Cafe Élan, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London

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Tucked just around the corner from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is the beautiful Cafe Elan that describes itself as ‘distinctive, stylish, confident, impulsive’. Situated on the ever-so-stylish Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, Cafe Élan, it really is one of the most dreamy cafes in London. Creating coffee with passion and temerity, and food that is elegant and modern not to mention that it also an Instagram dream.

At Cafe Élan, they have a passion coffee that is gathered from the vast fields of South America and the wild forests of Africa, to the micro-roastery in east London where the development of flavour is elevated to an art form, producing exquisite beverages for you to love and joy. But if you’re not a massive coffee fan like me you will be simply overwhelmed with the drink menu from Cafe Elan. With everything from Turmeric Lattes, Ruby Beetroot Lattes, every tea your heart could desire to even Freddo, yes Freddo Lattes, it is the perfect place to pop in for tea and chats with your favourite people knowing there is something for everyone. 

The above photos are from a lovely brunch I had with my staple favourites: a Ruby Beetroot Latte with all the dairy free milks you can imagine and this divine Acai Bowl with bananas, passionfruit and pomegranates that feels like a tropical paradise. 

In harmony with Cafe Élan’s philosophy of healthy, natural food, they have also created a collection of natural and sustainable beauty products, made fresh to be used fresh.

This range, using a minimum-waste system, is made from recycled coffee by-products into an earth-friendly range of scrubs and masks for face, body and hair. The formulations are made in-store for customers, and because they contain no preservatives or harmful chemicals, they are designed to be used within 24 hours. How wonderful is that?!

Cafe Elan truly is a beautiful spot inside and out and if you’re in London I so highly recommend a visit. It certainly is far more than the dreamy Instagram photos you see. Both the surroundings, food, drink and ambience are equally divine. Find out all about them here and for all their locations. And their scrumptious menu can be found here.

Have you been to Cafe Elan? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also do share any of your favourite cafes in London- it’s always lovely to try new spots!



239 Brompton Road

Cafe Elan on Instagram

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