and pen. And occasionally inks.

I love them all!

What is on your mood board, or in your mind, as you create?

Sometimes a specific song. It can be something I hear on the news. Or something a friend is struggling with. Often it’s just a matter of working from intuition. Just getting it down onto the canvas. Inspiration comes from everywhere. From living. 

Where do you create your artwork? And how do you work? For example, do you enjoy listening to anything as you work, or enjoy watching something? 

I have a studio at home where I create and have several playlists that I rotate. Often when outdoors, near water or in the woods, I bring a small sketchbook, paints and pens and just create small pieces for myself. Outdoors is the only place I don’t have music playing while creating.

How do you want people to feel when they look at your art?

I want them to feel seen and understood. To know that whatever it is that they are not wanting to share due to the fear of being judged is common and not something to be ashamed of.

I’d like to give them a small boost of bravery to help them share their authentic selves.

And for others, who don’t see themselves, I want them to have an Aha! moment. To recognize the fact that mental health is something we need to talk about. To not make shameful. And to realize the magnitude of what judgement does to others.

If you could have a piece of your artwork anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Oh goodness! I hadn’t thought of this before. I just want it to be visible to those who need it. Wherever that is.

Routines and rituals for the soul: can you tell us about the others little or big things that keep you feeling enchanted, joyful, connected and inspired?

I meditate a lot. I look at other artists’ work. I walk in nature. I light candles and take bubble baths. I follow a ton of Instagram accounts who are uplifting. I try to live a life of gratitude and look for it even in the most difficult moments. I read statistics on mental health (this keeps me connected, no joy here). 

Georgie xoxo is all about seeking whimsy, enchantment and wonder? How do these things show up for you? 

They show up in nature with the peace of the snow falling, the perfection of flowers and leaves and the sound of the waves rolling in. By appreciating a lot of mermaid, faery and fantasy art. And crystals with the colors, texture and the way they feel in my hands.  

Describe the your art or ethos in 3 words: 

Uplifting, whimsical and thoughtful

Where can we see more of your artwork? (social media, website etc)

Finally Jennifer, what is your one wish for the world?

To treat each other with compassion and understanding — without judgement.


A huge thank you to Jennifer for opening up about parts of her journey living with mental illness and sharing such love and light through her methods of healing through art.

The healing power of creating art has long been recognised by artists for centuries from around the world, as evident in the work of Vincent Van Gogh to Edward Munch to Georgia O’Keeffe.

Living with a mental health illness is a long road, and one with many variables and actionable steps. Today, we can start by talking and Jennifer’s work so gently eases us into these conversations.

I’d love to know how Jennifer’s artwork makes you feel? Are there aspects of Jennifer’s story that resonates with you? What do you see when you gaze into her portrait’s eyes?

It’s always such an honour to hold space for you all here. Until then, like every single one of the faces that Jennifer paints, please always remember how special you are, how unique you are, and how much this world needs you just as you are right now.

For my Swedish readers, Jennifer is holding an exhibition of her work in January 2021. To find all the details head here.

Click here to view Jennifer Mazur’s Art

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How To Empower Yourself Through Surrender and Find The Goddess Within with Darleen from Growing To Be Me

How To Empower Yourself Through Surrender and Find The Goddess Within with Darleen from Growing To Be Me

This year, I’ve still been leaning very much into the word ‘surrender’.

As I uncover the deepest meaning of this word, I have found myself on a process of learning to allow and trust things to be there as I walk through the depths of the uncertainty that surrounds it all.

And if there was ever a year to lean into surrender it’s 2020! For me, this has been a year that has truly taught me how to have surrender for the unknown. And ultimately, how healing it is to bathe in the present moment.

However, it’s important to note that surrender isn’t “giving up and collapsing in the fear…” Not at all. Surrender isn’t a passive thing but actually very active in the present moment and mind that is also anchored into the body and soul.

Today I have invited goddess Darleen from ‘Growing To Be Me’ who is the founder of the ‘Fierce Surrender Membership’ who knows all about the power of surrendering.

This sacred container is described by Darleen as being a place “where you make the incredible decision to empower yourself through surrender.” Moreover, “you will learn to trust the universe, you will feel more held than ever before.”

So how do you surrender? Especially in these times of deep uncertainty?

In this beautiful conversation, Darleen shares her journey toward surrendering and how it can open your heart to infinite possibilities.

We also dig into the sisterhood wound, the power of womxn’s circles and ultimately how we can be held by surrending our anxieties to divinity so we can meet the goddess within us all.

Hi Darleen! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

Hi Georgie! My name is Darleen, I was born in Germany, raised in Portugal and a few years ago I decided to move to the north of England by myself. I am a facilitator of safe spaces via womxn’s or people’s circles online and offline!

Your new membership is called ‘Fierce Surrender’. Can you tell us about the inspiration beyond this membership? How has surrender helped you move through 2020 so far?

‘Fierce Surrender’ was birthed through a reflection of our struggles to let go of what had already passed and hanging onto anxieties about what was to come. I wanted to create a safe space where we can collectively share, return to this moment, find stillness and sisterhood. 

I love the word “fierce” as it makes me think of this strong and powerful goddess that not only feels sexy and empowered in her own skin, but that also knows that she is capable. We all have this goddess within, we have just forgotten that she is there. 

Surrender has helped me in many ways this year. It has taught me so many lessons as I’m sure it did for many of us.

Surrender has allowed me to find comfort in uncomfortable situations, by reminding myself that I am golden and true no matter what. Surrender has allowed me to have fun when I finally let go of the workaholic in me. Surrender has allowed me to find beautiful lessons in terrible events or “embarrassing” moments. 

What other offerings or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and to be connected to sisterhood?

Currently, my focus is the ‘Fierce Surrender’ container, as it feels most aligned for me for at this moment! However, there will be some more free resources and events coming soon for our community to connect more!

I may soon have available 1:1 mentoring, that I am incredibly excited for once more! The new year is bringing many beautiful things my way, and I cannot wait to see what I will be able to offer!

What does the sisterhood mean to you? And how can it help to heal the world?

Wow, I love this question because sisterhood is healing in itself.

Many of us have a sister wound, meaning we have some traumatic experiences with other girls or women when we were growing up that caused us to feel resentment towards other women to this day; potentially making it harder for us to connect and share openly.

This is still a big topic for me as I had many toxic friendships growing up. I used to class myself as someone who could never fit in, and as soon as I created ‘Growing to be Me‘, I began to find my tribe, people who felt the same. I have had such an honour to create spaces of sisterhood and feel part of the sisterhood. 

Sisterhood to me means sharing, making mistakes, learning from each other, keeping an open heart, not judging, supporting one another, lifting one another up: rising together.

As women especially, we have been suppressed since the moment we were born, put in a box this world picked for us. We are magical beings, we hold so much power, the power of birth, the magic of life. By embodying that fierce goddess within us, the divinity and love for our own bodies, we are allowing others to do the same. This will heal with the world, I am sure. 

We live in a world that is filled with outdated systems, systems that have been in place to keep us small, for the big white men to keep the power. They have made us forget how powerful we are and it is time we take it back. 

Have any fears, obstacles or unexpected surprises showed up along the way as you have worked on facilitating space for sisterhood?

So many. And I know there is many more to come. Building a business isn’t easy, it takes time, and social media can make it look all too easy. 

I believe money is a fear and obstacle in itself. It’s an uncomfortable topic for many of us still, but it is also a beautiful tool to exchange energy. It took me a long time to begin charging for my spaces and the reason I did was because people wouldn’t commit unless there was a fair energy exchange. 

This is human and by no means do I do this work for the money, but we have to understand that in order to get something out of an experience there needs to be an energy exchange. You and I will show up differently when there was a monetary exchange, we will feel more committed and the value of that experience will be different too!

I still sometimes don’t feel comfortable putting an accurate value on my offerings. I have had some programs selling quickly and some where no-one signed up. It is simply how it is! The world will keep moving and we keep learning!

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual life the most?

When I first moved to England over five years ago I hit rock bottom, it was the most difficult time of my life. However, I remember the mum of a friend of mine had just taken a Reiki course and she had crystals and Angel cards in her home. I was intrigued but never dug any deeper. 

I was made to believe that those beliefs in me classed me as “crazy”, but I always felt that there was more, something that not even counselling was showing me. A different way to grow and explore myself.

Around two years ago, I attended a Womxn’s Circle led by Ella Grace Denton in Manchester. I remember thinking that as soon as I booked it, that it was going to change my life. 

As someone who always felt she struggled to connect with others, as soon as I arrived I felt as safe as I had never felt before. It was a life-changing experience. From then on I knew I wasn’t alone, that spaces like that existed, and this day played a big part in my spiritual path.

Now I look back and I cannot believe how far I have come. From loneliness and deep unhappiness to feeling as held as never before and knowing that everything is divine timing.

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that help you feel connected to both yourself and the world around you? 

I adore routines and rituals. I don’t always stick to them as I am not perfect and life sometimes gets busy or I don’t feel that’s what I need.

As soon as I wake up, I usually drink water and head into the living room to stick my head outside the window because the fresh air and light wakes my body up. I have my yoga mat laid out on the floor in my living room, so that’s where I try to move a little in the morning.

Recently, I have been loving drinking raw cacao, it has really been helping my body mentally and physically. Sometimes I will light incense, palo santo or sage whilst drinking it to my “Calm Woman In Me” playlist. Journaling also helps me collect my thoughts, specially after a meditation or breathwork session. 

Movement feels essential to me. Whether that is moving to a song, working out or going for a walk. There is something healing in it. 

There’s a few full/new moon rituals that I have been loving that I am hoping to share very soon!

Describe your perfect day: 

My perfect day would be spent in the sunshine, at a silent retreat, without my phone, incredible nourishing food, with my journal and chances to move my body until the moon rises. 

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

Resilient, empowered and ambitious. 

Finally, Darleen, what is your one wish for the world?

My one wish for the world is that we all see the corrupted systems and that we reinvent them. That we re-build this world on love, honesty and union. 

The planet needs us more than ever to recognise our mistakes and to act from a place other than power and greed. 


I truly cannot thank beautiful Darleen enough for this beautiful, raw and deeply inspiring conversation that I hope touches as many heart and soul’s as possible.

What has been illuminated for you in this conversation?

One of the biggest takeaways from my conversation with Darleen is how she describes the process of surrendering as a portal that allows us to break free and step into the grace and healing of the present moment.

This reminds me of deeply potent words by Deepak Chopra who calls surrender “the wisdom of uncertainty.” Isn’t that a stunning reframe for the mind?

I have now learnt that surrender greets us with an opportunity where we can not only fully meet our deepest selves, but also find our deepest divinity. Within these safest places, we can lean into the trust that the universe conspires to support us always.

However, this can all be easier said than done and Darleen’s container that anchors in this safety our beings crave as we journey through this is such a blessed offering. You can find out more about below alongside Darleen’s social media and podcast.

My second greatest takeaway was how a life rooted in sisterhood is a life that blooms loves, peace and harmony for all. I am deeply passionate about having true sisterhood with other women and I am so blessed for having the honour of speaking to priestesses such as Darleen who hold such loving space for this healing. Because to me, sisterhood is healing.

Now I would love to hear from you and hear about any takeaways or downloads that came to you through this medicine?

How do you feel about embodying surrender? Has the idea of surrender come up for you this year? And how to do you feel into sisterhood and womxn’s circles? I’d love to hear all your potent thoughts below.

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Connecting Back To Our Bodies and to Mother Earth Through The Way Of The Womb: An Interview with Bec Wallis Birth Keeper

Connecting Back To Our Bodies and to Mother Earth Through The Way Of The Womb: An Interview with Bec Wallis Birth Keeper

October is Pituitary Awareness Month and whilst last year I wrote vulnerably about my experience of Living With a Prolactinoma, this year I wanted to mark this event by inviting Bec Wallis, an empowered birth keeper and healer, onto my blog to discuss how we can come home to our bodies and Mother Earth through the way of the womb.

I have a very complicated relationship with menstruation and I live with the trio of a Prolactinoma, PCOs and Endometriosis.

As a result of living with these conditions, I never started my periods properly. And at this time in life, I still have no regular monthly period despite 10 years of medication to treat all of the above with their endless pills, potions and incredibly invasive treatments.

This lack of the seemingly ‘normal’ 28-day cycle, coupled with intense pain and a myriad of other hormonal complications, has left a scar of me being deeply unconnected with my soul femininity that has plagued me throughout my teens and twenties.

However as I look back on my Living With a Prolactinoma post from last year, I realise how much I have changed in just a year. I am no longer at war with my body. I meet it with love even when the most heartbreaking and insidious symptoms arise. I marvel at it working so hard to keep me here. Even when I do bleed now, it’s nothing short of a blessing, including whatever else may come with it.

It has felt like a true homecoming and there are so many parts of this conversation with Bec that has helped to further heal my body, heart and soul.

Throughout this year I’ve really wanted to just bathe in the medicine of healer’s like Bec that can impart their wisdom and alchemy into my imagination. I want to learn, unlearn and sit at the feet of anyone who has teachings for me so that I can just receive it all into my bones.

In acknowledgement of this, and my desires to have this space holding for me, it has allowed me to have a much needed break from posting too much about my own journey. So today, I, like you, am here to listen and be held in the womb of love, understanding and transformation from Bec.

This conversation feels like a reclamation. So, grab your favourite nourishing beverage and take some time to absorb this wisdom. You can either read the transcript or you can listen to the audios directly from Bec on the journey of her own healing and her adventure into the ancient craft of midwifery as a birth keeper and doula.

Hi Bec! Thank you so much for your time. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

So thank you so much for having me and inviting me into this beautiful space. It’s so lovely to connect with you and I’m so grateful for this connection. 

My name’s Bec and I am originally from Liverpool however for the past few years I have been travelling around Asia and living amongst beautiful people from all around the world. 

Now I’m settled in Glastonbury after about seven years, finally putting in roots to this beautiful space which lies upon the deep ley lines of the Earth, which is the heart chakra of the Earth. 

I’m so grateful to be here and I’ve already been so caught up in all the beautiful energy from this place. I feel like I’m really being held in an energetic womb of love and the energy here that is actually really similar to Bali. I don’t know whether you or any of your readers have been there before but it’s really magic.

Now I’m here I really am just embodying and soaking in all of the beauty here and coming home to myself and my journey that has been into the Duola realms of birthing and helping both women and men, birthing their babies and coming home to the most empowered place they they can to journey into the process of the rite of passage that is birth and childbirth. 

I now offer womb healing. This is to help people journey to deeper connections into their womb space to release emotions from this place and come home and meet themselves or come home to their bodies so they can learn to work not from the mind, or things we’ve learnt such as ‘this is what we need to do’ and ‘this is how we’re meant to live, in this masculine, energetic society’. But that we’re able to really tap into the feminine and be able to work from there. 

The true essence of the divine feminine is to tap into our intuition and the wisdom that we hold within our wombs. So this is really powerful for people who are feeling a disconnect from themselves, wanting to process emotions, to learn about themselves and release and embody their true power. 

I also offer birth guidance and attend births for women and men to have, and experience, the most empowered birth that they can. And also bringing couples into it as well. To really allowing ourselves to just embody the primitive raw essence that is birth and do it in a safe and supported environment where they feel this isn’t just something that happens to their body, but rather it’s something which is profound and an experience to embody the beautiful journey to meet your baby.

You’re a Trauma-informed Doula Guiding women to experience empowered Pregnancy and Birth with a deep connection to their bodies. Can you tell my readers all about this unique spiritual path?

Well, I feel like this is a beautiful question. Thank you for asking me this.

So truly I think one of the most profound things that has happened to me that has really brought me on this journey was the death of my dad. I didn’t know this at the time, but through the death of him, emerged the rebirth of me. And through his death, it has really brought me to a deep understanding of myself and it still does all the time. And I’m like, fuck, so many things are coming through that wouldn’t have come through if he was still here.

Of course, I miss him every day and wish that he was still here. I know that everything that I’m experiencing is off the back of the loss of him in my life is bringing me closer to myself. And I think every experience I’ve had since then has really shaped my spiritual journey. More than I probably even understand.

Through my relationships, to my spiritual practises. One of the big ones for me was my yoga teacher training after I got diagnosed with my Psychosomatic Disorder where I was really struggling to meditate. It’s something I’ve been doing for years but I was feeling a lot of resistance and I was getting a lot of jaw pain when I was meditating. I knew I really had to start doing more embodiment practices. 

I started doing yoga and I did my yoga teacher training in India and met my body in ways that I didn’t know I could possibly even imagine doing. In meeting my body it brought up and released so many profound things for me and it showed me things about myself and how actually my body is working for me and not against me. Because of all my physical symptoms, I was like, ‘why does my body hate me? What is happening to me?’ 

It really just showed me actually that this isn’t the case, actually, it is just when these things appear in my body, it’s actually just being like paired back. We need to look at something here. So to even have that realisation changed everything for me. 

Off the back of that was when I was in that space in India by the river Ganges in Rishikesh where I met lots of beautiful people and one of them had spoken to me about the Doula journey because I’d always wanted to do midwifery, but it just didn’t sit right with me. The alignment of Midwifery was to do with hospitals and it was very hospital bed based. 

So I spoke to one of the girls on the course about it, and she said, ‘what about doing Doula work’? And I was like, ‘what is this’? I researched and was like, oh, my gosh, this is me! This is exactly what I should be doing. And so I found myself off the back of a Full Moon ritual I went to booking a course in Glastonbury in January. 

Very synchronically, my course happened to be on the date of my dad’s birthday and I got the sixth place. Six is my number and all these beautiful things happened for me that just meant that I ended up in Glastonbury on this course. 

I have never felt more passionate about something in my entire life and always knew that I was meant to do something that meant something to people. But I just didn’t know what. 

I really found that when I went to my training. It all kind of happened that now I now live with my Doula trainer so I’m in her wisdom constantly, which is just magic. 

It was never my plan to move to Glastonbury, but here I am. It’s all fallen into place for me. Very perfectly so it’s just been so profound. 

Embodiment practises have been a huge part for me. An ecstatic dance and connecting to people through soul gaze, which is a process of doing an eye gaze and with another person and just truly finding myself being mirrored through the eyes of another person and realising that we are all so connected and also connected to the Earth.

I am the tunnel for light language, which is a practise of burying my roots of my womb deep into Mother Earth. I have words and sounds of music that flows through me. They are not mine and it’s something I’ve only just recently started sharing about, but it’s been very interesting. 

I did a Tantra activation a few weeks ago where I spoke to a beautiful lady who I’d worked with when I was staying in Bali and I did a Tantra activation with her and the light language flowed.

What I didn’t know is that she was also a channel and she started channelling and we had a conversation that was not a language from this Earth. I know that it’s going back to my ancestry because I’ve done a lot of ancestry work and it’s all to do with and warriors and tribes and people who lived off the earth and people who used to gather in Red Tents when women would bleed. It’s all very synchronistic and it will make so much sense.

Just when I allowed myself to open up that portal to my womb all this magic of my true essence came to flow through me and my soul spoke to me and is still speaking to me through profound realisations. 

Plant medicine and veganism opened up everything for me. Through veganism my connection to the Earth became much stronger and through working with Plant medicines such as Kambo, Sananga and San Pedro the journey to myself just skyrocketed. The journey to the Earth and through that process, I’ve heard my soul speak for the first time in my life. 

I’ve got goosebumps now talking about it, because it’s not actually anything that’s outside of me, it’s all things that are within me that I’ve just now had an outlet.

I’m only at the beginning of tapping in because I know there is immense wisdom within me and within every single human on this Earth. And we are just taught not to trust them. And it’s not our fault that we feel such disconnect. But it is our responsibility to come home to ourselves.

What offerings or practices do you offer to help women become more empowered and reclaim this deep connection back home to our bodies?

So I offer one to one womb healing and the journey that I offer is called ‘Returning Home’ and it is about tapping into the womb space and cultivating that connection that we have been taught not to listen to.

Everything we’ve learnt in this society is about being disconnected, not trusting our bodies, and it’s about undoing that and allowing us to feel empowered and trust in ourselves and feeling at home in our bodies and just tapping into that space before we make big decisions. Before we do things, and just saying, how does this truly feel? What is my soul truly calling for? So it’s a six-week journey but I offer for women’s bodies to truly journey and just cultivate a sense of deep trust. 

In the Doula realms, I offer support throughout pregnancy and birth. We use different modalities, such as embodiment practises, meditation and some Tantric work that comes through by connecting to partners and to yourself

It empowers you to be able to make decisions in alignment about what feels good for you. Not what we’re told ‘should’ feel good, or not what we’re told we ‘must’ do or ‘mustn’t’ do because each path is so unique to each person. 

So it’s really about tapping in and asking ‘what would feel most empowering for me?’ and then cultivating that wisdom to know that is what we can experience.

That is truly what my offer can give to people, it’s that inner knowing and guidance, the support and safety, and also having the exact birth we want. Even if the birth doesn’t go exactly to plan, and what your birth preferences are, you can truly be okay with whatever experience you have because whatever experience you have, you can still make it your own. 

It’s about informing, educating and supporting in safety, in love and really tapping into what the person in question would like to experience. And really knowing that that is something that can be true. It’s not just something that we want and we go, ‘oh, I hope it happens.’ No, we can experience that no matter what.

Our birth story isn’t just about us it’s about the baby as well. The baby may have a plan that is different than our plan. And that’s okay because every birth is sacred and every birth is beautiful. It’s just about making people feel safe and empowered on their journey and connected and really present with the whole experience of overcoming any fears around birth. And any potential things that could come up, that may come along with unfavourable or difficult emotions, we can really heal through that.

When we allow ourselves to feel deeply connected to our bodies our spiritual gifts open to us and we become naturally more in tune with the rhythms and cycles of the universe. Can you guide my readers through how they can start to connect to this magic, even when menstruation can be a painful thing to experience with PCOs and similar conditions? 

So a powerful way of really connecting into our cycles is through the Earth, the universe and the Moon. The natural cycles of our body. If you are someone who has a monthly bleed or an irregular bleed, it’s really potent to tap into what it is that our body is trying to tell us.

Everything that happens in our body are messages that are trying to tell us something. Our body wants to work with us. It doesn’t want to work against us. It’s about really coming to be aware that menstruation, or our moon cycles, and our bleeding, has been something that we’ve really been taught is a thing we have to deal with. 

Like when you look at things like advertisements, even if you Google things about periods and menstrual cycles, you’ll see memes and write-ups and things that people have written up like, ‘I’m bleeding. Why do I have to do this? Men don’t have to experience this’ and men do experience this too. Men can bleed too and it’s really important that we acknowledge that. 

If we really can tap into that space and be okay with where we’re at, and we can then listen to our bodies rather than trying to constantly try to fix. When we listen to our body, it wants to tell us something, our it’s telling us what our body wants to journey.

From there we can truly heal and create a better relationship and understand why things are happening the way they are. I truly believe that our body contains an imprint of how we mentally and emotionally show up in this world. It’s not always linear, it can be a deeply emotional journey but it is a journey that is truly beyond words when you make that connection with yourself or come home to yourself. It is absolute magic. 

So what I would recommend to really start building that relationship with yourself and with our bodies is to lie down and bend your knees whilst putting your feet flat on the Earth. Allow the knees to drop out and then place your hands onto your womb space. Next, just start to breathe really deeply and connect into that space. Notice what comes up in your body. You can put on some beautiful music on or light some candles, and cultivate that loving connection that you want to feel with a lover,  how you want to feel with the Earth, and how you want to feel within yourself.

It’s not something that will come through straight away, especially if you’ve been very disconnected with your body. It’s is a journey and it is something that we must continuously show up and do whether it’s 5 minutes a day or twice a week.

However much you can manage it, just breathing into this space and just asking, ‘what needs to arise today? What do I need to know right now? Then journaling on it. It might be something like ‘I don’t know why Larry from Year 6 has popped into my head’ but it’s all relevant!

When we start writing and start expressing ourselves, nuggets of wisdom constantly flow through and everything starts to make sense. It doesn’t have to make sense in the words that you write. You can just jot things down or you can speak out loud. Or you can discuss it with a close friend or a partner. 

But once we start connecting to this it’s magic. Through our cycles, once we start to understand what happens to our body when we bleed, it is profound. Because every time we bleed, it is a true gift that we are able to release.

Before we bleed, I know a lot of people, we call it PMS (premenstrual syndrome) but this term doesn’t resonate with me because we’re not suffering from something. It’s not a syndrome. What happens in our premenstrual cycle is that it illuminates the veil between our subconscious and unconscious mind. It’s why we experience sensitivity like deep emotions that may come up alongside things we’ve been struggling with that maybe are more at the forefront of our mind. We may feel that we become more reactive to it.

This is because our body, our minds and our spiritual essence is allowing us to come up with whatever is no longer serving us and with what we need to release. When we can be aware of this and go, right, this is what’s coming up for me before my bleed, I now know what I need to release, we can release that in our bleed our body sheds with us.

So when we bleed it’s also symbolic. And when we bleed, we can connect that with the New Moon, the Dark Moon, that is a time to rest and contemplate what has gone on.

Our bleed is also represented in the season of Winter. So in Autumn, the leaves are starting to fall, and we’re wanting to be around warmth and really coming home to ourselves. Then Winter comes, we start shedding, and when we bleed, it’s about releasing, resting and letting go.

If we can tap into this cycle and tap into the energy of Winter, the energy of rest, and listen to what our bodies need, then it will really help us to release.

Then after winter comes Spring when we start to feel refreshed and our energy starts to build in time for the Summer when we ovulate. The Summer ovulation is the Full Moon. The full power and energetic imprint of the divine feminine rising from within us. Everything we see in nature truly is a symbol for what we experience in our bodies. 

So this is our seasonal moon cycles, even looking at plants and how the flowers blossom and then come back. And also butterflies, how they emerge, fly and then fall, and their life is all about death and rebirth. And similarly, every month that we bleed we have a chance to rebirth.

Every bleed is the death of who we are and the rebirth of the person we will become. When we become that person with each moon cycle, we are a little bit wiser and a little bit lighter. It’s just a beautiful gift that we are able to truly embody and physically shed and release the things that are no longer serving us.

When you tap into that power of physically being able to bleed to release and shed and express it is profound. Then every cycle is the potential of new life. That’s why we bleed so that we can potentially birth new life. So every bleed is literally an opportunity for us to grow and prepare for a child’s birth, which is why they really can come together. And through tapping into the womb space and our cycles this can then lead onto childbirth if people want to journey with that.

If you’re reading this and you’re not someone who experiences a bleed monthly, or you’re in your wisdom phase of menopause, you can truly tap in by using the Lunar cycles. I would also say it’s really powerful to track your cycle. Even writing a word down a day of what emotions are coming up. Are you feeling energetic, do you feel emotional and what emotion is coming up? It’s about really allowing yourself to just sit with that and contemplate, alongside doing your 5 minutes of womb meditation. It all comes into together and it’s all interconnected and intertwined as we are with the Earth, the cycles of the moon and the energy of this Earth. 

Have any fears, obstacles or unexpected surprises showed up along the way as you have worked on facilitating this work? And from rising into priestesshood? 

So many fears obstacles and surprises have shown up for me as I’ve started doing this work and experiences as well. It’s just been really profound.

Through my mental health journey, I was so disconnected from my body and I have experienced and have been diagnosed something called Psychosomatic Disorder, which means that when you suppress emotions to such an extent, they start coming out as physical symptoms. 

So for me, I would experience sensations in my body such as panic attacks, leg pain, irregular periods and spasms in my hands, legs, vertigo and a number of different things that I still sometimes experience. 

We are all on this journey and its not linear and there’s no end goal. It’s just meeting myself where I’m at. When I’m truly becoming aware that my body is releasing these things for me, that I felt I was unable to subconsciously release that I wasn’t even aware of, its changed my whole life, and I’ve met myself in ways I didn’t even know I needed to. 

This is such deep work and most of the people that I have met don’t really enjoy their periods, they feel disconnected and sometimes even have hatred towards their period and that time of the month. The feelings that they experience, and we’re taught, is that that ‘it’s not normal’ and you hear sometimes women get spoken to like, ‘don’t go near her she’s about to bleed so her emotions are all over the place’, but no, it’s a sacred thing. If we can start embodying that ourselves, honouring and being grateful for the process that we can have within us, then other people can start seeing it differently too. 

We are in a time when the feminine is rising and the energy that’s happening in this world is coming to the forefront, and it’s time to awaken the healer, the shaman within us within our womb space because that’s where she resides, and she is there and all we have to do is listen if we know how. 

So the obstacles I faced a lot of past trauma, a lot of unhealed emotions have come up for me which I’ve been journeying with and still am. To do with ex-relationships, childhood emotions and abuse. So many things have come up for me. I didn’t expect it to be so profound and so life-changing and it really has been.

Since stepping into my Priesthesshood, I have been open to a world of sisterhood, support, love and once we actually tap into this space within ourselves, of loving our bodies and loving our cycles, or even just creating that space, because it can take a long time sometimes. But just appreciating what is happening to us, and understanding what we’re experiencing can truly empower you in every aspect of your life.

Photography: Stephanie Marques

What routines and rituals for the soul do you practise each day/on a regular basis that help you feel connected to both yourself and the world around you? 

So every day I will do a ritual of womb meditation. I do about 30 to 40 minutes of womb meditation every day and womb pulsating where you tap into the pulse, or the heartbeat of your womb and see what needs to arise.

I practice yoga, daily when I can, which is normally quite a slow Yin practice. That’s because I’m very fast-paced and I like do to everything  500 mph so it really grounds me and just reminds me to connect into my power and my body’s wisdom.

I practice Uddiyana bandha which is a practice of abdominal locking so, to look internally within the stomach and womb space and activating the power that we would never normally tap into. That’s something that’s been part of my daily practice. 

Also having a green juice in the morning and drinking lots of water. And just really asking myself what do I need? Also, I have a big love of burning sage and incense and I do a lot of chanting and Oracle readings and shamanic work with shamanic instruments such as rattles and drumming to disperse any stuck energy within my womb space and heart chakra. 

I am currently microdosing some San Pedro which is the grandfather cactus plants of the Earth and it is a heart-opening medicine which just allows me to always come back to the heart and work from that centre rather than an outside source. 

Also going out into nature is something I do every day. I put my feet on the Earth, grounding into Mother Earth and just connecting back to her. And it’s something we can do simply without even people being aware of. Just taking off shoes and socks off and just walking on the Earth and feeling how she feels. Our hands to the Earth and just saying thank you, and you know people like ‘oh, it’s so hippy’, but it doesn’t have to be. She actually is medicine. She gives us everything we need in this life. I’m so grateful to her. 

I also work a lot with the elements, so everyday I will speak to the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and calling the energies of North, South, East and West. It changes daily what my routines and rituals are. Some days I work with Goddesess and other days I work with Shamanic energies or just the elements and it’s just a really intuitive thing. But connecting to the Earth and meditation and an embodiment practise.

I dance a lot as well it’s really profound. Journaling is also something I do daily and mirror gazing. So really looking into your eyes and saying what needs to come up today.

So that’s a lot of routines and rituals but some of the ones I do they’re not linear, they do change depending on how I’m feeling and where I am in my cycle.

I just meet myself where I am and do whatever I need to do that day. I get that answer by asking my womb space, and by asking myself, what I need right now? What does my body need?

Describe your perfect day: 

My perfect day would be to wake up with beautiful sunshine. To wake up really early in the morning before the world wakes and go outside, to be naked and just grounding down into the Earth.

Then meditating and really connecting to the womb space, doing embodiment practices and just being present with myself. And feeling in alignment and knowing that the people around me are in alignment with who I am.

Describe yourself in 3 words: 

To describe myself in three words I would say: Open, kind, and earthy. 

Finally, Bec, what is your one wish for the world?

My one wish for the world is truly for people to stop rejecting parts of themselves. To know that it’s not our innate soul purpose to reject ourselves, it’s to embody ourselves and tap into the true power that we hold. And when we heal for ourselves we heal our ancestral lines, we heal for the children that come after us, and we heal for the world. 

And I wish for more people to embrace the divine feminine that is rising. That’s why now is such a potent time to do so. Because the feminine is rising and if we can tap in and take responsibility for our own healing in our own way, and in our own journeys, it starts a ripple effect. Through the work that we do spiritually, and in the self-development world, we can truly heal the Earth.


I truly cannot thank Bec enough for this beautiful, raw and deeply inspiring conversation that I hope touches as many heart and soul’s as possible.

2020 has been a year of shedding what has been. To think that so much of this knowledge is centuries years old and to me, it all seems so new. How does that also make you feel? That this alchemy and potency has been hidden from us all this time?

My biggest takeaway was that I feel like I will never see bleeding in the same way again. The opportunity for constant renewal is a revelation to me and so deeply powerful.

Fundamentally, when we start to unravel the medicinal emotion in our bodies, it can lead to us becoming even more deeply connected into our sacred vessel. And when we allow this empowerment to flow through us, and we meet our inner feminine, well, who knows what magic we can do in the world? And who knows what life will birth us in return?

I would love to hear from you and hear about any takeaways or downloads that came to you through this medicine.

Once again, I am beyond grateful to Bec for her heart, her vulnerability and for making this world the most enchanted and wondrous place to be.


Bec Wallis Birth Keeper on Instagram

Way Of The Womb Podcast

Photography by Stephanie Marques

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A Journey into Truth and Finding Joy, Peace and Serenity in a Chaotic World: An Interview with Christine and Lauren from Pretty Spirits

A Journey into Truth and Finding Joy, Peace and Serenity in a Chaotic World: An Interview with Christine and Lauren from Pretty Spirits

At this point in time life, alongside the external energies that surround us, feels indescribably heavy. And when life feels all-encompassing and chaotic, our hearts can begin to feel heavy with sadness or hopelessness.

Enter the Pretty Spirits, Christine and Lauren, who are the creators of a “spiritual lifestyle brand that encourages self-love, introspection, serenity and awareness” that aims to “encourage creating a space that brings joy, comfort and peace in such a chaotic world”.

And indeed, when our hearts, minds and the external world become heavy, the sense of creating serenity is the possibility of accepting that chaos will be there, but of finding an internal haven of peace and deep stillness to nurture us.

The co-founders of Pretty Spirits are Christine Deloatch and Lauren Brewer who are spiritual practitioners residing in Los Angeles, California. Alongside sharing their intuitive gifts with the world, they have also self-published a line of Oracle Cards, called ‘Truth Decks’ and also sell a bespoke collection of spiritually inspired goods for those looking to enhance the positive energy of their daily routines.

In this beautiful interview with Christine and Lauren, they share their profound wisdom on the spiritual tools they utilise to bring about collective healing, the power of discovering our authentic essence and a pathway to our soul’s truth with their ‘Truth Deck’ cards. In addition, Christine and Lauren also share the daily rituals that can comfort, heal us and help us to trust in life’s abundance, and so much more.

It is so easy to drown in the chaotic ocean of our world sometimes, and so I’m extremely grateful to Christine and Lauren for being such powerful priestesses who are here to guide the beautiful soul’s like you all over the globe about how to bring our world back to a place of peace and serenity whilst embodying their most abundant dreams.

pretty spirits christine and lauren

Hi Christine and Lauren! Thank you so much for your time on my blog. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

Hello! Thank you for having us! Lauren and I are the Co-Founders of Pretty Spirits, a spiritual and wellness lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, California. We offer healing services including psychic readings, reiki healing, guided meditation and virtual yoga sessions. We publish our own Tarot and Oracle cards, which are channelled ideas and messages from my meditative and dream states. All of the illustrations (and the words on the Truth Decks) are Lauren’s original hand-drawn creations! On our website, we offer many other spiritual products that can help enhance our customers’ self-love rituals too!

You are the creators of the magical Pretty Spirits that fuses ‘self-love, introspection, serenity and awareness’, alongside ‘creating a space that brings joy, comfort and peace in such a chaotic world’. This is all such a sacred portal for collective healing, this year especially. Can you speak to my readers in more detail about your offerings or practices and how they can help bring collective healing for us all?

The services we offer (psychic readings, reiki, guided meditation and yoga) help ease the anxieties so many of us carry. We provide a safe space to directly address and release fears, scarcity-mindsets, shame and guilt. By curating an accepting environment for our clients to fully express their worries, we help merge their shadow side with their light. This level of alignment helps clients feel whole again, which helps raise the collective consciousness.

the truth decks the pretty spirits christine and lauren

As well as this, you are the creators of the incredible Pretty Spirits boutique selling spiritually inspired cruelty-free and vegan spiritual goods that support fair trade artisans. Can you tell us about some of your favourite products and how we can use these to empower our daily lives?

Our favourite products are of course our Truth Decks! We love all of our babies. The Truth Deck Direct Oracle was inspired by our reading styles — direct, clear and to the point. We wanted beginner readers to have an easy time as well, so we make sure our decks are down to earth and accessible. The Reconciliation Edition actually came to me in a dream! I was able to amateurly sketch it out and explain the colours and vibe of it to Lauren the next day. She brought it to life perfectly! Our newest addition, the Tarot Edition, was created to remove the fear-based energy and complexity that tends to surround the traditional tarot. I wanted it to be a teaching deck with keywords for upright and reverse reading. Diversity was also important to us too. We wanted to see ourselves in our Tarot Edition. We are so thrilled for its release!

Also, can you please tell my readers about how they can connect to their higher self through using these cards?

They can connect with their higher self through using the cards by pulling a card of the day for themselves. Allow the theme to play out throughout the day. This way, you can apply your own meanings to each card instead of being tied to a glossary. I would encourage your readers to pull for themselves too, instead of going to a friend, family member, or another reader, build the relationship with yourself and begin to trust your inner guidance. The more you trust, the clearer the messages and answers will become.

the truth decks by pretty spirits co christine and lauren

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual lives?

Trusting the move from Washington, DC to California has been the most pivotal spiritual experience for both of us. We both grew so much. That expansion allowed us to make new friends, to release old bonds that no longer served us and to ultimately trust in a new way of being. Learning to accept parts of who we were that we once shamed was another powerful experience. Being entrepreneurs, we have to be flexible and resilient. These skills helped us spiritually expand too!

Pretty Spirits is a truly inspiring sacred portal that guides your community into transformation and empowerment. What could my own readers start doing today that would help towards leading their dream lives?

I would advise your readers to trust their inner voice over all else. Tuning into your deepest desires, without the input of family, friends, the media etc, is key. The sooner you can deeply, unapologetically love yourselves and prioritize your needs, the faster you can manifest friends, lovers, and community that treats you with the same level of respect and appreciation.

the pretty spirits lauren and christine interview the truth decks

Do you have any routines and rituals for the soul, little or big, that keep you feeling grounded, joyful, connected or inspired?

Visualization showers and baths are truly a must! They are excellent ways to ground and release excess or heavy energy. Another great ritual is hiking or meditating at the beach. Getting outside with the intention of truly being with Mother Earth is such a soothing practice. Journaling or vlogging are also powerful rituals we practice. Getting back to your voice after a day of dealing with others is important.

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, wonder and enchantment. How do you find these things show up in your life? Especially through the gifts and magic that you share with the world.

Whimsy, wonder and enchantment show up in our lives through risk-taking, exploration and being open to new people. We risked exiting our comfort zones by moving across the country to expand Pretty Spirits. Through meeting new people, we have been surprised in the best way with loving supporters and teachers. Lauren and I are both adventurers! We have learned so much about being healers and entrepreneurs by trying new experiences and remaining optimistic.

Finally, Christine and Lauren, what is your one wish for the world?

Our one wish for the world is that everyone learns to act from a place of love instead of fear. That adjustment alone would eradicate so much trauma and tragedy and help us all experience more joy.

what does whimsy wonder and enchantment mean


Pretty Spirits Wishlist

pretty spirits truth decks review

pretty spirits wishlist

I’m so deeply thankful for the medicine shared in this interview from Christine and Lauren. Their website, Pretty Spirits, is truly a treasure trove of spiritual potent creations that are cruelty-free, vegan and support fair trade artisans. 

Not sure what to pick? Here are just a few of my favourites that I truly feel infuse the whimsy, wonder and enchantment that I hold so dear.

Release Milk Bath

Rose Quartz Mala Beads Necklace 

Truth Decks

Moon of Jupiter Statement Necklace 

Selenite Salt Lamp

the pretty spirits interview with lauren and christine






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