By Jaymie x Georgie xoxo ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ Marie Antoinette Collection

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One of my favourite things about my new online home is that I have a little shop! It’s so funny how excited I am about this despite having Beauxoxo for so many years haha. But this is something quite different indeed because this shop will be home to a variety of collections or things I want to make that are far, far smaller in scale to my current business. 

And so the first of these mini collections is jewellery and a few small accessories centred around the style Queen Marie Antoinette, in collaboration with the amazing By Jaymie where we have joined forces to bring you all a jewellery and hair accessory collection inspired by all the elements you can see on my best-selling Marie Beret.

I was originally planning to add this Marie Antoinette collection to Beauxoxo however as I was planning this new base for myself I thought the idea of this jewellery collection based around Marie Antoinette would be really special and different for this platform. Working with Jaymie has always been such a joy and I wanted the collection to stand out here rather than be mixed into the whole of Beauxoxo

So from adorable Pastel Hair Bows adorned with everything Marie Antoinette would adore, to a scrumptious Cupcake Necklace and Macaron Earrings, this collection is for those with a sweet tooth and will have you exclaiming ‘let them eat cake’ to all you know!

“Let Them Eat Cake!”

And what’s extra dreamy, is that this collection in collaboration with the dream team of all dream teams that includes RebeccaJordan and Paige. Together we created a very special collection of photos for the Beauxoxo SS18 collection and now this beautiful set of jewellery and accessories. Finally, a huge thank you to ‘Pimp My Ice’, a brand new ice cream parlour in the heart of London that made the sweetest backdrop ever!

I hope you love everything as much as I do! What would you like to see on the shop in the future? Let me know your faves below! xoxo

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