Bloom & Bean, Liverpool

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Tucked just around the corner from the famous sights and sounds of Beatlemania in Matthew Street, Liverpool is the beautiful Bloom & Bean.

This new floral coffee shop in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, specialises in elegant and beautiful drinks, lattes and cakes, from the much-loved and renowned healing benefits of Matcha and Turmeric to the exotic Dragonfruit and Lavender.

At Bloom & Bean the development of drinks and food is elevated to an art form, producing exquisite beverages for you to love and enjoy all infused with the goodness and healing properties of florals.

The interior of Bloom & Bean is also equally exquisite, with a stylish black and white check floor, marble tables, and lashings of baby pink fused with modern gold and green details. It makes the perfect place for people-watching, catching up with friends, dreaming ideas on pen or laptops (complete with oh-so-convenient plugs) where you can enjoy the aroma of sweet florals that make their latte art.

The art of elixirs and lattes comes from the traditional Ayurvedic recipe made with antioxidant-rich ingredients that have been enjoyed for centuries. And like me, if you’re not a massive coffee fan like me you will be simply overwhelmed with the elixir menu from Bloom & Bean that features some of the dreamiest lattes I have ever seen.

With everything from Turmeric Lattes, Ruby Beetroot Lattes, to your standard tea and coffee, there’s truly something for everyone. Here’s what I’ve sampled so far:

Rose and Beetroot: This luscious, creamy beetroot latte with rose adds a stunning floral flavour to the depth of beetroot. This really is the prettiest drink of all time, and Rose actually helps to raise your vibrational frequency. It is also very hydrating for the body, and fuses with the cleansing action of Beetroot.

Hibiscus and Dragonfruit Latte: This is something I haven’t heard of before but it absolutely works! The wonderfully tangy tropical accents of pink hibiscus and dragon fruit are combined here to make a pink, frothy feel-good and looks-good drink. Together they make a super-light and delicate with a sweet fruity taste.

Blueberry and Lavender Latte:  This is for sure my favourite latte, as the combination of heavenly blueberry lavender latte is just divine! Just the sort of thing that is perfect for after dinner or simply when you are relaxing after a stressful day! Lavender is one of the most gorgeous things in the world to me. And combined with vibrant blueberry, it’s a soul-soothing drink that truly feeds the soul.

Turmeric and Ginger Latte: Turmeric Lattes have become something of a classic alternative latte now, and this floral re-creation is so dreamy. Turmeric and ginger are two inflammation-fighting roots that are great to consume regularly and especially enjoyable in the colder seasons.

Pumpkin Spice Latte: A Starbucks classic perhaps, but the caffeinated version is absolutely not for me. So this alternative, caffeine-free version by Bloom & Bean is just so perfect that captures the very essence of autumn with all its luscious spices, with an added layer of festive sparkle!

Bloom & Bean truly is a beautiful spot inside and out and if you’re in Liverpool I so highly recommend a visit. It certainly is as dreamy as the Instagram photos you see, and who doesn’t want to enjoy a drink smothered in beautiful florals?

Have you been to Bloom & Bean? Let me know if you’re equally in love! And also do share any of your favourite cafes in Liverpool if you’re a local- it’s always lovely to try new spots!


6a Victoria St, Liverpool L2 6QE

Opening times: 8am-4pm every day.

Click here to visit Bloom & Bean on Instagram

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