Are you showing up fully for yourself? Here’s how to shine your light more brightly than ever for greater whimsy, wonder, and enchantment

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Beautiful soul reading this right now, are you showing up fully for yourself at the moment? If not, why not? 

Oh, that’s such an uncomfortable question to answer, isn’t it? First of all, I’m sending you a huge, warm, embracing hug because I truly know with all my heart, soul, and being what it’s like to not want to show yourself and rather to hide away. In fact, I wrote a vulnerable post here all about clinging to the silky walls of my comfort zone.

On the other hand, I also know that if I don’t shine brightly in the big wide world then I am missing out on greater whimsy, wonder and enchantment.

And so, when I find myself wanting to hide away and not show up, I remember these words by one of my favourite writers, Victoria Erickson:

Victoria Erickson Poetry

The Link Between Showing Up and Courage

I adore Victoria Erickson’s words because they are constantly a balm to my soul, and illuminate my imagination and heart ever more brightly.

Moreover, because ‘courage’ is my word of 2021 and so this magical fusion of words feels particularly needed for me right now.

However, as I take strides along this courageous path, I’m realising that’s it’s a constant dance between immense grace and ecstasy fused with bouts of sadness, anger, and frustration. But, oh how sweet and worth it the path to greatness is. But also, oh how lonely and deeply isolating it is.

So, you may be wondering now then, what are the rewards for our courage for showing up?!

Well, to start, dearest soul, having the courage to share your story, your gift and your unique light helps to shape the world more than you could possibly imagine. It really, really does. In fact, you may never know the impact your life has had on another, but there is no reason to keep your story, your vision, your truth to yourself. There is no prize for shining only a tiny bit.

But of course, it’s not always easy to become the human we were meant to be and show up fully. Modern life and all our human conditioning doesn’t make this easy… all. Having said that all of that, I also know with all my heart that’s it’s harder to stay trapped living your entire life being a shell of who you truly are.

Ultimately, here’s what I know to be true: We are here to express, share, and pass on our wisdom. The pain that can come from not living your divine essence is colossal.

So then, how can we be fuelled by courage to show up fully as our most sacred authentic self, and shine more brightly than ever?


There is a very real pain, both physically and emotionally, when we hide away, stay invisible and resist living our divine path.

Before I share tools to help you embody courage and the innumerable rewards for your brave journey I also want to stress that I truly do know how captivating the comfort zone is.

And so, for those like me, that like to cling as tightly as possible to their sacred, addictive inner world, I thought you might need more convincing….

So then, what are the costs of hiding, or trying to be invisible?

Do you have a journal, pen or paper, or audio-notes to hand? If so make a note of the following questions:

  • What’s holding you back? Fear? Uncertainty? Old limiting beliefs? Feeling a lack? Unsure of what to do or how to do it?
  • Think about this. Really sit with this. And write at least 10 reasons in your journal/record yourself why you are not (yet) showing your magnificent light. You’re very welcome to leave these reasons below so I can help support you on this.

Bathe yourself in self-compassion as you do the above exercise. But let’s go a bit deeper now.

Now let’s pause to think about what dreams or pathways we’ve abandoned or simply let go of because we’ve been too fearful to listen to our inner calling. We all have them. However, I know this to be true: our calling is greater than our fear. 

And how can courage help us? Because, like stars shining brightly in the night sky, courage is nestled in our heart space, the most sacred part of us, to let us know that we are sacred creatures on a sacred journey, being guided back to ourselves.

Dearest you reading this once more, it’s truly time to turn towards the whispers in your heart and imagine how it would feel to be living a life of passion where you are at your most powerful and lit up each and every day just like the night sky.

You might not think it, but you have the ability to craft all that fear, all that shame, all that perfectionism, all that uncertainty (or whatever one of your 10 reasons were above) into something that serves you, something that nourishes you and creates space for the unimaginable to show up in your life. Isn’t that wonderful?

Being On A Showing Up Journey Together

One of my most personal journeys this year is seeking companionship. Community. Sisterhood. It was such an isolating year for most of us in 2020, but secretly, there was a part of me reveling in my own inner world (oh hi, fellow INFPs!). This has been such a challenging battle to take myself on, but one I’m so grateful to have had illuminated.

I’m constantly torn between cherishing the addictive safety of my inner world and my own company and merging with the wider social environment around me.

A huge part of my own personal courage this year is to balance silky seclusion and an inward warmth with a safe place for connection, collaboration, and support. 

Because without each other there would be no place for comfort, compassion, inspiration, celebration, belonging, community, experiences that enrich our humanity.

So beautiful soul, with all my heart I want to help YOU on your own sacred journey of showing up, shining brightly, and receiving YOUR unique signs of abundance for your own seeds of a path that we will sow together.

I want to help to illuminate a path for you that nourishes every fibre of your being. To a path that honours and embraces your inner magic. To a path that opens up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you. To a path that is a catalyst for healing and transformation, and unearthing your heart’s desire.

I want this all for you so much because I want you to thrive in all your sacredness!

But as we go on this journey together, you’ll meet a depth of vulnerability and uncertainty that can stop you from stepping into your divine powers and authentic essence. 

This is where mentorship and learning from masters are important because they have devoted themselves to the work and to the gifts of what comes slowly from deep faith and slow loving progress. 

So, let me introduce you to Esther, my own mentor who is going to teach you to Shine your Brightest Light for 5 days in a FREE challenge so you can show up for yourself AND the world with all your wildest dreams. And I’m going to be RIGHT by your side as you implement this life-altering wisdom!

Are you ready to shine your brightest light? If so, here’s how we can help you cherished one.

THIS Is How You Master The Art Of Showing Up From The Heart ❤️

I met my business mentor Esther de Charon de Saint Germain in the midst of the first 2020 lockdown. I was currently enrolled in Marie Forleo’s wonderful ‘B School’. Whilst I loved the program, and got SO much out of it, I was feeling deeply overwhelmed in a huge big program and wanted a safe place to be held and seen in my sensitivity and introvertedness. Enter, Esther!

Esther works with brave women entrepreneurs who build their successful business based on self-love and an unforgettable personal brand.

Esther works especially with brave women entrepreneurs who are too sensitive, too multi-passionate, and fiercely bright to fit the traditional A-Z Business mold, and yet, they are very ambitious and deeply in love with their business. This is basically me! Is it you too?

Through Esther’s mentorship, she helps to grow businesses and brands through self-love and heart-to-heart communication. This gives her clients a big vision, that’s why they need a brand that is courageous. And effective.

Esther passionately believes that building your The Brave way of going to your next 50K, 100K or 500K, and up is through nourishing self-love and understanding your unique business persona. She also connects to the divine to bring flow, wealth, self-love, and ease in their business and life. This combination has helped many female entrepreneurs to take their business and life to The Next Level.

Now, you might be a budding entrepreneur, OR you simply want to be guided to show up for yourself in other ways. Either way, learning from Esther is a gift I don’t want you to miss.

Here is your invitation to the FREE Show Yourself Challenge with Esther where I will be with you every step of the way! Did I mention it’s completely FREE?


Show Yourself FREE Challenge June 14 – 18, 2021

So what is show yourself, and how can it help you craft the courage to shine brightly both personally or to bring your dreams to life? Here’s what you get in Show Yourself:

✅  Learn how to set up your social media to connect you to the right audience.

✅  Find out why Being Different is the dream of every entrepreneur.

✅ How to write posts that make people go: ‘Oh! That’s what you do’

✅ Discover your natural communication style.

✅  Transform self-doubt and self-criticism into loving yourself

✅ Write Social Media Posts with captions and prompts we give you.


1. Learn to Connect with New Clients with Unique Daily social media Prompts and Captions

2. Learn to take Fantastic Selfies that look like someone else photographed you

3. Upgrade your Social Media Presence (and make the RIGHT PEOPLE  understand what you can do for them)

 4. Daily 10 minutes assignments that will transform self-doubt and hiding into effortlessly showing up.

5. Access to Mindset Masterclass: “3 Secrets to Transform Self-Doubt and Self-Criticism into a Wildly Successful Business and Brand”

You also get access to a portal of worksheets and lessons that are waiting for you, so you can already start showing up! Here’s a little peek!


  1. How To SHOW UP by becoming Friends with your Inner-Critic so that showing up becomes as fun as eating your favorite ice cream!
  2. How to double your clients and customers and bring in the revenue!  
  3. How people really see you and how to leverage your unique personality and make future clients and customers fall in love with you * and buy from you! 

Cherished one, you’re an amazing beacon of light to a life of magic, and once in a lifetime miracle, that both I and the world are so very grateful for.

So can you see just HOW important it is to show up for yourself?

But oh my goodness, I know it’s not easy. It’s really not. But the rewards for the courage to show up and shine brightly are innumerable. They really, really are.

With all my heart, I SO hope to see you from the 14th to the 18th June 2021 in this free challenge with my mentor Esther. Once you sign up, please let me know by email (or below) and I can be with you for this week (and beyond, as I have a very special gift for you after this week).

Finally precious ones I can’t stress enough that my own exploration of the courageous journey so far has taught me loud and clear how once you start to envision what your life looks like when you’re living from your heart and clear about your purpose, your sacred path, and destination to endless whimsy, wonder and enchantment will enter your thoughts, your words, and your actions every day. It’s just waiting for you to start the journey. ️

However, to activate this magic, it does need us to move from fear, scarcity, and uncertainty to love, courage and faith. I promise you now that the latter of these will give you the readiness and sacred remembrance for the most enchanted of lives.


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