A Birthday Letter To Myself

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A letter I wrote to myself, as I do every year, in my journal this morning. If this resonates with you, I’d love to know what you would say to your younger self, birthday or not. Thank you for your endless support, love and all the greatest encouragement you bring to my life dear friends ❤️

Dear younger Georgie,

These are the things I would have wanted you to know this time last year as you celebrate being another year older.

This has been a year of reclamation. Of finding divinity. That actually, at last, that 2018-19 burnout would gift you with all the tools you needed to handle this year.

You were right to choose the word abundance for what you wanted from this year. Although, I don’t think you truly understood the true meaning at the time.

So yes, whilst you were right to cherish those early 2020 trips as some of the most blissful months of travelling abundantly, you’ve now learnt that abundance, magic and the blessings of the universe are within you and around you always. Also, you’ve found that each life situation is a unique chance to embody the abundance that is already in you.

I know it felt so crushing to be back in cold, grey London after the nourishment, comfort and joy that those far away lands gave you. But when you returned, I wish you knew that your journey wouldn’t stop. In fact, there was a huge adventure waiting for you at home. The ultimate journey and artistry of creative living: to make meaning of the impossible. 

A journey into belonging. Finding balance and alignment. And shining a light on the imbalances that were in your life. Opening up this portal and space for the enchantment you hold so dear to rise up within and around you. In fact, I truly wish you knew just how much the enchantment and wonder you hold so dear would actually be the very thing to sustain you in these times.

You’ll find yourself on an alchemical process of turning dis-ease to simple ‘ease’. The flowing and harmony of life. You’ll finally learn how to move through emotions rather than allowing them to calcify in your bones. You’ll utilise a sense of watery spaciousness. Like the ebb and flow of the gentle tides you watched with awe in Saadiyat Island and the Caribbean. You will become that water. All your sacred energy will be charged by these waters.

All those tears of the past few years that were magic drops of alchemy. The creation of salty water to express and expel all that pain that can then be vehicles of release that bring about that deepest inner healing. Allowing for your heart’s truth to finally move up and through you.

Although you haven’t learnt to cultivate from the earth before, you will plant seeds in the spring for edible flowers and watch the fruits of your labour in the autumn. These seeds that would harvest for your nourishment, and you will find you too are re-earthing yourself.

Re-discovering your love for feeding garden birds will enable you to have a front-row seat into the most intimate moments of nature. And it will show you that you can still find a ray of sunshine in the world and let yourself be swept away by the marvellous beauty of nature if nothing else is there to make your heart weep with joy.

You’ll learn how to have surrender to the unknown. To bathe in the present moment. To know how to spend time truly loving the present. Everyone always says it but it’s just so true; for only then you are truly living. You will tap into immense gratitude for the moment in front of you like never before. For simply being alive.

Life will invite you to shift to an inward-looking space with the peace to bathe into that introspection. And that inner world you hold so dear will become a place you lean into even more deeply and where you find your equilibrium. In fact, you will find that you can sink into the golden nectar of your internal world whenever you need it. And that it will always keep you centred and grounded without the pressure from the external world. And there you will finally feel at peace.

You’ll still struggle how to implement the outside world into that internal bubble and that’s okay. But eventually, you will find priestesses to lean into who can help protect your sensitive heart and your tender imagination. And although you feel most comfortable retreated into your crystallised cocoon, I hope I’ve shown you that it’s safe enough to re-birth as the butterfly whenever you need to.

You’ll become the alchemist of your own experience. Of your own emotional, physical and spiritual journey. You’ll study what works and what doesn’t. You’ll show up for whatever healing you can find. You’ll see that your trauma just needed holding. That calling in love, imagination, creation and magic will help to unravel the medicinal emotion in your body more than anything else.

Grief will show that you’re now holding space for the love of two people in one heart. So that person has a safe space for that spirit to be with you for eternity. But, you can only have made your heart a safe place to be for you, if you truly come to love yourself.

In fact, you will truly learn at last that it has been that absence of self-love, worthiness and self-acceptance that has brought you some of your heaviest pain. The pain that has made you go to war with yourself throughout your years on Earth. The idea of cultivating kindness should have been at the forefront of your mind from day one. Still, please be compassionate that now you truly have learnt how to cultivate the greatest love and compassion for your whole entire being. You won’t go without it now.

So, please promise me that whatever happens going forward that you will no longer sacrifice your wellbeing for anything or anyone anymore. Your being won’t stand for it any longer. The ones that cherish you the most won’t allow you to sacrifice yourself. Be with those who can connect to the truth that runs through you and that which needs to be birthed.  

Speaking of those cherished ones, hold tight to your community. They are your real-life angels in the flesh.

Elsewhere, as much as you want to, you can’t possibly heal all that you’re aware of in the world and in others, but don’t let this keep you from being in and tending to your heart. Just try your best to be aware of all of the energetic stimulation in the world around you with an open heart, but ensure that you are not picking it up and carrying it with you.

Continue on your path that will connect you to your heart and magic always. To the childlike joy that naturally runs throughout your veins. Chose that which is true for you. Continue your portal into individuality. Call in love, imagination, creation and magic always. Sew your own tapestry and hold your truth always.

Ultimately, life is going to ask you to be constantly courageous. A chance for you to be really brave again and again and again. So know that no matter what you choose in life, you will be met with depth. But to be alive is to be connected. Look only to your own divinity. A beautiful vehicle that carries your soul through life.

Holding you more closely than I ever have before and I promise to look after you from now on. A celebration of a year around the sun means that life gives you another gift. So, keep going small whimsical one. It must be so nourishing to feel the current of life within you again.

You are so loved.

Love older Georgie xoxo


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Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.

Each letter features exclusive oracle card readings, a carefully curated giveaway, whimsical enchanted monthly themes, recipes and more intuitive heart offerings.


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