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Dearest Souls, as you read this I’ll be in beautiful Sofia in Bulgaria for my birthday that’s today! So I should say, Здравейте, which is hello in Bulgarian!

This time last year, on my birthday, I re-opened my blog and wrote this piece about my break away from the blogosphere whilst working on Beauxoxo.

But to be honest, this trip around the sun has been one of the most emotionally painful of my life to date, but also one of the most beautifully transformative periods of my life.

I’ve spent this year diving into the deepest depths of my heart and making the emotional and strategic adjustments necessary to come into deep alignment. 

So in my tender, transformed state, I thought I’d shared my perspective on this time of change in my life and what it has taught me: 

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Life Lessons on Gratitude

Whilst I sometimes have a habit of searching for light, hope and meaning in everything, it has also felt necessary at so many periods this year to acknowledge and grieve the darkness deeply.

I’ve truly learnt that once illuminated, pain can become something of a spiritual mentor, and the gateway to limitless living.

And over this year one other important ingredient has illuminated itself to me ever more powerfully: gratitude. 

Moreover, I’m so used to sharing my birthday with the Thanksgiving period that tuning into gratitude seems so lovely and perfect to do at this time of year. 

Gratitude asks that we tend to our most basic needs. That we then seek to find gratitude for the simplest of things. It forces us to slow down so we can listen to what is essential. It asks us to receive support when needed (though I must admit, this is still a challenge!) and explore what we’re feeling called in our heart to do.

Fundamentally, gratitude always gives me perspective, and it helps me to align with my heart and to find my direction in life.

But truthfully, there have been events that have happened in 2018 and 2019, and the unfavourable choices that come with them, that have sometimes been a blockage of my ability to see this at so many periods across this time. 

However, it struck me that my happiness always stems first from gratitude. For me, nothing is as powerful. Moreover, the emotion of happiness is so synonymous with feeling grateful.

I can recall so many times when even in agonising pain I have tried to be grateful for what did work in my body, like the breath in my lungs. 

But sometimes gratitude can slip into our lives in quiet and magical ways of oozing everyday happiness. 

Just like this week, I was so happy to catch up with one of my best friends at a cold train station, and that happiness came from the gratitude I have them in my life. 

And I was happy on a separate occasion to see the recent Pre-Raphelite collection in London I had been looking forward to forever, and that came from the gratitude I had that I could afford to do this with both money and time.

There are just countless examples that feed into my everyday. That’s why journaling and writing what we are grateful for can be so transformative. Because I truly believe tracing happiness back to gratitude, every time we feel that surge of joy, is a valuable practice. 

And here right now at this exact moment, I am so grateful for you. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart for being here. 

Below is just a little something to express my thankfulness:

Free Georgie xoxo E-Book

My blog is one my favourite ways to spread some everyday whimsy. But beyond this, I wanted to go one step further with this e-book.

I’ve called it the ‘Whimsy Wellness’ e-book because it’s a collection of recipes that nurture my body and mind, to DIY beauty recipes that make my heart soar and give me a sense of everyday whimsy as I make and use them.

All of the recipes are vegan, and the beauty recipes are beautiful makes for yourself or your loved ones to spread the whimsy love.

I really hope you all love it as much as I did making it! I’d so love to hear any feedback you have.

Finally, I’ve created the hashtag #SeekingEverydayWhimsy if you’d like to share any of your creations with me!

I’m so excited to hear what you think and if there’s anything I can add in the future please do let me know. Your light and wisdom means so much!

Click here to get the e-book

Exploring My Astrology Birth Chart

Have you ever read your Astrology Birth Chart or your Natal Chart report as it’s also known?

There are many systems for understanding our personality. There’s astrology, the Enneagram, Myers Briggs (oh hai, fellow INFPs, make yourself known to me, please!) and many more.

But whatever method we choose to make sense of our ways of being in the world, and, as it has for me, can help us claim our gifts and unique medicine.

To know ourselves deeply and truly requires we be willing and brave enough to accept the parts of ourselves that the people most important to us once rejected. But when we reclaim these gifts we awaken and rise together.

Here’s the key three elements in my own birth chart. I’d so love for you to leave your own below!

Sun in Sagittarius

As I was born on the 27th November my sun sign is a Sagittarius. Growing up, reading my horoscope in perhaps some vague magazine or newspaper I honestly never resonated with being a Sagittarius other than my love for travel. But oh how misguided I was!

Those with their Sun in Sagittarius people are generally on the go. They have a love of freedom, and a disdain for routine. This is most definitely me! I so happily live that ‘life in a suitcase’ lifestyle and if I’m rooted for too long it brings all sorts of discomfort and pain. Interestingly, I have no earth in my birth chart.

In personality, Sagittarians are easygoing, making friends with people from all walks of life. They are also optimistic, idealistic, enthusiastic, philosophical, curious, fair-minded, and warm-hearted.

However, Sagittarius is a fire sign. This gives natives a generally quick temper. For me, I don’t resonate with this element of my sign at all! Having said this, any that do are as quick to forget what got them angry in the first place! We’re also known for our honesty and possible bluntness but again, this missed me!

However, like many Solar Sagittarians, the constant need for escape is very strong. This makes up for a huge part of my whole essence.

Finally, Sagittarians have an often blind faith in people, and in the world. We are curious people who love to learn. Their idealistic nature is hard to miss. Seeing as I’m an INFP too, the idealist personality of the Myers Briggs test, I can confirm this deep idealistic nature!

Moon Sign: Pisces

The Moon represents the emotional responses, unconscious pre-destination, and your self-image. It also shows you how a person expresses themselves when at home, at ease, and comfortable.

When I found out about my Moon sign suddenly everything about my character and my story seemed to make sense. A light lit up my heart and I finally felt such peace at knowing this deepest part of my soul.

Those like me with a Pisces Moon are known to be dreamy, imaginative and ethereal with remarkable intuition.

They can put themselves into anybody’s shoes with extreme ease. On the plus side, this endows them with remarkable compassion and love.

The downside to having a Pisces Moon is with this apparent ability to break down boundaries in that we can easily lose ourselves in the suffering of others.

These are perceptive souls who seem to be in touch with all the nuances and subtleties of human nature. Interestingly, other beautiful souls who shared this moon sign were two hugely inspiring ladies to me: Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana.

Like me, most of those Pisces Moon people instinctively know when they’re due for a much-needed recharge. It’s at these times that they retreat from the world (and its harsh realities) if only to gather strength to face everything and everyone again.

Solitude is important to those with a Pisces Moon, but they also need people, so their retreats will usually be short-lived. And yet, our empathic and psychic abilities can help them channel intuitive feelings and dreams into creative mediums like art, music, or dance.

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest discovering the magic of your birth chart just for your moon sign.

Since gathering this potent knowledge, I started to get help for some co-dependent issues I had attracted, my self-love and digging deep into how to navigate the world as a highly sensitive person.

Rising Sign: Gemini

The rising sign, which is also called the Ascendant, is the beginning of the first house in your natal, or birth chart.

Your rising sign is the Zodiac sign or constellation that was rising over the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

The Ascendant rules your inner child and your emotions. Therefore, you can feel and sometimes behave much differently than what your Sun sign indicates if the Sun and Earth’s eastern horizon were in different constellations when you were born. This sign is just as important as your Moon and Sun signs.

Those born with Gemini rising see the world as a place to learn. They are curious about the people around them. Sounds kind of similar to Sagittarius, doesn’t it? Well yes, but there are some important differences.

While Sagittarius seeks to expand their mental and physical horizons in a broad sense, Gemini is mostly interested in moving about in their social circles.

Those with a Gemini rising, love to ask questions, to move around freely, and to mingle. They can be considered to be restless and often quick in physical expression. So much of this is definitely part of my character. I’m happiest when I’m soaking up new information and learning new things.

Those with Gemini rising are often ‘seen’ to be bubbly, changeable, talkative, and a little quirky. I could perhaps imagine this is the first impressions I give off!

They constantly explain things, whether it’s their own behaviour and opinion or those of the world around them.

Gemini rising natives are given to analysis and making sense of their world. Their powers of observation are well-developed, they are mentally active (more often than not, their minds are racing!), and they almost always have something bright or witty to say. I definitely feel like my mind paces incessantly with thoughts of things I want to do/things I’m discovering!

As children, natives born with a Gemini Ascendant are often labelled as the intellectual, inquisitive, and perhaps odd child. I think this is definitely me but still now. So many of my hobbies and interests were most certainly ‘odd’ for my age, but I am beyond blessed my family always encouraged this uniqueness.

So in brief, that’s my birth chart! How about you? I’d love to know if any of you have discovered your own birth chart and what it illuminated for you.

I highly recommend Crystal B Astrology and Astro Style if you want to dig deep into this magic too! Maybe in the future I’ll create a separate post for this with my favourite Instagram accounts and podcasts. Gemini rising racing thoughts here at post-midnight!!

Click here to get your free Astrology Birth Chart


So to you all, dearest friends reading this, thank you so much for being here with me. For blessing me with your presence and time.

Whether you have been here for 10 years of me blogging, this past year since my re-launch, through my years at Beauxoxo, or from today, it all means the world to me and it fills me with endless happiness and gratitude. 

But more than anything, if this finds you lost right now or in need of some light, I hope this message of gratitude can help you to discover more peace and joy within your heart.  

Sending you all my love and appreciation always, 

Georgie xoxo

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  1. Michelle

    Happy birthday Georgie!! I really loved reading this post, you are such a wonderful light and inspiration in this community. Can’t wait to read the e-book this evening!

    • Georgie xoxo

      Oh loveliest Michelle, thank you from the bottom of my heart for wishing me love and kindness. It truly means so much to me. I am so deeply grateful for this platform for bringing our energies together. More than you’ll ever know. Wishing you a 2020 full of all the love and blessings you deserve. Whenever I read your blog it’s such a comfort to me and beautiful nostalgia for the reason i came back to blogging xoxo


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