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After so many of you loved my black owned make up companies I wanted to share some of my favourite black owned skincare companies.

Some of these companies are recent finds and others are favourites of mine I’ve loved for a while. I’m so excited to share these finds with you!

Do you have anything you’d like me to add to this list? Please add your favourite blacked owned skincare companies in the comments below.

The Natural Glow Co.

Take a trip to the Caribbean with the stunning natural products from Natural Glow Co.

Founder Ashlie-Selina has created a skincare range brimming with pure plant magic and fruit extracts devoted to nurturing healthy glowing skin.

One of my top picks is this tropical citrusy sweet orange body scrub that is blended with the tropical essences of coconut sugar, peach oil and kaolin clay that help to draw in moisture and remove dead skin cells.

Wild Seed Botanicals

One of my favourite skincare and beauty companies is the breathtaking Wild Seed Botanicals.

Whilst Wild Seed Botanicals was born in the heart of London, its roots are firmly planted in the heart of African Holistic Traditions.

The stunning Wild Seed range is handmade in small batches to ensure that they deliver the most exquisitely made potions. Made using the finest wildcrafted, organic cold-pressed and steam distilled carrier oils, butter, essential oils and botanical herbs. Moreover, they are all ethically sourced, active and included for their therapeutic effects.

One of my favourite products is its gorgeous oil called Rānā. The name behind this product comes from the Hausa language and means Sun, the source of light and life. And just like the Sun, this raw interfusion of skin-loving botanical oils harnesses the ability to regenerate and replenish the skin cells as nature intended.

KNC Beauty

Just how whimsy are these darling under-eye masks?

Packed with a potent mix of Hyaluronic Acid, Gold, Collagen, Licorice Root Extract, Aloe, Vitamin A, Rosemary Extract these KNC eye mask is like 8 hours of beauty sleep for your eyes!

These pretty retinol-infused KNC eye masks will give you a fresh, hydrated, smooth, depuffed, bright eyes that are without chemicals. With retinol to refine texture and stimulate blood flow and aloe to soothe and reduce redness, they are such a gorgeous treat for your peepers.

Liha Beauty

How stunning and sophisticated is the Liha Beauty range? Full of luscious oils and candles it’s such a haven for luxury pampering.

In particular, this travel essentials kit would be such a lovely addition to our lockdown self-care routines.

It features their beautiful Idan oil that can be used as a hair oil, massage oil, shaving cream, body oil and after-sun. Idan is the Yoruba word for magic, which is the really the most apt name for this multitasking moisturising oil!

It is made with natural, cold-pressed coconut oil, and then blended with the fragrant Tuberose flower that is absorbed naturally into the coconut oil by a traditional African process of enfleurage.

For an indulgent step one more, their Idia candle is made from coconut wax with base notes of Geranium and Frankincense, with top notes of Lavender and hibiscus that is set to invoke the scent of African Moss.

The inspiration for the candle was Yoruba Queen Idia who is a symbol of female empowerment and proof of ancient matriarchal societies. The myth tells of two medicine-filled incisions on her forehead that were the source of her metaphysical power.

I just adore the deep symbolism from the Liha Beauty range and their ingredient combinations are every bit as potent and magical as the inspirations.


My final recommendation is the wonderful alchemy for sale at Nolaskinsentials.

Nolaskinsentials was created by Nola, an African American woman, who soon realised how challenging it was to find a brand that created all plant-based products for skin with melanin. But Nola’s skincare line not only benefits melanin based skin tones, but all skin tones and skin types, leaving no glow behind!

I haven’t tried this range, but one product that truly captured my heart is their Witches Brew Toner.

This magical clarifying toner is designed for oily skin and blemishes. With an enchanted mix of witch hazel, aloe vera and sage it’s a dream for your complexion. 

To activate the magic, shake, and then spritz lightly over the face. It’s fast-absorbing and so ideal for an on the go glow!

How gorgeous are these 5 brands? Do you have anything to add on your beauty and skincare wishlist now? I’d love to know. Let me know what you’re loving in the comments.

If you can, please head on over to my post ‘Impact Over Intention’. It contains many important petitions and ways you can support the lives of BIPOC.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and engage in any way you can xoxo

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