Lavendaire 2020 Artist Of Life Workbook Review

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With my first post of 2020, I’m wishing you all the happiest new year, and I hope the start of this new decade is off to a beautiful start for you.

I’m sure many of you have taken the time to sit peacefully today to reflect on the year that has been, or have had some time to do this reflective work over the festive season.

I must admit, I think deeply, I write deeply, and I live deeply, but I tend to document my intentions, thoughts and goals through my art and creativity and through writing in journals.

For this year, I was looking for something that could bring a potent balance of these magical elements in a journal and workbook.

So, this year I decided to purchase a workbook that would allow for a balance of reflection and creativity and that led me to the 2020 Artist Of Life Workbook by Lavendaire.

What is the Artist Of Life Workbook?

The Artist Of Life Workbook is a stunning 192-page journal and workbook designed to guide you through self-discovery and self-growth during one whole year.

The Artist Of Life Workbook is divided into two parts. One whole part is home to questions and exercises that are designed to guide you through self-discovery, exploration, and fulfilment. The other part is home to creativity and journaling.

Through a monthly reflective section, leading to a quarterly tracking system, the Artist Of Life Workbook will guide you through projects and goals, with time to review your progress and accomplishments.

You will find sections such as: ‘Self-Love’, ‘Current Me vs Future Me’ and a ‘Vision Board’. Within these sections, there are powerful transformative questions for deep soul-searching and healing.

I’m not one for resolutions myself, however, I am a huge believer in looking at a year and creating intentional action around it. 

Having something as beautiful as the Artist Of Life Workbook guiding me throughout my year feels such a comfort and I cannot wait to use this tool in my life for exponential growth.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Alongside the Artist Of Life Workbook I also adore the ‘The Lavendaire Lifestyle’ podcast where host Aileen Xu from Lavendaire will help show you how ‘life is an art’ and how to ‘make it your masterpiece’. The perfect way to truly illuminate the magic of your workbook.

‘The Lavendaire Lifestyle’ is a podcast on personal growth and lifestyle design where Aileen shares weekly inspiration on how to create your dream life. From talks about self-love, empathy, astrology, healing and so much more. 

Listening to this podcast is like being on the phone with one of your soul friends. Every conversation is so fascinating, potent and transformative, and a beautiful reminder of that feeling inside of peace and contentment. 

In the back of your Artist Of Life Workbook you’ll find plenty of space for your own reflections and I think taking time to do so is an activity that nurtures so much of our heart and soul.

What I’m dreaming of in 2020

If you feel comfortable sharing with me, I’d love to hear your dreams and intentions for this new year and decade. To sum up so much of how I have felt last year, I’ve written a heart-riff of a post right here reflecting on 2019.

For me, some of my dreams coming into 2020 are to further strengthen and hone my intuition, spirituality, and magic for practical application and activation. Moreover, I really want to utilise these skills with my own personal gifts and share them with the world. A huge part of this will be Painting Music.

Other than that, I wish to connect more deeply with the people that truly get me, nourish my real-life connections and spend more time there, in person rather than online, and to move expansion into every direction of my life.

And ultimately I want my healing to be easy and exponential in growth, and that the moments of discomfort further teach me even more deeply than ever before what I need and how I can continue to heal. 

I’m truly excited to see how this workbook can help create my dream life this year, from clarifying my vision to following through on execution. 

How will you be documenting your goals, dreams and ambitions this year? And how many of you love Lavendaire as much as me. Do any of happen to own this workbook? I’d love to hear the answers to these, and everything else surrounding the new year below.

Click here to purchase the Artist Of Life Workbook

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  1. Michelle Chai

    This looks amazing Georgie!! I’m a huge fan of Lavendaire!

    • Georgie xoxo

      aww Michelle, we always have the very best taste my lovely! Have you listened to her podcast too? Wishing you a beautiful 2020 darling lady xoxo


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