Black Owned Make-Up & Nail Care Businesses I Love

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Today I am highlighting 8 stunning black owned makeup and nail care businesses, and I just know you are going to love them as much as I do!

Some of these companies are recent finds and others are favourites of mine I’ve loved for a while.

Regardless, they’re all beautiful, stunning businesses created by hugely inspiring women and I am so delighted to share them with you.

I encourage you all to share any other black owned make up and nail care companies with me in the comments.

Sumayakeynan in Juvia’s Place Make-Up

Beauty Bakerie

Makeup inspired by all things truly scrumptious? It’s a dream come true! Beauty Bakerie is an adorable make up brand drenched in sweetness that everyone will fall in love with.

The founder, Cashmere Nicole, is equally someone to fall madly in love with. A single mother and breast cancer survivor, her story of empowerment is an inspiration to us all. For my UK readers, you can also shop Beauty Bakerie on Cult Beauty.

516 Polish

516 Polish (Five Sixteen) is the UK’s first indie nail polish brand championing swatch diversity to celebrate and inspire women of colour, with deeper skin tones.

516 Polish is also vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and individually handmade in the United Kingdom. 

I’m a huge gel-nails fiend so I adore the shade ‘Sweetie’.

Is 2020 the year you want to try gel nails at home? If so, I highly recommend getting this gorgeous pink Nail Lamp for that long-lasting salon finish from home.

MDM Flow

MDM Flow is a stunning UK based makeup company by Florence who switched from studying Pharmacy to Cosmetic Science at London College of Fashion that has now become an indie beauty empire.

MDMflow is an accumulation of all of Florence’s obsessions. From the colours of black and gold, to hip hop, to beauty, fashion and science.

How stunning would the matte lipstick shade Billionaire look this summer?! Shop right here.

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath is my all-time favourite make up artists. When I was a teenager, I would make scrapbooks of her stunning looks and it made me fall in love with the art of makeup.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’m blown away by her majestic makeup line. Her new collection ‘Divine Rose’ is out now and it is one of blossoming dreams for rose fans like me! Truly divine in every single way and I cannot wait to review some bits on here in the future.

The model for this collection is iconic supermodel, activist and philanthropist Naomi Campbell. Click here to shop ‘Divine Rose’.

Fenty Beauty

I’m sure many of you have heard of Queen Rihanna’s make up line Fenty Beauty but I wanted to spread more love for it here.

Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty with 40 foundation shades in 2017, and with that launch, it highlighted a huge and demand in more make up industry for more diverse representation.

In just the first 40 days Fenty Beauty made a mind-blowing £100 million proving just much Fenty was needed to give the industry a huge shakeup.

Uoma Beauty

Founded by former beauty executive Sharon Chuter, Uoma Beauty is about forming and empowering a tribe that is rich in people, language, and colour.

Uoma, which means “beautiful” in Igbo (one of the main languages spoken in Nigeria), is rewriting the rules when it comes to makeup, formulations and undertones.

Creating a message based on self-expression, colourful living, African pride, inclusivity, beautiful rebellion, and empowering tribes, Uoma challenges outdated notions from the inside out with products that stand against the grain of the beauty industry.

My top pick? The stunning jewelled Black Magic palette that you can get from Cult Beauty right here.

Juvia’s Place

One of my favourite make up brands: Juvia’s Place. This stunning make up brand is inspired by the beauty of Africa.

Juvia’s Place is a celebration of the richness, glory, and history of the African kings and queens, which is translated through the product packaging, pigment, and visuals.

Every single palette and individual shade is picked with a reason and inspiration behind it.

My favourite is The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette that radiates the beauty of the African plains. You can find this stunning palette on Beauty Bay here.

Gurl Meets Make Up

For all your neutral rosy makeup dreams you will love this highly pigmented ‘Rosy’ palette from Gurl Meets Make Up. It consists of 12 highly pigmented shimmy and matte shades that will create any neutral look your heart desires!

How many of you have fallen in love with these incredible make up businesses? What do you have your eye on the most?

I’d love to know some of your favourite black owned make up businesses so please leave a comment below with all your finds.

My next post will be skincare and beauty items, so if you also have any recommendations please share them with me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and engage in any way you can.

If you can, please head on over to my post ‘Impact Over Intention’. It contains many important petitions and ways you can support the lives of BIPOC.

Sending all my love and support to those attending protests today. I stand with you xoxo

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