Ways To Help Ukraine and Ukrainian Artists and Etsy Sellers You Can Support

Ways To Help Ukraine and Ukrainian Artists and Etsy Sellers You Can Support

Dear enchanted ones,

Like you right now I’m sure, I have been watching the unfolding news from Ukraine and every single corner of our globe that is affected by war, colonisation and occupation with the heaviest of hearts.

As a result, this post is dedicated to ways that you can help the people of Ukraine alongside supporting the work of Ukrainian artisans and Etsy sellers who you can support directly.

Most compassionate soul, I just want you to be reminded that no matter how hopeless and helpless you might feel right now, I believe that both you and I can also use this same heaviness to expand our hearts and cultivate the deepest emphatic imagination we have to make this world a better place.

Thank you so deeply for your time and attention through being here. May these links and the following information lead you to hope and feel into our inconnectedness even more deeply.

I was reminded of this yesterday when I was in the waiting room for my specialist appointment.

My hands were completely numb, as usual, with Raynaud’s so I arrived early to warm them with my little pink handwarmer.

As I did, an old lady with a gorgeous bejewelled walking stick and the most whimsical face mask with cats on asked with curiosity how long I have lived with Raynaud’s.

I told her that Raynaud’s had been something I had known since childhood and that February was Raynaud’s Awareness Month and that I had felt disappointed I wasn’t well enough to show up.

She smiled at me with a wise understanding saying that from time to time she too experiences Raynaud’s attacks that have plagued her all her life. I asked if she had seen a doctor and seemingly puzzled, she had no idea it was something that should be examined.

Another lady had just joined the waiting room and joined our conversation explaining that she was worried about her daughter who exhibited the same symptoms and would now urge for her to be seen.

One waiting room and yet multiple souls who have now felt seen, helped and witnessed.

May you know that you don’t have to move mountains to better the world and that through the smallest acts of compassion you can radiate change, impact and support across the tapestry of our landscape.

Links to Support Ukraine

A fantastic link that breaks down how you can help from the country you’re in

A wonderful Google Doc with donation links and extra information

Click here for a wonderful article by Gina Martin on Substack with plentiful action pieces and resources

Ukrainian Etsy Sellers and Artisans

(Please note that due to the horrific circumstances in Ukraine it may not be possible for sellers to dispatch physical item right now however you can ask about gift cards or other ways to support their artistry)

One of my favourite Instagrammers is beautiful Natalie of Your Ptashka and I adore her beautiful shop just as much.

Natalie is the creator of Your Ptashka couture a brand inspired by her love of fairytales, old movies and books and the magnificent Ukranian countryside.

Inspired by a lack of tenderness, feminity and fairy vibes in clothing, Natalie began to create her own designs that were the embodiment of nature’s elegance and fantasies from the creations of her soul.  

Natalie deeply desires for each of her dresses can be “straight from the fairytales born to make your dreams come true. The dresses you can bequeath to your daughter.”

Supporting Natalie with a gift voucher would be such a wonderful and thoughtful way to support her breathtaking designs. I am so lucky for a world with both Natalie and Your Ptashka couture in it.

Click here to shop gift vouchers from Your Ptashka

Svetlana Krasiuk from Kyiv, Ukraine is the creator of ‘Lovely Doll’ with a desire for this to be a ‘doll for your soul’.

Lovely Dolls are created to decorate your home, fill it with light mood and joy, or to become a wondrous gift for your family and friends.

Created in 2013, purchasing one of these dolls for yourself or your loved ones would be a gift everyone would truly treasure.

If Svetlana is unable to send her beautiful dolls out right now, please consider buying a gift voucher.

Click here to purchase your Lovely Doll

Iryna is a Ukranian artist and the founder of Eten Iren who lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine and makes these stunning polymer clay delicate jewellery pieces.

This gorgeous Pansy earring is so dainty and feminine and of course, Pansies have such sweety symbolism.

The Pansy symbolises the love or admiration of one person for another. Especially so in Victorian England when the Pansy flower was used for secret courting! This was because any display of love or passion was severely frowned upon and in order to communicate to potential romantic partners, the Pansy was employed!

What a beautiful way to say you are thinking of someone you love buy making a purchase of some of Eten’s jewellery, or a gift card.

Click here to purchase the EtenIren Jewellery 💐

When I was in Kyiv a few years ago I was utterly mesmirised by all of the beautiful angels that were at the craft stalls.

Angels have been an integral part of the symbolism of various faiths and I have always felt a huge connection to them.

Angels are beings that are said to be the messengers of God, working closely with God to help mortals by guiding and guarding them.

Throughout history, the very words ‘angel’ and ‘guardian angel’ have entered the common lexicon, regardless of your religious beliefs.

In this delicate most enchanted imagination of an angel, we see this darling angel created by Oksana Boyko from Khmelnytskyy, Ukraine in a sweet tradition dress with curly golden locks and a pretty sunflower Vinok (more of which, is mentioned below). The angel then holds a Dove, a sign of peace, alongside Ukrainian traditional blue and yellow ribbon shades.

I cannot wait to purchase the real version of this breathtaking angel, but digital copies are also avaialble. Please see which is best for Oksana to send.

Click here to purchase Handmade By Povitrulya Angel

Olga Chemerys from Mariupol, Ukraine is the creator of these incredibly adorable easy to follow crochet patterns that can be downloaded as a pdf pattern.

One of my very favourite designs is this sweetest, most whimsical crochet bunny cupcake pattern that will help you to make beautiful bunnies for Easter time!


The delicate flowers, herbs and colourful ribbons of the Vinok, a traditional Ukrainian flower crown, is one of the oldest symbols of Ukraine that deeply inspired my Beauxoxo hair accessory range. 

From afar, yes, perhaps the flower-woven headpiece might remind you of a bohemian accessory you might spot at a festival or wedding, however in Ukraine, the Vinok isn’t merely a pretty accessory, it is deeply rooted in Ukraine’s early history.

Described in songs and legends, Ukrainian the Vinok has a long history that was first mentioned in Shumerian culture in XII-III BC and can also be seen as a continuation of an ancient tradition preserved from the original Greek and Byzantine tradition of wedding head wreaths. 

As well as a symbol of marriage and purity, the Vinok is also viewed as a symbol of the bright sky above the head of the one wearing it and seen as a protector from evil spirits and illnesses.

Click here to buy this stunning Vinok design above by Ukrainian designer NarodniyDimUkraina

Other Artisans Raising Money For Ukraine

Click here to purchase Jennifer Mazur’s Mesmirising Paintings that currently give back to Ukraine



Click here to purchase one of Maria’s Singing Scarves that currently gives back to Ukraine

Precious enchanted soul, thank you once more for reading this post. Do you have any Ukraine links or artisans that I can add to this post? If so, please leave the links or details below.

May I also just send you the warmest embrace and remind you to sit in your heart with hope, and to treat each day as a gift to bring all that is needed for us to be of service and for you to extend love. 

This is a time to believe in the enchantment that still lingers all around us even when it seems insurmountable to do so. For if you can imagine such wonderment, you can imagine it as our future. And most importantly, you can create it.


Are you looking for more whimsical, enchanted magic?

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Enchanted Christmas Gift Guide: For The Love Of Words and The Language Of Enchantment

Enchanted Christmas Gift Guide: For The Love Of Words and The Language Of Enchantment

Dear Enchanted Ones,

Today I bring you my first Enchanted Christmas Gift Guide for 2021 titled, ‘For The Love Of Words and The Language of Enchantment’ that is a fusion of the language of Enchantment and Etymology.

This gift guide comes straight from my enchanted e-letter community called ‘Whimsy World’ that you can sign up to either above this post or below.

Because Etymology (the study of the history of words) is one of my great passions in life. 

Truly, I think anyone who loves writing takes great pleasure in words. In what they look like, in what they sound like, in how they caress and expand onto a blank page, and of course, the bigger place of them on the canvas of our lives. 

For me, words have innate magic that becomes most potent when they come together in meaning and form synchronicity. And to be truly in love with language, and deeper still, life itself, is to dig deep into their layers of soil and uncover their richness. 

Ultimately, learning Etymology, and reveling in, and restoring the true meaning of words is one of the many paths in life to the sublime, awe, and the Enchantment I hold so dearly.

So, let’s break down that word I hold so dear, “Enchantment”, through Etymology. 

Well, the word “enchant” was first used in 1374, with a meaning of “influence” or “delude”. Three years later, the literal meaning of “put under a spell” came to be.

The word enchantment originates from Old French “enchanter”, which comes from Latin “incantare”, which again, means “to consecrate with spells, to charm, to bewitch, to ensorcel”, and forms the basis of the word “enchant.” The word later has become “incantation” in English.

But here’s where the mysticism of Etymology deepens. For, we can then separate “incantare” into the prefix “in, which meant “upon”, and the root “cantare”, which means “to sing”. 

And so, as we revel in the history of “enchant” we can understand it with new meaning: that sometimes songs can be so beautiful that they enchant you. 

In this video here, Sharon Blackie too digs into the Etymology of Enchantment and concludes therefore that the enchanted life is thus the process of “singing ourselves back into the world.” How beautiful?! 

However, I don’t believe that we should leave behind the magical roots of the word “enchant”. For words as a driving force of creation are steeped in magic (and we must reclaim this word in its raw essence itself).

Etymology is simply brimming with these definitions that place an emphasis on the relationship between the spoken word and the act of bringing forth aliveness through creative magic. 

Ultimately, no matter our background, beliefs, or background, I truly and passionately believe that the potency of the language we use, the words we are in possession of, and the words we choose to narrate our experiences with are a magic spell that can have a profound effect on the way that we and those around us navigate the world. 

So, dear enchanted ones, let us devote ourselves to language and remember that words are the enchanted songs of the Earth.

For remember that the world is alive with the songs of enchantment to the crackling of singing ice, to the fiery lava of volcanoes to the dawn chorus of birdsong that is their signal to the Earth that have made it to another new day to live out every inch of their aliveness. 

Here are some starting points for either yourself one, or your beloveds who love words and language just as much as you do.


To me, French will always be a language I adore above them all. In fact, there’s not a day that I don’t listen to French music, or immerse myself in the silkiness of the language in some way. And I just adore breaking apart the language like a warm flaky croissant (not that I know what’s like with a dairy allergy, mind you haha).

For example, ‘I miss you’ is ‘tu me manques’ and that translates to ‘you are missing to me’ and….oh. Just oh. Such beauty. Because that’s truly how I feel during the time I’ve been parted from France and my friends there. I truly feel they are missing from my soul and I so long to be reunited with them.

Someone who is filling my life with all the things I cherish about France, the French Language, and culture is French Is Beautiful.

Originally conceived as a chic online language school for inspired (and inspiring!) Francophiles by founder Carrie Anne James, French is Beautiful’s offerings have developed alongside Carrie Anne’s life in France. It now includes courses on French culture and the art of living (the art of living).

Carrie Anne’s teachings are infused with her passion for French philosophy, poetry, style, literature, cuisine, wine, music, film, art, and well-being. I couldn’t think of a more merveilleux way to bring this Whimsy World to a close!

Click here to follow French Is Beautiful 


Enchanted ones, do you remember how in the October letter I told you about my dear friend Yolanda who helped to re-shape the name of this offering from ‘Whimsy Wednesday’ to ‘Whimsy World’?

Well, the reason I wanted to mention Yolanda in this letter to you is that I wanted to remind you that she truly is THE Queen of words. With no question! And so, if you did enjoy October’s Etymology special dear you, I would love to share more details of Yolanda’s cosmic offerings here for you.

Because you see, whereas I orbit around on my whimsical fairytale esque Earthly realm, to know and work with Yolanda is to journey into the expansive sky rolled out before you and right into the Cosmos.

With all my heart cherished one, to experience the grandeur of what Yolanda knows is to truly embody the art of celebration, courage, and love in whatever ways you seek it.

Perhaps you want to carve out your word of the year for 2022, perhaps you seek to be guided to write your own destiny, or maybe you just want to explore what it is to dive into your full humanness through the spoken and written word.

Either way, head here to explore Poetic Soul Writing Workshops or the artistry of Journaling. And because it’s my birthday letter, I’m sure Yolanda won’t mind me directing you to her beautiful free poetry and affirmation gifts right here!



Dearest enchanted one, now although you’ll receive this letter on your device of choice, I’d love for you to imagine that you’re caressing the silky pages of my favourite Japanese writing set and notice the smudged navy ink that’s been sealed with a velvet ribbon and the scent of rose petals.

Now, perhaps that’s too wonderful to imagine but what if I could actually guide you somewhere where you can get a taste of this beauty?

Well, to grace, elegance, and enchantment in a human being may I once again introduce you to Princess Fleur La Belle my beautiful sister, darling friend and my true Muse, Shirley Ann. 

Just this Monday, Shirley has released her free collection of Monogrammed writing sheets with envelope liners, gift tags, place settings, thank you cards, menu cards, and multi-purpose rose paper to wrap gifts with, cover books, line drawers, create perfumed sachets, or for candles.

Every initial is catered for so you can adorn and celebrate your life with these treasures. And to all you love! So, I hope you imagine this letter to you being composed with my ‘G’ writing set!

Shirley’s world is truly home to my spirit. So I know it will be home to yours too if you share even the slightest bit of affection for a life of enchantment.  

It is a world of freedom with wings for all those, that like me, want to step into a land of beauty, art, love, joy, wonder and magic.

Once you enter Shirley’s world, she will cherish you as the divine being you are, and stand in the fire with you if that is what it takes for you to witness this. I SO hope you love Shirley’s world as much as I adore and cherish the blessings she brings to mine each day.

Click here to receive your treasured gifts from Shirley


If there was a language that was just FULL of the beauty of the untranslatable at work then it’s Japanese. 

As some of you know during my time at Beauxoxo, I managed to achieve my dream of launching into boutiques across Japan as I’ve always been besotted with Japanese fashion and style.

This project was supported by some government funding I received from an organisation called UKTI. As a result of this funding, I studied Japanese intensely for a few years so that I was able to negotiate the business deals I created in Japan. 

I was very fortunate that one of my dearest friends lived in Tokyo and she was the only person I communicated to in Japanese outside of my lessons.

Tragically my friend Naomi tragically passed away in 2019 and her death leaves my heart still very broken. She was one of my sisters, and the kindest, most supportive, most loving Earth Angel my life has known. 

Naomi taught me SO many breathtaking Japanese words and oh how I long to have her back with me teaching me more. However, one word that has had reverence in my grief is this word she once taught me: “wabi-sabi”.

At its core, “wabi-sabi” is an acceptance of death through the acceptance of the cycle of growth, decay, and death that is the natural order of all living things.

To seep the meaning of “wabi-sabi” into your mind and heart is to be at peace with the transience of everything. So, when your mind is quiet and accepting, you take pleasure in objects and situations that display impermanence and imperfection. And when your heart accepts impermanence, you can live modestly, simply, so that your focus is on being rather than doing.

For more breathtaking Japanese words this is a stunning article right here. Meanwhile, for a gorgeous book to infuse your life with the profound healing of the Japanese language, ‘Japonisme’ by Erin Miimi Longhurst has a special place in my heart.

Click here to purchase  


I’ve been keeping track of the moon’s phases for my journaling for a very long time now, and I love how intimately they affect me and what flows through.

For when you tap into the moon’s energy and flow with it, your writing and creative work are sure to be elevated.

Someone whose journal Moon prompts I adore is one of my favourite Youtube channels: Alina Alive.

Alina is the creator of The Auralign Planner, which aims to help motivate those who already respect nature and the stars, to stay more connected to it while manifesting their goals.

Through Alina’s stunning mission, she hopes to inspire you to stay connected with Mother Earth and the cosmos while getting aligned with your greater purpose. 

On Alina’s channel, you’ll find Moon meditations, journal prompts and so much more from her passion for holistic health and astrology. I hope you enjoy her gorgeous videos as much as I do!



Are you ready to unlock your dreams and master The Art Of Blogging so that you can leave your treasured footprints on Earth? 

Because here’s the thing precious one: your unique words and language, your magic, your heart, your gifts, your talents, and the impact you’re here to make it is all the sacred embodiment of the unique expression of Nature that you are. You’re a one-of-a-lifetime masterpiece!

And so, this summer, I sat down to celebrate my 12 years of blogging and bringing my beloved handmade hair accessory business, Beauxoxo, to the world to create my very first E-Course called The Art Of Blogging so that I can help you bring forth your creative treasures to a blog.

Last month I exclusively launched it to you for the pre-sale and now the whole world knows. Because with ALL my heart, it’s my great longing that we learn to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of us. And to me, that’s always blogging.

I’m delighted to announce that this is just the start of my E-Course adventures. I’m so excited to dabble next in teaching you all about embodying enchantment.

Until then, if you know any budding bloggers to be who identify as a Creatrix or Soulpreneur in particular, I’d so appreciate you forwarding the details for this E-Course!

Click here to sign up for The Art Of Blogging E-Course


Is there anything else you’re going to either treat yourself to or a loved one from this Enchanted Living ‘For The Love of Word’ Gift Guide? Please show every single one all your support in any way you can.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season full of all the traditions and things that you hold dear.


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Whimsical Gift Guide 2020: Chronic Illness and Disabled Business Owners and Creatives

Whimsical Gift Guide 2020: Chronic Illness and Disabled Business Owners and Creatives

Welcome to the Georgie xoxo Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide!

Today is my final Christmas Gift Guide after featuring a variety of breathtaking small businesses and individuals.

The focus of this gift guide is to shine a light on creatives, artists and businesses who are created by those who, like myself, live with disabilities and chronic illness.

From beautiful cards to crochet, to labels for your handmade clothing, and gift-boxes- there’s truly something for everyone here made by incredibly talented creatives.

This gift guide has a special place in my heart as my own company Beauxoxo was started during my initial diagnosis. I document my own journey with my chronic health in my wellness posts here.

Enjoy enchanted soul! Please be sure to let me know what products and businesses you love in the comments below. And please share them and your loved ones.


bow beret beauxoxo

Chronic illness was actually at the root of me starting my hair accessory business called Beauxoxo. As some of you may know, I decided to part ways with my beloved hair accessory business last year due to ill health. The full heart-riff and story is here.

However today I have some good news as this year I’ve had a chance to sort out my studio and upload my leftover stock. This means that I have updated my Etsy right here full of everything I have left of this journey. I hope you cherish any of these limited edition treasures as much as I did making them!

Click here to shop

Paige Joanna Designs

My darling Paige is one of the UK’s top craft bloggers who lives with Crohn’s Disease.

I’ve had the honour and excitement of watching her crafting ambitions fuse and soar together in seamless and magical ways.

As well as her blog and Youtube Paige Joanna has an Etsy shop of her bespoke designs that weave magic, colour, quirks, fun and the scrumptious whimsy you find throughout her crafts.

Paige has recently released 6 adorable woven labels for all your finest creations that truly honour her colourful style.

Click here to read all about Paige’s label collection

To discover more of Paige’s crafting inspiration head on over here to read my interview with Paige here.

Click here to shop

Esther Bennink

Beautiful Esther from the Netherlands calls herself, ‘an illustrator under her blankie’ and I too consider myself to be a creative under a blankie so already I feel a great connection with Esther!

In addition, and also something deeply relatable to me, Esther uses her great imagination as a way of managing her chronic illness.

Through her stunning imagined world, you’ll find a focus of gorgeous wildlife imagery like these enchanting fox Christmas cards. I was sent one this year by my darling friend Leneth from the Spiritual Fem, so it’s a very special mention to her for this gorgeous discovery!

Click here to Shop

This Thing They Call Recovery

As Jenny says so poignantly “This print won’t tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to. I don’t know that. But it will remind you that you are always unequivocally enough, regardless of what you can manage.”

Jenny is the creator of the incredible This Thing They Call Recovery whose graphic designs you can also find on Instagram.

On her shop, you’ll also find prints like the above and T-shirts. The designs have been designed with chronic illness in mind and to be part of this online family makes me feel very held.

Click here to Shop

Unspoken Rose Bud

Hettie was diagnosed with bowel cancer stage three in June 2013. After radiotherapy and then surgery in October of the same year, Hettie then went onto to have her first ileostomy, stoma.

Once Hettie started to recover, she found it impossible to find lingerie like she used to wear, and thus she started her beautiful business Unspoken Rose Bud, for stoma/ostomy lingerie.

I am in awe of these stunning designs and also Hettie’s story, talent and creativity to create such beautiful pieces.

With delicate lace and soft feminine prints, the materials are breathable and gentle on the skin. Moreover, you will be able to move about without any concern of the stoma bag interfering with any other activities.

Click here to Shop

A Spoonful of Resin

Elizabeth is the owner of ‘A Spoonful of Resin’ who fell in love with the craft of resin art in 2018 as a way to relax and distract her mind from the day to day life of having a chronic illness.

The idea behind Elizabeth’s brand is a result of people who suffer from chronic illnesses often nickname ourselves ‘spoonies’. This is because the Spoon Theory suggests we only have a certain number of spoons (aka energy) to spend on daily activities. As a result, Elizabeth named her brand ‘A Spoonful of Resin’!

With a burning passion and admiration for the world’s fauna and flora, and having the ability to preserve the world’s natural beauty in resin, Elizabeth adds many of these florals to her creations such as this stunning paper weight.

Click here to shop

The Reluctant Spoonie Shop

As a fellow crocheter, I am in awe of Katherine’s skills! How gorgeous is this sunflower and card combination?

Back in 2018, Katherine opened her website blog called The Reluctant Spoonie that was created when she was looking for information about living with a chronic illness. A blog that in fact, has also become such a comfort for me.

Katherine’s blog has now expanded into a sister Etsy shop, also called The Reluctant Spoonie, that is full of crocheted gifts, including the option for custom orders and many other specialities.

Click here to shop

Cookfulness: A Therapeutic Approach To Cooking by Ian Taverner

This wonderful cookbook called ‘Cookfulness’ is aimed at helping those suffering from chronic mental and physical conditions to get in the kitchen and increase their self-esteem through cooking.

Created by Ian who was diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis, this project was inspired by an exclusive programme run by the NHS National Centre for Pain in Bath which gave him hope and a desire to make life worth living again. 

‘Cookfulness’ includes a new kind of recipe layout which is optimised for those who struggle with energy level, self-esteem, anxiety and pain. Together, bringing meaning into the kitchen. All of which I identify with.

Of his book Ian remarks, ‘Chronic pain and mental health sufferers can see wanting to cook as the biggest hurdle. Not being able to, or wanting it is the biggest hurdle. I wanted to create a new kind of cookery book which is optimised for symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog to make the barriers to benefiting from the therapy of cooking as few and as easy to navigate as possible.’

Click here to shop

(Part of the proceeds from the book will go directly to the www.Bathcentreforpainservices.nhs.uk)

Dorset Diverse Abilities

Diverse Abilities is Dorset’s disability charity supporting children and adults with profound physical and learning disabilities across the county since 1955.

Dorset’s disability charity is the only organisation in the county looking after both children and adults with disabilities.

All purchases go towards vital care that includes the staff, who will be providing more than 8,000 hours of care over Christmas, including the big day itself, which is just incredible.

For Christmas, Diverse Abilities launched two sets of handmade wooden baubles that can be gifted to people you may not be able to see this winter, including a little poem to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Of the two sets available, one design has been created by an adult Diverse Abilities support at The Beehive, their adults day centre, and one has been designed by a volunteer.

They also have Christmas cards available, designed by the children who attend the specialist school, Langside School, for children aged 2 to 19 with profound physical and learning disabilities.

Click here to shop

LK Eco Style

Sharon is the creator of LK Eco Style whose sole mission is to provide eco-friendly clothing for adults and children with mindfulness and a positive mindset at its heart. 

Every product is made to the highest standard working with ethical brands
to bring you a collection of clothing that not only inspires but is influenced
with the planet in mind.

Sharon runs this beautiful ethical, sustainable, eco and vegan-friendly clothing line alongside living with fibromyalgia.

With a history of anxiety and depression, Sharon’s beautifully positive uplifting designs also supports many charities and causes close to her heart.

Click here to shop

Bear Hugs

Who wouldn’t want a bear hug right now? Well, thanks to Bear Hugs, it’s possible to send a ‘hug-in-a-box’ gift box that is personalised and sent directly to the doorstep of a loved one.

I have both received and sent many a bearhug, and would highly recommend them for their consistency for bringing joy and wonder to all.

Click here to shop

Spoonie Box

Another box I love is called Spoonie Box that offers both regular and additional subscription services.

These boxes are perfect for a one-off ‘thinking of you’ treat, or an ongoing support for someone managing chronic illness.

Spoonie Box also offers many one-off boxes, like their recent sleeping kit full of soothing, indulgent products to aid in restfulness.

Click here to shop

Spoonie Survival Kit

My final feature for this gift guide is a mention for the incredible Pippa Stacey who is the creator of created Spoonie Survival Kits.

The idea behind an SSK is that it’s a little bag of happiness for people with a chronic illness.

As of 2020, SSK has raised over £7000 for many causes. Not only that, but Pippa is the author of her debut non-fiction book, University and Chronic Illness: A Survival Guide. This is the book I truly wish I had before setting off to University.

Both this book and an SSK is such a thoughtful gift for those living with a chronic illness.

Click here to shop


How stunning and beautiful are these creatives, artists and businesses? Is there anything else you’re going to either treat yourself to, or a loved one? Please show every single one all your support in any way you can.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season full of all the traditions and things that you hold dear.



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Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide: Dorset Based Businesses

Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide: Dorset Based Businesses

Welcome to the Georgie xoxo Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide!

Over the next few posts, I’m excited to bring you a variety of whimsical treasures that are from a variety of breathtaking small businesses and individuals.

Today I’m sharing my favourite Dorset based businesses as not only is this the place that I was born and raised, but it’s also held me in these past few months since the Covid Pandemic.

With this newfound love and respect for my home surroundings, allow me to share with you the local talent here that enchants the world beyond the county edges.

If you’re looking for even more Dorset companies to shop with this Christmas my Dorset archives can be found here.

Enjoy enchanted soul! Please be sure to let me know what products and businesses you love in the comments below.


I have something very exciting for my dearest Beauxoxo fans today. As some of you may know, I decided to part with my beloved hair accessory business last year due to ill health. The full heart-riff and story is here.

But today I have some good news as this year I had a chance to sort out my studio and upload my leftover stock. This means that I have updated my Etsy right here full of everything I have left of this journey. I hope you cherish any of these limited edition treasures as much as I did making them!

Click here to Shop

Delicious Bits Jewellery

Delicious Bits in Wimborne, Dorset, are the creator of gorgeous clay jewellery and I’m so smitten for these hearts and stars gold hoops

Every single clay heart earring is made individually from beige coloured polymer clay that has then been hand-painted with black acrylic spots on one side with a gold flash at the bottom and gold acrylic paint on the reverse.

These would be perfect stocking fillers for your loved ones, or a much deserved treat for yourself!

Click here to Shop

The Happy Blossoms

When I’m ill in bed, there’s nothing that brings me more comfort than having a gorgeous bloom of flowers to look at. Of course, the only problem is that they don’t last forever. So, this year, I purchased this everlasting bouquet of beautiful dried flowers by the wonderful The Happy Blossoms who are based in Poundbury, Dorchester.

This bunch is inspired by the magic of the changing seasons and the soft glow of light as dusk lifts. With soft and calming addition look and feel, it even contains sprigs of dried lavender which is proven to have calming properties.

The bunches feature a mixture of dried and preserved flowers that have been painted, dyed or are natural in colour and the result is so very whimsical!

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Stag + Seer

If I received something from the wondrous world of Stag + Seer for Christmas I would be so over the moon!

Stag + Seer is the creation of Natalie who birthed this magical business in the winter of 2019, in her enchanting little storybook village of Milton Abbas in Dorset. 

After having lived in Los Angeles the previous 10 years, studying various healing modalities and experimenting with creating her own holistic products, Natalie just knew that her creations couldn’t truly be fulfilled until she arrived in the UK.

Stag + Seer is a true apothecary of deeply potent products concocted with every single beautiful element from Mother Earth.

One of my favourite products is ‘The Healer’ balm. This multi-purpose skin aid, suitable for an array of conditions such as minor cuts, burns, bug bites, rashes and tattoo aftercare is the love your skin will want in a time of need. Perfect for yourself or a deeply loving gift to your cherished ones.

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To Be Adorned Shop

How darling are these retro sparkle pegdolls by To Be Adorned Shop? These handmade dolls are lovingly created with secondhand fabrics (including some couture bridal offcuts) and vintage haberdashery for true eco Christmas chic. 

These glitzy, sparkly dolls are the most whimsical way to adorn your Christmas tree for all that glittery wonderment.

Perfect as stocking fillers or a little extra treat for yourself, these dolls are carefully handmade in Bournemouth and plastic-free. Pick your doll to have either blue, pink or platinum blonde hair.

For a totally wondrous one-of-a-kind gift, why not take advantage of the custom option so you can order either a mini-you or mini loved one?!

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Madre Silver

My blog has always been a sacred place for me to showcase those who have crossed my path both past, present and future with their outstanding creativity and who seek whimsy and wonder as much as I do. One such soul is beautiful Lilly who studied A Level Art with me and also worked at LUSH Cosmetics alongside me in Poole, Dorset.

Lilly is now the creator of her enchanting jewellery company called ‘Madre Silver’ based in Blandford, in the heart of the Dorset countryside.

How beautiful are these whimsical hand-carved creations by Lilly? Handmade with love, these serene jewels are all cast in solid metals, and feature beautiful peaceful moon faces that are so dainty.

One of these treeasures would be such a deeply stunning way to connect with la luna energy.

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Liv Oliv Nail Polish

Did you know that Dorset had a nail polish creator in their presence? Meet Liv Oliv! These non-toxic and vegan polishes are full of rich jewel tones that are loved by both adults and children alike.

I adore this gorgeous super glossy beautiful Cherry coloured polish with heaps of glitter and iridescent flakes that has been designed to give you, or your little cherubs, some razzle-dazzle over the festive period. Best of all? NO nasties!

A bottle of nail polish homemade in Dorset truly is the perfect treasure to add to a stocking or for secret santa gifts!

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The Owl & The Apothecary

The Owl & Apothecary create a unique range of wellbeing products designed to help you live a happy, high-vibe life.

Blended and dreamt up in Dorset, I particularly love their expertly blended oil blends. Lovingly created with the purest essential oils, they can help you to balance hormones, stay calm, stress less or boost your energy and lift your mood. In addition, all of their products are also 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

One of my top picks if their Wellbeing The Little Ritual Kit that has been created to bring you (or those you love!) wellbeing, happiness, and all things good.

This magical contains a Wild Smudge Stick to cast out negative energy and bring in a positive healing life force, a Wellbeing Luna Candle to help sit quietly and set clear intentions, an Amethyst Crystal to strengthen intuition & resolve and finally, a Ritual Guide with details on how to safely perform your rituals.

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Sew Jessalli

No one knows the power of sewing and crafting more than my beautiful friend Sophia Palmer who is the owner of Jessalli, and someone I love very much!

Jessalli is a small business that Sophia has crafted in the heart of Dorset for as many years as I have worked on Beauxoxo, which is how we met!

For many years Sophia has concentrated on a variety of lovingly designed creations with her signature prints, but just last year Sophia opened up a Sewing School in Blandford called ‘Sew Jessalli’. 

I featured Sophia many times on my blog and if you want to read more about her creations my full post is here.

One of my favourite picks? I love the Jessalli Signature Cushion that is hand embroidered with Dorset County themed elements such as traditional Dorset Buttons made for Jessalli.

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Oodlemadoodles Creations

How many of you are planning fans? I adore journalling and this year I have become a bit of a sticker fiend! Enter Oodlemadoodles Creations from Poole in Dorset with their beautiful stickers that are perfect for fellow Planner addicts!

How gorgeous is this Unicorn set? Oodlemadoodles Creations have an abundance of enchanting details that I cannot wait to play with!

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Miiko Everyday Nourishment is a little bit of magic in the midst of Poole, Dorset, and it’s my favourite place to be!

Miiko aims to provide nutritious, medicinal and lovingly made plant-based food and drinks with environmentally and wellbeing conscious undertones.

As well as deliciously wholesome, beautiful food and drinks, Miiko also boasts a small shop. From crystal healing products to yoga accessories, to plant holders and so much more, you can truly appreciate the wonders and benefits that all of these well-being products can bring to you and your loved ones.  

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Fox and Willow Candles

Based in Ferndown Dorset are Fox and Willow Candles who are the creator of these luxury candles that are a perfect gift for all this Christmas.

This utterly indulgent scent of perfectly paired Apple and Cinnamon is perfect to have in your home as you enter into the festivities with a sweet and spicy mix.

These gorgeous candles are either in the Fox and Willow signature rose gold tins, or a limited edition gold tin with vegan, biodegradable and recyclable labels.

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Charlotte Miller Ceramics

Squeeee just how cute is this adorable guinea pig bauble? This adorable guinea pig is wearing a party hat and would be suitable to display all year round to bring some joy to your everyday.

These guinea pig baubles are hand-modelled from stoneware clay and painted in under glaze by Charlotte Miller in her Dorset-based ceramics studio. The guinea pig has a gloss finish and hangs by a red and white string from a metal hook in its back.

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How gorgeous are these enchanted stunning Dorset based businesses? Is there anything else you’re going to either treat yourself to or a loved one? Please show every single one all your support in any way you can.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season full of all the traditions and things that you hold dear.


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Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide: Black-Owned Small Businesses

Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide: Black-Owned Small Businesses

Welcome to the Georgie xoxo Whimsical 2020 Gift Guide!

Over the next few posts, I’m excited to bring you a variety of whimsical treasures that are from a variety of breathtaking small businesses and individuals.

Today we’re starting with Black-Owned businesses and I know you’re going to love them as much as I do. Enjoy enchanted soul! Please be sure to let me know what products and businesses you love in the comments below.

The Pretty Spirits

The co-founders of Pretty Spirits are Christine Deloatch and Lauren Brewer who are spiritual practitioners residing in Los Angeles, California. Alongside sharing their intuitive gifts with the world, they have also self-published a line of Oracle Cards, called ‘Truth Decks’ and also sell a bespoke collection of spiritually inspired goods for those looking to enhance the positive energy of their daily routines.

For my interview with the beautiful Christine and Lauren click here.

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Self Made Candles

Founder Ricki of Selfmade Candle was once a global events manager and often picked a candle as her essentials as she travelled for business. Ricki believes that having scents around you that are familiar to you, and remind you of positive experiences, can keep you going even in the darkest of times.​

During the Covid pandemic, Ricki wanted to keep this going, and as she was unable to purchase the artisan candles she loved in-store; she made them herself!

You can now purchase the stunning Selfmade Candle range from Ricki, as well as DIY Kits! Perfect for the candle lover and crafty pal combined.

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Yemaya Santeria Body & Bath

Beautiful Shaheen is a gorgeous soul I connected with on an INFP Facebook Group. Shaheen is also the creator of ‘Yemaya Santeria Body & Bath’, an exquisite luxury bath salt brand, combining rose petals and crystals for the most sensual of soaks.

Shaheen’s handmade luxury bath products are all created in Birmingham, UK, and are beautiful for yourself or your loved ones. Please DM Shaheen for orders.

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Indulgence Spa

How gloriously whimsy is this enchanted mix? Created by Indulgence Spa, a handmade bath company in the USA, this is such a gorgeous stocking filler either for you or your loved ones.

This whipped creamy shower cream is what your skin will crave this winter packed full of luxurious oils and a scent of your choice from velvety Neroli, to soothing Lavender to tropical Coconut.

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When I went to the Caribbean I purchased so many beautiful handmade dolls and I just know that this adorable Black Rag Doll would make a wonderful gift for your little girl, sister, or yourself, to celebrate the beautiful African culture.

This prettiest doll is meticulously handcrafted from her embroidered facial details to her dress that is made from a 100% Cotton African Wax Print in a gorgeous pink and gold colour, and finished with a traditional African hairstyle of Bantu Knots.

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516 Nail Polish

516 Polish (Five Sixteen) is the UK’s first indie nail polish brand championing swatch diversity to celebrate and inspire women of colour, with deeper skin tones.

516 Polish is also vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and individually handmade in the United Kingdom. 

I’m a huge gel-nails fiend so I adore the shade ‘Sweetie’. Fancy doing your own gel nails at home and can’t get to a salon? I absolutely adore their pink Nail Lamp for that long-lasting salon finish from home.

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Mad Kollection

M.A.D Kollection is a ready-to-wear and custom design clothing brand for men, women, and children who create modern, chic, and unique styles using African print fabrics.

The name M.A.D is an abbreviation for ‘Meet the adventurous designer’ and their clothing is inspired by the idea of creating modern and western styles using African print fabrics.

I’m head over heels in love with this handmade off the shoulder African print dress in vivid hot pink and royal blue. It can be worn by itself or with jeans, shorts or a skirt. I so wish I had a trip booked to look forward to wearing it!

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Tabitha Bianca Brown: The Pair A Birds

I adore the illustrations and prints by the ridiculously talented Tabitha Brown.

Her bright, vibrant and colourful art creations are of women and children enjoying, nature, life, and sunshine and bathing in their divinity.

This particular illustration is part of her horoscope series and is my fellow Sagittarius on the go! I love how Tabitha encapsulates the wanderlust of my star sign, with her bags packed for another adventure!

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How gorgeous are these enchanted stunning black owned businesses? Is there anything else you’re going to either treat yourself to or a loved one? Please show every single one all your support in any way you can.

If you can, please also read my post called ‘Impact Over Intention’. It contains many important petitions and ways you can support the lives of BIPOC.

Wishing you a beautiful festive season full of all the traditions and things that you hold dear.

Click here for more whimsical artisans and small businesses on Georgie xoxo

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Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription Review [AD Gifted]

Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription Review [AD Gifted]

This post contains gifted items from Rose & Dragon that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

The act of slowing down or stopping often to pause helps us to feel more relaxed and peaceful. And for most of us, nothing symbolises a peaceful moment and a gentle pause more than enjoying a heart-warming cup of tea.

However, due to the stresses of modern lives, many of us rush through these special moments when we can be offered a sacred opportunity to calm our minds.

Enter the Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription: a monthly box of three different delicious loose leaf teas, accompanied by a quote card, with a tip or hint about mindfulness, or a philosophical idea that also includes some space for you to write any thoughts down.  

Rose & Dragon is a new tea company that is creating a range of deliciously flavoured loose leaf tea with mindfulness and sustainability at the heart of all it brings to the world.

I was very fortunate to speak to the founder of Rose & Dragon during the lockdown, and you can read my interview with Gabrielle right here.

I hope wherever you are right now you can pour yourself a cup of mindfulness through the ritual of a gorgeous warming mug of tea and love reading about this tea subscription box from Rose & Dragon.

According to research by Rose & Dragon, studies show that practising mindfulness every day reduces stress and anxiety. As a result, the NHS and the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence recommends mindfulness as a way of reducing anxiety and depression. 

However, Rose & Dragon know how challenging it can sometimes be to remember to be mindful every day. Thus, experts often suggest that people use ‘pairing’ to attach their mindfulness to an everyday activity, such as drinking a cup of tea.

Research states that the act of ‘pairing’ makes people twice as likely to stay consistent with their mindfulness meditation.  

Your Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription Box contains three 20g unique blends of tea that are released every month.

Alongside your loose teas, you will receive a free pack of compostable, plastic-free, fillable tea bags made from wood pulp followed by postcards for each tea with a moment to practise mindfulness.

Your Rose & Dragon Subscription box fuses the daily ritual of drinking tea with mindfulness where you are able to process your experience with the ability to write notes as you enjoy your teas.

Rose Grey

An updated floral version of the classic Earl Grey.

Fragrant notes of rose and vanilla inspired this take on the modern classic.

A sweet sensation that even the Earl would tip his hat to.

The first tea I try is Rose Grey, a delicate, fragrant twist on Earl Grey with pink rose petals, Sri Lankan and Chinese Black Tea, natural vanilla flavouring and some zingy orange peel to finish.

I don’t normally like black tea but I started to love it far more after my travels in Russia.

Rose & Dragon’s beautiful blend is an elegant, aromatic infusion with a heady rose scent. It’s a tea I can imagine Marie Antoinette would have!

Rose & Dragon say you can either enjoy their Rose Grey with or without milk. I had some of my favourite rice milk in the fridge and I decided to add just a drop or two for that extra silkiness.

Drinking this tea bathed me in such serenity. This is a tea I will have in the morning when I do my journaling by my side.

Additionally, this tea will be gorgeous to enjoy in the moments when I want to connect to my inner-goddess and when I do my oracle readings.

You can see above the other notes I added as I was drinking it. How many of love your tea with dreamy rose?

Mint Choc Chip

A naturally caffeine-free rooibos blend with a sprinkling of peppermint, a dash of cocoa nibs and a topping of sunflower petals that might make us reminisce of childhood days spent frolicking at the beach.

Guilt-free, mint choc heaven!

If you’re looking for the perfect after-dinner drink without calories or caffeine then this Mint Choc Chip tea is the one!

I can’t begin to tell you all how much I love rooibos. Full of anti-oxidants, it has such a soothing taste that I love in all seasons, and at all times of the day.

Mixed with sumptuous cocoa nibs and soothing peppermint it’s a tea that grounds me deeply.

All of the aromas in this sweet tea are so familiar and so there’s a deep nostalgia I feel drinking this. It truly smells like care-free moments from my childhood.

Interestingly, if you have Gastroparesis like me, both chocolate and mint can be triggering foods. I was apprehensive to try this tea based on that, but because the rooibos comes through so powerfully it hasn’t irritated me at all.

Citrus Paradise

A light, summertime fruit blend that will make your tastebuds sing.

Juicy like an ice lolly and refreshing both warm and cold.

Completely caffeine free, so can be enjoyed any time of day.

I felt this mug was very fitting for this vibrant, pinkish-red citrus tea!

Rose & Dragon’s Citrus Paradise has a distinct perky aroma that can be enjoyed hot or cold. If you’re a fan of light and fresh brew then this is for you!

I find some fruit teas can be overly sharp and intense but the added hibiscus combined with the citrus notes makes this a delicious, slightly tangy well-balanced sweetest mug of tea. In fact, I think this is probably one of my favourite fruit teas I have ever tried!

What do you think about pairing drinking tea with mindfulness? Is it a ritual you could add to your daily routine?

There’s something very sacred about taking a pause in our day to nourish the present moment. Now more than ever.

Both drinking and preparing tea is abundant in mindfulness and serenity.

From the crescendo of the water boiling in the kettle. To the steam that rises gently. To the fusion of scents and aromas. To the comforting warmth as we hold it in our hands.

Being present throughout our lives always us steers us back to the moment in front of us. And that is the very essence of mindfulness that tea can bring so clearly.

The Rose & Dragon Tea Subscription Box is the perfect way to surrender to the present moment and be bathed in all the richness of peace that comes from that.

What are some of your favourite teas? Is a tea subscription box something that interests you? Finally, have you thought to pause with your tea to detail your thoughts and escape from the hustle and bustle of life? Let me know all your thoughts and light in the comments below.

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