Music Monday: Wolf Gang

So my Music Monday feature has had a little holiday over Christmas but I’m back with more, and I hope you agree, musical delights! Today I want to tell you all about a band I am loving with huge...

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Boscombe Vintage Market

Yesterday I spent the day selling some of my hair accessories at Boscombe Vintage Market. Whilst I don't normally blog about my market days I thought with the new year and all, I wanted to...

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Music Monday: Florrie

Image SourceYou know there’s some people who just seemingly have everything? Someone who is so completely model esque gorgeous and also amazingly talented, but also, really damn nice? Enter Florrie...

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Music Monday: Haim

So today, for my music Monday post which by some miracle is managing to become something of a regular feature, I’m really excited to talk about this girl band with a complete difference: Haim. From...

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