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Oh 2018. You have been the heaviest on my soul and my heart and I’m so sorry to everyone who has experienced 2018 Georgie. But conversely, on the last day of 2018, my heart is also heavy with love and joy for the abundance of growth I’ve experienced this year.

I leave 2018 very weary, but very blessed. I’m accepting day by day life is going to change by the heaviness of what has happened this year, but in acknowledging this, it actually means that my current blessings stand out like the precious gifts and gems that they are. 

The negativity of these life changing diagnoses with all the unfavourable choices that come with it, although often very dark, certainly provides a contrast that illuminates the wonderfulness of the simple things in life. I’ve learnt that if I can see the darkness, then it makes the light brighter. 

And as long as I take responsibility not to allow everything that has happened this year to cast a shadow, the disease can’t touch my light. Instead I’m concentrating on the fact that all the very small, simple positive things in life have become amplified in beauty. 

Each and every wonderful thing I get to experience is a treasure to be prized and cherished. And this appreciation spills over into other ordinary things in my life. I feel truly blessed to find the gratitude to appreciate this and many other gifts life has to offer me. 

For 2019 I just want my priorities to align with my true self always. 2018 has developed an abundance mentality in me which gives me leverage. I now have the growth  I need to maintain clear, impenetrable boundaries to covet and protect what little and precious energy I have available and also the perspective to avoid placing excess importance on trivial things. My year of restoration. 

Leaving 2018 and this post with a beautiful quote by Audrey Kitching that is everything:

“It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the heaviness and stuck situations in our life. Start trying to focus on everything that’s good. Count the blessings and changes in your life. Stay in that space for a while. Today is a beautiful day to start practising this.” 

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