Review Of Marketing Without Social Media Workshop by Leonie Dawson [ad-aff]

Review Of Marketing Without Social Media Workshop by Leonie Dawson [ad-aff]

This blog post contains an affiliate link. It does not cost you as the consumer any more than you would normally pay, but by using my links it allows me to financially continue to be able to make content for you. I only endorse products and services that I genuinely love and that I’m proud to discuss and share with you all.

Last year, Leonie Dawson released her ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ Workshop based on her incredibly bold decision to solely market her business away from social media.

I adore Leonie Dawson at the best of times, but this bold, courageous move made me love her even MORE!

But of course, as someone who has had a hair accessory business for 10 years at Beauxoxo, and told over and over how ‘social media was the best marketing option’, I was SO taken away with Leonie’s courage to step back and take a massive (or what I perceived to be at the time) risk with their business.

Because let’s face it both wading through managing our personal lives and marketing our businesses without social media feels so overwhelming doesn’t it? Our lives seem chained and completely enmeshed in these digital spaces, don’t they?

So, how did Leonie Dawson manage to step back from social media and sustain this abundant business?

Well, Leonie is going to share ALL about their journey and provide you with a vision for marketing away from social media in their ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ Workshop based on Leonie’s incredibly bold decision to solely market a business away from social media. Convinced already? Then, of course, you can head on over and sign up right here. It is just $99 after all!

But does the thought of abandoning social media for your business simply seem too good to be true? Is your mind swirling with doubts and questions about marketing a modern-day business without social media?

Well, allow for this post to be my heartfelt and honest experience of stepping away from social media both on a personal level AND from a business capacity so that you read first-hand how this journey has been for me.

As you read this post, do you have any questions? I also welcome you to ask me ANY and all musings and questions below in the comments on this topic!

Why did Leonie Dawson leave social media?

Let’s firstly start with why Leonie Dawson herself left social media.

In a truly poignant blog post Leonie writes:

6 weeks ago, I decided to try 21 days without social media. At the time I felt like I needed a short break, but I was also incredibly nervous about how I would go.

Here’s what I found though: my life is SO much better without social media. I am happier. More content. More creative. Wildly inspired. More present. I have so much time back – time that can be spent doing things I truly love doing. I have literally felt my brain healing. My heart, my soul, my art: all of it glistens with life again.

I am doing this for my one wild and precious life.

I am doing this because I believe that what is good for my creativity is what is best for my business.

I am doing this because I believe it would be out of integrity for me to market using social media now I know how damaging it is to people’s brains and spirits (not to mention democracy and conspiracies).

I am doing this because my best work has never been on social media. My best work has always, always, always been in blogging, writing books & creating programs. So that’s where I’m remaining. Firmly in my sweet spot.

Leonie Dawson

I literally had chills when I read Leonie’s post because I resonate SO deeply with these words and experiences.

Just like Leonie, who also adores blogging and to write first and foremost, I’ve journaled nearly every single day since childhood and being able to carve out and maintain this daily sacred ritual since 2009, that has proven to be a constant vital tonic during my best and most hardest times, has blessed my life immensely.

Writing to myself every single day in this way, or creating content for my blog, have been the places where I am able to mourn and celebrate and where I am able to listen and receive.

I truly can’t begin to say how much blogging has been my healing balm whilst managing my chronic health conditions and bringing out the mystery of my inner landscape.

For me, there’s nothing more special than taking pen to paper or creating these posts from scratch, and that allows for that deeply cerebral friction of thought to take place. And where the page suddenly expands before me. 

I don’t need to know what will become of my thoughts, I don’t fear that I will be teased and judged for the way I love to paint my imagination onto the page.

I can just surrender to the act of pure flow and then look back and admire the process of becoming who I truly am. And I can keep it forever. All my truths, foibles and discoveries. 

However, as Leonie Dawson suggests in the beautiful post above, attempting to write or create in the same way as blogging or similar on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikT-Tok feels more complex.

I want so very deeply to connect with you all more intimately than a thumb-sized image and a quick few lines of a caption.

In addition, I want a digital home that is MINE and mine only.

How did stepping away from social media change my life?

A full post about my experience of stepping away from social media can be found in this stand-alone post where I truly dig deep into the depths of vulnerability to share my entire thoughts and feelings on this journey.

However, in summary, I officially stepped back from social media entirely based on the decision that had landed in my heart back in early 2020 whilst I observed how the spaciousness and serenity that my time travelling had left me feeling.

Without a bombardment of digital connection, I felt even more deeply connected to the whimsy, wonder, and enchantment that both runs through me, and outside of me.

These words are so reflective of how my time stepping away from social media has been. And I’m just going to state this very vulnerably: I’ve never felt so isolated after stepping back from social media. I instantly became alienated and deeply lonely.

This was so fascinating to me because I thrive on silence, I thrive on solitude, and I thrive on aloneness. And yet this emptiness made itself very known to me.

Outside of my relationships changing, I had more time than ever to focus on being human. With that, accepting myself and learning to love myself unconditionally as a flawed and deeply feeling being.

Since stepping back from social media, I stick to the routines that help me feel settled and I practice all of the techniques I have learned that help to soothe me without seeking external validation or noise. 

This includes less distraction as I write my morning pages, buckets of creativity, an abundance of time spent in nature, and a feeling of deep inner peace.

Ultimately, what this experience has taught me is how I wish people would understand how hard it is to feel loved while being pressured to be something you’re not. It feels so hard to encapsulate in words, but that’s how I felt on Instagram and similar.

Overall, one of the most uncomfortable portals of self-discovery has been learning to heal from feeling abandoned when I have come to realise that people can often love or admire a version of you in their head that isn’t the living, breathing, hurting, real you.

And it was that reason alone that I just had to leave: to recover the person I always intended to be

I don’t thrive on social media and this experience has taught me that it is my sacred responsibility to always steer my mind, body and soul into places where I feel the love and safety I so desire. 

Moreover, I need to harvest all my strength and energy as a vulnerable person to sail these future periods of time. And for this, I want to remain in love and service for the things that I can bring my gifts to and help as many vulnerable people as I can. This is my dharma.

Ultimately: I dare to be known a little more deeply. Loved for both the great ecstasy of my enchanted heart and the ability to understand that I am also carrying immense grief. I simply cannot find this balance on social media.

How am I marketing my businesses away from social media, and how did this workshop help me?

So of course after unravelling my personal experience of stepping away from social media, since going on this journey, and taking the Marketing Without Social Media Workshop, how have I decided to market my businesses away from social media?

  • My Blog! Like Leonie Dawson, who has been blogging since 2004, I truly believe that blogs are an inexhaustible source of magic in this online landscape and it’s my great passion to help as many people as possible to discover this. So much so that I created an E-Course late last year called ‘The Art Of Blogging’ to celebrate my 12 years of blogging! Remember blogging is YOUR digital home! One where you do NOT have to battle with others for the spotlight you so deserve!
  • My Pinterest: I joined Pinterest when it was truly in its earliest form and I’ve always been blessed with incredible traffic from this platform. I will continue to cherish and nurture this. Do you need some help on your Pinterest journey? This year, I realised my newest E-Course called ‘The Art Of Pinterest.’ Meanwhile, find me on Pinterest here.
  • SEO: I focus heaps of energy on my SEO for my blog and Pinterest also helps tremendously with this. I cover basic SEO in both my online E-Courses but Leonie also does so in her ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ Workshop.
  • Podcasting and Youtube: These are two avenues I wish to bring into my business and I will certainly keep you updated with how I get on!
  • Substack and Patreon: I currently have a newsletter for my blog called ‘Whimsy World’ and I’d now like to create a bonus paid part of these offerings for either Substack or Patreon. If you’d like to follow me on Substack click here and I’m so excited about this journey!
  • I want to be a CREATOR! To bathe myself in all the things I find serenely magical.  To pour myself into art. To allow for music to transcend my being.  It has been this magic, faith, courage and love for myself that were all pieces that I had been searching for my entire life and I can finally grasp it all now I am not chained to social media.

Ultimately, whatever is Evergreen is where you’ll find me!

Bring on the blogs, podcasts, published articles, Youtube channels and similar.

Fundamentally, I always want my online world to be to be filled with long-form, slow-burning platforms that are drenched with people’s sacred callings.

Because with ALL my heart, it’s my great longing that we learn to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of us. And to me, that’s always done outside of social media.

Will I still post on social media? Occasionally, yes, but it’s not part of my strategy.

Unfortunately, I have found the need to check in every so often because some of my group programmes have sister Facebook groups and on Instagram, I am still working to bring people to my new ventures from the above.

In addition, I felt far less alone when I went through this workshop. You are joined by hundreds of others on a similar path and Leonie’s monthly calls, and the community forum felt so nourishing to me on my own journey with this.


What does Leonie Dawson’s ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ Workshop give you? In one word: FREEDOM!

I feel completely and utterly FREE from the shackles of social media and algorithms.

I now know that my one and only job is to create truly meaningful content that serves people deeply and that allows me to be able to receive for this service.

This workshop truly revitalised my weary soul. It feels serene beyond words to stop wading through the bombardment of information in relation to keeping up with algorithms and so on. I am free, I am free, I am free.

As a result, my marketing feels like such a JOYFUL process! I truly love marketing now! It feels so aligned and full of ease.

The workshop has given me a million new things to try and dig into that I have never tried before. Not to mention that all of these things are all so thoroughly heart-centred that it will be so wonderful to explore.

Finally, for anyone who has yet to step into Leonie’s world, her teaching style alone is just such an experience in itself!

Leonie has a masterful way of breaking down heaps of swirling information into bite-size manageable pieces that others may even try to sell for $$$$$/££££.

But what if you’re not ready to leave social media? Is this workshop still for you?

Are you still feeling a little unsure if ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ is right for you? Here are some of my favourite features that will hopefully truly help you to make the decision that is best for you and your business:

  • This workshop will really breakdown what marketing actually is, because our modern world truly will convince us it’s ALL about social media marketing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth!
  • This workshop will give you a carefully thought-out exit strategy if you do want to wean your business off social media in a risk-free way. Both personally AND professionally.
  • This workshop will give you guidance on reducing your time on social media whilst still getting results. And if you ultimately decide to leave social media, it will give you the support and guidance to do just that!
  • This workshop will give you options to add other marketing strategies to your business to make it stronger and more sustainable.

Tools I use to help limit or control my time on social media:

Before I bring this post to an end, I wanted to add some tools that truly helped me to limit and control my time on social media that could perhaps meet you where you are as you step on this pathway to social media freedom:

BlockSite: I think this is one of the tools that Leonie does actually mention in the workshop however it’s so wonderful that I wanted to mention it here as well. This is your standard ‘block websites’ that are distracting sort of app and a wonderful starting place on your journey to controlling or limiting your time on social media. There is either a free or paid version and I personally find the free version wonderful alone. I particularly like their ‘Pomodoro timer’ focus sessions that not only block websites that I find distracting but also remind me when I need to take a break.

UnHook: Is Youtube social media? No, I don’t think it is exactly and would put it in the same category of other slow-burning social media platforms like Blogging, Pinterest and Podcasts (by the way, I teach about the difference between slow-burning and fast-burning platforms in my E-Course called ‘The Art Of Pinterest’). It is, however, incredibly distracting! So, I have found something very special in UnHook, a browser extension that eliminates distractions on YouTube, including the recommended sidebar, endscreen video suggestions, user comments, homepage related videos feed, trending tab, turn off autoplay or annotations, and more. I literally open Youtube to a blank screen and then joyfully select what videos I truly want to watch from my Subscription tab. SO highly recommended!

News Feed Eradicator: This incredible tool removes all of the social media noise by replacing your entire news feed with an inspiring quote. Better still, you can still use the other functions, as usual, however, it eliminates the fact that you will get sucked into the attention hole. I have found this such a blessing as I navigate these websites. I can now choose where my attention will go as I sit down at my screen. Through doing so, I come to these websites with far more attention AND intention of what I will be doing on them.

Finally, dearest soul, have you ever let this Mary Oliver quote truly sink deep into your bones?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

Wherever you are on your personal or business relationship to social media right now precious soul please remember this above all: Growing and marketing your business should NOT sacrifice your one and wild precious life!

Yes, that’s right, it should not cost you at any level.

It should not cost you your joy, your self-esteem, your hobbies and your wildly precious time.

I truly and passionately believe that we need to start looking into the multitude of options we have for a nourishing personal and business life.

Imagine the ease you would feel without sacrificing your one and wild precious life spinning ALL of the plates on social media?!

And what if it’s possible and more profitable too?

If my experience with stepping away from social media has taught me anything it that’s we all so hungry for a different way to do business.

If anything from this post has spoken to your soul, I truly couldn’t recommend the ‘Marketing Without Social Media’ Workshop more to free up your life for ALL the online ease you so desire and SO deserve!

Do you have any questions about my digital detox journey, and also, any questions about this workshop? It will be an honour to chat deeply in the comments.

Click here to purchase the Marketing Without Social Media Workshop by Leonie Dawson

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Introducing The Art Of Blogging E-Course

Introducing The Art Of Blogging E-Course

My dearest Georgie xoxo community I’m beyond delighted to introduce to you: The Art Of Blogging E-Course!

This E-Course was born from the seed of an idea that I truly and passionately believe that each and everyone one of us carries an abundance of treasured ideas that we wish to impact the world with in some way.

And once that dream has been conceived in your imagination, I wanted to create an offering that could nurture and grow these creative seeds. 

Through this E-Course, I take you on a journey back to Ancient Greece to meet your Blogging Muse, and together you will go on a journey of being immersed by your creativity so that you can bring your cherished gifts to the world through the work you’re here to do.

And as you travel on this creative path, you will be held with a proven system of creating content that nourishes all that you are whilst giving you the potency to change the world with your blog. 

I’ve poured every inch of my 12 years of blogging wisdom, and 10 years of creating my Beauxoxo legacy so that you too can now create a virtual home for you to leave your footprints on the Earth for all the magic that runs through your veins.


Why do I believe blogging to be SO powerful?

So why I do believe blogging to be SO poweful in these digital times?

Because I am the focus of my blog. Just like you are the focus of YOUR blog. 

We are not competing with anyone in our virtual homes. 

When someone clicks through to one of our blog posts, they won’t see any postings from others. 

Yes, that means there are no reels that are suddenly going to pop up to take someone away from your cherished words and imagery. 

Once again: your blog is your home. Your sacred home. It’s your digital spotlight, you don’t need to hide behind other people.

Why Blogging Has Never Been More Needed In The Digital Age

And you may be thinking: so why has blogging never been more needed in these times? Well if the recent Facebook and Instagram malfunctions in 2021 were anything to go by it’s that we must diversify where we share our gifts online.

Because I want YOU, yes you, to light up the world with the richness of YOUR unique treasures and gifts that ONLY you hold. 

Secondly, I want more for you than a thumb-sized image and a quick few lines of a caption to truly showcase your magnificence. 

Truth be told, I want to immerse myself in your exquisitely captured stories. 

Because here’s what I truly believe: your magic, your heart, your gifts, your talents, the impact you’re here to make….it deserves a platform that holds it all with far more reverence than a social media platform. And this is exactly what blogs do. 

You own your blog. It’s yours. It doesn’t try to get you to pay ads for your gifts to be seen. It doesn’t make you create endless hashtags. It doesn’t make you edit it over and again to get the write caption length. It’s your virtual home that’s just like a warm hug. 

Here’s the thing: I just need you to know that your time on this Earth is deeply special and deeply sacred. And I just want you to be super, super careful where you spend your energy.

So bring on the blogs. YOUR blog! And to your wondrous posts that are drenched with your sacred callings.

Because with ALL my heart, it’s my great longing that we learn to slow down long enough to see the beauty that is right in front of us. 

So, as you might be able to tell, I’m very passionate about blogging and the jewels and gifts it brings. For without my blog there would have been no Beauxoxo. There would have been no Painting Music and Art. Truth be told, every single one of my blessings and any success I have known in my life comes back to this blog. To you all here.

And so now, in this stage of my life I want to give back. Through this, I’m passionate about helping YOU to craft a blog that can help to change the world. And today I’m beyond delighted to announce that my Art Of Blogging E-Course is here!

Who Is The Art Of Blogging E-Course For?

The Art Of Blogging E-Course has been especially designed and lovingly curated for the Soulpreneur, Priestess and Creatrix.

To the magical souls who know they have a rich tapestry of stories, unique wisdom within them, but need a roadmap that can bring forth their radiant gifts so that they can create ripple effects of change and impact across the world with clients who fall madly in love with them.

And so, I created The Art Of Blogging E-Course for these souls in mind because I know these type of archetypes intimately.

Because I myself am a visionary dreamer and a creatrix who too longed to be changing people’s lives, creating content that sparked a light so bright that it translates to speaking on stages like you’ve always dreamed of, that magazine feature you always longed for I KNOW this is possible for you once you master the art of blogging.

If you feel this is you I want to invite you to exerience the treasures and blessings of blogging.

So, let me take you on an experience back to Ancient Greece in this truly transformative creative experience. I cannot wait to see what gifts you bless the world with.

Thank you to each and every single of you for you making this possible.

With love and infinite blessings,
Georgie xoxo

Are you ready to unlock The Art Of Blogging today?

Introducing my easy-to-implement template system in a step-by-step blogging E-Course with lovingly made-for-you templates that I use for my own enchanted blog and that I used for my 6-figure handmade hair accessory business that’s been curated for all soulfulpreneurs and the Creatrix who longs to bring their cherished gifts to a blog.

Your result?

You get to be immersed by your creativity, bring your cherished gifts to the world through the work you do and held with a proven system of creating content that nourishes all that you are whilst giving you the potency to change the world with your blog.

One blog post at a time!


“Your blog is a blank canvas and a virtual home for you to leave your footprints on the Earth for all the magic that runs through your veins.” 

Georgie xoxo

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How to create a Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand to Truly Thrive as an Etsy Seller and Blogger [AD]

How to create a Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand to Truly Thrive as an Etsy Seller and Blogger [AD]

This is a sponsored post with Lil Packaging that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy.

Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Lil’ Packaging in this blog post where I shared some of my wisdom from 10 years of running Beauxoxo!

When I had the great fortune of working with Lil’ Packaging again I wanted to create a complimentary sister post for you all, so today I’m sharing all the tips I’ve learned for how to be always recognised, rememberable, and relatable so that you can truly thrive as an Etsy seller and blogger.

So why are being recognisable, rememberable, and relatable so powerful together? Other than for my own personal joy playing around with the alliteration in my title!

Well, because I know for sure that many of you reading this may truly fail to truly see your own magic. So many of us sit on our sacred uniqueness. It can only take a 5 minute browse on apps such as Instagram to make us unable to see the powerful light that is already in us.

This post is an opportunity for you to remember your own sacred voice, and the unique message you wish to share with the world. Because we NEED your light more than ever!

satin hair bow

Why Creating A Recognisable, Relatable, and Rememberable Brand Is So Important

Firstly, why is creating a recognisable, relatable, and rememberable brand so important outside of sharing our sacred dharma?

Well, from a practical perspective, creating a cohesive brand for yourself online and offline are vital because it draws together your brand values and this, in turn, can better relate your brand messages through catchy, recognisable, and stand-out visual language and imagery.

So, how do you create cohesiveness in your personal brand at every level?

Planning your Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand for your personal brand on Etsy and Your Blog

Let’s first dig into who we wish to deliver our gifts to by digging deep into who our dream clients/readers are. Grab some paper and a pen and answer the following:

Who your clients are? What can only YOU give to them?
What makes you stand out? Do you have a well-defined niche? Are you multi-passionate?
Whose go-to person or expert are you? Does your brand serve a need/problem that can in turn gift you real money presenting your gifts to the world?
Does your personal brand bring you the level of success you desire?
What makes you different from other people in your industry? Or other designers etc?

The above is some of you the deepest work you will do if you want to start your own business but oh it’s the most worthwhile.

In fact, I can tell you something I know for certain: most business courses will start with this work because it’s just so imperative to know who your dream people are.

So, now you’re know who your dream clients are, it’s time to bring this together in a visual language with your branding.

What does visual branding need to take into account? Everything from the colours, to the fonts you choose to the images you utilise. Simply thinking, everything must work together across all of your products, channels, and communications to portray a consistent brand.

Your Brand personality is what attracts your dream client. It creates a backdrop that helps them to see, trust (and feel!) you. Once you bring this all together, thriving is inevitable on Etsy and on your blog!

blue satin hair bow

How To Share Your Uniqueness on Your Blog and Etsy Shop

By embracing and loving every single part of your unique self, you will burn with the fuel needed to rise and claim your gifts and unique powers through your blog and Etsy business.

Joining these sacred elements together will surely see you thrive. So, what are the qualities of your uniqueness that your blog and Etsy need?

Let’s first start with your blog. However, please note that these also need to be evident on your Etsy:

  1. Your personality/uniqueness – how can you truly show YOU on your blog and Etsy? Again, visual branding is huge here. Make your own vibrant personality show through the colours you use, to your slogan, to your style of writing. Remember your dream clients, but don’t leave yourself behind.
  2. Your gifts – if you answered the question above then you are ready to showcase this part of yourself. How can you share your gifts with the world?
  3. Branding – We have already discussed branding above as it’s just SO important. Make sure everything you do comes back to your visual branding. Do you have a signature colour? Or like me, are you known for something like ‘xoxo’ or similar? Are you a fan of a colourful 70s vibe or a minimalist look? Find what you love and then show it again and again….and again!
  4. Consistent photography – People always ask me for my number one success tip for Etsy and my Blog and the answer was always photography! In a sea of listings or posts, beautiful imagery is vital to stand out from the crowd and display your uniqueness. I share SO many of my favourite tips in this post right here.

Easy Ways to be Recognisable, Rememberable and Relatable on Etsy:

  1. Recognisable Packaging – Every single Beauxoxo order was always wrapped in hot pink bejewelled tissue paper wrapped up with baby blue ribbon. They were the colours of my business
  2. Custom printed boxes UK – Take your packaging magic to the next level with beautiful custom printed boxes from Lil’ Packaging. This is going to add such a luxurious edge to your recognisable, rememberable, and relatable brand on Etsy!
  3. Add memorable marketing material – How can you create a truly unique rememberable experience for your clients with your marketing material? For example, rather than just a slip in a receipt, what about adding some seeds to plant? Or a postcard that someone would want to display? You’ll find lots of ideas right here.

How To Create Recognisable, Rememerable, and Relatable Marketing

If you’re doing all of the above on a regular basis on your own blog or Etsy, you’ll soon be extremely confident with your thriving recognisable, rememerable and relatable brand!

Now it’s time to show the path on your marketing. In essence, your marketing is an example to share all the things that make up your brand.

What mug do you love? What pens do you love to write with? What tools do you love to make your creations? Where do you write?

Now yes, for some this is a little too voyeuristic. I’ll put my hands up to say I’m not super confident on social media. The pressure to overshare these days is immense. I personally just want to use social media right now for business.

So, what’s your personal boundary around your vulnerability? What perimeters do you need to keep around this? Because it’s totally okay and wonderful to have boundaries like this!

I truly don’t believe you need to be chained to these platforms. This is why I stepped back from social media. If you want to learn more about how I manage life in a digital world then I have a whole post here.

Meanwhile, sit with what feels good for you to share outside of your blog and Etsy to bring people into your world. Ultimately, the best way to get people to your platforms is for you to show them the ideal experience.

In so many gentle and non-intrusive ways you are able to illustrate every step of the buyer journey from your new brand. This is anything from a tweet that first makes a consumer aware of your brand, to the metadata they see when they type your name into Google, to your site, to your in-store experience, to your purchase follow-up, to a customer service interaction.

As much as you can, in the way that feels good to you, be specific about every touchpoint in your marketing as this is the best way to create consistency for a thriving blog and Etsy brand.


If you’re reading this and you’re looking at this world feeling afraid I want you to know this is your call to change this landscape we are living in.

If you have beautiful dreams to start a business with inclusivity and sustainability at the core, then we need you to shine your light brighter than ever to make this world so much brighter and fairer for all. 

I hope there has been something in this post to spark your inner light.

Would you like another post in the future about life as an Etsy seller? Or something else around having owned a variety of small businesses?

If I could give you one big takeaway from this post to cherish and reflect on it would be to lend your heart and gifts to the world if you feel called to.

I know in these uncertain times people are fearful of starting anything as audaciously big as a business right now but I truly believe the world has never needed creativity and big dreamers like yourself more.

Finally, dear friends reading this: As readers of my blog, you will all get the exclusive discount of 30% off everything with BEAUXOXO30 at checkout.

Are you looking for more whimsical, enchanted magic?

Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.

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How to create a Recognisable, Rememberable, and Relatable Brand to Truly Thrive as an Etsy Seller and Blogger

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Creating a Sustainable Shop for your Blog: My Secrets & Wisdom from 10 Years of Beauxoxo AD

Creating a Sustainable Shop for your Blog: My Secrets & Wisdom from 10 Years of Beauxoxo AD

This is a sponsored post with Lil Packaging that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy.

I can hardly believe it, but this year I’m celebrating a wonderful 10 years of having a small business with Beauxoxo.

This has been a true moment to pause, reflect, celebrate and share the joys, secrets and wisdom I have learnt along the way.

If I could ever hope to inspire anyone else to start their dream business, this is everything I would tell them.

Although I parted ways with the main part of Beauxoxo in 2019 due to health issues, I still run my Etsy Shop selling some limited edition treasures and also maintain a small boutique here on my blog through Woo-Commerce.

I’m deeply passionate about handmade businesses and how to curate and bring these ideas to the world. It truly lights up my heart.

I thought it was about time that I sat down to discuss how potent starting your handmade business can be right now in 2020 despite all the uncertainty that surrounds us.

This post will hopefully give you some food-for-thought with a special emphasis on curating a sustainable business for your blog if you’re looking to have everything in one place.

Image Credit

What’s Your Niche?

Let’s start with one of the most important things before you start: what’s your niche?

If you’re going to start a shop on your blog (and by the way, it couldn’t be easier!) then it makes sense that it encompasses the niche that you have developed through your blog posts.

My blog niche is ‘seeking everyday whimsy with a heart full of wanderlust’ so it really follows on from Beauxoxo where the tagline was ‘bespoke hair accessories with a playful, whimsical charm’.

My shop on the Georgie xoxo Blog sells jewellery products designed with Jaymie OC that has a core of playfulness, wanderlust and whimsicality.

But does this mean you must search to find a completely new product or idea? Absolutely not!

I can assure you that the search for a completely new and unique idea will be futile. What your creativity and new business will demand is you showing up in all your beautiful authenticity to make your personality shine.

There has, and never will be another you so nourish what makes you so special and make that shine!

If you want even more wisdom on this topic I so highly recommend Grow & Glow. Launching a business has so many parallels with how you can curate your own blog and I so highly recommend this incredible resource.

Model: Naimah Mckie Photography: Jay

Spring Floral Turban Headband

The Power of Photography

If I could bottle the success of Beauxoxo into one thing it would be very simply: photography.

I grew up being completely infatuated with fashion photography and so when I had Beauxoxo, it was my dream to take that vision into my brand.

Many of you have wondered over the years how I have found photographers, models and makeup artists. I’m about to reveal all!

So back in the day, 2010, Model Mayhem was very prominent in the indie photoshoot scene and so I would say over 90% of the beautiful models, makeup artists and photographers were from there.

What I loved about Model Mayhem is that you could search from your location and, back in the day, truly everyone was hanging out there. It was so incredible to be constantly surrounded by so much artistic talent and to this day I am still in touch with so many of these wonderful creatives.

In the last year or so I also used Purple Port (very similar to Model Mayhem) and I also had the privilege of working with bloggers and influencers.

Some of you might be selling products that don’t need to be modelled. In which case I highly recommend taking some time to develop your photography style.

I know some sellers who take breathtaking photography on their phones with the macro setting. The key ingredient is to create imagery that truly encapsulates the vision you are wanting to put into the world.

Model: Jordan Emily Brown Photography: Rebecca Carpenter

Shop Cupcake Marie Antoinette Necklace

SEO Star

If there was another shimmering ingredient to my business over the years it was SEO.

The SEO algorithm is constantly changing here, there and everywhere so I know this can seem like a really bewildering topic.

However sometimes we make SEO more complicated than it has to be. We think, as a result, the SEO Stars are only the big business owners, but you can definitely do it too!

And how did I become an SEO Star? Very simply: I thought like a buyer.

So for example, let’s look at this turban example.

When I come to list an item I ask myself: what keyword phrases would a buyer search for to find this product?

In the example for the linked turban headband, the title is literally what it is: A pastel floral turban headband!

In the description, I then lead the description with these same words and make sure I elaborate on any keywords from the title. Then, I link to other similar products and add tags that resonate with my title.

And honestly and truly, whilst I wasn’t necessarily sure what I was doing all those years ago, I was creating solid SEO!

SEO is obviously not as simple as the above example alone however if you think like a buyer and create meaningful content and words you are halfway there.

In addition, if you are able to add new products consistently, certainly every month, this will make a huge difference to your SEO. Have you ever noticed how much your blog views go up when you’re consistent? This exact same principle applies to the growth of your small business.

If you need more training I would yet again recommend Grow & Glow.

Swan Wire Headband

Marketing Queen

From SEO star to being a marketing queen and putting all that hard work together!

So many people think marketing is some hugely bewildering complex that they need to hire a whole team of people to achieve but actually it’s very simple. It’s about you and your heart and what you do with it.

Good marketing relies on you being able to pull all the above steps together to truly bring your gifts to the world.

Moreover, marketing is all about finding your authentic avenue to amplify and shine. And actually, if you think of it like that, it’s a really exciting avenue to embark on.

If I could give you just 4 things that I believe will help you find your way to start they would be as follows:

  1. Who is your dream customer? This involves heart and soul. Once you have discovered your niche I believe this is the next important step. Who do you see buying your products? How do you want to help them? What do they value in this world? For me, it was anyone and everyone who had a playful and whimsical imagination who nourished their individualism.
  2. Be wary of the social media black hole: Honestly? Social media was never that important to Beauxoxo however Pinterest was monumentally important. Be wary of time-wasting and endless scrolling on social media thinking it’s the only thing in the marketing equation to consider. You don’t necessarily need to give attention to everything just focus on one thing at a time and monitor the results.
  3. Copywriting & Blogging: When you learn to write good copy you will soon discover how to write head-turning headlines for your emails, blog post titles, video titles, social media updates and so much more. Practise with your blog and trust me, it’s so much fun and will have a really powerful impact.
  4. Start a Mailing List & Create a Lead-Magnet: If you don’t already have a mailing list I would SO recommend you start one. Right now! But as you do, also have a think about what your freebie will be (your lead magnet). For Beauxoxo, I had an exclusive discount for those that signed up for my newsletter as well as a downloadable pdf of hair tutorials for how to wear my hair accessories. For my blog, my newsletter is called Whimsy Wednesday, and the freebie is an ebook called ‘Whimsy Wellness’. Why is a mailing list so powerful? Because if social media vanished tomorrow you would lose your community overnight. However, with your mailing list, you are able to control that database.
Model: Kailey Mermaidens Photography: Hana Haley

Unicorn Wire Headband

Packaged with love and sustainability

Now you know what value you are adding to the world, become a marketing queen and have captivated the heart of beautiful souls all across the world the next question is: How can you infuse magic and delight your packages to send to your customers?

Just as you’ve spent time nurturing your method of marketing with heart and soul it’s time to apply that to the sustainability of how you send your orders and operate your brand.

Here are 3 ways to make your business more sustainable from the start:

  1. Build a sustainable workspace: This is something I have worked on so deeply over the years. How can I assure my workspace is eco-friendly and nurturing. Simple things include: work in as much natural daylight as possible. For earth-friendly lighting seek out low-energy light bulbs.
  2. Your supply chain: For example, if you’re making beautiful wood paintings, you should explore what that supplier is doing to preserve the world’s forests. 
  3. Your packaging: I highly suggest you invest in packaging that is eco-friendly and has sustainability values at its core. My favourite supplier is Lil Packaging. Their Cardboard envelopes feature a special rigidly-protective design recycled board with an easily stackable format for storage. They are also 100% recyclable ensuring eco-friendly credentials and are a significant move away from single-use plastic in e-commerce packaging. I also love their Lil Bag envelopes for clothing and non-fragile items.

When it comes to adding those little extras, think about what could, not only delight your customers, but also the world.

Did you know you can create business cards and leaflets that are made from plantable paper? How beautiful and special is that? You could also add some seeds.

Finally, sourcing eco-friendly tissue paper and shredded paper is something so important to consider. It’s more than possible to care for our world and also leave an impact on our customers.

Models: Abigail Tara Lily, Beth Lucy Thompson Photography: Bec Bentliff

Velvet Headbands

Nurturing Community

We’ve been on quite the journey already but now you are starting to make sales and your business is flourishing, hurrah!

So, what’s next?

Simply: Nurture your community.

How can you do this? Well, that’s why I adore mailing lists because it’s so easy and fulfilling to create additional lead magnets and exclusive gifts for your customers.

If you want to do something through social media what about a Facebook Group?

Finally, encourage your customers to send you photos and create a hashtag so you can connect with all your customers.

Above all remember that every single customer is a real person. Sometimes I look at my stats and I picture my customers in a real room. It’s such a powerful exercise.

Nurturing community is all about humanness at it’s most sacred.

bow beret beauxoxo
Model: Louise Ebel Photography: Camille Richez


Balancing it all

I believe being powerfully productive in what we do requires two huge elements: Rest and Balance.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that burnout is hideous. And as you wade through it, it seems like it will last forever.

Throughout my late teens and early 20s the burnout spiral was one I was constantly trying to free myself from.

And what did eventually release me from burnout? My health.

I don’t say this to ever scare anyone, as I was already a poorly child, however, I truly believe that we, as humans on this planet right now, don’t value rest. So many people think it’s this decadent thing that must be earnt but it is a necessity if we want to show up in life and add our gifts to the world.

Here’s a question I asked myself that truly changed my path: What’s in your zone of genius?

Clarify in your mind what makes you unique, strong, motivated and confident.

We simply cannot do it all. We just can’t. Here’s a secret trick I will save with you now.

Grab some post-it notes and write down all the tasks that your blog/small business involves. Eg, SEO, branding, tech, design, customer service, spreadsheets etc. Get every single thing down no matter how small.

When you have all your tasks in front of you, separate them into two piles. On the left, for things you love and that you can competently do. On the right-hand side add all the things you struggle with.

The left-hand side are the qualities of your zone of genius. Go forth and give them all your power and energy.

As for the right-hand side, allow yourself to be able to ask for help bringing these skills to life. As you do this, eliminate any limiting beliefs that are causing you to self-sabotage, but simply know exactly what and where to put your energy when you lead from your zone of genius.

If you can learn and implement the fundamental ways and tools to use your intuition organically craves I promise it will result in a more balanced life that will lead to an even greater business.

Model: Stephanie Linda Photography: Hanna Kristina

Bow Headbands


If you’re reading this and you’re looking at this world feeling afraid I want you to know this is your call to change this landscape we are living in.

If you have beautiful dreams to start a business with inclusivity and sustainability at the core, then we need you to shine your light brighter than ever to make this world so much brighter and fairer for all. 

I hope there has been something in this post to spark your inner light.

Would you like another post in the future about life as an Etsy seller? Or something else around having owned a variety of small businesses?

If I could give you one big takeaway from this post to cherish and reflect on it would be to lend your heart and gifts to the world if you feel called to.

I know in these uncertain times people are fearful of starting anything as audaciously big as a business right now but I truly believe the world has never needed creativity and big dreamers like yourself more.

Finally, dear friends reading this: As readers of my blog, you will all get the exclusive discount of 30% off everything with BEAUXOXO30 at checkout.

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How To Make Whimsical Branding For Your Blog and Small Business with Design Bundles AD

How To Make Whimsical Branding For Your Blog and Small Business with Design Bundles AD

This is a sponsored post with Design Bundles that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy.

Are you looking to make whimsical branding for your blog and small business but don’t know where to start? Enter: Design Bundles

Design Bundles began in July 2016 and offers affordable digital products such as Graphics, Templates, Mock Ups, Patterns, Illustrations and Craft Files. 

Since their launch, Design Bundles now boasts over 1 million users who can browse over 150,000 marketplace products and save money on their curated Design Bundles with up to 96% off the regular retail price. 

I’m going to highlight how I used Design Bundles to create my own blog branding single-handedly.

From the presets I use to edit my photos with, to how I made my media kit. Let’s dive in!

Lightroom Presets

One of my favourite and most valuable resources for blogging are my Lightroom Presets.

Presets are a key asset in my blogging tool kit that truly elevates my imagery beyond what I would normally be capable of.

I get asked a lot about how I edit my photos and truthfully it’s all about finding a style of photography I like, and then a few different presets that I can tweak. 

Design Bundles has lots of gorgeous ready-to-go presets that are ready to transform your photos in an instant. 

If you’ve never used Lightroom before it’s such a simple, effortless app to use. You can also use it to edit your Instagram photos as Lightroom has a mobile app for on-the-go editing.

My pick from Design Bundles would be this dreamy preset called Whimsical that I use and love.

Purchase Whimsical Lightroom Presets

E-Book & Lead Magnet 

How many of you have an email list? My email list is called Whimsy Wednesday and honestly, it’s my haven. It’s the community I always dreamed this blog could have.

My monthly email is a sacred place I feel the safest in this noisy internet world and I love sitting down to right it every month (it goes out on the first Wednesday of every month, so I’d love to invite you to July’s issue!) to such beautiful souls who have become family. 

When you sign up to Whimsy Wednesday you will receive the ‘Whimsy Wellness’ e-book that I made with a template from Design Bundles that I could edit in Canva. 

Lead Magnets are so powerful and their influence in the blogging world is only set to rise.

Do you have an idea for something you want to bring to the world? I’d love to hear your ideas about what your lead-magnet could be!

I really love this feminine Lady Boss design that can be edited on Canva.

Purchase Lady Boss E-Book Template


Is a physical Product to sell on your blog something that appeals to you more than e-books?

How about purchasing some svg files from Design Bundles to design your own digital downloads?

SVG cut files are a popular and fantastic digital resource for all crafters right now. With them, you can make your own unique tote bags, shirts, mugs, handmade gifts and so much more.

You can either make your own branded products to sell or show off your creativity in some craft tutorials!

As well as printing on paper, you can also utilise different materials such as felt and cotton; it all depends on the capabilities of your machine.

What I love about SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphic) is that they are graphics that can be scaled to various sizes without any quality reduction. So there’s none of that dreaded pixelation no matter how much they are altered.

I love this collection of peach and cream roses that matches my branding perfectly. I’d love to make some products that I can send out with my blogging address as a really creative new type of business card.

Purchase Roses & Cream Collection Clip Art Kit

Media Kit

If you want to work with brands then a media kit is such a potent tool to have.

My media kit is a document I can use to truly show the world who I am, what I do, and what my values are. I told you it was potent!

My media kit has gifted me with some incredible blessings along the way and I highly recommend diving into the process of making your own.

Again, Design Bundles make it absolute ease with templates that can be edited in Canva. This pretty black and white pink media kit template is a wonderful place to start.

Purchase Canva Media Kit Template in Black and White

Pinterest Template

Pinterest is my favourite social media of all time. It’s the most powerful form of marketing for me. Come and say hi if you’re a fellow Pinterest fan!

Pinterest is also such a wonderful place to gather inspiration for absolutely every area of your life. From recipes, to words to make up looks. 

By making attractive and signature Pinterest templates you can truly amplify the reach of your blog posts. 

Design Bundles has a huge array of Pinterest templates that can be easily edited on Canva. I love this pretty Blush template.

Purchase Pinterest Bundle Canva Template in Blush


I hope your creativity has been illuminated and you’re excited to take this pause in life we all have right now to nurture the branding of your blog or small business.

What branding resources do you already have from the above list? What were the inspirations for you? I’d love to hear all about your blog or small business and what resources you use to make your impact in the world.

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My Review Of The Self-Love Success Club by Esther de Charon de Saint Germain An Inner Growth and Empowerment Membership For The Selflovepreneur [ad aff]

My Review Of The Self-Love Success Club by Esther de Charon de Saint Germain An Inner Growth and Empowerment Membership For The Selflovepreneur [ad aff]

This blog post contains an affiliate link. It does not cost you as the consumer any more than you would normally pay, but by using my links it allows me to financially continue to be able to make content for you and I only endorse products I genuinely love and that I’m proud to discuss and share with you all.

Are you ready to love yourself and build an abundant business with self-love at the core of all you do?

This is the mission of Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s ‘Self-Love Success Club’ membership that aims to support, inspire and teach you the importance of self-love, inner growth and empowerment to foster a business that truly nourishes you.

I have been an entrepreneur since my late teens (I started my handmade hair accessory business Beauxoxo when I was at at college and you can read the whole story of this cherished business here) so that’s basically most of my life at this point!

And here’s one thing I know to be SO true: We truly thrive in all our sacredness when we are guided by mentors or place ourselves in containers where someone can truly see us, for not only our potential in our gifts but who can also witness us in all our humanness.

I finally found all of this in Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s and her ‘Self-Love Success Club’ membership that I joined in early 2020.

After taking a few courses by HUGE profile online marketeers, I finally found all the space holding, and empowerment I so desperately sought in the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ to truly build two businesses that I adore that not only thrive, but I thrive with them through learning how to love myself deeply and unconditionally in the process.

So, if you’re ready to go all in, and see what’s possible for you, I hope you enjoy this review of Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s ‘Self-Love Success Club’ membership.

This post also contains a VERY amazing exclusive offer just for you, dear soul from my heart to yours.

What is the Self-Love Success Club?

The ‘Self-Love Success Club’ is home to fiercely bright, sensitive, multi-passionate women entrepreneurs with big dreams.

Once previously called ‘The Brave Business Academy’, Esther De Charon De Saint Germain’s signature membership is now the completely Improved ‘Self-Love Success Club’ so that you can become a Selflovepreneur.

The promise of the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ is that Esther and her dedicated team help you to end the struggle, stop wasting time, and reinventing the wheel. Instead, you will make more money, freedom, ease, and flow doing what you love by loving ALL of you

Selflovepreneurs love all parts of themselves (because they know that they are a-ma-zing and wonderfully imperfect at the same time).

As a result of all that self-love and self-confidence, they show up (and love every second of it) and are able to serve and bless their soul clients with their talents and gifts so that they can make money doing what they love.

Here’s something I can’t say enough: this is NOT just another middle-of-the-road entrepreneur membership. Because the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ knows that you are not just any entrepreneur.

Yes, I know, the world of online business is full of super large business/mastermind groups, swamping your mind in endless free content from Youtube and Instagram, generic content, zero support.

Put simply, you feel lost and overwhelmed and it’s just not working for you. You tried it, didn’t you? If you don’t feel seen and understood you can’t grow. Right?

Well, right indeed! In fact, it’s scientifically proven that belonging is one of the most important reasons why entrepreneurs can reach their true potential. Just as isolation and denying support will lead to failure.

“True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.”

Brené Brown, Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone

I don’t know about you, but I always felt ‘the-odd-one-out.  

Before I found the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ I had never been able to find a safe place where I could just ‘be’.

The huge difference with the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ to other cookie-cutter business programs and memberships is that Esther reinforces to her clients that the divine has given us all unique traits. And most importantly that these traits are NOT a flaw.

The ‘Self-Love Success Club’ will feel like somewhere you can belong as you learn to bravely step into your unique power and change your world by being more YOU!

Why Self-Love and Building a business go hand in hand

From our earliest years on earth, we are taught how to read, how to write, how to calculate, how to build, how to study and how to analyse life. 

We were then taught our “please” and “thank yous,” but most of us failed to be educated in one essential dimension of life: self-love.

And yet, cultivating a life full of inner and outer nourishment is one with self-love deeply present at the core.

Because here’s what I now know to be so deeply true: Whatever the catalyst, be it a relationship, stepping into your dharma, working on your money mindset, *or insert whatever you’re facing*, not cultivating self-love is at the root of it all.

To be honest, I haven’t found a single business program that even mentions ‘self-love’ or even self-worth. This is what makes the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ SO unique! It’s just completely glossed over in other membership and programs.

And yet, stepping into my priestesshood has opened my eyes to the fact I just cannot nurture these dreams that are my seeds for abundance without self-care, self-trust, self-empowerment, self-respect, self-honour, and of course: self-love.

The year of 2020 was the year that I started to strengthen my ability to choose love for myself – to choose me –instead of putting guilt, shame, blame, criticism, stress, pressure, and fear on myself all. the. time. The result of which was extreme burnout that I only finally addressed when I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, an auto-immune disease in 2018.

So with that, let me just share a story from my own life in case it can help to truly realise how vital self-love is. And why I’m SO passionate about helping people…

This is why cultivating Self-Love in Business means so much to me….

As soon as I arrived at University I felt lost and deeply alone. Every single day felt like I was existing under a huge dark cloud. 

I knew instantly that I was not where I was supposed to be. I was not following my soul’s path. I felt SO different from everyone around me. Why was I there? Because I was following societal expectations and layers of conditioning of what my path should be. The ‘good girl’ academic path.

And so, at just 19 years old, I opened an Etsy business for my handmade hair accessories from my University library. Immediately, it started to mute my loneliness and comfort my aching heart.

In less than a year from opening my shop, I was invited to attend the Clothes Show Live. I was then featured in some of the most influential publications such as ELLE, Marie Claire and Brides.

As if that wasn’t beyond my wildest dreams, my accessories were worn by Little Mix and some of Youtube’s biggest stars such as Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr and many more!

Eventually, this business, with deeply humble beginnings, took me to 6 figures and a life-changing trip to Japan and many other countries to introduce my accessories on a global scale. 

This is what happens when you don’t love yourself….

And yet…..despite all this success on paper, I was burnt out. Deeply and dangerously so.

Outside of my studies, Beauxoxo had soon become my absolute everything. I revelled in being SO busy. I wore that word with so much pride (and delusion). Like being so unbelievably burnt-out was something to be proud of. A marker of success. And interestingly, everyone around me loved it too.

So, I spent hours and hours (and mostly into the night) balancing this precious dream with my degree. Just working, working, and working. My hands were constantly red and raw with the number of accessories I was producing each day. Oh and I also taught music privately AND had a job at LUSH Cosmetics…!

I got sucked into the ‘Girl Boss’ and ‘hustle’ mentality to heal my inner-aching heart and soul. I lived and breathed my business as a distraction from the depression that started at University. Any notion of self-care and self-love completely eluded me. I was massively under-pricing too.

This period of extreme burn-out and deep depression led to several chronic health conditions that I now manage today (I was also a very sickly child). You can read about them all here.

That’s just…a lot isn’t it?! Oh, how I WISH I knew someone like Esther in these formative years who could have guided me to cultivate a life full of inner and outer nourishment with self-love DEEPLY present at the core!

With all my heart, if I knew the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ was a thing then I would have 10000% joined. Oh how things could have been different. For I LOVED my business, but it was completely running me, and I didn’t value myself enough to steer this dream out of hustle-mode.

Fast forward to the year I’m writing this, 2021, and I now run this cherished blog and Painting Music and Art where I’ve finally mastered how to carve out a life of meeting my true divinity and loving myself unconditionally that is opening up a whole new way of living that constantly transforms every essence of my life with its potency.

As I documented in this blog post all about the journey from Beauxoxo to Painting Music and Art, where I truly dive into more detail about this huge chapter in my life, I also document the huge loss I felt after ending Beauxoxo.

Questions I started to ask myself came to me such as: What am I able to do now? What can I adapt my conditions to? What is to become of me and this swirling sea of creativity I want to gift to the world?

And after spending a lot of money on a huge course in early 2020, I truly wished I had met Esther directly after ending Beauxoxo. And yet, as soon as I discovered her, I truly bathed in all her wisdom.

Because of all the ££££ I’ve spent on mentors and experts and course after course, I can say hand-on-heart that the most precious gift you could devote yourself to is a mentor/membership/container where you are able to work intimately with someone who can reflect, witness and guide you to see what you can’t see for yourself or to support you as you step into what’s calling your heart and soul forward. This just makes all the difference.

For as Esther herself says:

It all starts with love. Self-love. Lots of Self-love, self-compassion, self-awareness, self-confidence. Love for your business. Love for humanity. Love for the lucky ones who have found a place in your heart (we’re all trying to open our hearts to more people). Love for your clients, your business, your offerings, and your services. Love for art, nature, literature, food, money, traveling, growth, results . . .  IT’S LOVE!

Your authentic personal brave business & brand is always rooted in self-love. Just like our work together always are planted in a flowerbed of love, compassion, and true connection.”

And my goodness it truly does. For ultimately it’s about how much you love yourself to express what’s within. Always.

Meet Esther De Charon

I met my business mentor Esther de Charon de Saint Germain in the midst of the first 2020 lockdown. I was currently enrolled in Marie Forleo’s wonderful ‘B School’.

Whilst I loved the program and got SO much out of it, I was feeling deeply overwhelmed in a huge big program and wanted a safe place to be held and seen in my sensitivity and introvertedness. Enter, Esther!

Esther works with brave women entrepreneurs who build their successful business based on self-love and an unforgettable personal brand.

Esther works especially with brave women entrepreneurs who are sensitive, multi-passionate, and fiercely bright to fit the traditional A-Z Business mold. And yet, they are very ambitious and deeply in love with their business. This is basically me! Is it you too?

Through Esther’s mentorship, she helps to grow businesses and brands through self-love and heart-to-heart communication. This gives her clients a big vision and that’s why they need a brand that is courageous. And effective.

Esther passionately believes that building your The Brave way of going to your next 50K, 100K or 500K, and up is through nourishing self-love and understanding your unique business persona.

She also connects to the divine to bring flow, wealth, self-love, and ease in their business and life. This combination has helped many female entrepreneurs to take their business and life to the next level.

In short, she knows the online business world like the back of her hand! You can read more about Esther here.

Now, you might be a budding entrepreneur, OR you simply want to be guided to show up for yourself in other ways. Either way, learning from Esther is a gift I don’t want you to miss, so let’s dive into ‘The Self-Love Success Club’ together!

What’s inside the Self-Love Success Club and How Much Is It?

Are you ready to see what’s inside the ‘Self-Love Success Club’? Well, I’m going to give you a little peek!

Self-Love Energy Visualisation with Esther

Self-Love Energy Visualisation with Esther

The monthly visualisation called the ‘Love Yourself Session’ fully reconnects you to your uniqueness, your dream and your greatness.

In these sessions, Esther removes inner obstacles, heals old pain, perfectionism, and anything that gets in the way of growth, abundance, and joy.

I truly believe visualisation to be a portal to transformation and miracles in so many different areas of life. And yet too few are utilising it to help you release the fear that keeps us from achieving success.

Within 30 minutes of these sessions, I’m always reminded how I can truly make the unthinkable happen.

Monthly Mastermind Meeting

In this monthly gathering of queens, you are able to share business ideas, enjoy the real connection, and deep talk with your fellow business sisterhood. So many of us haven’t been taught to work collaboratively to achieve the seemingly impossible. This poignant meeting each month will help you to experience the power of real Sisterhood at the end of each month.

Real connection is the difference between a lonely struggle and knowing you can totally do this. And how to do it.

How Much is The Self-Love Success Club?

The Self-Love Success Club is currently €49 (so that’s roughly £42 and $59) but the content inside is worth thousands and thousands!

Would you like an extra bonus also worth another thousand or so?

Can I be your Accountabilty Buddy?

Claim Your Exclusive Access to all my business and blogging secrets

Phew, so, that was our otherworldly tour of ‘The Self-Love Success Club’ and now I have something very special to offer you!

And so, dearest one, because you’re an amazing beacon of light to a life of magic that both I and the world are so very grateful for, with all my heart I truly want to help to illuminate a path for you that nourishes every fibre of your being.

I want to help you on your own sacred journey of receptivity, renewal, and receiving YOUR unique signs of abundance for your own seeds of a path that we will sow together.

To a path that honours and embraces your inner magic. 

To a path that opens up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you.

To a path that is a catalyst for healing and transformation, and unearthing your heart’s desire.

I want that for you so much because I want you to thrive in all your sacredness! And if you read my story above, you’ll know my reason for wanting this for you is also very personal.

What I can offer you and your business

So, for the first time ever I am going to show you everything I learned about building my business with ALL the wisdom I know about building your dreams so you can be in alignment with YOUR authentic essence that makes such a difference to the world.

Here’s what I can offer you to supplement what you learn in the ‘Self-Love Success Club’:

My secrets from Beauxoxo (over 10 years of knowledge of running a handmade business):

  • How I built a 6 Figure Business on Etsy
  • How I was featured in endless publications worldwide from ELLE to Marie Claire
  • How I was invited to one of the biggest fashion events in the UK
  • How I was featured on some of the biggest vloggers and bloggers such as Zoe Sugg, Tanya Burr and Olivia Purvis
  • How I got my accessories into the hands of celebrity stylists and worn by Little Mix, the Made in Chelsea cast and many more!
  • How I exported my hair accessories ALL over the globe
  • How I created my photoshoots and planned and created every inch of my collections

My secrets from blogging (over 12 years of running a blogging business):

  • How I started my blog
  • How I was nominated for Company and Cosmopolitan awards
  • How I make money from blogging
  • How I work regularly with endless incredible companies
  • How I structure my blog content
  • How I grow my viewership month on month month
  • How to get featured on podcasts, radio shows, and in magazines
  • How I manage my businesses with multiple chronic illnesses

….and these are just questions on the top of my head!

Are you ready to take aligned action and claim these gifts?

Ultimately, I know with all my heart that mentorship and learning from the masters are life-changing and oh-so important because it’s these masters who have devoted themselves to the work and to the gifts of what comes slowly from deep faith and slow loving progress. 

So, if you decide to become a ‘Self-Love Success Club’ member using THIS LINK, (and this link only), you’ll get Esther’s mastery AND I’m going to be RIGHT by your side as your accountability buddy as you implement this life-altering wisdom.

PLUS you’ll be able to access to all the help you desire from my own unique knowledge and wisdom listed above.

If you’re a handmade artist or blogger I promise to hold your dreams SO tightly and dearly with you! These are my passion area. I cannot wait to see you blossom!

So, are you ready to shine your brightest light? If so, take aligned action and read all the details below. Oh, I can’t wait to meet you!! 


(and claim your exclusive chance to work with me)

How to access your exclusive bonus and important details:

  1. Click HERE to sign up for The Self-Love Success Club
  2. I will then be able to get your details from Esther’s team and send you a personal email discussing the next steps
  3. You get this bonus for as long as you stay in the ‘Self-Love Success Club
  4. We’ll have our own special communication and a 1-hour call a month

Ultimately enchanted one, if there’s just one piece of advice I would tell anyone as they set out to bring their dreams to fruition as a brave entrepreneur, I would tell them to seek support that honors their unique traits.

Find someone who truly sees you in all your divinity. Because your business needs to be a loving container that nurtures and nourishes you with this light at the core of all you do.

I truly hope you enjoyed this review of the ‘Self-Love Success Club’ and could witness my own journey of building my dreams with all huge rollercoaster of alchemy it has gifted me with once I learned that cultivating a life full of inner and outer nourishment with self-love DEEPLY present at the core is just the only to be.

I SO hope to journey on this magical pink path with you and that some of you may wish to take up my exclusive gift.

However, whatever your inner-voice is telling you I’ll forever be in service to your dreams.

If I could give you just one takeaway from this post, it would be to cherish and reflect on what it would be like if you would lend your heart and gifts to the world if you feel called to.


(and claim your exclusive chance to work with me)

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