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Following on from my black owned make up companies and black owned skincare companies I bring you my favourite black owned fashion companies.

Get ready for some breathtaking creations and make some room in your heart and wardrobe for these beyond dreamy fashion companies.

Do you have anything you’d like me to add to this list? Please add your favourite blacked owned fashion companies in the comments below.

Needing some accessories to finish the look? Look out for that soon in the next post!

house of aama

House of Aama

I am head over heels in love with this Southern Girl Victorian Dress. Isn’t is just truly beyond exquisite?

House of Aama is a culturally inspired lifestyle brand rooted in the ethos of the African continent and diaspora.  The seed for House of Aama has been sowing for some time now and is just now manifesting in physical form due to the joint efforts of mother and daughter duo, Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka.

Their designs are reflective of the PostBellum Southern United States. This is a hugely significant period and critical in black culture as a result of being emancipated from slavery and striving to claim rightful justice and dignity.

House Of Aama’s designs are designed to create a strong sense of self-worth built on the retention of strong cultural traditions. If you don’t already, I highly suggest following their Instagram page to lean deeper into their values and design.

The Tiny Tassel

Meet Mimi, the founder of adorable The Tiny Tassel. 

Designing and creating each tassel and stitch by hand, Mimi has an incredibly darling range of accessories and clothing.

From full Rainbow skirts to sweetest tassel earrings. Everything Mimi makes has my heart full!

One of my favourites? The Cumberland Mini Dress has such a feminine print that would look gorgeous all year. And let’s face it: it has pockets. That is enough reason to be in love. Immediately on the wishlist!

Hope For Flowers

If your wishlist wasn’t full enough, meet Hope For Flowers.

Hope for Flowers is designed for women who are inspired by beauty and also desire to use their power as consumers to be agents for positive change in the world.

Through the hard work, perseverance and creative vision of Tracy Reese Hope For Flowers has built a reputation in the fashion industry as not only a leading talent of this stunning company but also a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Hope For Flowers uses the transformative powers of fashion to bring to life the ability a piece of clothing can have to inspire self-confidence and personal agency.

My favourite? The dreamy Ivory Victorian Blouse with such delicate rose motif embroidered detail on a cotton lawn blouse with a high neck with ladder lace inserts and ruffled frill.

Sika Designs

The beautiful SIKA designs was founded in 2005 by creative director Phyllis Taylor with the vision that fashion has the power and potential to make a positive contribution to society.

The ethos behind SIKA is not only to produce quality ‘made in Africa’ garments for the international market but also to ultimately prove that garment production can successfully have social and environmental responsibilities at its core.

For SIKA this means paying fair wages, creating employment and making a meaningful difference within the Ghanaian community.

All SIKA garments are designed in London and handmade in Ghana (West Africa) by our skilled garment production team.

My pick? The truly exquisite Gloria Dress full of style and elegance and made from 100% Batik cotton.

Kemi Telford

My final pick is the beautiful designs of Kemi Telford.

Kemi moved from Nigeria to England in 1996. Her mother and father owned their own businesses in Nigeria, so running a business became very natural to Kemi.

Having studied Law and then working as a Credit Risk Analyst for a large pharmaceutical company Kemi was then a stay at home for 7 years whilst Kemi Telford designs were born.

Made from breathtaking prints everything is head over heels gorgeous. My pick? I love this Shola Purple Free Flower Print Skirt. This midi skirt is inspired by a Japanese style skirt and is cut to be oversized for a voluminous look.

The colours on this skirt are a dream and so beautiful for spring and summer or with cosy knits in autumn and winter.  


How gorgeous are these 5 brands? Do you have anything to add on your wishlist now? I’d love to know. Let me know what you’re loving in the comments.

If you can, please head on over to my post ‘Impact Over Intention’. It contains many important petitions and ways you can support the lives of BIPOC.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and engage in any way you can xoxo

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