A Journey into Truth and Finding Joy, Peace and Serenity in a Chaotic World: An Interview with Christine and Lauren from Pretty Spirits

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At this point in time life, alongside the external energies that surround us, feels indescribably heavy. And when life feels all-encompassing and chaotic, our hearts can begin to feel heavy with sadness or hopelessness.

Enter the Pretty Spirits, Christine and Lauren, who are the creators of a “spiritual lifestyle brand that encourages self-love, introspection, serenity and awareness” that aims to “encourage creating a space that brings joy, comfort and peace in such a chaotic world”.

And indeed, when our hearts, minds and the external world become heavy, the sense of creating serenity is the possibility of accepting that chaos will be there, but of finding an internal haven of peace and deep stillness to nurture us.

The co-founders of Pretty Spirits are Christine Deloatch and Lauren Brewer who are spiritual practitioners residing in Los Angeles, California. Alongside sharing their intuitive gifts with the world, they have also self-published a line of Oracle Cards, called ‘Truth Decks’ and also sell a bespoke collection of spiritually inspired goods for those looking to enhance the positive energy of their daily routines.

In this beautiful interview with Christine and Lauren, they share their profound wisdom on the spiritual tools they utilise to bring about collective healing, the power of discovering our authentic essence and a pathway to our soul’s truth with their ‘Truth Deck’ cards. In addition, Christine and Lauren also share the daily rituals that can comfort, heal us and help us to trust in life’s abundance, and so much more.

It is so easy to drown in the chaotic ocean of our world sometimes, and so I’m extremely grateful to Christine and Lauren for being such powerful priestesses who are here to guide the beautiful soul’s like you all over the globe about how to bring our world back to a place of peace and serenity whilst embodying their most abundant dreams.

pretty spirits christine and lauren

Hi Christine and Lauren! Thank you so much for your time on my blog. Please can you give my readers a quick introduction to you, where you live and what you do?

Hello! Thank you for having us! Lauren and I are the Co-Founders of Pretty Spirits, a spiritual and wellness lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, California. We offer healing services including psychic readings, reiki healing, guided meditation and virtual yoga sessions. We publish our own Tarot and Oracle cards, which are channelled ideas and messages from my meditative and dream states. All of the illustrations (and the words on the Truth Decks) are Lauren’s original hand-drawn creations! On our website, we offer many other spiritual products that can help enhance our customers’ self-love rituals too!

You are the creators of the magical Pretty Spirits that fuses ‘self-love, introspection, serenity and awareness’, alongside ‘creating a space that brings joy, comfort and peace in such a chaotic world’. This is all such a sacred portal for collective healing, this year especially. Can you speak to my readers in more detail about your offerings or practices and how they can help bring collective healing for us all?

The services we offer (psychic readings, reiki, guided meditation and yoga) help ease the anxieties so many of us carry. We provide a safe space to directly address and release fears, scarcity-mindsets, shame and guilt. By curating an accepting environment for our clients to fully express their worries, we help merge their shadow side with their light. This level of alignment helps clients feel whole again, which helps raise the collective consciousness.

the truth decks the pretty spirits christine and lauren

As well as this, you are the creators of the incredible Pretty Spirits boutique selling spiritually inspired cruelty-free and vegan spiritual goods that support fair trade artisans. Can you tell us about some of your favourite products and how we can use these to empower our daily lives?

Our favourite products are of course our Truth Decks! We love all of our babies. The Truth Deck Direct Oracle was inspired by our reading styles — direct, clear and to the point. We wanted beginner readers to have an easy time as well, so we make sure our decks are down to earth and accessible. The Reconciliation Edition actually came to me in a dream! I was able to amateurly sketch it out and explain the colours and vibe of it to Lauren the next day. She brought it to life perfectly! Our newest addition, the Tarot Edition, was created to remove the fear-based energy and complexity that tends to surround the traditional tarot. I wanted it to be a teaching deck with keywords for upright and reverse reading. Diversity was also important to us too. We wanted to see ourselves in our Tarot Edition. We are so thrilled for its release!

Also, can you please tell my readers about how they can connect to their higher self through using these cards?

They can connect with their higher self through using the cards by pulling a card of the day for themselves. Allow the theme to play out throughout the day. This way, you can apply your own meanings to each card instead of being tied to a glossary. I would encourage your readers to pull for themselves too, instead of going to a friend, family member, or another reader, build the relationship with yourself and begin to trust your inner guidance. The more you trust, the clearer the messages and answers will become.

the truth decks by pretty spirits co christine and lauren

What experiences have most shaped your spiritual lives?

Trusting the move from Washington, DC to California has been the most pivotal spiritual experience for both of us. We both grew so much. That expansion allowed us to make new friends, to release old bonds that no longer served us and to ultimately trust in a new way of being. Learning to accept parts of who we were that we once shamed was another powerful experience. Being entrepreneurs, we have to be flexible and resilient. These skills helped us spiritually expand too!

Pretty Spirits is a truly inspiring sacred portal that guides your community into transformation and empowerment. What could my own readers start doing today that would help towards leading their dream lives?

I would advise your readers to trust their inner voice over all else. Tuning into your deepest desires, without the input of family, friends, the media etc, is key. The sooner you can deeply, unapologetically love yourselves and prioritize your needs, the faster you can manifest friends, lovers, and community that treats you with the same level of respect and appreciation.

the pretty spirits lauren and christine interview the truth decks

Do you have any routines and rituals for the soul, little or big, that keep you feeling grounded, joyful, connected or inspired?

Visualization showers and baths are truly a must! They are excellent ways to ground and release excess or heavy energy. Another great ritual is hiking or meditating at the beach. Getting outside with the intention of truly being with Mother Earth is such a soothing practice. Journaling or vlogging are also powerful rituals we practice. Getting back to your voice after a day of dealing with others is important.

My blog is all about seeking whimsy, wonder and enchantment. How do you find these things show up in your life? Especially through the gifts and magic that you share with the world.

Whimsy, wonder and enchantment show up in our lives through risk-taking, exploration and being open to new people. We risked exiting our comfort zones by moving across the country to expand Pretty Spirits. Through meeting new people, we have been surprised in the best way with loving supporters and teachers. Lauren and I are both adventurers! We have learned so much about being healers and entrepreneurs by trying new experiences and remaining optimistic.

Finally, Christine and Lauren, what is your one wish for the world?

Our one wish for the world is that everyone learns to act from a place of love instead of fear. That adjustment alone would eradicate so much trauma and tragedy and help us all experience more joy.

what does whimsy wonder and enchantment mean


Pretty Spirits Wishlist

pretty spirits truth decks review

pretty spirits wishlist

I’m so deeply thankful for the medicine shared in this interview from Christine and Lauren. Their website, Pretty Spirits, is truly a treasure trove of spiritual potent creations that are cruelty-free, vegan and support fair trade artisans. 

Not sure what to pick? Here are just a few of my favourites that I truly feel infuse the whimsy, wonder and enchantment that I hold so dear.

Release Milk Bath

Rose Quartz Mala Beads Necklace 

Truth Decks

Moon of Jupiter Statement Necklace 

Selenite Salt Lamp

the pretty spirits interview with lauren and christine






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