LUSH Bournemouth, LUSH Cosmetics Spring Collection 2019

LUSH Bournemouth, LUSH Cosmetics Spring Collection 2019

That period of coming into spring is my absolute favourite time of year. I adore bunnies and pastels and the scents and associations of blossoming into beautiful Spring. So it was an absolute joy to celebrate and herald the start of my favourite season with an evening at LUSH Bournemouth thanks to Bournemouth Bloggers showcasing both Mother’s Day and Easter collections.

lush bournemouth
lush goddess bath ballistic

As I’ve discussed before whenever I have the pleasure of attending events with not just LUSH Bournemouth, but any LUSH store, this is always such a special trip down memory lane for me because LUSH was my very first job after leaving school in 2006, and I enjoyed working there all throughout my studies right up until University so it’s a spot that really feels like home to me.

lush perfume

LUSH events, and in fact a LUSH environment is always my favourite place to be. You can guarantee that being surrounded in this atmosphere is full of so much joy, creativity and openness. Much like my beloved Spring season. I’m truly overwhelmed with how many incredible things are coming into stores for the new season and how much the naked collection is blossoming.

Luxury Hand & Arm Massage

Lush massage bars
Lush cosmetics hand and arm massage lush bournemouth

I started my evening with a much needed hand and arm massage with LUSH’s glorious range of massage bars. This is something we regularly did whilst working at LUSH but it was so lovely to see how the massage bar range has expanded over the years. I picked the absolutely DIVINE lastest release called ‘Hunny Bear’ and if I could melt this into a solid perfume I would as the scent is heavenly! Not to mention visually adorable as well.

But despite the name, there is no honey in this massage bar, and instead, it’s a vegan massage bar featuring agave syrup and vegan dark chocolate. This is then nestled in with almond and Fair Trade cocoa butter for a richly hydrating hug, while the sweet embrace of tonka absolute and vanilla comfort lingers on. To finish it to cuddly perfection, lashings of Fair Trade shea butter provides a light layer of moisture as a warming cuddle of spicy clove leaf oil surrounds the senses. A sprinkling of ‘Silky Underwear’ dusting powder is the ultimate finishing touch to this glorious treatment that contains cocoa butter and cornstarch to soften the skin and leaves the skin with sophisticated and sexy yet delicate scent of jasmine and vetivert fragrance.

Making Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic

sex bomb bath ballistic lush cosmetics how to make
how to make a lush bath ballistic

Next up was trying our hand at making the iconic ‘Sex Bomb’ bath ballistic! Growing up I was actually obsessed with making bath bombs, and I still love making them now, so it was really fun to see how LUSH make them as theirs, of course, are so well-known and adored all over the world! One of the most well-loved and well-known of them all is ‘Sex Bomb’ with a heady scent of Jasmine mixed with ylang-ylang and clary sage that will soon have you relaxed and feeling romantic. The extra special touch is a girly pink rose in the centre for ultimate self-love and decadence. I think adding these sorts of activities into LUSH events is so special because you can really treasure the handmade element even more.

How To Make Angels on Bare Skin

angels on bare skin lush cosmetics

To finish the fun for a showcase of how to make the products, there was a demo of the truly iconic facial cleanser Angels On Bare Skin. To me, this cleanser is one of the most wonderful things LUSH make. Based on a Medieval recipe, this truly would have been a skincare item used by the angels, of that I’m sure! The famous recipe is made from a heavenly balance of lavender that entwines with restorative blue chamomile and rich kaolin. To use, you add a pea-sized amount to your hand, mix with a little water to make a milky paste, and then massage that into the skin. The finely ground almonds exfoliate while lavender and rose will make the skin feel enchantingly tranquil.

LUSH Mother’s Day Collection

lush cosmetics mother's day range
lush iris flower bath ballistic

Mum’s deserve pampering more than anyone, and I know mine certainly does! I was so happy she could be by my side at this event and that I could show her all the gorgeous new things. There are truly some gorgeous new products that form the Mother’s Day collection.

I’m so in love with the trio of new flower inspired bath bombs with touching notes inside. LUSH used to do this a lot in the days I worked there and I’m so happy it’s coming back into their new ranges. You have Marigold Flower, Chamomile Flower, and finally Floating Flower to pick from that every mum or mother figure in your life would just adore. I plan on stocking up myself this season for some most needed flower power indulgence! My heart is also in a flutter for the gorgeous Rose Butterfly bath bomb. Such prettiness!

The Goddess Bath range has also been vastly expanded to co-incide with Mother’s Day. This stunning Jasmine infused bath bomb with beauty also merges with Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and shea butter that melt into creamy waters for the most decadent bath your mum or you deserve so very, very much!

LUSH Easter Collection

Lush lamb bomb bomb
Lush free ranger bath bomb

From Mother’s Day to hopping into Easter, the LUSH Easter collection never ever fails to put a spring in my step. As some of you may or may not know, bunnies are my whole entire life (and yes, that’s why I have the Miffy obsession haha) so a season dedicated to seeing the bunny everywhere is like Christmas for me! 

There’s a lot of super-sized bath bombs this season! Firstly the Bunny Bomb Bomb infused with exotic Brazilian orange and then some popping candy that adds an extra layer of sensory sweetness and indulgence. There’s then the Free Ranger with bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute so you can ensure you or someone else are in for some fruity fun! And finally, the lil, or actually not so little Lamb Bomb Bomb with the ever so sweet scent of cocoa absolute and peppermint oil to match the undeniably adorable apperance.

Lush easter collection 2019
Lush cocoa body scrub
lush cocoa bunny body scrub

Something that totally stole my heart was the two darling little bunny body scrubs! There’s a Bunny Cocoa Sugar Scrub, with a heavenly chocolate scent, or a little vanilla coco sister called Bunny Coco Sugar Scrub. I’m just head over heels in love with them both! They are just the sweetest additions! Other things that caught my eye were the Carrot Cake Lip Scrub, the Cream Egg with a fresh scrumptious scent of cocoa and peppermint. This really is such a gorgeous Easter Collection and LUSH as always have totally surpassed themselves on this one!

From all that excitement and a lovely look as to what the new season will bring the night ended. So as always a huge thank you to LUSH Bournemouth for having me! I hope that my Dorset friends can be delighted by the gorgeous new collection from the beautiful Bournemouth sales assistants, or seek comfort and open arms in your nearby LUSH shop.

For more information about the lovely stars at LUSH Bournemouth you can find right here:

25 Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1DR

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Lush Bournemouth Re-Opening

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the long-awaited re-opening of the Lush in Bournemouth along with local press, Lush workers and my fellow local blogging ladies. The evening was such an amazing celebration of the new look Bournemouth Lush, of course, but it was also a truly wonderful trip down memory lane for me as Lush Bournemouth was my very first job after leaving school and to have been there for the opening of it back in 2006 to the grand re-opening 10 years later (oh. my. word time….let’s not even go there!) was so incredibly special to me.

Just a few apologies in advance for the ropey images as I forgot my main camera so my iPhone had to do!

It’s been a very long six months of hard work but eventually after a major refurbishment the Lush opened its doors to fill the town centre of Bournemouth once more with that heady scent we all know and love (well, for most of us I think I know for some it’s too much!).

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of Lush so it’s a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you’ll for sure find someone who either works there  or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and last week they introduced the new look concept Lush layout you are probably used to seeing on your own high-street.

The Lush Bournemouth refurbishment was particularly special because the aim was to restore the look of the shop to the original design of the building from the 19th century. In order to do this, the project involved local skilled craftsmen who referenced historic images and original architectural sketches throughout the construction. This is such a lovely thing for Lush to do because so much of Bournemouth’s history is evident in the beautiful buildings from the 19th century when the town started to become really popular as the ultimate British seaside destination.

Once we had admired the outside it was time to step inside to see what magic Lush had in store. Jess and I made our way through the hustle and bustle outside with the whole town immersed in the amazing sounds of a brass band and all the goings on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous Lush handwriting. We were then each given a basket with a lovely knot wrap scarf on. The lovely lady explained that at various product sections across the store we were able to pick something for free and then have it wrapped in our knot wrap at the end of our visit. This was such a lovely idea and such a generous gift from Lush!

Firstly, it was wonderful to see the shop crammed with the excitement for not only the grand unveiling of the new look, but also to see and smell all the new ranges that have been released since the closure at the start of the year. This includes the always fun and quirky Halloween range, to the ever hotly anticipated Christmas Collection. It was hard to get around to see every product from the Christmas range but we were very kindly gifted three products of our choice from various stations so I picked the Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, a Never Mind Ballistics bath bomb full of fruity cheer and finally a Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub. To be honest, they had me at the name alone!

I was really captivated by the makeup stand and the lovely Megan from the Poole shop gave us an incredible demo of how it all worked and what was new. Whilst working at the Bournemouth shop in my teens I actually spent the other half of my weekend working for the Poole shop and the make up side B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful so for me this was bringing all the nostalgia and so many of the products there have been re-imagined from this sister business to Lush that sadly closed down quite a few years ago now. Lush have now taken all the best bits from ‘B’ into their Emotional Brilliance collection, and the Bournemouth store will be one of only a few chosen shops to include the whole range so I 100% recommend heading down and escaping into some makeup heaven.

Outside the shop were even more treats including Lush product inspired cocktails (vegan cocktails no less!), and live-demos of Lush Christmas products. First up was the Ruby Red Slippers bubble bar: one of my favourite Lush Christmas products of all time that’s now in a beautiful glittery slipper design Dorothy would be truly proud of. The heady scent of the rose in this product was even more intense making one fresh, and we were of course allowed to take our creations home with us.

But the fun didn’t stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious and the two Jess’s did such an incredible job at making one for us all to then take home at the end! So much respect for the addition of the gold leaf that we discovered costs a small fortune!!

The evening ended with us all getting our treats wrapped up in our knot wraps (I was pretty much the luckiest girl in the world to receive this Deer print!) and also picking up some vegan cookies which for me practically made my night alone as I never get to eat anything at events (the canapes were also vegan so bravo indeed Lush, bravo!).

Overall Lush truly pulled out all the stops for this event and made it one to remember (they even had their own Snapchat filter!). It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Lush PR and Lush Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you’re local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed ;).

Lush Bournemouth details: 

25 Old Christchurch Rd, 
BH1 1DR.


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Christmas Showcase at LUSH, Bournemouth

Christmas Showcase at LUSH, Bournemouth

Christmas arrived in October for me this year thanks to the wonderful Christmas Showcase event hosted by LUSH in Bournemouth. I have such fond memories of this particular LUSH as it was one of my first jobs when I was still studying for my A Levels, and in fact, I was there right from the very beginning when it first opened! And despite leaving the company many years ago, I continue to feel the sense of the season being upon us when the LUSH Christmas collection is released and this was a really special and intimate way to see it all together.

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since the store first opened, and since I worked there. Dorset is the home of LUSH so it’s a company that nearly everyone around here knows, and you’ll for sure find someone who either works there or has worked there like me. The Bournemouth store, located right in the heart of the town centre, is a very popular shop indeed, and I loved that despite this event being for bloggers they opened their doors to allow others to join in.

Once inside, we were greeted with prosecco in LUSH iconic black pots that was such a quirky touch (although Miss Teetotal over here had to stick to a lil bit of h2o!) and then on to receive a lanyard with our name on in the famous LUSH handwriting. 

lush cosmetics massage bars

First up in this super lovely event was an ice-breaker group activity where we were split into pairs and given the opportunity to get to know our partner a bit better with an arm massage using the massage bars provided. This is something we regularly did whilst working at LUSH but it was so lovely to see how the massage bar range has expanded over the years. One of my favourites is the adorable Gingerbread Man sparkle jar that is part lotion part talc and a very creative solution by LUSH to avoid unnecessary packaging for two products in one! To use, warm the lil Gingerbread Man in your hand and apply to the skin for nourished skin, and then poke holes into this Gingerbread Man’s buttons and dust yourself all over to leave skin feeling silky and smooth. After the dusting powder is all used up, the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter pot can be massaged in, to moisturise and soften while clove bud and ginger oils keep you feeling warm, cosy and smelling of Christmas baking. A stand out product this year for sure!

Next up was trying our hand at making the iconic LUSH ballistic! So random fact: growing up I was obsessed with making bath bombs. I literally had a little factory going on in my house and my Mum at one stage thought I should study Chemistry to make it my profession, haha (hence why I wanted to work at LUSH so much!). And I still love making them now so it was really fun to see how LUSH make them as theirs, of course, are so well-known and adored. We were given the chance to make the super magical ‘Shoot For The Stars’, a ballistic with honey-scented stardust and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter stars that melt in the water, moisturising skin while uplifting bergamot oil send your mood soaring above the clouds for the ultimate starlight bathing experience. It was such a lovely touch for LUSH to show this interaction in making their products so you treasure the handmade element even more.

But the fun didn’t stop there as next up was a demo of the glorious Christmas cleanser similar to Angels On Bare Skin called Buche De Noel. This fun cleanser is packed full of satsumas, cranberries and a splash of brandy that smells glorious. This cleanser really is a treat for dry winter skin that takes a bit of a hard time riding the storms that the season brings. 

And after all that inventory magic and the most indulgent of evenings the sweetest LUSH girls and guys gave us the opportunity to pick out a product to take home as well as everything we were so fortunate to make on the evening. I picked out the sweet Snowflake, a bubble bar spinner that so sweetly adds a decadent amount of almond silkyness to your bath tub. 

It was a true pleasure to be there so thank you so very much to Bournemouth Bloggers and LUSH Bournemouth for having me, and for also allowing me to take a trip down memory lane. The store at this branch are truly real life angels and couldn’t have made us feel more valued and welcomed. It was also truly wonderful to spend the evening in the company of so many old and new faces.

If you’re local to Bournemouth be sure to pop by and immerse yourself in the gorgeousness! I’m sure you won’t leave empty handed! xoxo

Lush Bournemouth details:

 25 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 1DR.

Lush Bournemouth online

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Share Some Kindness with LUSH Cosmetics & More Enchanted Ways to Spread Kindness into the World [AD-Gifted]

Share Some Kindness with LUSH Cosmetics & More Enchanted Ways to Spread Kindness into the World [AD-Gifted]

This post contains gifted items from LUSH Cosmetics that has been marked in line with my disclaimer/policy

“Wherever there is a human being, there an opportunity for kindness.”


Never has there been a better or more important time to share some kindness.

I truly believe that little seeds of kindness, both towards ourselves and others, is the ability to open a love potion for the universe and beyond.

From the tiniest sprinkling of kindfulness, to the grandest of gestures, this post is inspired by two beautiful parcels I received from LUSH Cosmetics during National Kindness Week.

At the end of this post, we’ll then explore some enchanted ways that we can all seek to spread kindness into the world by forever seeking wonder, whimsy and enchantment for all to be nourished by.

National Kindness Week

From the 14th to the 20th of February of this 2021 year, LUSH embarked on a mission to spread joy (and their decadent scents!) across the Poole and Dorset area with surprise deliveries from the LUSH Fresh-Mobile to celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Customers were invited to nominate a loved one through the LUSH Spa in Poole, and LUSH Bournemouth’s social media accounts to receive one of 125 luxurious Fresh subscription boxes. Each of these boxes was then delivered contact-free via the fun, LUSH branded Fresh Delivery van!

I feel indescribably blessed and honoured to have received not just one, but two LUSH kindness boxes!

The first box was so kindly given to me by LUSH’s PR Team (the Relax Box), and then, in the most enchanted of extraordinary synchronicities, I have then been gifted the second set from one of my best friends. What’s more, it arrived the very next day! Proof alone that kindness truly is the most magical elixir of life!

LUSH is a company that not only had its roots in my hometown of Poole in Dorset, but I also worked for LUSH (both the Poole and Bournemouth shop! Including B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful) from the ages of 16 to 22, so it’s a place that holds so many cherished memories for me. It truly became my second home!

To receive these stunning gifts from a company I still so adore is really so deeply special to me. I’m filled with tons of nostalgia and love for these incredibly beautiful offerings.

When I worked at LUSH, we were able to encourage kindness in all ways by adding extra samples and gifts for our customers to make them feel as special and wonderful as they are through random acts of kindness.

LUSH Relax Gift Box

This is a LUSH bestseller and for good reason!

This Relax Gift set is packed full of serenity and gentle luxury. The perfect gift set to give to everyone.

Purple can be both regal and also deeply peaceful and relaxing.

Inside, the contents are blossoming with lavender-scented treats to help you wind down and find some inner peace and tranquillity.

Some of my favourite LUSH products of ALL time can be found in this magical set.

There is the sweetly scented Twilight bath bomb for a kaleidoscope soak, legendary French Kiss, which makes me feel like I’m flowing through the lavender fields in France, to the silky soft caresses of Sleepy Shower Gel and finally (in my humble opinion) one of the most majestic body lotions of all time, Dream Cream.

Shop the Relax Gift here

The collection above are the gifts I received from one of my best friends. They blend like a dream with the Relax gift set!

Keep It Fluffy Bubble Bar

Receiving this darling bubble bath gave me all the nostalgia!

During University, and my time at LUSH, most of that was at the sister shop B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful that was a true make up and fragrance Aladdin’s Cave.

One of the signature scents was ‘Keep It Fluffy’ and my absolute favourite!

Inspired by the 1950s and retro-girlyness, this scent is filled with jasmine and powdery vanilla with a zest of uplifting lemongrass to make this a truly playful, delightful, fluffy scent!

In bubble bar form, as it used to be back in the day, this will fill my baths with so much sweetness and glamour!

Shop the Keep It Fluffy Bar here

Argan Naked Facial Oil and Dream Steam Toner Tab

To complete my opulent baths, I now have two gorgeous products to nourish my skin with.

The first is Argan Naked Facial Oil. This naked facial oil richly moisturises and rejuvenates the skin with balancing rose absolute and rose oil sourced from Senir in Turkey.

I also have a Dream Steam Toner Tab for a deep cleanse before I use this gorgeous oil.

This steamer toner tab is made with rose absolute to calm the skin and reduce redness.

Chamomile blue oil is added as a key ingredient, providing gentle and soothing relief for the skin, and the tea tree is used for its antibacterial properties.

When dropped into a bowl of hot water, the little potent toner tab will fizz away. As the steam rises, it will open up all the pores in your skin allowing all the beautiful essential oils to be easily absorbed. I can’t wait to use this!

Purchase Dream Steam Toner Tab here

Purchase Argan Naked Facial Oil here

American Cream Shower Gel

American Cream is a scent that people went wild for at LUSH! I have remained forever a fan. There’s nothing like the vanilla and strawberry milkshake scent!

Due to its popularity, LUSH have a full American Cream range now and the more the merrier I say! This is going to give me the sweetest smelling skin and I can’t wait to bathe in its intoxicating scent.

Purchase American Cream Shower Gel here


The kindest gifts I have received from LUSH has truly opened my heart to so much love and joy. It’s my greatest wish that we can all feel that in these times.

And so, inspired by this gorgeous LUSH campaign, here are just 20 ideas for spreading some kindfulness into the world.

20 Enchanted Ways to Spread Kindness Today

  1. Send a loved one a care package
  2. Volunteer at a food bank/care home/shelter/animal rescue centre etc (obviously check if this is possible in Covid times)
  3. Go to donations and find a story that touches your heart. Then leave an anonymous donation for someone you’ve never met. If you’re not financially able to the latter, could you share their story on social media? In addition, look to share your friend’s successes and fundraising efforts. This February has been Raynaud’s Awareness Month and I have been so made up by those who have helped me spread the vital awareness with me.
  4. Add extra items onto your food shop and leave them to be donated to a food bank (most food shops have baskets for food banks now). In addition, ask if you can do the shopping for a vulnerable person you know.
  5. Write a letter to a friend/someone in hospital/an elderly person/someone who is chronically ill (speaking from this position, letters and cards mean more than I could ever, ever say)
  6. Plant bulbs in unloved patches of earth. Alternatively, tend to someone’s garden for them if you are able to.
  7. Cook a healthy meal and leave it on someone’s doorstop who you know is struggling right now
  8. Offer to walk a busy person’s dog
  9. Donate magazines and books to those you think would love them
  10. Leave sanitary products in public bathrooms
  11. Make a playlist for someone who needs music in their life
  12. Offer your gifts: whatever you’re good at, use these skills to help others
  13. Set up or gift a bird feeder to an elderly relative/someone who is chronically ill (find my series on feeding garden birds here). On my bed-bound days, seeing my birds flock to my feeders is my greatest joy.
  14. Educate yourself and campaign on the issues of our time. In addition, use your support and voice wherever possible
  15. Start a coin jar, and when it is full, empty it into a charity collection box
  16. Make do and mend: rethink your shopping habits and seek to be mindful about your consumption
  17. Support local and small businesses first and foremost
  18. Sign up for loyalty cards and use the rewards for others who need it
  19. Write a loving review of a book/podcast etc that you’ve loved. Always, always share the love.
  20. Every time you go out and see litter, pick up at least three pieces. Imagine if everyone did this!

These are just 20 ideas that flowed through me as I sat down to write this post. However, isn’t the list of kind offerings we can give to the world just endless?

Thank you so much to LUSH Cosmetics and my real-life angels for these absolute treasures. To find out more about the #ShareTheKindness campaign from LUSH click here.

So now it’s over to you: In what ways can you share kindness this week? Or how has someone been kind to you? Can you allow whimsy, enchantment and wonder to meet you as you spread this message of kindness to yourself and others?

I’d love to hear all your beautiful kindful actions, offerings and words of love in the comments below. Let us forever be beacons and carriers of the kindness that runs through all our bones.


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Synaesthesia Spa Treatment Review at LUSH Spa Poole [AD Press Review]

Synaesthesia Spa Treatment Review at LUSH Spa Poole [AD Press Review]

This review of the Synaesthesia treatment is so kindly courtesy of Lush Spa Poole

Lush describe their Synaesthesia Spa treatment as being, ‘a metamorphic, multi-sensory experience that’s so much more than just a massage.’

And indeed this is so, as the Lush Synaesthesia Spa Treatment is unlike any spa trip your senses will experience. It is also one of the original Lush Spa treatments that was developed nearly 10 years ago.

Lush is a company that not only had its roots in my hometown of Poole in Dorset, but from the ages of 16 to 21 was also my first job, so it’s a place that holds so many cherished memories for me.

As a result, it was really so special to be invited to review the Lush Synaesthesia Spa treatment at the shop I worked at for so long, and also that Poole was the birthplace of the very inspiration for this treatment.

Not only was it an honour to take a trip down memory lane, but also to see how much the Lush Spa has transformed since I worked there, and to witness how the spa magic organically unfolds.

Moreover, at this period of time, I was actually studying Synaesthesia intensely at University in relation to artists and musicians who were affected by this fascinating condition.

What is Synaesthesia?

Synaesthesia is a truly fascinating condition named from two Greek words, syn (together) and aisthesis (sense). And to truly appreciate this multi-sensory full-body experience from Lush, let us examine deeply what Synaesthesia is.

In its simplest form, synaesthesia is best described as a ‘union of the senses’ whereby two or more of the five senses that are normally experienced separately are involuntarily and automatically joined together.

For example, some synaesthetes experience colour when they hear sounds or read words. For others, it could involve tastes, smells, shapes or touches in almost any combination.

These sensations are automatic and cannot be turned on or off. Synaesthesia isn’t a disease or illness and isn’t at all harmful. In fact, the vast majority of synaesthetes couldn’t imagine life without it.

There are so many fascinating and well-known human beings who have Synaesthesia but one person I have studied for many years now is the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

This quotation from Kandinsky’s Concerning The Spiritual in Art is particularly apposite to introduce you all to my experience of the Synaesthesia Spa treatment at the Lush Spa in Poole.

The sound of colours is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with base notes or dark lake with treble….generally speaking, colour directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are thehammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky’s painting Impression III (Concert) from 1911 is a wonderful example that truly epitomises Kandinsky’s response to Synaesthesia, and lays the foundation for his move from representational art to abstract art.

Wassily Kandinsky Impression III (Concert) from 1911

This painting can be seen as the symbolic representation of the synthesis between art and music. In fact, this was one of many titles Kandinsky used for his paintings that had a direct correlation to music terminology and can be seen as a metaphor to music.

In Impression III, we see how the black piano is the material source of the sound. The yellow, on the other hand, is the immaterial source. The yellow floods out to the side of the piano, flows downwards in a swinging movement, around the audience, and rises once again to the musicians in the orchestra, and from there finally settles as a round patch in front of the white, slanting columns.

Overall, it is the restless nature of the colours that perfectly represents the jolting clash of the atonal music Kandinsky heard that evening.

Thus, it is no surprise that Kandinsky sought the company of fellow artists who were sympathetic to his ideas and he became more and more of an exponent on the ‘translatability’ of one kind of art into another.

All his life Kandinsky hoped science would confirm his surmises and he quoted the composer Alexander Shenshin as an exponent of a true scientific relationship between music and the plastic arts, who had found mathematical correlations between Michelangelo’s sculpture and composition by Franz Liszt’s on the same theme.

Part 1: How The Lush Synaesthesia Treatment works

It’s difficult to put yourself in Kandinsky’s frame of mind if you are not a synesthete however thanks to the Lush Synaesthesia treatment it now gives everyone the chance to explore the union of the senses in the way he experienced them.

For Kandinsky, Synaesthesia played an undeniable, integral role in his life and artwork where colour and music were inextricably tied to one another.

In a similar way, this is how the Lush Synaesthesia treatment indulges all your senses:

SEE your menu of moods and scents and select how you want to feel.
HEAR blissful bird song and the sound of the Dorset countryside
TASTE the bespoke hot tea, served in the kitchen, to bring you back down to earth.
FEEL relaxing strokes from head to toe.
SMELL your bespoke blend of essential oils to alter your mood.

My Lush Synaesthesia treatments started in the cosy Lush Spa Kitchen.

This has been designed like a homely kitchen because the owners of Lush felt the most intimate, most important gatherings and conversations happen in this part of the home.

With this in mind, the kitchen is a sanctuary of warmth and intimacy for your 20-minute consultation as the first part of your treatment.

My lovely specialist Gigi then asked me to pick a word from the chalkboard in the kitchen and write it down with the chalk in front of you.

The word choice then decides what type of massage bar is picked from the row of mason jars on the shelf behind you. This is very much akin to Kandinsky imagining the spiritual effect of the colours he would use in his artworks.

For Kandinsky colour had its own meaning, its own depth and its own purpose in our world. For the Synaesthesia treatment at Lush, we are prompted to be directed by our intuition and hearts to do the same for words.

In picking words, you are already looking beyond appearance, or how it appears when manifested physically. Instead, it is through what these words will mean for you. What do they represent for you? What is its purpose?

The first word I was intuitively drawn to was ‘peace’. For me, this word has been at the forefront of my mind and being this year. This first word would then inform the whole Synaesthesia Spa Treatment. It was picked from the massage bar jar by Gigi and placed on the table.

I was then asked to pick a bottle from the shelves full of a selection of rainbow-coloured bottles that were oh so Alice In Wonderland. With my first word ‘peace’ I browsed the labels deeply while I made my next selection.

As you can see from the photos in this post, the treatment could target a number of concerns, from ‘forgiveness’ and ‘acceptance’ to ‘joy’ and the sweetness of a ‘hug’.

I opted for ‘detachment’ because I felt that once you surrender and detach from the burdens that are stopping peace from entering your life, you can then discover more peace and joy within your heart as a result.

Part 2: The Lush Synaesthesia Treatment

You then head into the soothing blue-hued treatment room oozing with calm and serenity. Interestingly, for Kandinsky, colour also had the ability to put viewers in touch with their spiritual selves.

Kandinsky believed that yellow could disturb, while blue awakened the highest spiritual aspirations. The fact that the treatment room reflected this was special to experience already.

With the words that you picked in the kitchen, these are then transformed through their essential oils, bubbling away in beakers, and along with some abracadabra magic filled the room with an aromatic smog. They looked so enchanting and mystical, like wizardly potions that filled the room with the heady aromas.

I was then given a bell and told to underdress to my underwear and settle underneath the cosy blankets on the bed, and when I was ready to ring the bell. Lush mark this as a ‘level 3 of nakedness’ but you are always made to feel so comfortable.

The treatment begins with a foot cleanse with heavenly warm flannels that for my Raynaud’s Disease was a dream! Following this, hot stones are applied to the chakras to enhance the treatment.

The concept of the chakras originates from India and the theory behind the chakras is that the energy of life in the human body flows up and down two lines. Discovering the chakras opens up the mystical world of your inner-body and truly illuminates the sensory experience.

It is believed that there are seven main chakras in the body that all control the function of various organs, keeping them balanced. This almost felt like applying a beautiful primer underneath make up to truly enhance the ultimate result.

Following this, Gigi started with the upper body where you have a beautiful head massage, that then moves down to the rest of the upper body including the chest, arms and shoulders.

My therapist Gigi then moves to massage my legs pressing down on certain pressure points throughout to inspire complete and utter relaxation. The strokes over the body are long, deep sweeps alternated with kneading hand movements are deeply melodic.

Finally, Gigi asks me to turn over, where she then gives me a full body massage. This includes the back as well as the back of the legs. Each and every limb is treated to sweeping graduates and focused technique to bring about complete top-to-toe wellness.

Once the massage is coming to an end, Gigi then stimulates the essential oils once more to fill the room of the aroma of the words you picked at the start.

At this point, the experience at this point has come to a gradual end, and you’re then left to change and head back into the kitchen room where you first met the consultant.

Part 3: The final part of the Lush Synaesthesia Treatment

In the Lush Kitchen Gigi had left me a soothing tea that contained all of the essential oils that had been used in the treatment.

I then presented with a ‘Peace’ massage bar and ‘Peace Bubble Bar’ to take away with me to remember my experience.

As I sipped my tea, I flicked through the other treatments the Lush Spa offered.

At this moment I realised more than ever that a trip to a Lush Spa is a time of indulgement that is unlike anything you will have ever experienced.

From truly innovative healing massages to treatments that move and stir every part of your being, to a feeling of joy, inspiration and feeling of absolute bliss. to create the ultimate immersion of the senses. I just wanted to prolong the feeling I had at that moment forever!

Synaesthesia Treatment Soundtrack

Throughout the Lush Synaesthesia treatment, you are treated to a truly sublime soundtrack mostly from a band called “The Nightjar Orchestra”.

Of all the arts, Schopenhauer, a philosopher that inspired Kandinsky, considered music to be the most competent medium in which to express mystical truth.

To Schopenhauer, music was the only art not to be bound by some kind of function or material limits, as painting is to paint and canvas or architecture to stone. 

Thus, in this truly magical sensory massage, the music is as much a part of the experience as the physical side.

The Lush Synaesthesia treatment soundtrack is deeply immersive in the sense that the treatment is supposed to take you through a full 24 hour day in the space of 80 minutes.

As your sense embarks on this journey, the movements of the massage are choreographed like a ballet to the music to envisage the sun rising, to the sun setting, as a result of the carefully crafted sounds that were playing at the time.

As you begin the treatment, blissful bird song welcomes you, along with an orchestral score that places you in the dreamy Dorset countryside on a perfect English Sunday morning.

As a Dorset girl, living just a short distance from where the audio was collected, hearing this was beyond special. I immediately had a huge connection at that moment as my grandparents would take me out to birdwatch as a little girl.

Additionally, it makes it even more deeply special that Mark Constantine, the owner of Lush, and Musical Director Simon Emmerson, are both synaesthetes. For a fascinating interview with both of these men I highly recommend this interview.

Passing through the day, the soundtrack leads into a fantastical twilight of majestic soundscapes of bird chorus. As these musical elements build in-depth and motion so does the massage itself, that becomes deeper and quicker.

From here, the music takes your weary soul into the still, dark forest as night closes in. The patter of soft rain beckons in a glorious dawn chorus of rooks and jackdaws stirring all around you whilst the synchronicity of these sounds are mirrored beautifully in soft tapping movements across the body.

To end the treatment, the soundtrack sweeps you off again to the magical Scarborough Fair and the scents of the oils are even more potent. And you feel like you have entered another world entirely.

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The Lush Synaesthesia Treatment is without a doubt one of the most unique, multi-sensory experiences you could immerse your body and mind to.

Throughout this 80 minute treatment, every essence of your mind and soul is tended to, addressed and lovingly restored simultaneously during every single second of this magical experience.

In this noisy and stressful world we live in, especially as a Highly Sensitive Person like myself, these excessive elements we face can agitate your mind and feelings, and prevent us from experiencing inner peace.

Throughout my life, and especially this year, I have felt overwhelmed with how I allow other’s people thoughts, words and actions to influence my happiness, actions and reactions.

Through working and tending to my sensitivity as the gift it is, it is now that I can see the peace and serenity when you practise emotional detachment. The Lush Synaesthesia treatment is a truly special way to engage with this.

After my Lush treatment, I truly felt illuminated, and lighter with a genuine pure feeling of bliss, peace, detachment and equanimity. This truly speaks to the power of words and the overall treatment.

It is so powerful to take everyone on an experience through words and to then fuse them with scents, music, colour, and lighting effects, to tailor an experience so unique to you.

Lush’s multi-sensory delight from the Synaesthesia treatment is a massage like no other that will transport you into a world of pure imagination, relaxation, and every beautiful sensation you can think of.

I cannot thank Florence at Lush and the Lush Spa in Poole enough for this experience I will treasure and cherish forever. It has made me re-think forever how I tend to my body and mind.

How many of you have experienced the magic of the Lush Synaesthesia Spa Treatment? There are Lush Spa locations across the country, but I am so thankful to have experienced it in the very place that is the inspiration for all the magic that unfolds.

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Synaesthesia Treatment Details

Cost: £140

Duration: 80 minutes


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29 High Street, Poole, Dorset, BH15 1AB

01202 672217 or email:

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