Favourites: August 2013

Ahhh guys, I haven't made a favourites post for MONTHS! I really don't know how this happened really, so let me make up for it and tell you allll about my August favourites. When you've finished...

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DIY: Lace Socks

I just adore the sweetness and femininity of lace and crochet socks. As a child they were pretty much apart of my daily outfit so it's so funny to see how in style they are today! At our...

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DIY: Festival Fringe Bag

 So as some of you know I had a dream-come-true moment earlier this month when Company Magazine posted some of my DIYs in their latest Ibiza issue. Because my sheer excitement will take...

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DIY: Pop Art Jumper

So I absolutely ADORE Pop Art so I just had to create a Pop Art inspired DIY for you all. When I spied this black jumper in my local charity shop I thought how fun it could look with a huge...

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I invite you to direct your heart, curiosity, creativity and wisdom to the re-enchantment of our world through art and music history education through the lens of enchantment so that you can deepen your reverence for your own life and all the magic and miracles around you.

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